Putting your Summer Face On.

Given the appalling weather it’s perhaps appropriate that I share my reasoning behind writing this post… I have been inspired lately.

It’s been a few things… firstly the Dolly shoot reminded me how much I love colour on my face after months of dallying with neutral eyes.

Secondly, the changing weather made me realise it was time to put a bit more colour back into my face. Hello sexy shimmer…

Thirdly, my nails have been naked and boring for all of a few weeks now and I’m crying out for a change. A brightly coloured, juicy looking, shiny type of change.

And lastly, I realised how dreadfully neglected my body is looking after unwrapping it from the winter woollies. Shocking is not the word.

So here is what I’ve been doing about it!

Nailing a Trend

Colour blocking is a godsend for me, in fact I’m pretty much loving all the fashion trends right now, but particularly the colour and it spilling over into nail colours for Spring/Summer. Every year we get the official ‘colour of the season’ for nails from the beauty oracle that is Chanel, and this year is no exception. It’s all about Mimosa.

Not only a delicious drink, this is one gorgeous shade of yellow. I had my nails painted yellow on my hen do so I have a particularly soft spot for it and this is no exception. Mimosa launches tomorrow at Chanel counters nationwide. Get yourselves down there immediately for a sniff of the action!

Of course, it’s not all about yellow, tropical nails are all in and if you fancied a budget solution how about hitting Topshop? Their make-up range also includes nail varnishes and this very reasonably priced yellow shade for £5! Even better, purchase a copy of this month Instyle Mag and you get a free shade of Nails Inc varnish specially created for the magazine. I bought the orange one and it’s been brightening up the view of my keyboard all week. I couldn’t resist including this blue shade too, also from TopShop if you wanted to replicate Gemma’s ‘Something Blue’.

Purple Peepers

Make-Up was a big focus of our Dolly shoot and much as I loved them all (erm, who would have chosen yellow for an eye shade before clocking Dolly Daydream?) it reminded me of one of my all time favourite shadows… as demonstrated by Dolly Rock.

I have very pale greeny-blue eyes and MAC’s Parfait Amour makes them intensely green so Dolly Rock had me hot footing it back to MAC to replace mine. I also rooted out my favourite green MAC shadow, Steamy, which looks fab with a tan and some chunky gold jewellery on holiday, and might (*oops*) have also purchased some MAC pigment in Violette. I am so set for summer 🙂

(Please note the colours above are really dull in comparison to the actual shades, do go and check them out if you fancy a splash of colour!)

Switching for Summer

Coming into spring my skin was starting to get a little lack lustre. Although I often see highlighters used in magazines I never seem to get any effect from them under other products, so I decided to switch my usual Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser for her Illuminating tinted moisturiser. You could use it mixed with your usual one but I have been known to use it all over without looking like a pearlescent alien, it really brightens up your face like no other.

I’ve also found a new favouite mascara. In blackest Black, Cliniques new High Impact Mascara legthens, separates and thickens lashes. I’m currently using a sample Charlotte gave me when we were away together but I’ll definately be replacing it when it’s run out. Lastly, I’ve switched back to my favourite peachy-gold toned blusher for a more natural summery glow, Orgasm by Nars. Ooh la la!

The Body Beautiful

Really, my body is far from beautiful right now, but my biggest problem is those much talked about little bumps on the tops of your arms. I was horrified to find them lurking after months of no sun and exfoliating conveniently slipping to the bottom of the to-do list as many a blog post took over.

So now I’m on a mission. I’ve whipped out the usual suspects for buffing that backside (- read my favourites by clicking the link) and am full on preening myself back to smoothed out softness. My Mum has amazing skin and has always religiously exfoliated so I won’t be letting that habit go again in a hurry.

Blog Queen in Need

So now it’s your turn. If I’ve made you consider some of the above purchases do tell, but this blog queen is still in need of some serious beauty overhaul help. And where better to get it that by appealing to the RMW genius beauty community?

I Need to know…

What shade are you rocking on your nails today?

What’s your favourite bronzer?

After suffering an almightly hair fail at the hands of 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, (lank and flat locks my punishment for laziness!) I’m thinking it’s time to treat them again… I used to love Kerastase shampoo but I fancy a change. Any smell-great but actually do the job choices from you lovelies?

And lastly. The biggest question. Can anyone help me make my hair beach wavy for summer?!

Yours (Wishing for shorter, cooler, mermaid waves) Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

60 thoughts on “Putting your Summer Face On.

  1. Nail colour – currently rocking Rimmel 60 second Coral Crush – reminds me of Charlotte’s wedding nails every time I look down.

    Bronzer – I’m currently in the market. have got fair skin with blue undertones so any suggestions that don’t make me look like I’ve been tangoed (Vicky in Waterloo Road anyone?!)

    Hair wise – I’m currently using John Frieda Sheer Blonde and its totally UHMAZING! I never thought it would work but its making my hair look great – just need to tame the frizz now! My mum uses the Brunette version and she says its fantastic too.

