Retro Week – The Inspiration.

We hope you have enjoyed Retro Week here on Rock My Wedding. It’s been a roller coaster of fashion, decor, hair, make-up and accessories that have spanned arguably the most iconic decades of the last century.

To neatly bring everything to a close we asked Lauren from Grace And Gable (who’s vintage winter shoot you may remember from December) to put together some inspirational mood boards to represent the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

If you are planning a wedding, party, event – or are even thinking about re-decorating your home and want to draw on inspiration from one of these decades, Lauren’s visions are sure to plant a few ideas into your retro loving minds. Take it away Lauren…

Defining A Decade.

When Charlotte and Adam asked me to pull together these moodboards for retro week, I looked for images that displayed elegance, finesse or a certain joie de vivre that truly reflected each decade. What you’ll see here is a selection of each era’s ‘top picks’ where some of the images reflect the style of the period and others represent our modern day interpretation of the ‘best of the past’. That said, what defines a decade for one person may mean nothing to another and this is simply my perspective. Let me know what you think…

The 1950’s

The 50’s is perhaps one of my most loved eras and thus my favourite in this series. The age just oozes quality, femininity and a departure from the austerity of the 1940’s. I love how this era is so creatively stimulating which means it’s so easy to visualise ideas for a modern take on the vintage experience.

The majority of the photographs have soft green and pink tones and luxurious textures, which I think reflects the innocence of the period and the beginning of a softening of cultural attitudes. It just looks so darn pretty too. There’s so much inspiration you can take from the 50’s to make it work for you today. For example, how about dressing your bridesmaids in belted 50’s style dresses and pearls, serving cocktails in exquisite 1950’s glasses or designing an invitation suite using the typography in the Frenchy’s parlour sign or the patterns in the frankly gorgeous marble tile.

I must confess that I am a little worried for the chap stringing up lights so very near the pool. Health and Safety clearly wasn’t a priority then. Lastly, look at that panoramic shot of the family near the bottom of the board – doesn’t it make your heart want to sing.

1950’s Credits.

The 1960’s

I’ve deliberately steered away from peace signs and campervan images although the ‘no hippies’ sign is a subtle nod to them. Instead I’ve focussed on the more glamorous side of the 1960’s – think Brigitte Bardot, Jackie O and the decadence of air travel. Pan AM anyone?

The shimmering butlers tray forms the crux of the board – incidentally does anyone know where I can buy one from? – and the gorgeous chap in his tuxedo and the photograph of the woman with her camera radiate the poise that characterises the age for me. Oh to be taken for cocktails and to wear long leather gloves.

Again a hazy blue, green and soft pink palette dominates. For example, in the images of the champagne glasses and the pool but we begin to see those vibrant pops of colour that the majority of us associate with the 60’s, and again in the roomscape with the orange chair and the interior scene with all those framed prints on the wall.

And I can’t finish without mentioning the amazing attitude of those 1960’s girls. I think the picture of the women posing in the windows sums it all up. They know exactly what they want and they’re going to get it, and if could get away with wearing what I can only describe as a skin-tight romper suit then I so would!

1960’s Credits.

The 1970’s

Whenever I look back at photos of the 1970’s (courtesy of my mother or Pinterest – thank you), they always seem to be covered with a haze of gold dust. Metaphorically you could say this was a golden age, before the hard-nosed minimalist aesthetic of the 80’s made its appearance, or perhaps more simply this was a result of how photos were processed back then. Either way, I wanted the colour scheme and many of the images to reflect this golden hue, hence the jug, cutlery, light pendant and even the decadent lounging area – which I secretly love by the way.

If I didn’t adore the 50’s quite so much then this decade would tug at my heartstrings – the boho hair, the floppy hats, the high-waisted jeans and soft-focus lighting. I even love interior design from this period – have you seen some of those fierce wallpaper patterns. Perhaps including them in the décor of your next event could be the way to go… imagine draping the inside of a marquee with some 70’s prints. That could be a trip and a half.

And whilst Wolfmother is not technically a band from this era I just had to include the image as it screamed 70’s to me. Just look at that font go!

1970’s Credits.

The 1980’s

This concoction of images represents my view of the 80’s or rather my memories of it. As a youngster growing up in the 1980’s, there’s a split in the moodboard between a more childlike interpretation – see the rollerskates and pretty pink princess dress – and the boxy, businesswoman shapes of the high fashion images that remind me of my mum in this era. If this board had ‘smellovision’, the scent of Christian Dior’s ‘Poison’ would now be emanating from your computer screen. I know all eras have any number of defining styles but this IS the 80’s for me.

One of the things that I love from this era is neon and I really see this still having its place in design today. Just look at both sets of stationery – clearly 80’s inspired but still ‘clean’ enough to be desirable in our technological age.

As for the relevance of Mr Cruise… ok I confess to having a bit of a crush on ol’ Tom in Top Gun, so he just had to make his way onto the board. Tom in Top Gun does epitomise the 80s after all… Doesn’t he?

1980’s Credits.

