Rock My Rainbow.

When I spoke to Montreal Wedding Photographer Steve Gerrard about Rhiannon and Jack’s wedding, he said – “you are going to love this, it’s got RMW written all over it and top it off – there’s a *ahem* swearword-ing rainbow in it” (yes sorry, Steve is a bit of a ‘rock star’ and as such has got quite a potty mouth on him, but you get the idea).

Confident I thought… then I had a look at the images. And it’s all there, from the Suzanne Neville dress to the Sex And The City shoes to the blooming great big red bus to the some-how-bigger-than-a-bus cake (seriously check that bad boy out!!!), it just looks like a perfect day.

Even if you discount old Mother Natures brazen display of technicolour, we are dealing with something pretty darn special here folks. To top it off, Rhiannon is a massive, massive, massive RMW fan so we’ve made her day today – just as much as she is about to make yours. In fact when she heard that her wedding was going to be featured she said:


What a lovely story – everyone’s happy then! Grab a cuppa and dive in.

I should just mention there are two stars on the blog today – Steve Gerrard (star 01) was assisted by the stupendously fab Emma Case (star 02). You guys both rock.

Rustic And Relaxed.

Our wedding was Thursday 18th August 2011 at St. Margaret’s Church Great Barr and then reception at Packington Moor Farm, Lichfield. Packington was the one and only venue we looked at, the week after we got engaged! We wanted something rustic, relaxed and somewhere that looked fantastic even without all the trimmings. It is a working farm with stunning scenery, farm shop and a beautiful honeymoon and guest cottage.

I’m In Love With Suzanne Neville.

I tried on so many dresses I lost count. I had always envisaged a vintage lace gown but every time I put one on I just didn’t feel anything. I was about to order a stunningly designed Beverley Williams 1950’s dress from Honey Cole Bridal in Staffordshire, when I noticed a new dress in the window as we pulled up. It was really simple but beautifully shaped. The shop had just received the new Suzanne Neville line and needed someone to try them on (of course I obliged, would have been rude not to!) Then I fell in love… with a designer. Suzanne’s dresses have the most amazing fit of any designer I tried (and that was a lot!)

I’m not a fussy, embellishment kind of gal, so I finally settled on ‘Nobility’, a fishtailed, button backed, beautiful neck-lined gown. The added bonus was that my Nan (who has early Alzheimer’s) decided it was her favourite and it didn’t matter to me that she couldn’t remember it afterwards; I knew she helped choose it. Plus my Mom cried (added bonus).

Melon Head.

As the dress was so simple I wanted a full length veil, but refused to spend the £300 necessary to get one! Luckily, Honey Colel were having a sale and Bev, the owner, earmarked one with beautiful vintage crystals at the bottom. Now… I have a strange hang up about my head (it is physically quite large) so I tried on some head bands etc but felt really uncomfortable. Then I stumbled across a beautiful vintage hair comb from Liberty in Love and it had just the right amount of sparkle and didn’t draw attention to my melon head. SOLD.

I wore my Nan’s earrings, beautiful pearl and diamond screw ons and a stunning Topaz bracelet my Mom had bought for the day.

The Shoes That Carrie Wore.

I actually bought my shoes a whole year before my dress! I have a very unhealthy obsession with 1. Shoes and 2. Sex and the City, so it was therefore only right that my shoes were Manolo Blahnik ‘Something Blue’ like the ones Carrie wore marrying Big.

A Half Up Do.

I really wanted to look and feel like me on the day of the wedding. I don’t wear lots of make-up usually or have elaborate hair, so my hairdresser Chris from Harris And Gibbs created a half up do that was as natural as possible. Unfortunately for my hair, my dad had booked a convertible as a surprise, so a 30 min journey in the wind somewhat dishevelled my hair. But you know what? I didn’t care a bit!

