RMB – Rock My Boutique AW12 Campaign.

If you missed our campaign film yesterday then you can have a butchers here folks.

And now for the still life bit….the freeze frame of every little collaborative piece available from Monday in Rock My Boutique.

If you want to just admire the pretty then by all means go ahead, immense photographer Ann-Kathrin Koch has made sure there is plenty to see…but if you want to hear about all of the inspiration behind the concept, design and styling then read on.

But be warned.

I may you know….go on a bit.

Perhaps because the campaign was going to be Autumn/Winter, perhaps because RMW HQ is smack bang in the centre of the UK’s second biggest city, perhaps because Lolly, Adam and I love a wedding with a large helping of urban grit….whatever the reason, our campaign gained the title “Big City Love” fairly early on in the design process. This is a good thing by the way, otherwise um….there is no direction.

This is the most important styled shoot Team RMW have ever been involved in. It’s the launch of our biggest project to date and the look and feel of our products depended on how we chose to portray them…and for once, we didn’t just want it to be all about the pretty.

We wanted it to be all about the sexy.

We wanted it to be all about the crazy (slightly um…dirty?) cool.

We wanted you gorgeous lot to feel like we had really tried to create W-day products that you would love and that could possibly make your own big days complete.

Originally I wanted a rooftop.

I make this sound like a small thing….I really bloody wanted a goddam rooftop. And after endless searches and liability-insurance-built brick walls we just couldn’t pull it off.

I’m not used to being told No. And I don’t like it. Not one little bit. But in the face of a No (and let’s face it – the very real probablility that due to the awesomeness that is the Great British weather it could have rained all day) we found an old dis-used factory…right here at The Custard Factory.

It was kind of abandoned. There was various random graffiti murals on the walls. There was damp. There were great big holes in the corridors that spilled out dust and grime….

Yep. It was perfect.

Between Adam, Lolly and I we really went to town on including everything we love and what we think is hot. right. now.

Table Scape wise for me it was all about mis-matched chairs, slate tile runner and rough finish wood. For Lolly is was a mixture of tin, copper, glass and all white florals….Adam designed the paper (as always my contribution was some illegible scribble) and built an immense floral swing….himself.

As per the Pretty Naughty party, we knew Karen and Gemma at Passion For Flowers would understand our very non-weddingy bloom brief. You see we wanted WHITE. White with white with WHITE. And green. Lots of rambling, spiky foliage type items so give that whole un-structured vibe.

Oh and cow parsley. I was VERY adamant I wanted that….I think poor Karen despairs when she sees another one of mine or Lolly’s requests land in her inbox.

Our stationery is grey (surprise!) with a spattering of….bronze. We like bronze very much at RMW HQ and have never seen it used for W-day (or at least on our pages/the ones we look at on a regular basis anyway) so we thought we’d quite like to change that fact.

Do you like bronze?

To make the table centres we ordered various paint tins off line and sprayed them half way down, quite haphazardly – that’s the look, too neat and it defeats the point of the undone-ness. Next we added in some old glass bottles and placed everything on the aforementioned slate tiles.

We liked the juxtaposition of soft feminine tulips mixed with slightly more architectural ranunculus and full on masculine scabia and eucalyptus. In fact I wanted to magically move the whole thing into my house it looked so beautiful.

For make-up we wanted simple. Simple, understated but with an edge. A slick of dark kohl, a pop of pink blush and a look-at-me glossy pout.

Hair wise was the same. That kind of “I just got out of bed, put a few pins in and look how ridiculously magazine-worthy I look!”

We all know this is a lie. We all know this whole mussed-up bed-head thing takes forever for the average girl to achieve.

Ahem. Not Make-up and hair maestro Gemma Sutton though. Nope she did exactly what we asked for it what seemed like no time at all. Talented and as quick as a whippet – just what you need when you have 4 models and only a day to shoot.

I’ll be honest, the dress selection was fairly easy. From our catwalk show we knew how well pieces from Jesus Peiro, Alan Hannah and The Couture Company photographed and it would be a shame to take a risk, choose something different and not be as impressed with the outcome.

Even easier was the selection of accessories – they were all our own….

Yes, I do love saying that a little bit more than I care to admit.

I guess the most exciting aspect, and in some respects the most time-consuming and brain aching is all of the props, set-ups and image “choreography” (there is possibly some correct vocabulary I should be using here but I have no clue what it is – sorry.)

This is where Adam, Lolly and I really come into our own I think. And it’s where we have the most fun. If I say something which I think is a bit left of field or just downright weird, Lolly will say a bit “Yes!” and then take it that one step further.

And then Adam will then make/create whatever it is our hearts desire.

