Putting On The Glitz.

Considering Rebecca and I are what might be described as ( Ahem) slightly obsessed with fashion, there are some bridal collections that for one reason or another we completely miss posting about. Sometimes we fail to even look at or acknowledge a particular wedding dress designer altogether. Not ideal obviously. Especially when we are at the stage where our knowledge of the industry should be vast.

One such designer was Veni Infantino the lady behind Ronald Joyce who was brought to my attention recently when bride Laura’s gorgeous Rustic Revolution W-day was submitted and I admired her chic and beautifully fitting gown. Queue much 2011 collection browsing and various “oohs” and “ahhs” as I clicked from one fabulous frock to another.

The collection includes designs and styles to suit any requirements from your big fairytale princess dream ( and when I say big I mean BIG folks) to your more understated slinky fishtail. All with a touch of glamour and a sprinkle of glitz. And it would seem that every last gown has just the right amount of detailing, from embroidery to beading to floral applique.

We like.

A lot.

Destiny: Understated chic, the be-jewelled belt adds just the right amount of sparkle.

Delfina: It can’t just be me who can’t wait for the release of the film “Black Swan” starring Natalie Portman and this little number is just like something out of the movie. Ballerina inspired spectacular.

Dulce: The floral fancy, the beaded bustier…… so very very red carpet worthy.

Desiree: coming right up folks, one ultra flattering shape with a teeny tiny piece of pretty on the side. Delicious.

Daisy: Perfect for making the most of your feminine curves. Wear with chunky beads for maximum impact.

Donna: Traditional storybook heroine in design but the single strap detail lends a contemporary edge.

Drew: Look at the fabulous front view folks, then take a peek at the back……. gorgeousness from all angles.

Darling: Not forgetting you lace lovers, my absolute favourite of the bunch.

And if you can’t spot a gown for you here then check out the cute bolero’s and cropped jackets, unbelievably stylish. Oh and the statement jewellery, loving the accessorising used in these images.

For the rest of the 2011 collection and your nearest stockist check out www.ronaldjoyce.com and let us know which dress tickles you Monday fancy.

Big Glitzy Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

11 thoughts on “Putting On The Glitz.

  1. I like Destiny and Daisy even though I know that the more severe fishtails suit me. I love the tulle and now we’re having our outdoor ceremony (!!!!!!) the idea of the rustle of the tulle in the breeze would be delish.

  2. Hello all!

    I’m back with a wet rainy bang from my honeymoon in the Maldives, having to actually wear boots and wrap up is something of a novelty at the moment!

    My dress was a Ronald Joyce, from the Victoria Jane collection – I loved it. I tried on 30 odd dresses and RJ was the first that I tried that actually felt that it was made for me. Something in the cut and the hidden corset that made me feel comfy and that I didn’t have to loose half of my body weight to get in it 🙂

    Heart these lovelies here – Darling is to diiiie for


  3. My dress is a RJ and they are fab, flattering and surprisingly quite comfy – I cannot wait to wear it for longer than 20 mins! xx

  4. Absolutely loving your blog girls, although think i’ve spent far too many hours on here since finding you!! Too many oohh’s and aahh’s from me and not enough planning!! I have so oh so many ideas I don’t know what to do with them!

    I have the dress though so can relax on that front, it’s a bit similar to the Darling, but has a brooch instead of a bow and a little less embellishment but so loving the scalloped lace at the bottom, it’s what swung it for me.

  5. I like Destiny – and to a lesser extent Daisy and most of the others are okay. But Delfina and Dulce are shockers! I know, I know, everyone has different taste but those sort of dresses are what a) put me in a flap that I would not be able to find a dress I would like and b) put me off visiting the designer in case that’s the norm for that brand! But I’m not a frou-frou sort of girl…

  6. I heart Darling! I so want to try that beauty on!

    Alas I am putting off wedding dress trying on as long as poss due to the amount of weight I need to shed, I cant face trying on dresses at the mo!

    Love love lace! And also love love this site…I am so addicted and can’t stop dreamily admiring the real weddings and counting down to our day!
    Thank you for all the greatness!!!

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