    Waves – I was always told to use a curling iron on dry hair and then separate with your fingers. I have loooong hair though so I don’t know how it would work on short.


  2. Nails – Russian Navy by Opi – not very summery but I love it muchly

    Bronzer – I am so pale that generally bronzer makes me look too orangey so I tend to just use a touch of blusher – the orgasm one is on my shopping list for when payday comes around 🙂

    Hair – I use the Elvive one that Cheryl Cole advertises. I’ve tried so many but that’s the only one that makes my hair shiny and frizz free without feeling weighed down and greasy

    Waves – Erm. Dunno. My hair is usually pretty reluctant to do anything I want it to do – I can spend hours curling my hair with a variety of products which claim they will hold it in place, only for the curls/waves etc to fall out within about half an hour. However, if I want my hair to behave itself and be super straight you can bet your life that all of a sudden it will have the desire to be wavy! God help whoever does my hair on my wedding day!!!


  3. Nails – Coral by Barry M. I love it, and I always get asked about it when I wear it!

    Bronzer – I’m using Warmth from Bare Minerals. Not only is it a really nice colour but it’s not bad for my skin, so when I forget to take my makeup off, I don’t have to feel so bad! I also still use the Rimmel sunblush bronzer. It still wins.

    I hate my shampoo at the moment (it’s making my scalp all flaky :() so I’m not going to answer this, and just watch with interest. And I’m useless with hair. Sometimes I brush it; that’s basically the extent of my hair-maintenance.

  4. I have the orange InStyle polish on my nails today! I got the beige one too cause I couldn’t decide.

    Re: bronzer, I hate it to be too shimmery and find there aren’t many that aren’t. I like Benefit’s Talk to the Tan (it’s a gel and you put it on over your foundation/tinted moisturiser or whatever) or the Bourjois one that smells like chocolate. Have noticed a Dior one that looks nice though so might check it out this summer too.

    I too have the bumpy arms and have always used Lush’s Buffy on mine, but I recently discovered Eucerin’s 5% urea body lotion and find it helps too. Their hand cream is second to none as well!

    Can’t help with the hair I’m afraid, I am a LOSER when it comes to styling my barnet! 🙁 So I’ll be reading any hair advice with interest!

  5. Rebecca I swear by this Lee stafford spray….


    I have naturally wavy hair (but not in a good way) and this spray defrizzes and makes my waves look, if i do say so myself, pretty darn perfect. A friend (who has perfectly straight, perfectly shiny waist length hair) uses it and it turns her hair into that perfect beachy wavy style. So it works no matter what your hair type is! And it isn’t expensive. 🙂

    Today my nails are turqoise. It is an OPI shade that i purchased in California 2 years ago and I haven’t been able to find it here since. I genuinely think I will cry when it runs out!!! It is the perfect summer colour.

    Being rather pale, bronzer and I aren’t really best friends – I tend to look like a 13year old who has just discovered foundation in a bargain bucket in Superdrug when I even lightly brush it on. But when I do need a bit of a glow on I use my usual NARS finishing powder but in a shade up.


    Don’t be put off by the name of the shade… flesh…. it isn’t exactly a good selling tactic but for pale ladies who have THE FEAR when it comes to bronzer it is definitely a good call!


  6. Hey Rebecca,

    Am absolutely loving the yellow – my have to change colour nail polish tonight for something a little brighter. Currently rocking a rather chipped version of Chanel’s Paradoxyl – and it looks a bit like today’s weather… not the bright pop of sunshine I was hoping for!

    For wedding day, I really want to wear a matt grey (much to mum’s horror!) but concerned it might be a bit wintery for my August wedding??

    I love Urban Decay’s bronzer, but can only use it in the summer months as otherwise it can be a tad too much, but perfect for holidays!

    As for hair products… I’m a big advocate of John Freida’s Volume range to add a little lift, but if you suffer from the frizz (like me!) then Lee Stafford’s Climate Control range (it really works too!) is perfect for beach-ready waves, without the awful fuzziness!


  7. Oooo I’m loving the Chanel nail polish’s! May have to get the cheaper Topshop versions though!

    Nails – currently loving a classic french manicure to be honest but also loving a corally colour by Max Factor (sorry don’t know the official shade – it’s in a small pot!)

    Bronzer – I have recently been a convert to Bare Minerals make up and use the Warmth pot if I feel a bit pasty!

    Hair – It isn’t very up market and doesn’t look pretty on your bathroom shelf but I swear by Head & Shoulders shampoo! The hubby gets flakey scalp and I once borrowed it as I’d run out of my usual Toni & Guy stuff and I haven’t looked back since! It’s the only thing that makes my hair frizz free and soft! And as to curls – GHD’s give the most modern look but you need a second pair of hands to be able to do it in my experience!