I knew I wanted a Cello. Lolly suggested we also have a violin. Adam added in his guitar and harmonica and what do you have? a musical masterpiece, complete with RMW-DIY music sheets made grubby by Adam’s very own muddy boot prints.

Lolly was very adamant that we needed a “matt black glitter ball” (I trust her implicitly so frankly let her get on with it) and Adam went on what seemed like a world wide search for a Triumph Stag….it may just have been the best car I’ve ever seen*

There was some seriously steamy action happening on the passenger seat (No I don’t care if that’s a bit naughty for a bride and groom, I liked it) and large string instruments thrown in the back.

There were torn love notes, there were brightly coloured chrysanthemums in crystal vases, there were blue soled shoes flashing underneath layers of delicate chiffon.

There were dominoes and playing cards and concrete floors decorated with shards of light. There was laughter and smouldering and scenes so sexy that I thought Lolly was going to hyperventilate “Ohmygodthisisjustsohotitsalmostxrated!!!”.

We loved every minute.

And then came the break dancers. Or “jerkers” as they call themselves (yes I felt like their Mum – had never even heard of this style of um…movement to music)

We got the models involved. Hell we got involved. And we danced until it went dark and our ribs ached from the kind of hysterics that makes your shoulders shake.

Jeez. Wait until you see the behind-the-scenes film, never mind the campaign one…

And as for the photography? well, I don’t think I need to say anything, the images speak for themselves a thousand words of perfection. We knew Ann-Kathrin Koch would do it with bells on…and indeed she did.`

So that leaves me to thank everyone that was involved in making our Big City Love dreams come true, including you, our loyal and ever awesome readers.

Here’s to Monday the 5th November.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Styling, Design and Concept – Rock My Wedding

Florals – Passion For Flowers

Stationery – Rock my Wedding in collaboration with Yield Ink

Warrior and Boudicca collection headpieces/cuffs – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with DC Bouquets

Brazen Hussy Jewellery Collection – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Natasha Jane

Oak Framed Artwork – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Coulson Macleod

Blue Soul and Industrial Shoes – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Harriet Wilde

The “Melissa” Bridesmaid dress – Rock My Wedding in collaboration with Maids To Measure

Bridal Gowns – A selection from Jesus Peiro and Alan Hannah and The Couture Company

Cello and Violin – Turner Violins

Chair Hire – Blakeley Browns

Hair and Make-up – Gemma Sutton

Videography – Simon Clarke

Photography – Ann-Kathrin Koch

So then lovelies, is there anything you fancy purchasing from RMB?

Any questions or info you require just drop us a comment this post.

Big AW12 Campaign Love

Charlotte xxx

*I want to point out this is due to the excellent mechanics and aesthetic appeal of such a classic automobile and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to do with the fact an incredibly hot man is sat across the bumper playing guitar.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

41 thoughts on “RMB – Rock My Boutique AW12 Campaign.

  1. Necklace with beautiful back detail please. Am getting a sense of nervous anticipation like when you have to call at a certain time to get tickets and the fear they Will be sold out!

  2. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH….I think I’ve got so over excited I’ve just given myself a rash. And yes, that does happen, I get excitement rashes…

    So, firstly, BLACK MATT GLITTER BALL. I’ll be needing one of those. Please make sure they are available in the boutique. In fact, I would like to preorder seventy seven of them. And I’m going to hang all seventy seven from the ceiling in my shoebox…my landlord will be thrilled to bits.

    All the headpieces are just freaking beautiful. I am now rueing my fringe…although sans fringe I am George Doors off of Shooting Stars…and even with a beautiful headpiece I don’t think I would be able to get away with going out looking like George Doors.

    On the bronze front – a great, big, bum fat YES. I am actually hunting for a great, big, bum fat rose gold mans watch at the moment to wear as a bangle…I shall keep you posted on my progress.

    And, @Charlotte – I TOTALLY know what you mean when you really want something, but can’t find it…I spent three weeks scouring the internet, shops and markets for a maroon velvet hair bow…I even tried to fashion one myself….it did not exist. Week four of the search…maroon velvet hair bows hit Topshop. Although, I do appreciate the fact that most people have serious jobs and cannot spend over three weeks searching for hair ties…

    Speaking of jobs…please can I have one in the warehouse where all this boutique shizzle is going to be stored and despatched…I would like to spend my days wrapping up pretty in pretty tissue and putting it in pretty boxes…I could be like the wedding elf…but no hat OK, I draw the line at a hat, they squish the fringe.

    I am also full of adoration for the bridesmaid in hi-tops…at the moment, hi-tops are ruling my world.

    All looks totally incredible and I am very, very, very excited for you all – cue another mental rash. MUST. CALM. DOWN.


