Real RMW Bride Wedding… with a DIY Dress.

Welcome back to Part 2 of Diane’s wedding… after making her DIY Dress, Diane still had time to make the rest of her wedding beautiful and here are the results…

All images are courtesy of David Stanbury at Classic Photography.

I had so many exciting and detailed thoughts I wanted to tell you about our special day and just the dress alone has turned into a little short story but it’s hard to narrow down all the excitement and fabulous memories of that one day which you plan for so long.

The Girls

I look back at the pictures and think all my bridesmaids looked stunning. I had my gorgeous older sister and three close friends of mine with me throughout the day and we shared all the excitement the night before by staying at the hotel where Ste and I got married. It’s a shame on these pictures my sister isn’t also on the close-up snap-shot as she looked equally as gorgeous as the others and it worked so well having two of them in Aubergine 50’s prom inspired dresses and two in the printed butterfly version. I opted for yet again Karen Millen designs & of course they were in the sale.

Bridesmaid dresses are so important to the style of the wedding and colours you end up going with can also be very influential to the rest of the detailing in the day. I didn’t have just one statement colour for my theme, instead I tried to have a mixture of influences with fresh and charming tones that worked well together in creating a modern twist on summer romance. I knew I wanted something a little different and when I first mentioned to my mum that I wanted patterned dresses I think she was a little worried. I was too, I knew in my mind exactly what I was trying to re-create but it can be difficult finding exactly what you want and also within your wedding budget. It is also important to think about skin tones and bridesmaids individual characters. A huge detail to the theme of our wedding day was bows and butterflies. I tried to make sure everything tied in together. All the bridesmaid dresses has a big aubergine bow detail to the centre back of the garment and then I made sure the shoes had a subtle hint of bow detailing going on as well. I also had a beautiful sparkly bow necklace and charm on my bracelet that helped to complete my overall look.

Shoe Love

My beautiful shoes, I still love them a year on and love the fact that they were also purchased in the sale! Isn’t it such a good feeling when you go under budget when purchasing something for the wedding? These intricate beaded shoes are a Karen Millen creation, so pretty and delicate looking. I spent a good few months looking for the perfect pair of shoes and also made sure I went when the sales where on as it is important when you have so much to buy that you save where you can. There are so many treats for you brides to find, so keep looking if you are yet to find the perfect pair. I do have a confession to make though…. they weren’t very comfy, so by the time we got to the evening reception in the marquee the shoes were off, ready for the night of dancing ahead!

Make-up and Hair

Hair and make-up are so individual and I don’t normally wear too much make-up so was nervous when it came to this, but I also knew that I needed to have enough to last the whole day and through tons and tons of photographs. It is important to have a trial run, this does cost a little extra but it’s piece of mind and I ended up having my trial for one of my hen nights so made use of the pretty make-up and fake eyelashes! Yes, this for me was a huge thumbs up. I opted for natural individual eyelashes which lasted a good few days and really made my eyes stand out! A huge thank you to Susan at Serenity Spa in Southport for this.

When it comes to my hair I knew I was going to have a little bit of trouble! I wanted an up-do and grew my hair after getting engaged ready for the big event. But let’s be honest I am one fussy gal when it comes to my hair and I had a trial with a lovely lady which ended up costing me quite a few pennies and I wasn’t happy with the end result. At this point I only had a few months left but luckily a friend suggested a fab lady called Shelly who did a perfect job on the day and it was a exactly what I had imagined. Yippee. Oh and I then got it chopped off into a short bob two days after the wedding, just before our honeymoon, I find it so much easier to manage when its shorter!

Peony Pretty

When it came to deciding on flowers, peonies were an easy option for me. I find them so beautiful. They look so soft and fragile looking to me and I really do adore them. I did a lot of imagery research when it came to the flowers, however this was the one area I didn’t feel fully in control of and it made for some nervous times. I also found it so hard to determine a budget for flowers, as where do you start!

I made all the stationary and really enjoyed it, the invites were very time consuming but so much fun. Give yourself plenty of time to do this as it always ends up taking longer than you think. I went with pocketfold invites with a gorgeous satin bow ribbon detail to tie at the front. I also did the order of service booklets which I printed out on the computer and stitched down one side on the sewing machine and then added a petite heart charm detail to sit in with all other colours used. These booklets were very personal to us with our own vows that we added into the booklet for our guests to read as well as a few poems and other readings. One of them, written by Walter Winchell (1897-1972) stated : ‘Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you’. What a lovely phrase.

I also designed and created the menu cards, table numbers and table plans cards, and really really had so much fun. I did however get ill at the beginning of the wedding week ( leave yourself plenty of time girlies for last minute details, – I didnt) so was out of action for about three days and this meant a few details weren’t as polished off as they should have been. I ended up spelling Dessert as ‘Desert’ on all the menu cards which made for a nice spot the spelling error game for my guests ! Oh well, a very ‘Diane’ error, spelling has never been my strong suit!