  8. I love a dark nail colour and am sticking with my favourite today opi lincoln park after dark.

    At the moment I am using the too faced leopard love complexion perfection kit, which includes three shades of bronzer and is great to build a different bronze and tone each time and is fun and funky at the same time! 🙂

    After falling into a nasty (more annoying and time consuming really!) habit of washing my hair every day and resulting to 2in1’s myself I seem to always find myself going back to my favourites which is aussie, it smells amazing, lathers really well and leaves my hair silky smooth and well conditioned and doesn’t hurt the purse strings too much either!

    I use soap and glory’s scrub the one in the tube but is a nightmare to get hold of in my normal boots! it doesn’t leave the residue behind like other scrubs that I don’t like personally, but know some people do i like to moisturise afterwards! 🙂

    I will be interested to see what suggestions other people have as I often find new items sneaking into my shopping basket after these posts to try out!

    Helen x

  9. Nails – Collection 2000 (£1.95!) Fruit Punch… and i’ll be honest, if i do a base and a top coat, lasts longer than my Chanel.

    Face – I tend to use a pinky blush and thats it… i quite like posie tint by benefit. But now its summer… i think a peachy bronzer might be an idea… as with LadyFuschia I find bronzer can make me look a bit too bronze!

    Waves – Again like LadyFuschia… My hair does. not. hold waves or curls… only thing that seems to work is mousse, tie up different sections, leave to dry… can go a bit ‘scarecrow’ if not careful though…

    Currently looking for BARGAINS… we are on a proper saving mission, feeding the 5000 is an expensive business! (actually 120) only 12 paydays… scary really when you count it like that!

    So any ideas for bargain (but good) moisturiser??

  10. I love my BareMinerals bronzer it always does the trick! It’s a bit expensive, but It’s never failed me and I’ve been using it for three years now! I love that it doesn’t have a shimmer to it, because sometimes the shimmer is just too much!

  11. I’m wearing coral on my nails at the moment. Love the colour but can’t remember who its by.

    I’m very pale and have the Bobbi Brown Bronzer in light. Not shimmery at all, just looks very natural.

    For shampoo – I use elvive, the one that comes in the pink bottle. Works really well with my fine hair.

  12. Keika!! I have that on today!!! (by that I mean a pinky/orange coral….)

    Bronzer – Bare Minerals loose in “Warmth”, I also rate Chanel that comes in a range of shades to suit most skintones.

    Shampoo/Conditioner, I like the Tresemme Big volume range (quite cheap aswell) or for when my hair is dry Biolage shampoo (from salons) and Aussie 3 minute miracle intensive treatment.

    Waves – love a good surf spray, not on roots though (can make them a bit greasy) and a big fat curling tong for beachy waves (I use one that you wrap hair around rather than a clip mechanism)

    Loving reading these – am such a beauty whore!

    Charlotte xxx

  13. Nail colour – loving Revlon One Perfect Coral

    Bronzer – Using a Bourjois one, it looks like chocolate. Is a really natural colour, not a hint of orange. My fave is Benenfits Hoola tho.

    Hair wise – I love Aussie – anything by them makes my hair look lovely

    Waves – I tend to use my ghd’s, its very tricky, but with practice you’ll get the hang of it.

  14. Clear nails today. Using my fave which is Rimmels 2 week rescue and makes my nails look lovely. Works great as a topcoat too.

    Use bare minerals warmth as bronzer which is the only one I have managed to apply that doesnt make me look either beaten up or ill.

    I occassionally get tempted to dabble when I see a new shampoo in the shops and then after a few washes am forced to admit that mine is the best one for my hair. Brilliant Brunette by John Freida.
    My hair is naturally wavy and this shampoo and conditioner is also rich enough that I can just leave my hair to dry naturally for frizz free waveness should I not feel like straightening it.
    Also smells nice – my chap used to think the smell was my perfume and asked which one it was because it was lovely and reminded him of me. Ahhhhh.

  15. Well, would you adam-and-eve it, am all about the nails today myself! I have test-painted my left thumbnail in OPI Cherry Blossom this morning and I love it – gonna look fab on my toes with my yellow shoes too! I love, love, loved the recent ‘Dolly Pop’ post; it was like my head emptied out on your page! If that’s not too odd?! (I even convinced H2B to splash out on some of the alphabet letters for W-day; hoorah for last minute inspirations!)
    Re. ‘bumpy bits’ (!), I have been buffing like crazy for months now, with the exfoliating gloves you recommended in your post last year Rebecca, but have definitely had more luck on the upper thighs than arms!
    Anyways, had to post but got to run, three days to go… oh my god, it’s nearly here!! x

  16. John Frieda used to do a lovely surf spray for beach hair. I used to stick it on then toss my hair about pretending I was on Baywatch. Then they DISCONTINUED IT, and like Charlotte and her Lancome artliner, I had to Ebay. Then Ebay stopped doing it as well, and after I’d stamped my feet and tutted a bit, I found Bumble and Bumble surf spray, which is nice but quite expensive. My sister (who has natural beautiful curls) pointed out you could pay for the petrol to drive to the beach for the same price. But STILL. It is lovely.