My make-up was done by the genius that is Katy Messer from Make Up By Katy. She created a flawless, natural look (with no eyeliner on the bottom as I’m a crier!) and it stayed on all day and night; no touch ups required. Anyone reading this, book Katy… she is phenomenal and a damn nice lady!

Seasonal And Natural.

Jack and I are both English teachers, and as such, are swept away by romantic landscapes and nature! We both knew we wanted wild, naturally grown flowers that were in season and I stumbled across The traditional flower company, based in Uttoxeter Staffordshire when attending a wedding fair in Birmingham.

Sam, who owns the farm, grows everything herself and the best part is you get to go to her farm, walk amongst her beautiful paddocks and choose your flowers two weeks before; it’s a real hands on approach. We chose an eclectic mix of wildflowers for the table centres in china teapots. They were stuffed with herbs and smelled sensational. I asked for blue hydrangea and lavender in the arrangements, but apart from that I just asked Sam to do what she does best! My bouquet was one of my favourite things of the day (I have since freeze dried it!) We had blue cornflowers and lavender for the button holes (Jack’s a man’s man so I was told… NO pink roses for buttonholes) We also had vintage milk churns stuffed with flowers in the reception venue.

My Mom did the flowers for the church and they looked fantastic.

My Grandfathers Clock.

I am obsessed with all things Doris Day and chintz so where else would I go for Bridesmaid dresses than Vivien of Holloway? All my girls were very different shapes and sizes, but the shop caters for all ranges. My sister who was maid of honour had a flouncy purple petticoat and my other two bridesmaids (best friends) wore white petticoats underneath to give it a real 50’s shape. We had a flowergirl, Tanwen, and a Page boy, Jac who wore exactly what ‘Big Jack’ wore.

Once we worked out the cost of hiring suits it seemed a better option to just buy the suits. We got our beautiful navy suits from Slaters in Birmingham: waist coat, trousers and jacket all for under £100 each…they even did free alterations! All of the groomsmen wore pocket watches that meant something: The best man wore his grandfather’s, Jack’s dad wore his father’s, my dad wore my Gransha’s; it felt like everyone was with us.

If I Know What Love Is.

Jack wore the same suit as the groomsmen and as he loves blue we found the exact same colour tie as my shoes… woo! He wore a vintage pocket watch I’d gotten him for our first anniversary inscribed with… ‘If I know what love is, it is because of you’. He literally took my breath away as I walked down the aisle to see him. I know we are all biased with our men, but I think he is the most handsome man in the world (Johnny Depp included :))

The Legend.

Our photographer Steve Gerrard is a legend. We wanted something fun, relaxed and artistic… dare I say it uber cool. It was important to us not have lots of staged shots. He was without doubt one of the best parts of the process; I urge anyone to book him. It was more like having a best friend at the wedding who happens to be a genius photographer. He even brought along his ‘fun booth’ where guests could dress up like crazy nutters and get papped. We also lucked out in being able to have Emma Case as our second photographer. I am not afraid of saying that I have since become a Steve Gerrard stalker and frequent his blog daily…

The Cake That Jacks Mom Built.

Our cake was the talking point for many of our guests and it was made by Jack’s Mom, my fabulous mother in law. She is so creative and just understood exactly what we were going for. The cake was around 4ft and contained four different cheeses, 3 different pies, a fruit cake and a whole lot of goat’s cheese! She had even surprised us on the day by baking our favourite quotes onto the side of the pies (how I’ll never know!) and even carved our initials into a piece of tree trunk to separate the layers. We served it with the Hog roast we had at night and it went down a storm!

Cut The Purse Strings.

We hired Engima String quartet to play in the church and during the drinks reception. They even wore four different Vivien of Holloway dresses! Our budget was pretty stretched by the end so we decided against a band. We really didn’t notice the absence of one as we had a fantastic DJ that kept the dance floor full late into the night.

Dead Ringer For Love.

Our first dance was a tough one. We have really eclectic taste so we decided on something that just summed us up: Meatloaf and Cher’s ‘Dead Ringer for love’ Jack is the biggest Meatloaf fan, so we just let our hair down and danced like loons.

