RMW DIY Hair… A Convertible Up/Down Do.

Well hello readers. After seeing the very gorgeous Naomi yesterday in all her modern bridal style glory we thought we should share some serious stuff. The hair people. Don’t mess with the hair.

I love hair info. Mainly because I am tres lazy with my own and rough dry it most of the time due to time constraints but if I could have one beauty luxury it would be a stylist on tap for daily blow-dries and styling. Today however, we’re sharing the knowledge needed for you to become masters of your own hair destiny and recreate a Bridal up and down do… even both if you want to convert them either which way during your big day. My advice? Practice makes perfect. Practice practice practice so there’s no fear of it not going your way on the day, until your desired style is 100% re-creatable.

Failing that, employ a true expert like Severin Hubert. THE bridal maestro when it comes to sculpting super cool, modern bridal hair, Sev started styling in the music industry and is now sought after by many a bride who wants to ensure their hair is their crowning glory. You can’t go wrong with this guy.

For now however, lets see his skills and enjoy the DIY tutorial ladies. I’d love to see the results posted on our FB page.

Preparing the Hair

Before styling, wash hair as normal but with no conditioner – I know it sounds crazy but if you want your style to hold for the whole day please try not to add conditioner. I do suggest though using hair products to help keep the desired style you are wanting to create. Look for a good brand name, you may have to spend a little more but it’s worth it…after all you are getting married! I like to use Milkshake products, they do exactly what they say they do and the smell is delicious!

Steps 1 to 4

– With my brides I almost always blow dry the hair first to create a sleek and smooth base. I used a medium round bristle brush.

Step 5 & 6

Now take sections of hair and curl by wrapping the hair around a medium pair of tongs. Curl the whole head and then leave to cool.

Step 7 & 8

Next, I asked Naomi to lean her head back whilst I started to break up the curls using my hands.

Step 9 & 10

Then all I had to do was place the hair according to how I wanted the style to sit. I finished off by using a firm hair spray and a shine spray to add a gloss finish.

Et Voila! The finished result…

Glamorous and gorgeous. We. Love.

Converting to an Up-Do

As a second look for Naomi we decided to give her an up do with a twist of Rock chick. The hair had already been prepared with the blow dry and setting so all I had to do was first leave a small section of hair at the front for later.

Steps 1 and 2

With the rest of the hair I brushed the hair to one side and fixed with a couple of hair grips along the side of the head. Then repeated the same procedure on the other side.

You now have a column of curls cascading down the middle of Naomi’s head.

Steps 3 and 4

All I did next was to take strands of hair and started to place and secure with grips creating a messy french pleat.

Steps 4 to 8

Once I was happy with the shape I then backcombed the piece at the front to create a quiff. Fix with hair spray and finish with your chosen accessories.

So that’s it folks, DIY your hair up-ways, down-ways, anyway you like it, but rock it out Naomi Style 😉

All Hair styling and Instruction – Severin Hubert at the Hepburn Collection.

Photography – C B Media.

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

23 thoughts on “RMW DIY Hair… A Convertible Up/Down Do.

  1. This might be my favourite week EVER on RMW. And that includes the week my wedding got posted. So that means it is GOOD.

    I love this how to’s. I know that “down” do will not nearly be as effortless for me as it looks for Sev. I know at the beginning I will resemble a cocker spaniel, or even the lead singer of Nickleback. I know that I will persevere and I will be the hair queen of all my friends and on a night out, women will flock to me and ask who did my hair and I will casually say…what, this old thing?

    All these years of limp, boring hair, will be vindicated in one fell Sev swoop!


  2. This is going to sound ODD, but I could quite happily sit here and look at pictures 7&8 all day. All. Day.

    The curls! The texture! The colour! I am tres excited to see Naomi’s *real* Big Day hair-with such spankingly awesome raw materials, it’s going to be total gorgeousity!


  3. If I had hair as thick as that it would be a doddle… kind of. I’d love to see what the Sev-meister would be able to do with my fine flyaway locks!

    Thank god for hair extensions!

  4. I agree with brideandchic…would love some tips for creating gorgeous do’s for fine hair! It’s given my friend some great tips though!

  5. He he, ladies wishing for fine hair tips… We’ve got that covered 😉

    Keep your beady bridal eyes peeled…


  6. I have serious hair envy. I was going to change my hair in to a tousled/back combed up do for the evening at my wedding but I couldn’t tear myself away from everyone long enough to have a faff with it. This style looks GOOD though it really suits her, beautiful lady x

  7. What incredible hairstyles!! I had a regular updo for my own wedding but would absolutely love those incredible curls. If only I had all that hair! I’ll have to remember to book Severin for a vow renewal should I manage to persuade the hubby 🙂

  8. Right. Fact. My hair is naturally wavy. Sometimes it looks like this when I get up in the morning (God’s compromise for my upper arms and stomach) but I can bet good money that it won’t look like this come W-Day. It will do its other “thing” of going back apart from one or two stands which will curl upwards towards the sky in one fat uncontrolable nightmare.

    P.S. This is not just my attempts, this happens even if I go to the hairdressers.

    Fact. The second heat or dampness come within 50cm of my hair I look like Marge Simpson. Fact.

    Oh and I can’t have it down because the weight of my mane drags the curls out after a couple of hours.

    Please please please please PLEASE can we have some kind of DIY or hair advice for a bride with naturally curly hair. And please dear God don’t use a diffuser for a-Julia-Roberts-pretty-woman-esque-do because as everyone with curly hair knows it’s awful and a mistake. If I see the large tool coming towards me I scream like a banshee.

    This is a cry for HELP ladies (and Sev). For the love of God will someone HELP ME.

  9. Hi girlies!

    How much do you love Sev? He is a complete genius! I want to put him in my pocket & carry him around with me. Also, CRAZY funny! At the end of the shoot I started to take my pins out to go home & Sev litterally began crying & crawled into a wardrobe screaming “my creation!” Hilarious.

    Rebecca- as you can see, I have ALOT of hair. It is also, believe it or not, really really curly. Affectionatly known amongst my friends as the ‘fro. For this style I washed my hair the day before, let it dry naturally then straightened it. Sev blasted it with the hairdryer to smooth it in the morning, as like you my hair goes into melt down when heat hits it wet.

    Not sure if that’s of any help, but thought I’d share. Xo

  10. I echo what Naomi says – as a previous bride / client of Sev & Roz, I would LOVE to have them around all the time! I ADORED my hair on our wedding day and Sev created two ‘dos for me – the reverse of Naomi – up for the day and down for the evening.

    I only wish I didn’t live 5k miles away, so I could have him create ‘dos for me more often!

  11. Naomi – that’s a great help. I probably just need Sev.

    If anyone can help with a decent hairdresser in the North East (otherwise known as the black/oompa loompa orange hole of bridal style) I would be eternally grateful.

    The LLL (List) cannot come quick enough for me.

  12. Loving all the bridal love for Sev! As his PR (and former bride!), I just thought I’d mention Rebecca that Sev travels throughout the UK and internationally so if you wanted him for your wedding it may be worth giving Hepburn Collection a call to see if he’s available http://www.hepburncollection.

    Not trying to do a sales pitch, just wanted to let you know in case it helps! 😉

  13. Oh Mahj, do not fear, your time is coming and there will be total awe for your locks 😉

    Can’t wait!


  14. Wow.LOVE.HAIR.DIY.

    I am going to be glued to the pc all weekend to copy step by step the hair do’s for some V-day hair love.

    Love this week! x

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