  17. Hey Rebecca – great post and couldn’t be more timely for me! I’ve been feeling exactly the same about needing some TLC in time for summer and quite frankly am enjoying the cooler weather this week so I have an excuse to hide myself away in layers and long sleeved tops/trousers again!

    Nails – I am currently having a little obsession with Chanel ‘Dazzling’, which is a bright cherry red. I’ve had to take it off today, but am going to enjoy reapplying this evening whilst watching The Apprentice… 🙂

    Bronzer – I’ve never had any luck with bronzers. I’m very pale and usually tend to quite like being this way, but I did find myself reaching for a pot of peachy/bronze blusher this morning as opposed to my usual pink, so maybe times are changing…

    Haircare – I absolutely swear by Aveda products, but my particular faves are their Shampure range and their Rosemary Mint. Both are really good for ‘normal’ hair and leave it feeling super clean, really soft and smelling all lovely and herby (herby in a nice way, not in an overpowering medicinal way). I also really like Naked hair products… their one for sleek hair does what it says on the tin, in my experience.

    Beach waves – I’ll be interested to see what others say about this because I want some beach waves too. I tend to use GHDs, but they drop out of my hair pretty quickly unless I use loads of product. Might be good on shorter hair though?

    Kate xxx

  18. Thirza – good luck for Saturday. 21st May was supposed to be my wedding day. I called the wedding off late last year (had the right dress but the wrong chap type of thing) but am still addicted to RMW – just hope my chap doesnt think I am hinting by being on it so much. Tee hee.

  19. Mermaid waves is just about the only interesting thing i sometimes do with my hair! and my hair is the same kind of texture to rebecca’s.

    You get straighteners and, instead of the curling motion that people do alot at the moment, you want to take small randomish sections… insert the straighteners at the root holding them horisontally. Then you twist your wrist one way and then the other as you move the straighteners down the hair shaft. Slower for tighter waves and faster for looser ones.

    hard to explain but i think there is a video on ghd website. It really does work.

  20. Lovelies with blonde hair – do you wash it every day? and if so at morning or night? I’m finding that my hair is a total frizz ball and I think that might be the reason….any theories?


  21. Nails – Rimmel’s Lycra Pro Peppermint. It totally rocks and really pops. I get comments everytime I wear it. But I’ll swap tmrw to Rimmel’s 60 Secs Coral Queen

    Bronzer – I use Chanel Irreelle (loving the mass double letters there) Soleil in Savannah – I find others blotch on my cheeks

    Hair – I’m currently rocking a slightly purple crop and am using Aussie Heat Matte thingy becaue I have to straighten my hair every day…


  22. Nails – Essie every time!! amazing colours and currently wearing ‘cute as a button’ very peachy/coral – just delicious and a name to match! their ‘topless and barefoot’ is also very on trend and looks awesome on hands and feet!
    bronzer – faux tan by bare minerals – gives a lovely summer bronzed look and not at all orangey – failing that bobbi brown shimmer brick is a make up bag must have!
    shampoo – i’m a kerastase girl too but loving the lush shampoos too – especially the ‘big’ its got real rock salt in so perfect for creating volume and also the beach look you were after. Follow with a couple of sprays of bumble and bumble surf spray to damp or dry hair – works every time! :o) enjoy x x

  23. The Blackwood is sporting some Fast & Fuschia nail polish today, is loving Lancaster Matt & Shine Sun Powder (a bit for all over bronzing and another bit for highlighting brow and cheek bones) and swears by a skoosh of Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray for beachy waves 🙂

  24. Woohoo! Hello Girls!

    Gosh, we can never afford to step away from the screen for one moment when the beauty posts are up! Amazing comments thanks girls!

    Am particularly loving the hair advice – looks like Lee Stafford is winning and might be worth a try but I am sorely tempted to splash out on the bumble and bumble – thats been on my hit list for a while after seeing it in the Instyle Beauty Hall of Fame year after year I’m just wary it might not work. I don’t but many different hair products as you can’t test them first – if it were make-up I’d get them to put it on me or take a sample to try it.

    On the styling the waves front… I have tried ghd’s – just no luck. Then I bought a wand but the results were too ‘corkscrew’ and so then I bought a barrel tong like Charlottes – still not quite there. I think I don’t have the knack but to be fair I’m pretty rubbish at practising – when do I have time for that?!

    I too am a bareminerals bronzer fan – I love the bobbi brown shimmer brick but it’s too shimmery for every day. Also, Benefit hoola is great for flat (ie no sparkle) bronzer. I just fancied a change… but maybe if it ain’t broke…

    Keep ’em coming ladies!


