Rock My Wedding 2011 Inspiration: Whimsical, Charming and Handmade.

Well good afternoon readers, happy Monday, (almost a juxtaposition, I know) and welcome to Planning Week on Rock My Wedding.

We’ve paid a lot of lip service to 2011 being a new year so far and that might have been because we have been so busy planning new and exciting things for the year ahead. Once upon a time, wedding trends were long running due to the time it took to convert Real weddings to print media and the treacle like attitude to change. Online media and wedding blogs have changed all that and new trends are now evolving at a rate of knots.

As we said this Saturday, it’s got to be your day your way, but sometimes it’s difficult to figure our where exactly you lie in the sea of inspiration thrust at Brides-to-be from every angle. It’s also difficult when you see your 100th sweetie bar to fathom how to really make it your own. So our mission this week was to contact our favourite wedding planners for their take on inspiring you for 2011. The brief? ‘Unique, fresh inspiration‘.

Each planner has their very own style of course, and so we’re kicking off the week with Josie from Savoir Weddings and her ideas for a Whimsical Wedding.

Over to you Josie!

Savoir Weddings Wedding inspiration for 2011 Brides.

The loveliest ideas from the world wide web….

My Key words for 2011 Inspiration…? Whimsical, cute, romantic, fun, playful, charming, sweet, relaxed, and handmade.

The handmade, DIY wedding is going to be even bigger in 2011 and lots of what we’ve seen in 2010 weddings will still be popular. And of course, we’re still going to be massively influenced by weddings across the pond.

Glittery, sparkly, embellished dress detail…

So girly and pretty but with a little bit of edgy glam…

Hanging objects as wedding decor…

Streamers, mirrors, photos, lampshades… anything goes with this trend…

Handmade fabric bunting…

In 2011 it’s less about the shabby chic and more about the mismatched fabric squares…

Dessert bars…

More variety and often more purse friendly especially if you get your gran baking…


Always synonymous with love and perfect for wedding styling…


Perfectly romantic and wonderfully original…

Antique keys

Very Secret Garden and perfect for a summer wedding…

My advice for styling your wedding? Be inspired by what you like and whether it fits your wedding, not by whether it’s en vogue or not. Because in 30 years time when you look back at your photos everything will look dated (the 80s anyone?). What won’t date is how happy you look together, and that’s the best ‘trend’ there is.


Thanks Josie! So, will you be taking any of these ideas for your wedding or have you already planned to incorporate them?

Do share!

Yours Truly,


Post text and Images kindly contributed by Josie Hendrick of Savoir Weddings for Rock My Wedding. This is not a Sponsored Post

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

27 thoughts on “Rock My Wedding 2011 Inspiration: Whimsical, Charming and Handmade.

  1. Urrr….planning week?

    I will take a bit of that action. Yus pleause.

    Third picture down where the groom is touching the tree stump. How much do I want to run with my bare feet through a wood wearing that dress. Talk about having a Leona “Run” Moment.

  2. I agree so much with Josie, ‘Be inspired by what you like and whether it fits your wedding, not by whether it’s en vogue or not’. It’s the personal touches that are beautiful because they represent you and your tastes. It’s not meant to be Wedding Day Bingo.


  3. Ooooo am I on trend? I think I am. I tick quite a few of these sexy wee boxes with my planning ideas thus far. How exciting.

    But as was said before. It’s just a combination of things that I already ‘heart’… Get it? 😉

    J’adore planning week already!! Xo

  4. Yay for planning!! I am still in the early stages having only booked my venue fri eve and registrar (as of today ladies and gents woop!) so I am giddy as billy’o!

    I have however this weekend suggested to my wonderfully talented scrummy cake maker of a sister that we should have a cake bar instead of spending a fortune on a cake,get her to make loads of goodie cakes (with my less than expert hands to help..i.e. eat cake mixture and make a mess!)and create a fab table for everyone to tuck into throughout the evening! So according to the post above I am down with at least one “trend” lol!

    I dont class myself as particularly on trend with everything but just choose things that I love (in everyday life that is. I plan on doing just that with the wedding and also using some of the very excellent ideas on this website to help me along!
    Thank you RMW! You have rocked my monday loads today already!xx

  5. Aaaaaah amazing!!! We’re hitting the desert table BIG time baby. Loving the work of Amy Atlas (alas, only works in the states) but will keep you posted on how things turn out in September. Fairy lights and hanging photos – yes please!
    All of this is VERY exciting indeed!!

  6. Well I’ve got a sparkly dress and we’re hanging things in trees. Also having a home-made pudding table and loads of photos, so seems like we are ‘on trend’!

    Love this idea for posts! Will be watching all week for more ideas. xx

  7. Alex84 – I am in very early stages too! We have decided on venue, which I am a bit in love with (if you can be in love with a building!) Just got to double check a few things with the caterers and then we will pencil a date in for 2012..scary but very exciting!

    Thanks again RMW for making me smile on a Monday 🙂

  8. I loves a good heart shaped balloon I do.
    If I am being perfectly honest, the ideas that I have had dont fit into this category – but I have serious envy for those that do.
    Cant wait to see the rest of the Planning Week Posts. coco

  9. Abi- I am sooo in love with our bricks also so totally get the building love vibe! Its so exciting and can’t wait to start getting things together ready for the big day!! x

  10. @Abi you can definitely be in love with a building! I am so in love with our venue – it gives me goose bumps!! and somewhere we will continue to visit in married life – love it!

  11. I am loving the hearts. I have made a few heart shaped decorations for the church as a much cheaper (and I think more personal) alternative to flower pew ends. I think the origami hearts look fab, now trying to think of a way to incorporate them into our wedding…. Also, loving the bunting (have always had a ridiculous love for vintage, mismatching stuff, probably because I live in an old farmhouse full of it!) so that is definitely going to feature in our day too. Lou, I’m with you on the fairy lights and hanging things, love it! Considering we have a collapsed shed on the current marquee site, I think we will be rocking the “industrial farmyard” look come May at the rate we’re going, but it’s nothing a few thousand fairy lights can’t fix!

  12. Wow, this post certainly has lots of pretty! Great ideas and inspiration. I absolutely agree it is about having what you want not feeling you have to have what is trendy. Unfortunatley we have ended up with a fairly long engagement (since 2007!) and I gained lots of inspiration from across the pond ie. sweet bars etc before they were really trendy, I liked them all along though so will be sticking with my original likes, as you say everyone is individual, because even though we may have similar ideas we are all unique in our own way so have our own spin on things! I’m a crafty person so there will be lots of DIY at our wedding in September, Martha Stewart eat your heart out!! I’m off to see what other things I can hang from the trees…..

  13. Gorgeous post. I’m a DIY girl and love all this inspiration.

    In other news – my 30 Day Shred came today. Ouch! Don’t think I’ll be able to leave my bed in the morning! xx

  14. Laura, mine hasn’t come yet. I bought Davina’s new one and now I’m walking with a limp. She works you hard. The boxing section is great!!

  15. Get twist on wedding photos, Love the mirrors and pictures hanging in the trees.

    Why keep you big day simple, step out of the norm and get your photographer to create some amazing timeless photos.

    Could 2011 be the year for new thinking when it comes to weddings?

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