Oh Look Where The RMW Team Are Going…..

And so as you read this Adam and I will be heading on up to Rebecca’s home town to prepare for the Rock My Wedding Manchester party, we are VERY excited and REALLY looking forward to meeting some our northern lovelies πŸ™‚

As per usual the female contingent of the RMW team have had a right old debate on what to wear ( That’s not to say Adam hasn’t of course, I just think he’s not quite as bothered as um we are)…..and we both decided Body Con was the way forward.

Let’s celebrate those curves folks!

So just for the craic and because WE are as nosy as hell when it comes to wanting to know what everyone else is wearing here is what we decided on:

Rebecca’s Party Outfit:

Whistles Ink Drops dress from ASOS

Rebecca will be wearing her flirty frock with these kinky slinky boots from Pied A Terre. Fancy.

Charlotte’s Party Outfit:

Embellished Shoulder Detail dress by Ted Baker. Part sexy, part rock chick, part Joan Collins…….

And maybe it’s a result of my shelf-like backside but this little knitted number is substantially tighter and shorter on me that it is on this super slim model….

I will be wearing it with my favourite shoe purchase of the year ( and what was ahem…. an early Christmas present to myself)

On the way there I’ll be on the iphone in the Volvo ( who said we didn’t know how to travel in style?) so please drop us a comment on what YOU will be wearing this evening or indeed at the weekend, we would love to know.

Oh and I’m sure Adam will thoroughly enjoy listening to my fashion updates πŸ˜‰ Hopefully the snow doesn’t fall and keep too many of you away!

Big I’m Looking Forward To A Glass ( or two) Of Pinot Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

27 thoughts on “Oh Look Where The RMW Team Are Going…..

  1. Gorgeous outifts ladies! and Charlotte, I NEED THOSE SHOES!! Jealous! Wish I was closer to Manchester, I totally would have come along. Enjoy everyone! Can’t wait to see the pictures πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Gutted I won’t be able to come especially as I live in Manchester city centre but happen to be going to the Lakes for the weekend! I heart RMW have fun in my city xx

  3. Hooray, its finally RMW Cocktail Friday Fun Day!!
    I shall be wearing a black frock that was a bloomin’ bargain from H&M’s. Its got ruffles all down the sides (looks better than it sounds I swear!) and some monster heels – I will apologise now if I fall down. Its the shoes fault!
    So looking forward to meeting you Charlotte, Rebecca and Adam. xoxo

  4. Ooh yay been looking forward to tonight, will be wearing black / grey dress from Phase Eight and chunky knit cardi from Oasis, not quite so stylish will be my Uggs which don’t quite match but comfort over fashion for me these days as it’s way toooo cold up Norf!! Have a safe journey up Charlotte & Adam!

    See you soon and looking forwad to meeting some other RMW readers πŸ™‚ x

  5. On the basis that (a) its not my engagement party this weekend and (b) I could actually leave my house (stuuuupid snow) I would have loved to attended.

    If I was going I would wear the dress of Charlotte’s out the two (I would wear it every winter until it wore thin as its such a Christmas classic) or any of my other numerous black French Connection classics (the black French Connection number to Charlotte’s white bridesmaid dress) or the French Connection number with puffy sleeves.

    Girls, can we have some idea’s of tops to wear Christmas Eve please? As in out with family but not just a t-shirt as its Christmas top?

  6. Ooh I want the TB dress and I’ve just been out all morning buying many a frocks for Christmas festivities. Now I need that one to add to the list!!

    Have fun tonight all. I’m still gutted I couldn’t make the London (grr work)


  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE Rebecca’s dress! Oooooh, I want to come. Please come back to London- you know you want to.

    Have an awesome night ladies.

    Rebecca, I loving this sparkly top for Christmas with a pair of skinny jeans.



  8. Mucho jealousness from me – one of these days I will actually be in the country for one of these parties, and THEN, nothing will stop me from coming!

    Have a flipping wonderful night girlies (and boysies) xx

  9. Urgh don’t get me started on jeans. I cannot find a pair of jeans. I thought skinny jeans went out of fashion 60 billion years ago but lo, they are still all Topshop has.

    I have earrings at least.

    Have a good night ladies and a Raspberry Cosmo for me x

  10. Boooooo!! I so wish I was there!! Instead I shall be cuddled up to my Gavin in freezing Edinburgh!! Please pretty please plan a Scottish get together before my wedding day! I will bring you presents if you do!

    Have oodles of fun people! And bring back some pics for us please! Xo

  11. What times the party on til? I’m working til 10 but as it’s about 1 minute walk from my house I may show my face (looking far less glamorous than you lot though!) x

  12. Im sad i didnt make it. I’ve had a sick bug (better ish now) but my mums got it today & she was my babysitter. Really gutted as had already curled my hair and everything! Hope it went well xxx

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