  25. I know what you mean….hair wave practice takes time and who has that anymore?!? I need a Miracle Wave Product that does it all for me. Preferably one that comes with a personal stylist!

    Bronzer – if you can splash out £31 without crying, I would go for Teracotta Moisturising Bronzer by Guerlain. Such a natural glow. I look ridiculous in most bronzers as I’m pretty pale but this one is foolproof. You dont even need a fancy brush.

    Nails today are Rimmel’s Urban Princess, a gorgeous purple. With my new love…Sally Hansen 2 in one base and topcoat. This baby hasn’t chipped in 4 days.

    And finally…. echoing the love for Clinique’s High Impact mascara. It’s even lured me away from Max Factor Falsh Lash effect, and my mitts have been glued to that tube for years now. It does volume, serious separation and the colour is sophisticated and glossy. And it lasted through a bikram yoga class without panda-ing me up.

    Love the beauty posts!

  26. Jeff – I was also obsessed with the John Frieda Surf Spray and also used to get it off Ebay, it was the best one I ever tried.

    WHY do cosmetics people do this to us – my favourite perfume Maybe Baby by Benefit has also been taken from the shelves : (

    Herbal Essences in the blue bottle is best for my long and very thick hair – makes it very soft and managable.

    Don’t think I can help with the other two, but def want to try that NARS blusher now x

  27. Rebecca- you HAVE to have Kevin Murphy hair products in your life! I have recently rediscovered Angel Wash and Angel Rinse and within 5 days my dull, lank, fine hair is transformed!
    I’m a blondie who HAS to wash my hair everyday- probably more out of habit than anything else. I’m off to the hairdressers now to get my roots done before the big day- seriously, I look like a badger.

  28. Nails…. currently rocking what i call “french rock n roll” which is basically a french manicure of falsies but with glittery black tips instead of white! Lush!!

    Bronzer – Depending on day or night i use Benifit Hoopla in the Day and Hey Ya! in the night. I’ve also been rocking no bronzer at all and going for a super pink pop of blush instead

    Shampooo – is aveda colour protection one as im on a mission for super healthy glossy pre wedding hair… as recommended by my hairdresser! i’ve only just switched and seems good so far but we’ll see how it goes

    Ummm and as for the beach waves… its probably very naughty and bad for my hair but…. wash it before bed, tip my head upside down while its wet and seperate into three, i then plait each bit still upside down and go to bed! wakeup in the morning, ruffle out with my fingers and am left with volumous beach waves, a spritz of water and a scrunch if needed et voila!


  29. My nails are sadly bare, they’re also very short due to an incident involving getting my fingers trapped in a car window. Dead nails… sad faces. I’m trying to let them recover. My toenails are candy cane pink though 😀

    I can’t wear bronzer. I can’t wear most make-up actually, I’m a rubbish girlie when it comes to make-up. I have no skills. None.

    BUT… I am obsessed with my hair. Specifically lately with Tigi BedHead Urban Anti+Dotes. It’s A.Mazing. AMAZING. My hair is behaving itself… it literally never ever does that. Usually it spends 90% of the time on the verge of turning into the kind of frizzy bonanza that went out of fashion in 1988. I would have been a natural hair ICON in the 80s. Sadly, I’m not, and efforts to tame my hair are varied and constant. Until Tigi. I love Tigi. <3

  30. Nails – Cocktail Dress by Ciate it’s my new fave. I really wasn’t sure about the whole yellow nails thing, but who am I to argue with Chanel?! I’m going to buy Lemon Sherbet by Ciate though as it’s a few shades lighter.

    Bronzer – Just before I got married I was on the quest for the perfect bronzer but being blonde and pale skinned so many were too orange or just full of glitter. Perseverance did pay off though – Bobbi Brown bronzer – it has no glitter and it gives just the right amount of bronze colour without going into tango territory!

    Hair – I have thick wavy hair and Bumble and bumble is my saviour, they have a curls conscious mousse too which is fab if you;re trying to achieve the beachy look!

    Ohhh i do love a good makeup post!

  31. Hello!

    As a doctor who is a bride to be and who has those dotty arms/thighs…its called keratosis pilaris.

    Youll never 100% get rid of it (its genetic) but it will settle. Use urea based moisurisers and itll look miles better!

    Also loving coral varnishes, am using rimmel at present.

    Bronzer- love Benefit bronzers – Dallas particularly.

  32. I had a pro-polish light cured manicure last week so am hoping for chip-free nails for two weeks – will see how it goes! I went for a bold bluey/purple which is a bit like my bridesmaid’s dresses. Funny how as my wedding fast approaches (30 July) everything seems to be linking to the wedding – one track mind perhaps?!