Much RMW love goes out to Lauren from Grace And Gable for this decade spanning smorgasbord of inspiration. We Love these BIG BIG mood boards at Rock My Wedding.

So, which one is your favourite era? And How would you define each decade? Please leave as a note and let us know what you think – and if you do you’ll stand the chance of winning a super-duper retro camera or notebook from

We have been giving them away treats week, but unfortunately this is your last chance to get your retro mitts on one – so leave some love 🙂


48 thoughts on “Retro Week – The Inspiration.

  1. It’s a hard call between the 50s and 60s…. but I think my favourite is the 50s, the fashion was just soooooo nice!!!

    I’m not usually a big 70s fashion fan but Lauren’s picture are definitely making me think twice about it!


  2. I love this 70’s mood board… I used to hate my parents’ 70’s wedding photos but now I love them!! this is so gorgeous inspiration not just for weddings but everything! yay!

  3. Its the 50’s all the way for me – always has been since the first time I saw a picture of a model wearing a gorgeous pink prom dress (I must have been about 6!) and insisted that I would be that woman when I grew up. Unfortunately I havn’t been able to become anywhere near as glamorous but the style and the music feature heavily in my life (and my wedding too!)so am a big fan of this board! I must admit however that I tend to veer towards the brighter colourful kitsch side of the 1950s and have a collection of paraphenalia that would make most people sigh!
    Thanks for the post today it made me smile and forget all about work! xxx

  4. The 50’s mood board is by far my favourite. The Pink Cocktail has left my mouth watering! Especially at the end of a long hard slog of a week at work!

    Elegance and feminity flow through and the colours are devine. Think this could be a definite colour scheme for a few rooms in our eventual new home.

    Great retro styles through the ages altogether!

  5. Definitely the 1950s for me – the waists, the glamour, the cocktails….LOVE IT!

    But I definitely think I need to get a pair of roller-boots to pep up a midi-dress and make sure I get everywhere on time…that outfit could work couldn’t it??! xx

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments. It’s absolutely fascinating to see which styles make people tick.

    @Celine your remark made me smile. It’s great that I’ve been able to potentially change your views on the 70s. Of course I came across some fashion ‘horrors’ when gathering images for this decade!

  7. @Gemma Oh I would have loved my parents to have been married in the 70s! Instead I have some dodgy 80s photos to look back at! Maybe in time I’ll appreciate them….

  8. I’m so the 60s..I watched We’ll Take Manhattan last week and wanted to BE Jean Shrimpton (and to run away and get wild with David Bailey, but however!). I can’t stop looking at the final image with all the girls posing in the windows…inspiration for a wedding pic, all the ladies posing together!x

  9. You have just made my day! After commenting on the last post asking for a style which is a bit beehivey that is tiara and veil friendly, as if by magic your next post has EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. The beautiful black & white image in the 60’s mood board is stunning, perfect in every way. Couldn’t have more love for you guys right now, you have cured a big hair-induced headache. Thank you RMW (and Lauren!) 🙂

  10. @Alex it was a pleasure to make you smile and thanks for all your kind comments.

    @Frances the 50s board was definitely my favourite too! Currently trying to persuade Mr Lauren to let me redecorate the house 50s style. Hopefully all your comments will sway him…

  11. The ’50s was just such an amazing decade for fashion, frocks, family and all round fabulousness. I love the shot of the lady in the car with the camera. Pure doe-eyed loveliness.

    However, I have to admit that I do have a penchant for all things ’80s! It may be the decade that taste allegedly forgot but it’s also the decade of my yoof 🙂

    I admit to wearing those Nike hi-tops and carrying my ghetto blaster whilst dreaming of the day that Tom Cruise would come and whisk me away in his big jet……ahhhhh, the memories!

    Brilliant images Lauren and lots of fun to look at on a Friday afternoon.

    P.S. Isn’t it amazing how many of these looks are still around?!

  12. @Charlotte I definitely think the roller skates idea is a go-er! Let me know how you get on!!

    @Stacy I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ve made your day! We aim to please. Have a fantastic headache free weekend.

  13. 50s for me – just love how classy, elegant and a little bit sexy the ladies looked back then without having everything on show.

    Love the B&W hair pic from the 60s mood board too tho


  14. I have many fond memories of the 80’s! And seeing those images have just bought it all back. My mother wore “Poison” so you’ve described it perfectly for me…

    But visually, it’s got to be the 50’s for me. Stunning images! xx

  15. I love the 50’s and 60’s sometimes I swear I was born in the wrong era! My wedding dress is very 50’s and I am obsessed with Bardot hair, I have that very image on my Pinterest page! I love the detail that went into everything, the hair, make-up the styling of their homes. The style, glamour and femininity oozes from these eras and I love it!
    By the way I have been loving this week, gorgeous weddings and great tips! xx

  16. The 1970s mood board is making me want to be Bianca Jagger…but I’m not…and this is upsetting on so many levels…


  17. Nice one, Lauren!
    I am hugely in love with the Pan Am TV series at the moment but looking at this it’ll have to be the 50’s as well.
    My house is an eclectic/anarchic (delete as appropriate) mix of furniture gathered mostly at antique furniture flea markets and both the 50’s and the 60’s feature heavily. So good luck with “Project 50’s Restyle”. 🙂

  18. @Cassandra Yes even now if I catch a whiff of Poison I’m instantly transported back to the 80s and my mum’s huge earrings!