Charity Favours.

For our favours we decided to make donations to three different charities that were close to our hearts: CRY (for my cousin Gareth who died suddenly at 21), STROKE UK (for my Dad’s twin sister, who had passed away a couple of years previously and Macmillan for my Gransha. Everyone received charity badges for the various charities.

Anyone For Tea?

In terms of décor we wanted to re-create an English tea party. I am not a fan of three course meals so we had a starter, then traditional afternoon tea all served on Vintage china which we hired from our florist. We had sugar cubes with pink/red hearts for the vintage sugar bowls, tiered cake stands etc and I bought a giant pack of cardboard spoons that we placed on the teacup and saucer which had trivia questions on it to break the ice. In terms of food, Packington really outdid themselves; it looked like the Ritz!

Our tables were named after our favourite authors and their books were left on the table held together with twine. We also had confetti stamped out of old books scattered on the table and mobiles made out of copies of Macbeth and Pride and Prejudice.

For our table plan, Jack and his Dad created a replica blackboard and hung it with our school ties. All the names were written in chalk and we even found a wooden apple for teacher’s pet! We also had an amazing sweet bar, also done by the mother in law, which went down well with our Rugby playing guests for some reason!

Our Day, Our Way.

We tried to add little extras to the wedding to reflect what we love. Rock my Wedding played a huge part in the inspiration of these (every morning I was logged onto RMW by 9am… more stalkerish tendencies… meeep)

We hired the traditional red bus and put a giant tub of Pimms and G&t on board, along with a basket of Welsh cakes to reflect our Welsh Heritgae (yes booze and cakes sums up my family).

Jack and I also put together personalised newspapers for the guests to read in church. It had articles on how we met, our engagement and trivia about the wedding party. We even mocked up some fake adverts that involved the wedding guests. My sister laboriously made lots of confetti cones and tiny flags that said ‘woo, hooray and yay’ on them.

What really made my day (and something you can often forget when you’re stropping over the placement of a teaspoon) was marrying the love of my life. My favourite part of the day (apart from when the Rainbow appeared!) was the ceremony; everything else was just a bonus.

To all other brides… It’s so easy to get caught up in the trivia of a wedding, when all that really matters are that the people who love you, are with you for that one perfect day and where imperfection only makes it more ‘you’. Yes, my hair went crazy and yes, I’m sure I was a sweaty mess on the dance floor, but I wouldn’t swap it for anything in the world. It was our day, our way.

Venue Packington Moor Farm

Dress Suzanne Neville

Accessories Liberty in Love

Boutique Honey Cole Bridal

Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Make-up Make Up By Katy

Hair Harris And Gibbs

Blooms The traditional flower company

Maids Vivien of Holloway

Photography Steve Gerrard with Emma Case

Quartet Engima String quartet

I make no apologies for the length of this real wedding report – there was no way that you could possibly miss out on this trove of pretty.

Those maid dresses are amazing, the bouquets are a feast of colour, and that little RMW Love Bug that makes an appearance is spot on too…

Thank you to Steve Gerrard and Emma Case for being super stars, and thanks to Rhiannon and Jack for letting us share their big day, their big bus and their big darn cake.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

47 thoughts on “Rock My Rainbow.

  1. I can’t believe you actually had a rainbow in your wedding pics!!! Just lovely – the kind of wedding I wish I’d been a guest at x

  2. Rhiannon… just wanted to say what an amazing W-day and thanks so much for sharing it with us. You look so chic – that dress is to die for and the blooms well, they are all kinds of lovely.

    I hope you have hundreds of these gorgeous images plastered all over your house – you should 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  3. This post has “mischief” written all over it which I love!

