Rock My Boutique – Behind The Scenes.

Our campaign and inspiration shoot for our AW 12 collection looked very polished indeed.

And so it should – that’s what we wanted you to see, inspiration so shiny you could see your gorgeous faces reflected in it.

Behind The Scenes is a different matter however. There is not an ounce of sexy sheen whatsoever. We have a right laugh and we love it – obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t do it in the first place. But there is far more grime than there is glamour.

During our day of styling and directing Lolly was sweeping the floor, Adam was on his knees on dirty concrete spray painting and I was removing a models day-old socks right off of her feet.


But we did get involved in some rather awesome dancing. (I say awesome – I seem to be taking it very seriously) and with every experience you learn, grow and have a thousand ideas for the “next time”.

As well as creating the aforementioned campaign film Simon Clarke also caught Team RMW at our least lovely. But we forgive him, only because he’s so talented mind.

So….you wanna see?

Promise not to laugh?

Although our dancing skills (or lack there of) are pretty funny.

Photography – Ann-Kathrin Koch
Videography – Simon Clarke Films

If you want to get down with the kids in the fashion stakes, a scarf worn underneath a hat to cover your ears is very “now”.

You saw it here first.

Big Breakdancing Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

20 thoughts on “Rock My Boutique – Behind The Scenes.

  1. hahaha – this is the cutest! I love how urban you all are. It’s like Hearsay got back together.

    (Still all looking hot in your outdoor casuals. bravo!!) xx

  2. @lauren I think it was @Ann you were talking about.
    I see your point about the cold but I think I could cope with some sun!!!

    @Sarah it’s all in the editing @rockmyweding are slave drivers really!!!!!! I still have the bruises x

  3. Can’t listen to audio but it looks like you are all having too much fun for my liking!!! :-p
    hee hee
    I’m just jealous coz I’m stuck at my desk!!
    Anytime you need an assistant, I’m there!!! 😉

  4. This is immense! Although I was slightly terrified that the gorgeous model on the right in picture one had tiny little stick legs… then I realised they were ribbons…. :p xx

  5. @Laura Jane – Oh my goodness, THANK YOU!!! That has been bugging me the whole time, I seriously couldn’t work it out!! ha ha

  6. Hahaha – glad i’m not the only one @Rebecca!

    @Lauren and @Charlotte – you’ll be staring at them alllllll day now 🙂

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