RMW Rates – Instagram… (Which Facebook Bought For $1bn)

If you have an Android or iPhone then you may have already heard of Instagram, a nifty little App that allows you to take pictures, add various different “effect” filters and share them with your friends and family.

As well as following Rock My Wedding on Facebook and Twitter you can also follow us on Instagram too (if you’ve not already had enough of us by then!). I am rockmywedding and Adam is …adamcrohill.

Oh and did I mention the app is completely FREE?

Well it is. And Facebook just bought Instagram (which is a profitless two year old company) for ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

(You can read the full story via the Guardian)

I tend to take photos of things I like, flowers, new bits and bobs around the home…..um shoes. And we do try and take a few at shows and events and whatnot so our followers can have a sneaky peaky before we post things on the blog.

You can also of course follow other bloggers, uber talented photographers and even celebrity types.

Any of you lovely lot on Instagram?

Leave us your details in the comments box below so we can follow you – we love nosing at folks pictures!

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

18 thoughts on “RMW Rates – Instagram… (Which Facebook Bought For $1bn)

  1. Only just got it as have HTC but am already loving it! Can see myself getting addicted! oops 😉
    (rebeccawhitney – already following your lovely profile!)

  2. I adore Instagram! It’s the most used app on my phone, you can see such inspiring picture on there from all over the world! I ‘follow’ people who live in my favourite cities, people who have amazing jobs, dear friends- all sorts! As well as making my own pictures look fabbo, it’s so lovely to see a buzzing shot of New York or a romantic snap of Venice at the touch of a button. Can’t recommend enough ladies, happy planning xx

  3. I am also addicted to instagram! My username is Katielittlewing – I’ve just followed you. I love the way instagram can make even the most rubbish photo look excellent!

  4. I only got instagram on android yesterday (bit slow on the uptake!) but I love it already 🙂 My username is isseyh

  5. The photos in this post are brilliant. Just goes to show what a nifty little app Instagram is! I’m an addict, although a little worried about what facebook might end up doing to it. My username is cleomoss 🙂

  6. I love instagram (easy to make it look like you can actually take half decent photos) and have been following you – loving the shoe lust!
    My username is @carlyh

  7. Ohh just downloaded the app- it is amazing! Im naff at taking pictures but the app actually makes them look good. My username is tash8lee, you will find most my pics are of my adorable 20week old son Zachary!

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