    Firstly, I love that a swear word almost made it into the first paragraph…seriously…I am five foot 1 with a fringe…the Big C says I have a tendancy to look like a doll…that is until I open my mouth…I don’t know if it is because I have nearly always worked with men, or that I’m a Leeds-Manchester hybrid or that I do get over excited at lots of things, but I am prone to the f-word slipping out…I had to try so hard not to say it when I found me dress…the dress cannot be exposed to the f-word…although lets face it, it’s going to be!

    Secondly, I love the sign about well behaved women. My dear old nana would have loved that – do we know where it is from? It would fit in so nicely with a little tribute I have penned to the women in my family that I am going to add into the Order of Service…it mentions Tyra Banks (fierce)…not sure how this will sit alongside the lyrics to Jerusalem but we have a lady vicar…hopefully she will be OK with some Spice Girl shaped loved for the women in my family…

    Finally, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the lady with the blonde bob and scarf! Her face as she is reading that wedding newspaper! Classic! I really enjoy looking at the faces of the slighty older generation at weddings these days – so much fun as it just wasn’t like it is now in their day! And I love how f-ing excited / slightly bemused they get by the whole thing!


  4. Love everything about this wedding from the venue, to the cake, to the blue Manolo Blahniks and ties, to the Suzanne Neville dress, to the huge cake…

    Everything about it suggests an immaculately planned wedding – Rhiannon, will you help me with mine??? Please!? The photographs bring this wedding to life and capture it perfectly. They are amazing!

  5. WOW! Seriously the most amazing wedding – there is sooo much I love about this post – beautiful bride, stunning dress, amazing flowers… and the cake… incredible!!! Completely amazing photos from Steve and Emma… makes me want to get married all over again!

  6. Lovely! You can’t beat a Vivien of Holloway bridesmaid, and there are three of them! I wish they did toddler sizes as I want to get my sister and her daughter in matching dresses!

  7. So many amazing details captured. From stunning bride to the incredible cake… right down to all the lovely flowers. Love! The photo of the guests reading the Wedding Press – that’s just brilliant. Made me smile seeing how relaxed guests looked. As always, Steve + Emma – brilliant work 🙂

  8. I love the pop of blue that runs through this wedding – from those shoes through the tie, the flowers, the teacups, the maids dresses… it just ties everything in so perfectly.

    I’m with Gemma – This truly does look immaculately planned.


  9. Love the last batch of shots – the pic of the groom is hilarious and sums it all up! Rhiannon your head is NOT the size of a melon, you look gorgeous!!

  10. Firstly, what a BEAUTIFUL wedding. Secondly, I am glad that someone has had afternoon tea at such a lovely wedding! I really want to have afternoon tea instead of a 3 course dinner or buffet but people keep saying it wont be enough food, especially for men (I am always stuffed after afternoon tea so I am not sure what people are thinking). Was this enough food for people? and would everyone be happy as a guest if given maybe canapés and then afternoon tea followed by something in the evening (we’re thinking fish and chips). Thanks for your advice and congratulations to the lovely bride and groom!

  11. Loved shooting this wedding so much. If all our weddings were as cool as this I’d be a very happy photographer.
    We’re meeting Rhiannon & Jack in the pub this weekend. Perfect clients! 🙂

  12. Wow!! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments everyone. Really has made my day and so great to re-live it again 🙂

    @pamela- I got my Well behaved women sign about 3 years ago as a present (kind of sums my mantra up really!) but I love the idea of using it in your wedding!

    @Charlotte- we plan to have LOTS of phots everywhere (as many as I can…though without looking too self-obsessed 🙂 ) Was a nightmare choosing for the album!

    @Laura- Everyone loved the afternoon tea…we were all Stuffed! We had no canapes but we did have a starter and then full blown afternoon tea ( I can send you our menu if you want?!) Later on we had a big Hog Roast with all the pies and cheese from the cake! It was honestly more than enough! We had so much left over.

    @Shirley…I wish it was smaller….I can’t get any hats to fit!!!!

