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Patchwork Present is a new gift registry that allows friends and family to contribute cash towards the one thing you really want – piece by piece.

With so many couples already living together before marriage it seems that the traditional, department store gift list is becoming less relevant for a lot of people these days. So Patchwork Present founder, Olivia Knight suggests five alternative gift ideas for couples who don’t need toasters.


The Family Moon

Most couples use our site to share their dream honeymoon as a patchwork of images so that their guests can choose which piece of their adventure they want to treat them to – from a skydive to a massage, to a beer on the beach. But we also have a lot of couples with kids already who are using our site to plan and fund their perfect ‘familymoon’. As our site is independent of any retailers couples can collect cash direct from friends and family to spend how and when they like. This seems to suit not just independent travellers and those looking for adventure, but also those couples with children who want to plan their ‘familymoon’ to suit their specific needs.


The Old Banger

We’ve got quite a few couples using our site to fund a vehicle right now. I guess it’s a practical present but also a really fun gift for those looking for adventure a bit closer to home. There’s something really romantic about a beautiful old Beetle or a VW campervan anyway. But a little love bug to escape in after the big day is a dream come true for lots of couples. And it’s handy for the happy-ever-after weekly shopping trips too.


A House Deposit

Although most couples getting married today already live together lots of people are still renting and their one big wedding wish is to own a home of their own. It feels a bit weird just asking your guests to give you cash for a deposit so lots of couples use our site to make the whole experience more personal, creative and fun. Showing your dream home as a patchwork means friends can buy you a ton of bricks for £75, a window for £150 or a letterbox for £15.


Paying For The Photographer

Whether it’s because the wedding is such a huge expense or just because some couples don’t want physical gifts, we’re increasingly seeing couples using our site to ask friends to help out with the wedding itself or a specific part of the experience – like the photography. Finding the right photographer is one of the most important things when planning a wedding. They’re the person that captures the magic of your day and gives you the memories to treasure forever.

Whilst it’s totally worth the investment, a really good photographer costs quite a bit so we’ve got a few couples using our site to invite guests to fund the wedding day photography. With Mum paying for the ‘I do’ shot, your Nan covering the cost of the ‘cake shot’ and your friends all buying some shots on the dance floor, it’s a lovely way for everyone to feel part of the day. And also a fun way to organise your thank you notes – with specific photos going out to the individuals who helped capture that moment.



One of the nice things couples say about our site is that they love our style. And we’re pleased to say the feeling’s mutual. Our users are hugely creative and imaginative. Not just when it comes to the things they want to fund but also in how they present those ideas. It’s just amazing to come into our studio each morning and discover what brilliant and bonkers patchworks have been made overnight – from couples wanting a four poster bed or a work of art to a drag queen cruise and a joint tattoo.

While we’ve got tons of readymade patchworks for people to customise and a image gallery for people to use to create their own patchworks, loads of couples choose to make patchworks by painting, photographing or illustrating their ideas themselves. And we really love that.

These are just a few of the gift ideas people use our site to fund but the whole point of Patchwork Present is that you can use it to buy anything – so long as it’s legal! You just show your friends the one thing you want and then collect the cash direct from them into your PayPal account for you to spend when and where you like.

It’s free to create and share a Patchwork. We only make our money when you start to collect yours by charging a 3% commission on each contribution.

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Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

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