RMW Recommends – French Connection Home.

Oh yes. Turns out RMW high street favourite French Connection have gone and got their fashionable knickers in a twist over abode styling and I’ve got to hand it to them….they seem to have got it so right.

After getting a little bit excited over the muted palette of soft furnishings and a couple of corker statement pieces I then spied THE lamp (our entire home is having a bit of a decor over haul at the moment so I find myself looking at lighting as much as I am the latest W-day gown collections…)

It’s interesting, as much as I can admire a touch of colour pop in someone else’s home it never seems to work for me, no matter what bold shade of sexy I try and incorporate. It seems I am destined to forever surround myself with greys, blues, creams, soft greens and a range of battered and reclaimed woods….they make me feel calm and peaceful.

My top choices from top left:

The table angle poise (THE lamp) – £95

The chunky knit throw – £85

The washed Mango tablelight – £85

The driftwood stool – £95

Go take a peeky at French Connection Home and tell us what takes your fancy.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

3 thoughts on “RMW Recommends – French Connection Home.

  1. Almost everything in the Candles & Accessories section is making me swoon a tiny bit…it’s my birthday tomorrow, I think I’ve found the ideal place to preemptively treat myself! Love that anglepoise too, it’s so…you know, right!x

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