RMW Real Bride #14… Sarah & Callum.


You are going to become acquainted with the all those little faces you see up there because they are the finalists of the 2013/14 Rock My Wedding Real Bride competition.

Right Now it is time to introduce RMW Real Bride #14… Sarah & Callum.


Sarah: Hi There!

My name is Sarah and I originate from South Wales but have been living in NZ for 6 years now. I met my fiancé (Callum the kiwi) 3 years ago through work and there was something that struck me about the lad in the orange overalls who was about to cook me dinner (Callum is a Drill and Blast engineer; he doesn‟t wear them for fun :-)).

We proceeded to talk into the night and I really liked that this boy could handle a joke at his expense – yeah right! After 3 months we were “courting”. As the line written on our Save the Date states, “It started with a bet that Wales would beat NZ, little did they know they would end up getting wed”! After the 3 months of “banter” aka “flirting”, I naively agreed to a bet with Callum (his initiative of course), his proposal of a bet being “Which ever rugby team loses, i.e. yours or mine, has to take the other out for dinner”, “Bring it on” I replied! As I am a devout Welsh rugby fan and very proud of my roots I was very much pumped for the big game and was totally convinced a slap up dinner was all mine, suffice to say (and this may not come as a shock) Wales lost. The next day we started dating!

Looking back Callum never actually got his fancy dinner, but he has had almost 3 years of fun and laughter together before he proposed on 22nd November last year! I received a beautiful engagement ring designed and made by a close friend of mine (Naveya and Sloane – check them out!) that has a gorgeous 4crt black diamond centred within a platinum shaped protea, encrusted with white diamonds. The protea is my favourite flower. After a trip back to Wales at Christmas we picked our venue and the wedding is planned for June 28th 2014 in the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales, that’s right we are internationally wedding planning! It has all gone pretty smoothly so far, with most of the wedding organised and many of the vendors are featured on the RMW website, for example Chris Barber and The Wedding Smashers and I have my eye on a Vera Wang gown. We are both are little quirky, some might even say “queer”, in-fact that‟s one of the many nicknames Callum has for me “Queerdo”. As we like things a little different our wedding style will reflect that; smart and sexy with lots of sparkle, accompanied by aspects of travel and little bits of our heritage slipped in through the day – watch out for some kiwi’s! Black and gold‟s will feature heavily along with some hot to subtle pinks. Protea’s are the main flower of choice with other favourites such as scabiosa pods, nigella pods and succulents which will look modern and edgy against my dress, the boys suits and our colour scheme. Our bridal party features our closest friends from NZ, Ireland, Latvia and the UK, my best friend is a lovely fella named Dave and I am lucky that he has agreed to be suited and booted as my Bridesman. We enjoy good food and wine or boutique beer so to sum up our big day – “good food and good booze with the people who mean the most to us from all corners of the world”.




The Voting Rules

  • Voting will begin on Friday May 10th at 4:30pm (after the last finalist has been revealed).
  • Feel free to leave comments of support for every entrant as soon as they are published.
  • Once voting has begun you can register your vote by simply leaving the word “Vote” in the comment box of your chosen finalist. Any deviation from this may result in your vote not counting.
  • Only ONE VOTE per person please (we can tell if multiple votes come from a single internet ready device and will discount multiple votes if we feel the voting is not genuine).
  • Voting will close at midnight on Tuesday 14th May.

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Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

525 thoughts on “RMW Real Bride #14… Sarah & Callum.

  1. Vote, hoping to get an invite to the wedding as Anna will need her English friends there!!!! Good luck 🙂

  2. Excited! Sarah & Callum, you’re lovely people and a fab couple with a zest for life and great fun – even when Wales plays the ABs! Good luck x

  3. Here’s to a fellow Taff and Williams. Hope you get the day you hope for and deserve. Have a great one. 2 Williams birthdays & anniversaries in the same year!! X


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