    @STEVE…can’t wait to see you both!!! You are the best…x

  13. @rhiannon – thank you so much, its lovely to hear that it does go down well!Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things. Then followed by pie and cheese!? Sounds like a good day to me!x

  14. Definitely a wedding after my own heart…
    – English teachers! (Whoop!)
    – Meatloaf song for the first dance!
    – Cheese in the wedding cake!
    – Floral BM dresses!
    – Vintage tea cups!
    – No ‘colour’ scheme, but lots of different colours!
    – G&Ts AND Pimms!
    – The MB shoes I *wish* is was going to be wearing!
    – The fact that every guest looks over the moon (or rainbow?) to be there.

    I love this wedding (can you tell?) Rhiannon, you DON’T have a melon head!!!!!

    A beautiful, beautiful day, for a gorgeous couple!

  15. I meant to say in my last comment – Rhiannon you do NOT have a melon head!! if you do then mine must be the size of a small country – I really do have to buy mans hats as lady ones are too small for my giant moon!

    And also Meatloaf as your first dance…? I think we might be related.


    Charlotte xxx

  16. I love the fact that the shoes and bouquet matched… We had a bride who got married in Manchester and she chose her bouquet to match her shoes too & it did look amazing, plus it is a growing trend and its works so well.
    What a fun packed memorable day xxx

  17. Oh my that cake – I really really want one like that – One having diffculty choosing cheese or sweet, but now I realise I can have it all in one big ginormous tower

  18. That cake! Wow – surely it defies the laws of physics just by being upright? People’s jaws must have dropped when they saw it.

    And bride-with-the-cutest-dimples award to Rhiannon! I spent ages as a child trying to create some with a sharp pencil. It’s quite a painful tactic if embraced with gusto – and it doesn’t work (and I think I still have a grey spot on each cheek)

  19. Just wanted to say if you (RMW) continue with weddings as gorgeous as yesterdays and todays I will get the sack, I am just on the website all day and not getting any work done! 🙂 X

  20. I was so honoured to have been chosen to be Rhiannons makeup artist, she had sourced everyone else to carefully. And then he tells me Steve Gerrard is shooting? Yay!
    And I second Steves comment, Rhiannon is a top girl. You know sometimes you meet a client and think ‘oh yeah, we would have totally been friends at school…’. That.

  21. Pretty pretty pretty! Jack just looks soooooo ecstatic on every picture, (and so he should be when he’s marrying a beautiful lady like Rhiannon!).

    I want to know more about the newspapers! I read the whole story in detail but I don’t think I saw any explanations, they look brill.

    The cake is just phenomenal. Phenomenal.

    @Laura Babb – well noticed! I hadn’t seen the ipad picture! We really are entering a whole new age…

  22. Lush wedding – flowers blew me away and that cake is a big wow of a cake! Love the newspaper idea? did you do them online? can we have the website pls? xx

  23. Oh my god so so beautiful, I want it all!! I’m getting married at Packington in May and these pictures have made me beyond excited!

    That cake in particular is amazing!!

  24. There should be some kind of new word to describe the cakepiecheese tower, maybe ‘moresome’? ie when something is more than awesome.

    in which case steve gerrard is also moresome, as is basically everything else in this wedding.

    mrs r x x

  25. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that cake-it is immense! Along with the amazing dress, shoes, bm dresses, flowers, bunting, teacups, red bus-the list is endless!!

    What amazing photographs to treasure forever-that rainbow just tops it off 


  26. Thanks guys!!! Made me shed a tear to read all the lovely things you have put!… Gotta love RMW love 🙂

    @mrsrecyclenow…loveing the new word…may use that in my classroom this avo…spice things up a bit!!

    @Christie…you will LOVE it. If you want/need any advice let me know!

    @nicole and @celine…we did them on…they are fab quality, I highly recommend them! We put together articles about the engagement/how we met…the hen do/stag do and mocked up a personal ads page about each of the wedding guests. Had a a wanted poster for the best man on the back as well! Kept people amused in the church before the ceremony started. Everyone still has them apparently!