  3. Guys this looks absolutely AWESOME!!
    Humungous congratulations – you really have pulled it out of the bag!

    @Pamela – I’m fighting you for the black disco ball!!! Words cannot describe how much I want, nay NEED, one of them!

    It all looks amazing and I can see I am going to be bankrupt very very soon, after I purchase EVERYTHING!!!

    Oh & did I spy in here that Adam was getting married to Miss Minogue again?!!!!! 😉

    Well done guys, anytime you want another little blonde running around helping with all that’s pretty please give me a yell!!! 😀

  4. pps. @Pamela – sweeping fringe…..that’s the way to get round the forehead band! That’s what I’m hoping to do if (well I mean WHEN!) I get my second wedding headpiece!! 🙂


    It’s all so damn lovely, I really really want my maids in those dresses. I love a shoulder ruffle. Also I want my bridesmaids in high tops.

    The styling is just perfect! So much so that I want to smear unidentifiable black liquid down the walls of my wedding venue now.

    Haha @Rebecca I noticed the Adam & Kylie wedding too! Dear oh dear.

    and that last photo still cracks me up, RMW go urban. You all fit right in with the street crew!

    Love it xxxxxxxxx

  6. Wow. Wow. Wow.
    There are no more words. I want it ALL!
    I am a happily married lady now (2 months today, and still living in the wedding bubble!) but still check back every day to ogle at the beauty of these polka-dotted pages.

    Massive congratulations to Team RMW – you guys put in so much effort and soul into everything that you do, and it really shows.

    You were an inspiration to me when I was planning my wedding, and it’s fabulous to see how far you have come.

    Counting down until Monday!!!

    PS: @Pamela – could you make do with 76 matte black glitterballs? I want one too!!

  7. This is absolute perfection. I ADORE bronze/copper (you may have noticed I wore that colour to your party!) so this just makes my heart sing. I love the slate, too. STUNNING models and gorgeous photography.

  8. Oh wow these photos are all soooo beautiful! You seriously are a creative lot, it’s all so original and unique and beautiful and sexy and hot!

    Seriously thinking about rocking my violin with my wedding dress now, what do we think??


    P.S. That last shot is amazing, some impressive dance moves there! x

  9. @Beck – Ha ha ha it is a bit like that (!) we have limited stock of everything, we wanted every bride to feel that bit special and not one of hundreds and hundreds.

    @Pamela – You crack me up. I think you would make a wonderful elf, squished fringe or not.

    And clearly we would make a headpiece especially for your particular hair style that would look AMAZING.

    Charlotte xxx

  10. @Rebecca – If you want a black disco ball for W-day you are more than welcome to borrow ours.

    @Karen – I know, it was part of some random graffiti but we liked it…A LOT. I think some black streaky bits might look good in my….kitchen?

    Charlotte xxx

  11. @Charlotte – OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There HAS to be somewhere I can fit it in!!!!
    You just made my day young lady!!!!!! 😀 *does a little jig inside*
    I will be in touch!!! 😀 xxx

  12. This shoot (and the promo video too) is da BOMB! Love everything about it!!

    At times like this… I wish I was getting married again (to the same person of course!)

  13. Oh. My. God. Not only does this all look incredible (seriously guys – awesome work) but I may just have found my wedding shoes. Those blue soles look bloody marvellous. Role on 5th Nov! xx

  14. This is seriously an super AMAzing shoot! In love with the musica details and poetic words. A new fountain of inspiration for certain!~ Saluti.

  15. Absolutely amazing! I can’t wait for the launch on Monday – RMW taking over the wedding world one step at a time! What you have all achieved is phenomenal (and gorgeous)!!

  16. Could one of you lovely folk tell me how the black matt disco ball came to be please? Or better yet, lend me yours for my wedding? PLEASE? I LOVE it!
    Also a massive fan of those framed poems…I may be in need of those for my imminent Wday…I’m sure we could do without food in the evening!x

  17. I am SO in love with this shoot – captures the essence of RMW and its readers perfectly – hot, sexy, gritty, pretty, and ridiculously cool! I can’t stop looking at the pictures and am now outrageously excited for Monday! Hope your servers survive the online rush! xxx

  18. So excited for this – I just got engaged last week (eek!) so can now ‘leagally’ spend my days browsing these wonderful pages instead of trying to hide my little not-actually-engaged-but-obsessed-with-rock-my-wedding secret! And, to make it even more perfect you open the boutique right on cue so I can actually satisfy my obsession by shopping the pretty! Sounds like it was made for me 😉 xxx

  19. haha thats so funny! i thought i was supposed to be painted over after we did that shoot but when i was back there for the circus shoot i was still there. maaan i wish i could just take it home with me. so cool!

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