RMW Gets Fruity.

Did you think that meant we were being a bit naughty? Well we’re not promise. We mean in the literal sense.

As in – reception drinks, or the drinks you have after your ceremony or the drinks you have whilst dancing even…. Champagne? Proscecco? Cava? your favourite vino?

If you do favour any one of those mentioned above we’ve made you some fancy monogrammed label downloads for you to potentially make your very own bottles to serve them in and if you fancy something more refreshing (and non alcoholic) we’ve got that covered too.

You see we figured those of you that have a marquee, or a back yard or just any blank canvas do-what-you-want venue then you may want to create your very own drinks bar (think dessert bar only with um….drinks on it). For glasses you can use jam jars (check out Stephen and Julia’s wedding for inspiration) and bottles are only £1.99 each from Ikea. You can purchase yourselves some stripy straws from Peach Blossom and then decorate them with a selection of our free downloadable flags (cut them out and glue around the straw – easy peasy.)

We’ve also made a whole host of free fruity downloadable labels for you to decorate aforementioned jars and bottles, choose from Lemonade, cherryade, orange juice, apple juice or even raspberry cordial (my favourite.)

And even if you don’t want a whole drinks bar these could make cute additions to just the drinks you make available to the children amongst your guests.

Essentially you can use them for whatever you please folks – we made them for you and they are FREE.

Anyone actually thinking of creating their own drinks bar for W-day?

Big Fruity Love

Charlotte xxx

Just click the folder to get the templates.

The fonts we used are called The Fell Types and you can download them from Igino Marini

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

16 thoughts on “RMW Gets Fruity.

  1. We have FOUR litres of sloe gin macerating in cupboards. Do you have ANY IDEA how many sloes you have to prick to make 4 litres of sloe gin (clue: a LOT).

    Will definitely use your labels and I had no idea where to get bottles – and now I have!

  2. I love this idea – we’re having a drinks reception outside the church before moving to the venue (half so people aren’t bored during photos, and half so we don’t have to buy quite so many drinks at the receptions marked up prices 😉 )

    As of yesterday, and courtesy of eBay, I am now the proud owner of a Jamie Oliver ‘Drink Up’ drinks dispenser which I’ve been trying to get hold of for about 6 months (I’m aware this makes me very sad, and yes, I paid twice the RRP for it but I don’t care cos I love it!) Going to buy a few more (more tense eBay bidding wars coming up I think…) to put the non-boozey drinks in.

    Love the labels, and love the straws!! Are the bottles with the swing-lids from Ikea too?

    Ahhh, I love a bit of a DIY project for a Friday! xx

  3. Eeeek, this is perfect! We have a blank canvas venue so I have just put a link to this on our Facebook page encouraging all our lovely couples to do this 🙂
    Thanks so much, little gems like this make the wedding world go around xx

  4. Aw gutted – can’t get it to download. Though this might just be my boss’s evil plan to make me do work on a Friday afternoon… x

  5. We’ve labelling swing top pop bottles for our escort cards and having stripey straws in glasses as our name places. The day the boxes of bottles arrived was the best ever………….mind you, receiving anything wedding related through the post is immensley exciting!
    Another recommendation for bottles is Wares of Knutford https://www.waresofknutsford.co.uk. Amazing service, 90 bottles delivered in tact, the second day after ordering!

  6. Great…thank you!

    we are having marquee for ceremony & drinks after, then into the main hall for dinner & dancing so this is perfect.

  7. @jessica thanks for the link! any bottles i haven’t collected by june i can make up the numbers need from there.

  8. I love these ideas! Thanks for the peach blossom link too… I NEED some of those stripy straws! Our reception is indeed in a marquee so we’re making homemade elderflower cordial and sloe gin and having ‘cocktail corner’ where guests can make their own mojitos and other favourites yet to be decided…

  9. Does anyone know if these are just printed onto paper and glued or if they are stickers…if so how do i do the stickers:)

    Thanks xxx

  10. OMG thank you, this is awesome. We are sort of creating our own bar in that our reception venue is dry hire so we are getting friends with a personal license to run the bar, which means we can have loads of input. I have stocked up on stripey straws!

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