  27. Thanks guys!!! Made me shed a tear to read all the lovely things you have put!… Gotta love RMW love 🙂

    @mrsrecyclenow…loving the new word…may use that in my classroom this avo…spice things up a bit!!

    @Christie…you will LOVE it. If you want/need any advice let me know!

    @nicole and @celine…we did them on…they are fab quality, I highly recommend them! We put together articles about the engagement/how we met…the hen do/stag do and mocked up a personal ads page about each of the wedding guests. Had a a wanted poster for the best man on the back as well! Kept people amused in the church before the ceremony started. Everyone still has them apparently!

  28. This Wedding looks lovely, I have also gone for Vivienn Dresses for my girls, but the Sarong style, so lovely.And the newspaper is a fab idea!!

    I was wondering where you got your dressing gown from?! It’s so much fun not like some I have seen on the net, there a bit too tacky for me, yours is right up my street!

  29. Rhiannon, I certainly think I will after seeing this!! We’ve been engaged for two looooong years so I’m ready for it now but we seem to have a million things to do!

    Did you use Packington’s recommended DJ? And did you manage to get in the day before to set everything up?! It’s such a beautiful space you really did use it to full advantage! x

  30. @ Nikki….my sister made me my dressing gown and presented it to me on the hen night. She also made all the Mr &Mrs Allen bunting that we hung above the main table (was going to be stuffed, but my sister reached a point!!)

    @Christie- We did use Dave Dee discos, he was fantastic! Not too expensive either and he was very subtle in setting up. He just appeared out of nowhere with this amazing set up!!
    We were lucky that as we got married on a Thursday we were able to get in the whole afternoon the day before (thank God because it tooks us ages) Packington, however will do it for you (but I am a little bit of a control freak!)

  31. Rhiannon you just made my day, we’ve booked Dave but I was a bit worried as it’s purely on Packington’s advice (who I trust obviously but everyone has individual taste!) It’s great to hear from a bride who has actually used him, that’s fab news!

    I’m a control freak as well so I’m hoping we can get in the day before or I’ll be having major Monica issues in the morning, I’m sure it’ll work out one way or the other!

    Congrats again!

  32. thanks Rhiannon – how exciting! just had a look at site thanks- now i just have to convince my finance that the cost is worth it?!! lol

  33. Well as the groom I thought it only right that i left a comment.
    Thank you for all the amzing posts! It truly is a great feeling to know that other people appreciate what can only be desribed as the greatest day of my life.
    I will make a confession – this was all Rhiannon. We talked about what we wanted and she did the rest. It was clear fom the start that she was going to create something special.
    Your comments have made Rhiannon’s day!


  34. Totally amazing wedding and love that the groom also commented 🙂 So jealous of the shoes still in 2 minds as to whether to have mine dyed blue! also adore the newspaper amazing idea! gorgeous flowers and 2 posts in one day that mention Vivien of Holloway! Clearly need to check that out! thanks for sharing and how do I go about ordering a rainbow for my special day?

  35. Wowzer, what an amazing wedding on RMW, I’ve re-read this lots….as people have already said, soooo many things to love! We’ve also got floral b’maids dresses, so it was fab to see the pics here. The newspaper idea is so so fab, going to have to pinch it….plus the differing colour ties, looks great! The way the photos capture the day is stunning, what a gorgeous bride & groom. Thank you soo much for the inspiration!

  36. Wow. What a fab wedding.

    So glad I’ve seen this. So many ideas that I had for my own but were scared wouldn’t work. Now I know to go with my gut and do just what I want. xx

  37. Wow, what a beautiful wedding. Rhiannon, you make such a gorgeous bride, your dress is fab! I love all of this wedding, I could be hear all day listing everything.. The cake, the dresses, the venue, the personal touches, just WOW! Thanks for sharing! 😀 T x

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