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Introducing From The Hip

We are pretty lucky here at FTH – If there is any job in the whole world we could do, it’s this one (apart from maybe a snowboarding mountain guide). We film all sorts of things, not only weddings, but we love the adrenaline rush of live filming, and getting awesome footage without having much control of the surroundings – “erm could we just move that church to the left a bit, the light is much better over there…”

There is no better feeling than capturing the little moments between people – not only B’s & G’s but maybe brides and their grandma’s for example – our job becomes so important, all of a sudden we are creating a historic document. Without being all doom and gloom, we know that when that grandma isn’t around in years to come, the film will become all the more important. And we love that our films will become a part of that family’s memories for generations.

We are trying to strike the balance between achieving cinematic quality with as little excessive kit and equipment as possible. We specialise in staying out of the way and making sure the guests are not feeling like they are being swarmed by paparazzi. This filming style is why most people choose to book us, and we have honed our stealth-ninja talents over the 8 years we have been filming weddings. We are still in touch with lots of our couples today – we keep bumping into them. Even in the baby scan dept of the hospital not long after a honeymoon! Seems like we were the first to know the happy news!

We shoot different elements of the day, but whatever package is booked there is always a highlights montage at the end. “Official Stunners” Alex and Katie got married at Great Fosters and this is their highlights film.

Alex and Katie – Great Fosters – Highlights

Kelly and James got married at Richmond Park and Kelly’s preparations show the excitement and emotion in the build up to the big moment. The lady bringing the flowers into the room is actually Kelly’s mum and she made the flowers herself. That was a lovely moment…

Kelly and James – Richmond Park – Brides Preparations

Everyone who books our evening package say it is their favourite part of their film. Fact. Matt and Emma’s is a great example. The party starts off with some guests showing off some badass moves and then as the booze kicks in, the party really gets going. Personal favourite moment is at 1.46 where the bridesmaid just cannot contain herself, pure joy! Pictures alone would never tell this story.

Matt and Emma – Hampton Court House – Dance floor

If you would like to find out more then please get in touch www.fromthehip.tv and enquiries@fromthehip.co.uk

From The Hip is a Rock My Wedding sponsor.

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

3 thoughts on “RMW Recommends – From The Hip

  1. Cannot recommend from the Hip enough, my sister Kate (from the highlights video above) used them last year and the entire dvd, guest interviews, dance floor montage etc were amazing.

    We are using them for our Wedding in 2 weeks time and l am so excited! They capture the day perfectly

    C xx

  2. Thanks guys – We are all set for a bloomin great wedding season this year. Have bought lots of spangly new kit too. Looking forward to filming another Lee family wedding. Dan

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