    My hair has gone really lank recently (when I’m hoping for it to be in tip-top condition for the big day!) which is most unlike it. I’m going to the hairdresser tomorrow so might invest in some nice shampoo. I’ve used John Frieda brunette for ages and usually swear by it but not sure what’s going on at the moment! Maybe I’ve been using it too long? Or is that an old wives tale? I used to have some bedhead brunette goddess and absolutely loved it, plus when I started using it hubby-to-be used to love sniffing my hair, and on one slightly drunken occasion when his friend commented on me smelling nice, said ‘you should smell her hair its amazing, go on, have a good sniff, isn’t she amazing?’ which I thought particularly cute!

    I’m also looking for a new bronzer so look forward to seeing what everyone says. I used to use an Elizabeth Arden one which I totally loved, but that was a few years ago and I think originally used to be my Mums and I managed to aquire it – maybe its not around anymore!

    Happy Mid-Week Mile everyone – we’re past the hump and the weekend is approaching, hurray!


  33. Ooooo loving these beauty posts!

    Nails – well mine are in serious need of some TLC, so I am colourless and bare at the moment…using Dr Lewinn’s Renunail to help strenghten them and lengthen them….its a three week nail treatment, and I am dying to paint my nails beautiful summer colours but will have to keep patient….

    Exfoliating – I am totally with you on the Rebecca, I ‘forgot’ to exfoliate the upper arm area during the winter and have horrible red pimply skin, so have started exfoliating with some Sanctuary stuff…was a sample..might by the full size version, see how I get on with it, seems to be making my skin all lovely and glowy though, sloughing those dead skin cells off (eugh!).

    Bronzer – hmph! Which I could bronze. Along with most of you girls who have commented I am so very pale that bronzer just makes me look dirty! And that is NOT a good look! So sticking to my lovely Chanel blush for a dusky rosey look. Whilst I am on Chanel, MUST tell you about the quad eyeshadows, I bought Beige Veloure, and they ate A-MAZING! You must go buy right away….I am hopeless with blending and matching colours and defining etc etc, but OMG they are so easy to apply and blend, and look FABULOUS! You can even use them wet to define more…simply stunning, a definate wedding day must have for me, worth every penny.

    As for waves in hair, my hair is dreadful. Its so thin its barely there, but I am determined to have long hair for my wedding day (might be brave afterwards and cut it into a funky bob or something, but its too risky for a change now). I can’t wave it, its just fine frizzy mess. Kerastase volume spray seems to give me some umph, and I really like the Tigi hair wands, giving it a go, but you do indeed need two pairs of hands to make it work….very tricky…but practice makes perfect. Will def be goving the Bumble and Bumble a try now, I have been wanting to splurdge on this for so long, just didn’t know if it was worth all the hype…thanks girls! xx

  34. I’m loving my cheap Primark peachy/coral nail varnish. It even made a wee guest feature on my new blog (sorry shameless promotion but i’d love some comments!). Although this post has made me want loads more nail varnishes now!
    I have the bare minerals starter kit sitting unopened until I have the time to devote to learning how to work magic with it…
    Shampoo I use right now is Alberto Balsam, really cheap and smells delicious, my boyfriend just calls it ‘the apples’. Although my hair is weird and doesn’t need any conditioner or anything -except when I’m down south 🙂

  35. I love those nail colours! I am loving the pastels! But my nails are plain and boring – just a simple layer of clear to
    make them look tidy!
    Best Bronzer I ever found is No7 “Sun Kissed” – lasts forever and has a nice mix of tans and pinks to make sure you still look natural.
    I am a constant swticher when it comes to hair care – but currently (after dying my hair red) am loving Radiant Red by John Frieda. Any of their colour specific range are good and small lush!
    Again John Frieda – Frizz Ease for waves. I have very thick hair so curl mouse or styling spray make some nice beach style waves!!

  36. Lynsey-Lou, have you tried Sallys/Sally alon services for OPI? They have loads and you don’t need to be in the trade to shop in the high street store! Hope that helps.

    I love wearing bright nail varnish and am currently wearing OPI ‘thats berry darling’ which is bright pinky/red but I think my nails are getting slightly too long for brights to look nice.

    Does anyone else feel like that? I think colours suit long but not too-long nails.

    Hair-wise, I’m currently useing Bed Head shampoo and conditioner and I really like it. I like having the pump dispensers on the top too because you never get too much (I can just easily get 1 squirt of shampoo/2 of cond) I’ve always wanted to use the John Frieda Blonde stuff but didn’t know if it worked so i’ll definately give it a go when this runs out!! Thanks

    Thanks for your tip on the Lee stafford sea salt spray – my hair is long and very straight (which is annoyong – you always seem to want what you dont have ay?!) so will try that too!

    Wow, that just turned into an essay!

  37. My tip for beach curls is to curl your hair (preferably with GHDs or similar) the night BEFORE you want the curls, don’t brush them out at all, leave them absolutely as they are, then sleep on them. Next morning, if your hair behaves like mine, they should be nice and loose and wavy – run a bit of product through though.

