Random Acts Of Kindness.

Last Sunday I wrote about the sadness of loss, and I honestly didn’t think for one minute that it would effect so many of you, or that there would be so many readers in a similar position.

So. To turn a whole one-eighty I thought I’d share a lovely little story instead, make this Sunday a whole lot more upbeat.

After I had mentioned my Nana’s illness and the fact she lived in Wales quite a few folk asked whereabouts (a little village called Rogerstone as it happens).. and it turns out from the comments that one of you lovelies lives just up the road.

Anyway. Some time later that day I received an email from Rosemary, the lady who lives within a stones throw of my Nana’s abode (turns out Rose entered our real bride competition last year and was selected as a finalist) offering to deliver my Nana some flowers.

“What a nice thing to do” I thought, especially as Rose and I have never even met, hardly communicated even. Then I thought actually, this is a really lovely thing to do.

A random act of kindness in what is sometimes, a disappointing and resentful world.

So Rose, this post is dedicated to you flower. Because a little bit of good goes a long long way.

Big Sunday Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

15 thoughts on “Random Acts Of Kindness.

  1. And that is why I love RMW so much! It is a caring, generous community of truly lovely people.

    This story has set me up for the day with a warm fuzzy glow inside, so thank you very much!

    Charlotte, I hope your Nana is doing ok.

    Happy Sunday!

    C xxx

  2. Rose that is the loveliest thing ever.

    Charlotte – I hope your Nana is feeling okay. Sending her and you a lots of love


  3. That warms my heart on this night when I’m feeling a little despondent. So Rose managed to brighten not only your day, and your Nana’s, but mine too! And I’m sure quite a few other readers’ too. Nice one.

  4. After reading this lovely story I went back to read your Red Dragon post from last Sunday which brought me to tears.

    A few weeks ago my Nana was diagnosed with stomach cancer, on Thursday she was given 24hrs…on sunday she was given 1 hr…she is still with us at the moment. I think she is sticking a finger up to the doctors and saying ” I will go when I am good and ready!”
    It is a horrible feeling just sitting here waiting for the news that she has passed. She lives in Ireland, where my family are from… I live in Surrey. I definitely understand your feeling or wishing you had visited her more, I am feeling terribly guilty myself right now.

    Big love to you and your family Charlotte, hopefully your Nana is as strong as mine!


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