    @Maddi I swear I was born in the wrong era too. I don’t think I could give up Pinterest though…

    @Katie Of course you can choose both! Although I love the 50s, the 70s board is tugging on my heartstrings.

  19. Love love love the 50s one the most – so classy. I’ve got a 1950s vibe going on with my dress and my maids and I can only hope it looks that cool!

  20. Wow!! I LOVE this post!

    I love love love the fifties & sixties. I’ve always been a little obsessed (perhaps worryingly so) with the era and so when it came to planning my wedding – there really was no other option than to rock the retro…! 🙂

    Only 8 weeks to go today & last minute inspiration has really got my heart racing! 🙂

    Thanks for yet another brilliant post!

    Lou xx

  21. @ lauren true but I do love a typewriter!! I think if I looked like that woman in the first image and with one of those lovely cocktails in my hand I wouldn’t need much else!
    Although these boards are so fab though I am going to go and set up a 50’s and 60’s one on Pinterest . . .

  22. I would normally be a 50s girl (has anyone seen call the midwife? Makes me want to swap my uniform…) My Grandparents met in Birmingham in the 50s (in the very same building where my man proposed 😉 ) and I love looking at photos of her stylish self from that time. .. but that 60s girl – the one beneath the gold tray and next to the rather lush man in a tux? How do I look like HER?!

  23. @Alice That’s so sweet that both your grandparents and you and your man got engaged in the same building – how’s that for a family story to pass down to your children too. As for looking like the 60s girl ….I’d start with a polo neck and some black eyeliner!

    @Tricia thanks for your lovely comments – you’ll have to ask Adam and Charlotte if they’re doing another retro week. I’d love to do 20s, 30s and 40s!

  24. Fabulous! The 50s one makes me want to wear more green (especially if its that beautiful dress), and I’m totally in love with the 60s hairstyles, too. The woman in a suit in the 80s board looks totally badass, too. I wouldn’t mind being her when I grow up. 😉

  25. Fabulous! The 50s one makes me want to wear more green (especially if its that beautiful dress), and I’m totally in love with the 60s hairstyles, too. The woman in a suit in the 80s board looks totally badass, too. I wouldn’t mind being her when I grow up. 😉

  26. I’ve got love for you if you were born in the Eighties. Woohoo! There is a hairstyle on here I LOVE and muchos agree with the ’70’s gold dust. I would love a bit of that going on with my wedding snaps. Have a good weekend y’all xxxxxxxxxxx

  27. @Apollo thanks for your lovely remarks. I’ll let you in on a secret though – I’m rubbish at rollerskating!! Ah well you can’t have it all can you.

    @Sarah26 there’s alot of love for the 60s isn’t there!

  28. I have to say I think the 80s and 90s need to be forgotten! I can only feel thankful that I was a child so hope that my fashion misdemeanors stay hidden in blurry family snaps. So happy Facebook wasn’t around! I can’t believe the 90s are so on trend right now. WTF?

    I refuse to choose between the 50s, 60s and 70s. I love the good bits from all those decades. I so want big Bardot hair too! My hair is much more ‘hippy’ in appearance. Not through lack of trying to make it full and beehive esque.

    My wedding will be a decade mash up!

  29. Love them all, I know vintage has been such a huge trend that it eventually might seem dated, but these boards shows how much inspiration can come from each decade!

  30. I actually love them all for very different reasons, The 50’s are just so darn pretty, I love the stylish hair and make up from the 60’s, the 70’s is cool and I agree it does have a golden glow to it, and the 80’s well who doesn’t love the 80’s!! Great post. x

  31. What a fantastic post can’t really pick a favourite all have great qualities from the pastels and pink lemonade of the 50s to one of my favourite pictures taken of Bardot ever in the 60s, to the 70s wedding photo which reminds me of my mum and dads wedding photos except the groom needs longer hair, to reminiscing about my White mini mouse roller skates of the 80s did any one have a pair of those?

    All fab mood boards to finish off a fab retro week 🙂

  32. These are utterly amazing!! It is so hard to pick a favourite, I’m struggling between 50’s and 60’s…it think 50’s wins it but that pic of the girls in the windows is fab xx

  33. I love the 50s mood board and that rose really is spectacular. My parents were maried in the 70s and is strange to see a lot of the details and decor in their photos has come back round (though I haven’t seen too many giant sideburns or funky flares on the blog yet!)

  34. Weirdly for me it’s between the 50s and 80s. The 50s for elegant clothes and pretty dresses. The 80s for all that is funky, I remember my mum wearing Poison too. Neon roller skates are cool again.. if only I could still skate.

  35. Definitely the 80s for me. The decade I was born, the bright colours and, since I’ve taken up roller derby, the roller skates! Having said that the 70s Bardot hair is the style I’ll be going for on the day.

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