  38. I just bought two lovely new nail polishes from Bourjois. One is a lovely dusky pink, the other a gorgeous denim blue colour, they are both from the high shine range and look really nice on.

    Hair – I too am a blondie with fine hair that needs to be washed every day or I look like I have been dunked in a vat of oil. The best shampoo I have used (and I have tried everything – Aveda/Keratase/Frederic/Sheer Blonde/Aussie…I could go on and on) is the purse friendly pink l’oreal but the one for greasy hair with the green bits on the bottle – I can occasionally get away with a 2nd day!

  39. Oooo, lots of lovely tips there! & Emma, sorry to hear you called off the wedding but there are many lovely dresses and only one lovely (enough) guy 🙂

    Nails- A rather old school pillar box red! Rimmel I think and it has stayed on pretty well! Definitely off to buy some sunshine for my nails soon though!

    Hair- Nightmare. Tried so many different products but haven’t found anything worth sticking with.

    Waves- Plait it, French plaits on damp hair left in as long as possible work wonders! Then use tons of hairspray and you’re sorted.


  40. Ooo… & as for bronzer, a rather lovely YSL kit. Gives me a glow without making me look like a star of The Only Way is Essex 🙂 xx

  41. Kelpops – I do that too 🙂 2 plaits for me though, never tried upside down and 3 plaits so will definitely give it a go!

    Amylee, used to use Chanel quads then stopped, didn’t know you could use them wet?!! will have to investigate the beige!

    Jade, I prefer bold/dark colours on very short nails too. Mine grow like grass (annoying) and I want them SHORT SHORT SHORT!

    GB, I am buying that shampoo, my fine blonde hair has been horrible recently and never feels “clean” perhaps the L’Oreal is what I need.

    Charlotte xxx

  42. Loving this post and all the comments! Thankfully reading from home or I’d be forced to nip to nearest beauty counter on the way home :0)

    Nails are currently Illamasqua in Jo’mina a gorgeous lilac colour that makes me grin like a loon every time I spy it on my own fingers. Slightly weird I know!

    Bronzer I’m also a bare minerals or bobbi shimmer brick kinda girl!

    For shampoo and conditioner you all have to try liz earle’s new range. It leaves my hair very shiny and it smells lime sherbert lemons. Amazing! No idea how to achieve beach hair but I’ll be trying the tip of curling the night before :0) xx

  43. I am besotted with all the Chanel polishes shown above! Love and want them lots! Alas I am not allowed to wear such nail pretty for work it is forbidden! But when I have a few days off I love to pretty it up…I have mostly been wearing a lovely bright aqua colour last week and I have now just got a clear polish but some gorgeous purpley blue on my tootsies!

    As for hair..my long hair is blonde and if I put too much product on it looks greasy, it has a natural wave and luckily I never really need to use product on it if I let it dry naturally. However, Bumble and bumble is amazing if I want a really beachy look as is Tigi! I am going to follow recommendations of the Lee Stafford one though to try out too…I have a curling implement for when I want proper curls but it takes forever as I cannot master GHD curls for the life of me…much as I try!

    And bronzer I love Hoola and Coralista (I know not a bronzer per say) from Benefit and Bobbi Brown shimmer brick (I agree with Rebecca its too shimmery for daytime though) but I am really looking for a new one so I am loving the comments and need to decide which to go for!
    Sorry I am not much help in the stuff you are really looking for but I am loving all the answers above!
    P.S. Totally got the Clinique mascara in a mini version when purchasing various products from them last month! Love it! Yay for beauty posts! I cant wait for my next big cosmetic splurge! x

  44. Everytime I go to the hairdressers I get told off. My hairdresser is Colombian and very, very camp, (please read the following in a South American Latino accent for full effect) and usually the conversation starts something like this: ‘Oh. My. God. Miss Emma WHHAAAT are you doing to your hair? I just… I just don’t know what I’m going to do with this…. Its so…. so…. its so DRY!’

    I would like to point out that I don’t abuse my hair. I don’t nuke it to death. I don’t submerge it in a vat of chemicals. Its just thick and dry and wiry and reacts badly to a) heat b) cold c) humidity d) cheap products and, apparently e) life in general.

    He put me on the Bumble & Bumble gentle shampoo and conditioner (the ones with the cream/ yellow packaging. Let’s just say I received no such berating when I went back recently… 😉

    They do do a trial size selection of products, which won’t break the bank and are quite useful to pop in the ol’ travel bag.

    I feel your collective follicular pain, ladies. Next week’s hair appointment is likely to end in me lopping the entire lot off…

  45. Having been married for a week and a half (whoop!) I tried to ease off my RMW addiction but your beauty posts are too good! ! I finally took off my wedding polish today (a peachy colour flecked with gold) and have gone for Rimmel coral kiss. A popular choice it seems!

    I’ll echo the plaiting advice-wet hair and a French plait before bed and voila! But think I’m going to check out the Lee Stafford and bumble & bumble stuff too.

