Reader Recommends – Soap And Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser

These are the exact words that Anne used to describe Soap and Glory’s Hot Cloth Cleanser:

I don’t know what magic is in this, but it doesn’t half clear up my spots. I bought it during a terrible break-out that even medicinal spot goo from a pharmacist couldn’t shift. It also smells divine

I also had a butchers at the reviews on the Soap and Glory website and Boots, it seems Anne is not the only one who thinks this product is all kinds of awesome…. and talking of Boots they currently have 3 for 2 on all Soap and Glory products.

And talking of Soap and Glory I just wanted to say I love the brand – every time I see the range it makes me smile, I think the product names, branding design and general kitsch is so witty and clever.

Any other items you would like to recommend from S & G please do leave a comment on this post (it’s 3 for 2, I clearly need to know what else to purchase as well as this cleanser πŸ˜‰ )

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22 thoughts on “Reader Recommends – Soap And Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser

  1. I love their foot range. Their scrub and then moisturiser is out of this world and perfect for getting your feet pedicure ready for summer.

    I wouldn’t recommend the body scrub. It’s too hard to wash off and then you end up finding grit where there really shouldn’t be any grit.

  2. The hand food is just amazing! I HATE (with an actual passion) anything greasy on my hands and this is pretty much the only hand cream that I like. I go through tons of hand cream (nursing does not leave you blessed with nice hands, stupid alcohol gel!!) This just soaks straight in and leaves your hands so soft. And again, it smells amazing!!

    I love the hot cloth cleanser and the shower gel πŸ™‚ The body butter is also good. Hmmm… 3 for 2 also means 6 for 4 right?! I’m off to Boots…


  3. The righteous body butter is brilliant and goes really well with Benefits bathina body balm the fragrances blend together really well. It has taken me ages to find one that matches as I love the body balm great for legs on a night out! xx

  4. I second the comment about the hot cloth cleanser! I love it. Can’t live without it! I also use the clear here moisturiser combined with the radience one, which has the benefits of preventing me from looking like you could fry an agg on my face and giving me a radience boost!

  5. We were only talking about Soap & Glory this morning in our office!
    One of the girls was saying how good their ‘scrub of your life’ is for dry elbows and knees! I’m going to be recommending it to a couple of my bridesmaids, who have been trying lemon and rock salt to rid them of dry knee patches in time for my knee length bridesmaid dresses that i’d like them to try :S
    I also LOVE their hand cream. So smooth and non geasey. At Christmas they always do a duo pack of pump action bottle (great for the office desk) and a hand soap, that’s just a gorgeous smelling!
    All hail Soap and Glory!

  6. My make up artist used the primer on me on my wedding day and it was excellent, I’m sure it helped keep my make up in place all day. I also love Scrub of Your Life – smooths rough patches like nothing else; Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss; and there is a shimmer spray in a white can that is really nice to use in the summer if you’re baring your legs and don’t have time for fake tan! It makes legs go shiny almost as though you have tights on. I genuinely haven’t come across a dud product of theirs.

  7. I love so many of their products. The Fab Pore Facial Peel is great. Heel Genius makes my tootsies soft and wonderful smelling. Pulp Friction is a wonderful foaming body scrub that smells AMAZING. The clear Sexy Mother Pucker is my favourite lip plumping gloss EVER (with a chocolatey taste – mmmm). And the Girligo moisturising body mist is incredible. I could go on, but I wont. Try everything!!!!!

  8. Soap and Glory’s Big Butter Blueberry is frankly amazing!! Without a doubt THE best ever moisturising body butter I have ever used… and I have used a lot!!


  9. I am also in love with S&G – for one their Scrub Your Nose In It is brilliant, leaves your face feeling tingly and clean, and can also be used as a face mask…2 in 1 bonus! x

  10. I use S&G “Clean Mary” facial cleansing milk, “Greatest Scrub of All” face scrub and “Catch a Wrinkle in Time” moisturiser. I love them!!

    Would like to give the hot cloth a try, I am almost out of my face wash and scrub, so now seems as good a time as any!

  11. If you get this month’s Elle – the one with Alexa Chung on the cover – you get a 20% off voucher for Soap & Glory and a free Soap & Glory mascara! x

  12. The Sexy Mother Plucker clear gloss is AMAZING!! As is there hand cream. Although in a hand cream emergency I have found an Umi pomegranate and acacia honey hand cream from waitrose which is equally amazing.

    Ange x

  13. Have recently turned into a big Soap & Glory fan – so thanks for the tip about the 3 for 2, and the hot cloth cleanser! Think I might have to swing past Boots on my way home tonight so I can try out a few others from their range…
    At the moment I use their For Daily Youth moisture lotion which is really lovely – I quite often find that moisturisers are too heavy for my skin or leave me feeling a bit oily, but this really light and leaves my skin beautifully soft. I also have a tub of their The Fab Pore facial peel which I use whenever my skin is feeling a bit rubbish, and it always helps perk me up a bit.

  14. I have to admit that I’ve never tried any S&G products before but, after Reading this, I’m definitely off to Boots tmorow to bag some of these lovely products. Particularly like the sound of the Big Butter Blueberry-am looking forward to trying that! X

  15. I LOVE soap and glory – I got all the miniatures to use on the morning before my wedding! The glow lotion is lovely- a slightly shimmery body lotion that smells divine, I wore this all over my arms and chest.

    Also heel genius is AMAZING for dry heels, pop it on at night with the cotton bootie / sock things for a couple of nights and your feet will be flipflop / sandal ready in no time!!

  16. Oooh I have a bathroom full of S&G products, I lovelovelove them. My current fave is Pulp Friction body scrub that the FH bought me for Christmas in honour of my favourite film – I attack my rough bits in the shower whilst telling them I’m gonna get medieval on their asses and imagining myself to be as cool as Mia Wallace. I’m such a geek…x

  17. I’m intrigued. This has meant I have spent the last half an hour on the S&G website and have just gone and bought 5 products! Can’t wait to receive them. However, I may have to stop reading your blog now for fear of spending even more cash!!! πŸ˜‰

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