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What To Do Once You’re Engaged

Congratulations! Excitement levels must be off the charts right now. But soon will come the time to get your planning head on. As with everything wedding planning related, there are no hard and fast rules but join Charlotte and Becky for a rough guide to 12 months worth of planning. Maybe you’re half way through planning… this episode is still for you. Treat is as a gentle reminder of what you might have left to do. And if you’re newly engaged then enjoy our run down of what to do once you’re engaged.

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The girls talk about when you should be booking photographers and florists and all your other suppliers. Theres talk of ceremonies and when to book trials to what to get up to the night before the big day.

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Enjoy the process you lovely lot and remember you can go back through the podcast archives and listen to all the other episodes to help you along your planning journey and you can check out some fabulous engagement shoots below.



  • Downtown Paris Engagement
    Paris the city of love and the home of our fabulous Bride & Groom to-be, who I have to say not only look adorable in their co-ordinating camel coat and hat but also look so at ease strolling through their glorious hometown arm in arm. Imagine having Paris on your doorstep to explore, it's no won...
  • Choosing Your Engagement Ring
    Given that your engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that will be worn for the rest of your life, choosing something you love is very important. Given that most couples live together before they get married, although the proposal may be a surprise, marriage to that person is inevitable, and so of...
  • How To Look After Your Diamond Engagement Ring
    It's one of the smallest jobs to complete before your wedding day, but a very important one none the less. Making sure your diamond engagement ring is sparkling should be a priority as not only will everyone be looking at it during the day, but there will also be photographic evidence of it... We...
  • Five Things To Do Immediately After You Get Engaged...
    If you've just discovered Rock My Wedding - then welcome! We share beautiful real weddings, inspiration for styling your big day and lots of advice for making the planning process fun. There are a lot of wedding blogs out there now. But we're lucky enough to share the loveliest weddings of them all....
  • Kara & Josh
    Not all engagement shoots were created equally and when you have Kara and Josh's genetic good fortune, plus the photography skills of Leeroy.T - the result is HOT. This truly is the engagement shoot to end all engagement shoots. I'm not sure you'll actually believe me when I say this, but Kara a...
  • Gabri & Joe
    Would you look at these two stylish love birds?! This is my favourite kind of engagement shoot. Really laid back, just the two of you in a place you love, having fun together. The other thing to note is that despite being seriously photogenic, the pair of them - these two were pretty nervous about h...
  • Andrew & Scott
    When you look at wedding photography every single day, you really start to get an idea of what it takes to be an excellent photographer. And Jason Mark Harris is most definitely one of them. I always find his imagery emotive, visually stunning and very thoughtful - but somehow this gorgeous Icelandi...
  • Ceri & Andrew
    Ceri and Andrew are just the loveliest couple - I'm basing this purely on these gorgeous images from Irene Yap, along with Ceri's words of course, but anyone who describes their other half as 'the kindest man I'd ever met' is clearly a lady who knows what's important in life. Irene's work is alw...
  • Five Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged...
    You’re new to this whole wedding thing so we’re here to hold your hand and get you's our guide to what to do straight away and trust us, everything else can wait... Buy The RMW Book, Follow Us On Instagram & Bookmark Our Website So you’ve just got engaged. You’re getting...
  • How To Ace Your Engagement Shoot...
    Engagement shoots. They tend to divide opinion and have often been subject to mockery. Having your photograph taken can be a squirm inducing experience and isn't one we tend to enjoy. BUT, get the right photographer, and suddenly you've got gallery wall worthy images of you and your love. Something ...
  • Dan & Michael
    Would you just look at this gorgeous pair. They may not have been keen to begin with to have an engagement shoot, but the fabulous Carrie Lavers Photography won them over with her artistic style and ability to put them at ease. The results are absolutely amazing and the love radiates from the pa...
  • Annaquia & Andy
    This engagement shoot couldn't fill me with more joy. The lovely Katie Ingram Photography was able to capture the pure unadulterated love and happiness of her dear friends engagement, in what I can only describe as stunning portraits. Heading to the Peak District and enjoying the gorgeous woodlan...
  • Dirty Dancing Lake Lift Engagement Shoot {Abi & Wesley}
    Like babies we're not supposed to have favourites, but this Dirty Dancing lake lift engagement shoot by ALifeLessOrdinary Photography has definitely got to be up there with one of my all time favourite features. So innovative and so personal to this gorgeous couple, is what makes it so special. Not ...
  • Surprise Marriage Proposal Engagement Shoot at Sunset
    Surprise Marriage Proposal Engagement Shoot at Sunset
    This adorable couple has completely stolen my heart this afternoon. On a beautiful day at Mayfield Lavender Field, on what bride-to-be Dima thought was a normal couples portrait session, groom-to-be Nady completely surprised his now fiance with not only a gorgeous floral installation but an off the ...

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Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

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