    Oh, and I agree with Anna K about Guerlain bronzer. It’s great and lasts ages. You can usually get it in duty free so I try to save a few pounds by getting it there.

  46. Always love the beauty posts-unfortunately my credit card doesn’t as I always end up splashing out on lots of new products!

    Am wearing a lovely Coral colour on my nails at the moment-thanks to OPI. It looks so bright and summery-makes me smile everytime I glance at it 

    I too am pale and bronzer is not my best crkend but i do love a bit of Boots (good old Boots!) bronzer evedy now and then-gives a lovely healthy glow!

    Hair wise-I have thin hair and it’s so frustrating. My favourite shampoo was discontinued (why oh why do they do that?!) so I j
    have now reverted to L’Oreal-the white and gold bottle with royal jelly. It makes my hair soft, smooth and silky and it smells divine!

    Curls-love them but they are a pain to get the right balance between that corkscrew look and soft beach babe waves. Like Charlotte I too love to use the curling sticks that u just wrap your hair round and hold in place rather than clamp in place-this is when your hair singes and your curls go mad! The thicker the barrell on the stick the softer the curls.

    The stylist in Selfridges did a great job styling my hair with curls courtesy of my new GHDs over Christmas-they make it look so easy but I just can’t get the hang of it!

  47. Bit late to the party here…
    I am currently in love with Charles Worthington ‘Full Volume Mussed Up Texturising Spray’ bit of a mouthful but gives really natural looking waves.
    Also in pre-wedding prep effort I have started taking Perfectil Hair, Skin and Nail supplements – I bought thinking I had nothing to loose by trying but not really expecting to see any results but my hair seems so much thicker now and doesn’t seem to fall out as quickly. Definitely worth a try.
    As for nails, currently have Chanel in Dragon – very bright red! But am considering going to the Geleration manicure, has anyone done this? recommendations/comment would be really helpful!

  48. All I am going to add is that I tried the Shellac gel manicure that is cured under a UV light in a French Manicure. I was really impressed with it – it lasted for 2 weeks and doesn’t hurt your nails at all.
    Going to do it for my wedding in (gulp) 3 weeks time!
    My fave nail colour usually though is Chanel Rouge Noir – made famous in Pulp Fiction as Uma Thurman wears it and she looks HOT in that film.

  49. Hmm, I’m a lone voice in not being convinced about yellow nailvarnish (yes, even Chanel). I have very pale but yellow based skin and think I’d look at best, severely ill with jaundice and at worst, a very heavy smoker. Yes, I’d rather have jaundice than be thought to be a smoker! Ugh.

    I go for the low maintenance look during the week with a nude nail (currently Golden Goddess by Estee Lauder – a peachy/gold nude for summer). At weekends I’m currently into zingy orange or coral. But it was navy or dark red over the winter.

    I don’t do bronzer at all – I’m pale and like it. I also really hate the orange look and wouldn’t want to risk that WAG complexion!

    Hair – well I had the Brazilian Blow Dry so you have to use shampoo without nitrites (basically foamers) to prolong the smooth, shiny look so I’m using a specific one for that.

  50. Herbal Essences shampoos – particularly the balancing and/or colour damage ones – are amazingly effective, lather beautifully even in hard water areas, and smell gorgeous! But I have curls so I prefer a more heavy duty conditioner then theirs. Go buy now!

  51. Ahhh this is a good one!
    Right bronzer…. I used to always use chanel bronzing powder it’s brilliant but have recently used Topshop one which is fab!

    I have leighten Denny nail vanish on in vamp!! Lovely dark reddy black but another favourite from there is called steel appeal! Their poilshes are great and the best top coat is sesche vite!! Definitely worth a buy (you can get it in American apparel )
    Topshop polish called in the red is great too… It’s a reddy orange.

    I am a hairdresser and we stock loreal, kerastase, redken and Shu Uemura!! You should try the she uemura … It’s a bit more expensive than kerastase but gives your hair such a lovely feel!
    I use loreal play ball beach spray, it gives your hair a salty texture feel and smells fab!!

    Night night x

  52. And I meant sulphites, not nitrates – what a doofus!

    Anyone get nail colour to stay on for any length of time? I use a base coat, 2 colours and a top coat yet if I do my nails at night AND THEN ONLY SLEEP by mid morning the next day it will be coming off the tips.

  53. I’d second the endorsement for Leighton Denny nail products. All nail varnish (especially Chanel….sob!) chips like a mofo on me within two minutes of application. That’s even with a base and topcoat! The Leighton Denny range lasts a whole week on, and even very intense colours only look a little “thin” at the tips when it’s time to remove. Not a chip in sight.

    Re bronzer – I’m also a fan of the Bourjois one that looks like a chocolate bar. Very natural colour with no sparkles, even on pale ol’ me!

    Sadly my hair will not hold a curl…..EVER. So no pearls of wisdom on that front I’m afraid.

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