Reader Recommends – Wax Flower.

In our recent post Giving You Gyp (all about the delights of Gypsophila) RMW reader Laura recommended Wax Flower as a similar but more “rustic” alternative (and I’ve had a good sniff and am pretty sure it doesn’t smell funny…)

Also known as chamaelaucium uncinatum (try saying that after a few glasses of Pinot) Wax Flower is often used as a filler for W-day in bouquets and table centre arrangements.

As per Gyp I actually think it looks beautiful on its own – as a single frothy bundle or a few stems in test tubes/bud vases all grouped together. To prove my point I went and bought some Wax Flower from my local florist (there is a new “pop up” shop literally two minutes down the road, different blooms every day – it is IMMENSE) and for the grand total of three quid I bought enough to fill all sorts of vases around the O’Shea abode.

Wax Flower comes in this lovely pinky/purple but also white and of course you can find those that lean towards a vibrant cerise hue or a full on violet shade.

If you would like to see Wax Flower in real wedding action then please do go and check out Sal and Deans big day here and here.

Are you tempted by Wax Flower for W-day?

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11 thoughts on “Reader Recommends – Wax Flower.

  1. I had pink wax flowers with ivory avalanche roses and mixed foliage for my wedding bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and venue flowers. They give a lovely vintage / shabby chic feel to flowers which could otherwise be seen as very traditional and formal! They add a really nice rustic texture with a hint of colour that will go with so many different colour schemes and themes. I loved them and was so pleased our florist recommended them.

  2. It smells A-MAYZING!!!! when I was a florist I stuck this in everything-tiny sprigs of it are so subtle in even the chicest bouquets and give that lovely scent.mmm xxx

  3. I missed the gyp article first time round, just been back for a nosy. I love the subtle lemony scent of wax flower, the cream variety is my favourite. I think it gives a more modern and natural look compared with gypsy when mixed with other flowers.

  4. Soooooo pretty! I love all the ‘filler’ flowers and just want a big giant bunch of them for my wedding bouquet! I’m currently spending my evenings jazzing up jam jars with material and lace and these wax flowers would look BEAUTIFUL in them dotted around my reception venue!

    Thank you for this pretty brightening up a boring Tuesday afternoon!


  5. Charlotte thank you so much! I have been meaning to investigate this flower after one of my lovely bridesmaids got me an M&S bunch of tulips that had this in too, and I’d never seen it before. The flowers are so delicate and the stems are a bit rustic rosemary looking – perfect for my W-Day 🙂 You have saved me a good few hrs searching 🙂

  6. It’s beautiful! It looks so pretty in those tiny vases; I love that it’s both delicate and bright – and it’s great to hear that it smells good too, thanks Nicolla!

  7. I would also love to know where the test tube type vases came from. I’ve been scouring the net for something affordable. Thanks.

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