Real RMW Bride… A Cultural Extravaganza

For our final real RMW bride of the week we have a cultural and literal extravaganza of fabulousness from Melvina. Melvina drew on her own and her husbands African heritage, with elegant english style touches to create a unique and personal day… read on to see how this Bride rocked her wedding :).

Melvina’s Story… ‘Keepin’ it Real’

We married on 02/01/10. On 03/01/10 my cousin updated his facebook status with ‘If Carlsberg did weddings, they’d be probably be something like this…’ Wow!

We decided the key to wedding planning was to ‘keep it real’. Our day was as fun and fresh as we are, filled with laughter, music, family and friends, delicious food, fine wine (lots of it) and topped with festive cheer …what more could we ask for?

Our wedding was somewhat of an extravaganza! We had 230 very important guests (no fillers!), a sand ceremony using Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean sand, a steel band to welcome guests to Sindlesham Court, pink uplighters, fairy lights, candles EVERYWHERE, hand-made touches, a dancing entrance, a HILARIOUS best man’s speech, a stunning (surprise) dance performance by our groomsman (!), beautiful bridesmaids, one tossing of my garter to the boys (*blush*), one exploding balloon, one tower of Krispy Kremes and this was before the traditional African ‘Gombe’ drums, which accompanied our change of outfit in the evening!

Phew…like I said, we rocked our wedding! [see what I did there! ]

More simply, it was a *celebration* of our *love*.

It is our pleasure to share our special day, and show other ‘b2bs’ how we ‘Kept it Real’.

Feminine Accessories

My earrings were from Cherry Chau and I made the bracelet and necklace to match, using Swarovski crystals, and freshwater pearls!

The Girls…

The bridesmaids dresses were from Coast – bought a year in advance to ensure a wide selection of winter colours. The shoes were from Debenhams, and the pashminas from a random market trader who did us a nice deal!

DIY Decor

I made glittery gold twigs with roses…
We stuck these, at different heights into two glass vases and had them either side of our top table – it all came together so well.

We hired a fairy curtain behind our top table, pink uplighters around the room and had loads of candles and sparkly nuggets on the table – it looked like magic!

We had over 200 guests, so writing everyone’s name next to their seat would have been an artistic nightmare! Instead, we used the damask hearts to show our guests the location of their table. We then listed everybody’s name and table, in alphabetical order. It worked a treat and looked different too.

Our tables were named after places/dates/songs that have a special meaning to Mr O and I. We added a little sentence to our table name frames too – just so that everyone could share in our journey. It was lovely, as guests eagerly ran round he room to read the rest of our story. Our top table was ‘Durham – where it all began’, as we met at Durham University.

Sweet tooth Heaven

We had a Krispy Kreme Tower… mmm! Our cake was made by Margaret Burridge – Celeb Cakes, it was breathtaking.

I had said ‘I want it to look me in my dress, sparkly, sweet, champagney and flowery’. I think she did a fantastic job!

A Cultural Celebration

We had a sand ceremony, using sand from a beach in Sierra Leone brought over by my late Father and sand from a beach in Ghana. It was a lovely way to remember our heritage. During the sand ceremony, the organist played some ‘twinkly’ music and the Reverend likened our marriage to the grains of sand in the bottle – whole and indivisible.

You all know we love a bit of personality at a wedding here at Rock My Wedding… and what better way to do that than showcase your heritage? I think Melvina did a fantastic job and I love all the beautiful colours in her photographs. – Are any of our readers out there planning on incorporating cultural traditions into their wedding?

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

19 thoughts on “Real RMW Bride… A Cultural Extravaganza

  1. This is lovely, it definitely looks like a very happy occasion. I really like your idea for table names that is really sweet. If you are reading this Melvina – did you buy the Krispy Kremes on the day or order them? xx

  2. I am indeed reading this Bee!!! I am so excited to see our wedding featured. Thanks so much Charlotte and Rebecca!

    To answer your question – we ordered the Krispy Kremes the week before the wedding and then collected them freshly made in the morning and delivered to our caterers at the venue! : )

  3. Melvina, you look fantasic in every picture! I especially love your earrings. What a memorable compliment from your cousin!

  4. Thank you! just forwarded it to my h2b its a brilliant idea. Love the bridesmaids dresses too – love it all in fact! x

  5. I love the krispy kreme tower! YUMMO!

    The shots in african dress are really stunning – And i love the b+w shot of the bride as well – fabulous posing!

    Rachie xo

  6. Gorgeous wedding! Especially love the sand ceremony and the evening outfits, totally stunning. Congratulations 🙂

  7. Aww girls… thanks for the lovely comments – they made my day! : ) We really all did have the best time – it was perfect.

    @ Rachie – you’re a girl after my own heart! I’m clearly a bit of Diva deep down!!!

    @ Louisa – the brooch was my something old – if you look closely, you’ll see there’s a missing pearl tehe but the brooch means a lot to me and I just had to have it on my bouquet!

    @ FutureMrsC, Fiona D and Shimmena – Thanks so much on the table plan compliments. My Mum helped me do it at 2am on wedding week – she’ll be thrilled to see your comments!!!


    Happy wedding planning!!!

  8. Got the link from “You and Your Wedding” website.

    Beautiful wedding — very well planned and the photographs are great.

    All the best in your marriage!!

  9. Oh what a stunning wedding – everything is so pretty!! And the Krispy Kreme tower – genius!

    I am attempting to incorporate various Indian traditions in our marriage in August. As the Mr is English we will hopefully get the best of both worlds! A little nervous to say the least as neither of us have friends who have done a similar thing. Thank goodness for blogging sites!

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