RMW Real Bride #2… Christine & Ryan.

You are going to become acquainted with the all those little faces you see up there because they are the finalists of the 2013/14 Rock My Wedding Real Bride competition.

Right Now it is time to introduce RMW Real Bride #2… Christine & Ryan.


Christine: Ryan and I are originally from Singapore and met each other just after high school. Despite opposite personalities (him reserved and introvert, me social and loud), we found very early on we bonded over similar aspirations to see the world and what else life outside the tiny shores had installed for us.

Convincing our families to let us go overseas for future studies was not easy, especially since Ryan was the only boy/child in a traditional Chinese family and also had to complete 2 of 2.5 years of compulsory military national service before he was allowed to leave the country.

Whilst it was sad leaving our families, our relationship blossomed during our time in Australia, which lasted longer than we had initially planned. We then developed the 7-year itch and took our adventure to the UK where we are now able to fulfill our passions for travel, outdoor hiking and foodie hunts.

Fastforward 13 years, Ryan popped the big question that took two attempts! Because we often joked about getting married in the past, when he proposed the first time on one of our country hikes together, I thought he was kidding as usual and the moment had passed! The successful second attempt could not have been any more perfect. He had secretly gotten my nieces, whom we both adore to bits, to propose in a home made video which he showed to me when i had returned home after a tough day at work.

Whilst it would be fitting to go back to where it all started and where our families are, we choose to tie our knot in UK because we really want them to have (hopefully more than) a glimpse of our life as a couple in the UK embodied in one special day. As well as meet the “second family” of friends from all over that have helped shaped who we are today.

Our chosen style is a rustic elegant wedding where we will be putting our own spin on a rustic barn soiree with a fete atmosphere showcased in colors of coral, soft pink, aqua mint and gray. Ryan I are all about having fun so we hope this day will be a reflection of that with our guests. Think ice cream cart, candy floss, silent disco, adult and children games such as coconut shy, space hopper, you get the idea!
We also want to embrace our Chinese roots and intend to observe certain traditions such as the Chinese tea ceremony and incorporate Chinese influences and details in our décor such as Chinese lanterns and parasols, treats we loved whilst growing up at our “love bites” candy station etc.

Finally, as huge food lovers, we intend to include a recipe card with the invitation for our guests to complete and bring to the wedding – of a dish that they love, or symbolizes heir idea of love. Essentially a “love dish”! The intention is to collect these recipes and recreate the dishes in our future anniversaries to remember the wedding day as well as celebrate the guests that have created these memories with us!


Love, Christine.

The Voting Rules

  • Voting will begin on Friday May 10th at 4:30pm (after the last finalist has been revealed).
  • Feel free to leave comments of support for every entrant as soon as they are published.
  • Once voting has begun you can register your vote by simply leaving the word “Vote” in the comment box of your chosen finalist. Any deviation from this may result in your vote not counting.
  • Only ONE VOTE per person please (we can tell if multiple votes come from a single internet ready device and will discount multiple votes if we feel the voting is not genuine).
  • Voting will close at midnight on Tuesday 14th May.

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Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

137 thoughts on “RMW Real Bride #2… Christine & Ryan.

  1. Awwww how exciting! I remember how nervous I was last year when I saw my face on these (now not so) polka dot pages!!
    Good luck everyone 😀 xxx

  2. Guys just a quick reminder… voting doesn’t start until 4:30pm on Friday afternoon.

    Any votes received before then will not count unfortunately. So if you have already cast a vote – please come back on friday afternoon and comment again.

    Also – a vote should just say the word “vote” nothing else… any deviation from this could mean the vote is missed or discounted.

    Sorry to be an old misery guts but them’s the rules folks!!

    Adam (Simon Cowell)

  3. VOTE!

    You guys sound awesome!
    I LOVE Jessie Thompson and also had a rustic barn Cotswold wedding! Plus I just got back from Singapore (which I loved!)
    You guys have my vote!

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