Cake and Favours

Got to be alcohol everytime when it comes to the favours! This for us was our way of giving the guests a free drink and it not costing too much. I also printed the label cards out at home and then got my mum on a little mission with the chiffon to tie them round the individual bottles. The boys had Jack Daniels and all the ladies had baileys apart from me, who had vodka! I am the bride after all!

There are so many little things to think about when planning your big day and a wedding cake is another added expense on top of everything else. While I did look around we opted for an M&S cake in the end, as they are very reasonable in price. We then we decorated it ourselves with some velvet ribbon and the florist added a few roses on the very top. We went with a fruit option at the bottom, sponge in the middle and then a little bit of chocolate on the top! Hopefully pleasing everyone! We did however forget to do the cutting of the cake in the evening; We must have been having too much fun to remember! It’s a good job David & Jane our fab photographers at Classic Photography got this lovely shot earlier in the day.

A big thank you to Classic Photography as they really did capture our day so perfectly and we have such memorable images to cherish for years to come. Such a breeze to work with, I would recommend them to everyone.

Planning Advice…

Starting point to planning your wedding? Research and plenty of it. With lots of American blogs being the many sources of inspiration for me, I only wish Rock My Wedding was already created. It would have saved me a small fortune spent on wedding magazines! As that was my other obsession. At any given opportunity I was in the newsagents scanning the next issue of Wedding ideas.. Cosmopolitan Bride…… with the real life weddings of course being the highlight!

First the staple notebook! The bridal diary that will never leave your sight all through the planning. Jot everything down, from money matters, to people to call, guest lists, ideas as you are travelling to or from work! I think I was even sad enough to take it on honeymoon as a light reading when I wanted to re-access everything we did for the big day. I am sure I am not the only one?

Then the A4 hard file which I collated anything & everything that influenced me! From wedding dresses to invite colours to shoes to gift ideas… the list is truly endless. I would then print it out, or tear it out of the relevant magazine and store it, ready for the next step…deciding on your wedding style & making the bookings.

I loved all this, it gave me a focus, something uplifting to concentrate my time on again & again! I really missed that once I returned back from our honeymoon & while it has taken me a while to find the right direction for my creativity, I have recently began my own blog Dainty Brides which has given me back my creative focus. It is full of wedding treats to excite & inspire any gal who is interested in weddings as I know it’s just not the brides to be!

Thank you Diane for sharing all your hard-planned details – it all came together beautifully I think the readers will agree, perfectly pretty in every way.

Yours Truly,

Rebecca xoxo

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

10 thoughts on “Real RMW Bride Wedding… with a DIY Dress.

  1. Beautiful! Loving so many of these details, thanks so much for sharing them. I am also attempting some DIY touches so its really good to see how they have turned out for other people. I don’t suppose you could divulge the font you used for your name tags etc? 🙂

  2. I have looked at the M & S cake but wasn’t sure if it was “Wow” enough. After seeing how you have managed to decorate it so beautifully though I now think it will look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing xx

  3. my lord, no wonder diane got sick with all that stuff to do!! it all paid off though, it looks amazing (and I am taking copious notes!)

    PS anyone else think the groom has a touch of the david beckham’s about him??

  4. If the beautiful bride Diane is reading, can I ask a favour?? I absolutely adore your hair and it’s exactly what I want for mine (although will probably have to be adapted slightly as I am having a tiara but no veil). I wonder if you might be kind enough, if you have any more detailed photos of the back of your hair, if you’d mind emailing them to me as I would really like to show them to my hairdresser? If you do read this and don’t mind, my email is, thankyou very much and congrats on your beautiful day x

  5. I just read the other post on how you made your dress and I am amazed. Can’t believe someone can actually do that and plan such a lovely wedding, you should be so proud! x

  6. This has made me very excited, we have booked Classic Photography for our wedding…they are A.Mazing!!!

    Fabulous dress..infact fabulous everything x

  7. Fab article! All the hard work you put in def paid off – it was a great day and one of the lovliest weddings I have been to x x

  8. Thank you guys, just read all your gorgeous messages. x x x
    Katie- I will have a route around on the computer & see if I can find the font I used later today. I will be intouch. x I will put a close-up on dainty Brides in the next few days, keep a look out.x

    Louise – David & Jane at Classic Photography are fab & I am sure you will get some stunning photos. x

    Anita- again I will have a look for you & will be in touch. I am sure I must have something.

    Keep checking out DaintyBrides girlies as I am hoping to do a few DIY posts as I am attempting to do the invites for our friends wedding & will being doing an ickle diary of the work I on it. x

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