Reader Recommends – A Studded Fantasy.

As in the Studded fantasy blazer from Zara (yes – it seems the entire RMW community has gone and formed its very own sideline fan club for this fashion power house.)

I was actually following long time RMW’er Teresa from I Am Into This on Twitter and she tweeted this sexy number just as I was deciding what gifts Mr O’Shea should treat me to for my birthday.

How very convenient……and straight in the virtual basket it went.

So I can collect absolutely zero points for this find – it was 100% Teresa’s idea. And if you want to follow her she’s @teresa_iam but don’t blame me if she inadvertantly makes you bash the plastic.

I am wearing the blazer with a T-shirt from their basic range – it’s kind of see-through so a vest or a nude bra is a must…unless you don’t mind the semi naked look I guess. I can’t see the colour variation on the web but they do this T in a gorgeous coral, a sunshine yellow and the pale blue I’m donning in store.

I have suddenly developed an unhealthy thing for “neckwear” – like I nearly always have to have something around my neck. It must be obvious as two of my best friends bought me gorgeous scarf items this month – both in differing shades of blue which makes a nice change from ahem…grey.

And if I can’t wear some kind of material under my brucie chin then it’s got to be a statement necklace – the “Chain Tube” below is a new purchase from COS, I also have the bracelet to match.

You should also check out the leather wrap cuff – very sexy and a little bit rock n roll. I bought it for my friend Maria’s birthday in February who is frankly way cooler than me and can pull it off with just a chunky off-the-shoulder knit and jeans.

If you are wondering (and to be fair you’re probably aren’t as you can hardly see them)…what the stripy bits are in my hair then they are feather extensions. As in actual real feathers that clip into your locks semi-permanently with a tiny metal bead. You can wash them, blow dry them – the whole works. They last anywhere between a month and four months – I have white and (here we go again) grey on the one side and blue and black in the other.

Upon telling Mr O’Shea I was having feather extensions he just raised an eyebrow and shook his head – didn’t say a word. And then upon returning from the hairdressers he exclaimed “Oh I see! those are quite subtle, I was expecting you to resemble a peacock!”

Me: I beg your pardon? what did you think I was having done exactly – a whole head of giant feathery bits?!

James: Yes, I thought you were having your hair extended quite a bit longer but with feathers and not um….hair.

Me: Eh? Who on earth would do that?! I’m not ruddy Lady Ga Ga!

James: Last time you said you were “just going to a Hen do in London for afternoon tea” you came back with a giant cardboard “C” stuck to the back of your head, and the time before that it was a “just a photoshoot” where you returned with two giant spongey pigtail balls and a mohican so you would look like a “Manga cartoon”….. what was I supposed to think?

Hmmm. I guess he has a point.

Any of you gorgeous lot have an obsession with neckwear?

Or um….feather extensions?


Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

15 thoughts on “Reader Recommends – A Studded Fantasy.

  1. Yay you look fabaroonie in it!

    And feathers, I am obsessed with them at the moment. I had a feather tattoo done last month (sshh don’t tell my Mum!)

    But please watch Dog The Bounty Hunter – he wears feathers in his bleached out mullet hairdo and I really don’t want you to end up looking like him.

    Teresa x

  2. Teresa – I NEED to see your feather tattoo (as long as it’s not in a rude place 😉 )… I am thinking about getting one you see!

    Love the jacket Charlotte, and that COS necklace… think I’ll have to buy that right away!


  3. Argghh I want feather extensions, but probably won’t be allowed them at work 🙁

    (First post here – though I’ve been reading RMW for *months*, and am getting married in June, woohoo!)

  4. Me and one of my best friends, Matt, bonded over a statement necklace…because I ruddy love one…

    I used to work in a police station you see, in a particularly rough part of Manchester (Moss Side, sure you have all heard of it!)…

    Anyhow, as you can imagine, a relatively young 20-something girl that enjoyed a Topshop frock and Kurt Geiger stack platforms was a welcome addition to the station…I used to do their washing up in return for them dropping my ASOS returns back at the Post Office (happy days)…

    Now, there was always one police officer who I dared not speak to as literally every woman in the world fancied him and to be honest I presumed he would be a bit of a c*ck who would clearly love himself…and I did not want him to think that I fancied him…I would be immune to his charms!

    Anyhow, one day I was sat in his office chatting to one of the officers…and he came in, sat down and said, “Nice statement necklace, Pamela. It makes your eyes look really green.”

    Aside from the fact that I was surprised he actually knew my name, here was a boy, just randomly throwing in statement necklace into a conversation…how did a boy, who basically spent his days tackling bad people to the ground know anything about a statement piece of neck candy?! Gay? No. Must have a girlfriend at home, so I came back with the rather sarcastic retort…

    “Ahhh, there speaks a man who has just spent his weekend being dragged round Topshop by his girlfriend.”

    To which he replied: “No, there speaks a man who has just been text by the ex-girlfriend who dumped him over the weekend, saying she is calling round to the house tonight to collect the rest of her stuff and could I make sure I don’t just chuck her new statement necklace in a bag, I need to be careful with it.”


    Statement necklaces, good for the ‘look’, potentially bad for the soul….and the bank balance!


  5. Seriously Charlotte please do watch an episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter. Check out his wife then try and explain to me how her wangers are so big and pointy.

  6. That’s two new items marked for purchase – new jacket, check. New necklace, check. Giving up shopping for lent was clearly a bad idea – but I can see that RMW is going to line me up lots of purchases to upset my plastic when it is all over….keep up the good work 🙂

    xx p.s. James’ response to the feather extensions actually made me laugh out loud…I would have loved to hear what his reaction has been if you HAD come back with a peacock style barnet!

  7. Oh My Good Lord!!! Charlotte, I think you just cost me money I dont have. These posts should come with some kind of warning.

    Oh and James’ comment just made me snort tea!!!!


  8. @Allumette – Are you going to buy the blazer for H-Moon? 😉

    @Pamela – I love your stories, they make me crease! and poor bloke – who would dump someone like that?!

    @Teresa – Oh no, that sounds far worse than looking at the mullet….

    @Emma – Glad to be of service, surely the necklace can be a “wedding” item no?

    @Anneka – Ha ha – in future I will make Adam add some kind of big red flashing light… “DON”T LOOK OR YOU WILL SPEND!”

    @J – Yes you must, it goes with almost EVERYTHING.

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Oh man, feather extensions are an amazing idea! I love feathers & have persistent Pocahontas delusions, so I may need to investigate these further!

  10. Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte. What have I told you about putting expensive ideas in my head when I’m totally skinted?!

    This Sunday = my birthday. This jacket has shot to the top of my most wanted list 🙂

  11. Loves the blazer…just looked on Zara and *weep* and *moan*…my bank balance wont take it 🙁 maybe, alas, it is not ment to be!
    Dog the Bounty Hunter is ace, no one eles can rock the bleachy mullet/feather/rocker/slashed t-shirt look like him!

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