RMW Real Bride #4… Jackie & Paul.


You are going to become acquainted with the all those little faces you see up there because they are the finalists of the 2013/14 Rock My Wedding Real Bride competition.

Right Now it is time to introduce RMW Real Bride #4… Jackie & Paul.


Jackie: Hey RMW and all you lucky brides out there, I’m Jackie and this is my beau Paul, we have been together now for nearly 4 years. We met at work, a true office romance, snogging in the lift, romantic gazes across meeting rooms that make your heart skip a beat and flirting by the water cooler, we did it all. I still remember the first time I spoke to Paul and how much he made me laugh, his silly one liners still make me laugh uncontrollably now, love and laughter have been with us ever since and slushy moment coming up… I just can’t be without him!
The engagement was a complete surprise and the most amazing moment of my life. Last November Paul proposed on Koh Lanta Island in Thailand on a deserted beach under the stars. It was breath-taking, emotional and perfect, just us…ok there were a few crabs scuttling about, but all I remember is how I wanted to savour the moment forever.
The wedmin began a month after we returned, I did what any normal girl would do, joined Pinterest, started reading blogs and purchased dozens of wedding mags. This is where my addiction started with RMW, my new found love for real weddings, DIY and glitz but also the fact my inner beauty goddess and love for products all get some satisfaction in one hit. I’d never really thought about my own wedding in much detail when I was a young girl but now I find my mind wanders at any given opportunity!

Mr C and I spent weeks searching for a venue then finally settled on Cain Manor in Surrey, we fell in love with the oak beams and private location giving us the exclusivity we dreamed of. We have a huge love for lazy Sunday’s by the river Thames with the odd vino in hand, we want that same chilled vibe so opted for Sunday the 30th March.
W day is now less than a year away, me and the Orla Kiely notepad go everywhere together; random words, colours, swatches and pictures fill the pages. Paul and I have our own allotment and share a love for the outdoors so are hoping to capture that in our theme minus the mud and worms! We want to create a natural feel to our day, olive greens, lace along with fresh tulips and wooden place settings blending with the fresh spring air send my mind into over drive. Being a PA and a natural planner I just love the thrill of ticking another item of the list. The photographer’s booked and the band too (and yes I do regularly visit the band’s website and listen to them on repeat at my desk), the cool Mumford feel they will bring excites me. Above all of this, the 2 most important things we want for our day are that everyone feels the love and hears the laughter as long as that happens everything else will fall into place one way or another.



Jackie (fingers and toes crossed)


The Voting Rules

  • Voting will begin on Friday May 10th at 4:30pm (after the last finalist has been revealed).
  • Feel free to leave comments of support for every entrant as soon as they are published.
  • Once voting has begun you can register your vote by simply leaving the word “Vote” in the comment box of your chosen finalist. Any deviation from this may result in your vote not counting.
  • Only ONE VOTE per person please (we can tell if multiple votes come from a single internet ready device and will discount multiple votes if we feel the voting is not genuine).
  • Voting will close at midnight on Tuesday 14th May.

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Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

423 thoughts on “RMW Real Bride #4… Jackie & Paul.

  1. @Jackie – if an aisle full of trees is good enough for HRH Catherine then it’s good enough for you. Loving your story and writing style, I have a feeling you can keep me hooked on your journey for the coming year! Good luck x

  2. Reading this beautifully written love story about Mr C and yourself has made me even more excited about the wedding of 2014 🙂
    It’s going to be as elegant as the bride and I agree with the trees if its good enough for royalty it’s good enough for you. Although I think one of you is more into digging up the allotment than the other 🙂 xx

  3. Jackie, I’m loving your style – both your blog and mood board. Really nicely done :).
    Good luck with both this competition and your up and coming wedding… So exciting for you and your beau! xx

  4. Jackie,

    I remember you telling us about this new guy you have met and how excited you were to see him each day!

    It all looks fantastic, good luck with the planning and in the competition.

    Just remember “All you need is Love”

    Marion & Chris

  5. Loving all the ideas you have !!!! good luck in the competition to you both !!
    you have my vote !!

    Gina x

  6. Wow loving the mood board just can’t wait for next year but looking forward to the build up hope you win want to read more blogs!!

  7. Jackie……..this looks amazing! I really hope you win so I can sneakily take some of your lovely ideas! VOTE JACKIE AND PAUL the girl knows her stuff! xxxxx

  8. My little girl has blossomed into a beautiful young lady who has found her perfect soul mate. So looking forward to next year, my chance to speak uninterrupted with the Father-of-the-Bride speech.

  9. Hey Jackie, Ive been waiting SO LONG to see someone i know on RMW, and I believe that I went to school with that there Mr Paul C!!!

    Therefore your wicked ideas, the fact you have an Orly Keily notebook and that Paul is aces, Jackie & Paul get my vote!!

    Good luck xxx

  10. you have my vote, i love your mood board!! im getting married in a treehouse so im all for an aisle of trees! 🙂 best of luck to you, fingers crossed we get to read mre of your blog! xx

  11. Wow thanks so much for the feedback everyone its really appreciated, please please please do come back on Friday and vote for us, the support is fantastic! HB, exciting you went to school with Paul – I am sure he was just as funny at school as he is now. Amy, a tree house this is amazing, would love to hear more about that…Xx

  12. @Jackie, its all very exciting, its in Scotland and the venue has played a huge part in our natural relaxed theme. Your mood board is so exciting and I love your story, me and my future hb met at work too, i like your style of writing so you will get my vote, i may have made a reminder in my note pad to do it 🙂 x

  13. Go Jackie, go Jackie! You sound like me in so many ways. 🙂

    I love beauty products, lazy river days with vino, am addicted to RMW, and I am a PA who fell in love with her boss – such a cliche! We’re getting married in June. We also love Koh Lanta, so we are defo on Team Jackie and Paul. Good luck. xx

  14. Love you both, you are such a very special caring couple, we wish you all the luck in the world. xx

  15. Paul and Jackie, you are the cutest couple I have ever seen, you guys rock . I wish you a happy married life…VOTE

  16. VOTE for Jackie & Paul. Babes, you are amazing and your day is going to be so special. I wish that I could be there with you to witness the pure joy you are going to experience on the day! Very inspiring girl!! Good luck xxx

  17. Jack-the-bride & Dr C,
    Looked at all participants and you’re definitely THE best!!! 😉
    I felt the <3 from down under… I'm getting all kangaroos and koalas to vote for you too…
    Good luck and much love Xx

  18. VOTE
    Good luck with this Jackie & Paul…..havent met you yet Jackie but you & Paul look super happy together !hope you have a smooth and exciting run up to your special day.

  19. I’ve put an exclamation mark after my word ‘vote’… i hope I’m not penalised! 🙁 It was an automatic, I’m naturally optimistic…!

  20. Love your ideas and think it’ll be an absolutely beautiful wedding at Cain Manor! Definitely gets my vote.

  21. Vote, love your style of writing Jackie, will enjoy the updates on the wedding plans etc. Exciting times! Cheers to an amazing couple, love Nikki xxxx

  22. Loving your blog Jackie – the joys of friends and Facebook! Makes me want to get married all over again! VOTE 🙂

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