Pryors Hayes is a luxury wedding venue in Cheshire, offering you the best of both worlds. Rustic charm and country chic. Surrounded by acres of gardens and featuring exposed beams and brick in the reception suite plus large open windows. Emmy Shoots and team complemented the venue with classic gowns and dried flowers, proving just how versatile the venue can be. Probably best to get your pinning fingers ready as we take a look.

Pryors Hayes wedding inspiration with beautiful sunsets, bridal gowns and dried flowers arrangements.

We see all the time amazing photo's capturing the low sunset light in countries like Australia and Italy, wedding in the midwest are just fabulous. What if you live in the UK? can it be done? With Emmy as your photographer, the answer is yes! Emmy knew the styling and was so clever at capturing an English sunset light.

Sara Jones - The Bridal Lounge


Pryors Hayes wedding venue in Cheshire UK is a modern and stylish location, perfect for an outdoor wedding. Nestled in the beautiful Cheshire countryside it has oodles of green spaces, patios, verandahs and gardens. And, the light you can capture from the building itself with its open structure and masses of windows is a dream.


The Bridal Lounge supplied all three very different gowns. Two from Wilderly Bride a true boho collection with lots of soft laces, simple detailing and unusual styling. The two featured are Samantha and Marlow. The strapless gown is super sexy with the most fabulous corset back and bow detail from Allure bridals.


Daniella was left to her own choices with the hair and makeup and it proved to be a smart move. Daniella wanted to capture the fresh, modern vibes of destination weddings. Glowing skin and flowing hair perfect for any young, fashion-forward bride. Emphasising sun-kissed skin. After all, don’t we all look and feel our best selves with a holiday glow?

Destination wedding vibes in the U.K.

Kate used a lot of locally sourced dried pampas grass, palm leaves, strelitzia leaves and dried dahlias for the floral decor. Her inspiration was modern, minimalistic with a hint of boho. She created one bouquet with white roses, gypsophila and bleached Ruscus, and another with dried foliages and flowers. The ceremony was lined with pampas grass and palm leaves and featured two large baskets full of dried grasses which we were able to double up as table centrepieces.

Sara Jones - The Bridal Lounge

As you can see by this Pryors Hayes wedding inspiration, Emmy Shoots is a queen at capturing natural light. The way the sun glistens through the wedding dresses is pure magic. Want more? Then, you'll absolutely love Holly and Jack's sunset wedding.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Photographer: Emmy Shoots | Venue: Pryors Hayes | Event Styling & Flowers: Perfect Bouquet | Bridal Boutique : The Bridal Lounge | Hair & Makeup: Danielle Souza Makeup & Hair

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