Rock My Wedding HQ Comes To YOU.

You may or may not know that the Rock My Wedding Team are coming to The National Wedding Show, that’s both the Earls Court event from 30th September to the 2nd October and The Birmingham NEC from the 7th to the 9th October.

We will be bringing you gorgeous lot All About The Pretty , inspiration and ideas for your big day – and most importantly how to have it your way.

Now then. We have a stand. Apparently it’s quite a big stand. And there’s no denying we were a wee bit worried about what we were going to do with said stand…. I mean essentially we’re bringing RMW HQ to the masses so we need to make sure it’s representative of our vision and styling.

Ahem. No mean feat when your actual office resembles a junk room and the closest thing you have to stylish is a pair of hot pink peep toes thrown haphazardly underneath your desk.

So a few months ago I got decorating and last Sunday we invited Chris and Dani aka “The Barbers” round for afternoon tea (provided by me – no I didn’t bake) and photography (them – clearly) so we could give you lovelies an insight into what to expect.

The hardest thing for me was actually finding a new desk. They are all so boring and corporate looking, and really ruddy expensive. I found this unusual distressed table from Bailey’s Home Store (don’t go there unless you want to feel that you need to completely re-design your entire house)… it is made from old cheese boards and The Bailey’s Home Store on site blacksmith makes the legs from wrought iron.

It is quite possibly the nicest piece of furniture I own.

I am not particularly organised. And I have a habit of “losing” paperwork left, right and centre, therefore I needed some kind of filing system. Again so corporate these filing cabinets aren’t they?. Mine are french, antique (*see also “rusty”) and RMW blue from Pale and Interesting. They weren’t particularly cheap (£150 for two) but I figured they would be “investment” pieces.

At least that’s what I told James anyways.

Never been a big fan of “chests of draws” and standard cupboards. I did like these old battered crates though and they are very handy to store all of my glossy magazines, inspiration scrap books and camera equipment in.

The cute vases are from Pale and Interesting as before.

Always wanted one of those very chunky anglepoise desk lamps. Problem was a) couldn’t afford one b) couldn’t help but think perhaps such an item would be a wee bit on the masculine side for such a feminine room.

I’ve had this pretty but unusual perspex-shaded number from Habitat for years and I love it.

Picture wise I thought the only way forward were some original Charlotte/Adam graphics from the blog. The frames (RMW blue and grey obvs) were a bargain from John Lewis. And they also do a lovely muted green if you’re interested.

The beautiful invitation is from Dear Evie, we often ask stationery designers to send in samples if we are thinking about featuring their work and it’s an absolute must should they want to be considered for The List.

And no it’s not just because I want to surround myself with lots of pretty paper.

*cough cough*

The letters were originally from the O’Shea Big Day and the coasters (complete with tea stains) were a gift from James at Christmas.

The people below sat on my floor are in fact Adam and Dani Barber…. *Note To Self*: Do not leave your ten year old threadbare Matalan dressing gown hanging on the back of your door when uber cool photographer types come round to take pictures… It will totes detract from the serene ambience you are trying so desperately hard to create.

Desk and Crates – Bailey’s Home Store

Antique Filing Cabinets – Pale and Interesting

Picture Frames – John Lewis

Bunting Invitation – Dear Evie

Thank You Card – Hello! Lucky

Vases – Pale and Interesting

Photography – The Barbers

So then. Who’s coming to The National Wedding show to see RMW HQ for real?

I can’t begin to emphasise how much we would absolutely love to see you guys. But it’s A LOT.

You can book tickets via the website and you can also arrange an appointment with us at should you fancy a nosey at our inspiration books and a W-day gossip.

Big All About The Pretty Love

Charlotte xxx

P.s Is RMW HQ allways this tidy? Is it hell.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

37 thoughts on “Rock My Wedding HQ Comes To YOU.

  1. Dear Charlotte, you are very naughty posting links to lovely sites like Baileys Home Store. I am trying to save money for my wedding and now I want one of everything on there.

    In seriousness, your office looks lovely.

    Ill be at the wedding show so I’ll come say hi. x

  2. Looks beautiful. Can you come decorate my house now??

    And where can I get an Adam from to sit in the corner of my office? (Ahem. Only kidding! Do not tell my other half I said that! 😉 )

  3. Charlotte – I am totes in love with the O’Shea Home Office/RMW HQ – please can I move in with you?!

    Also now want to buy everything in Bailey’s Home Store….must….stop…self…..


  4. I am, I am!! And I’m VERY excited!

    RMW HQ looks divine – I have serious desk/chair/rusty filing cabinet envy. And some new websites to bookmark for when I’m finally allowed to start looking for a new house (apparently we can’t get married AND move house?!?)

    Love it all!

    C xx

  5. Charlotte, having now seen a few snippets of how you’ve decorated your home on there here pages, I have come to a very important conclusion…..I would like to move in please!

    Fancy a lodger? I can promise tea and cake on demand! xxx

  6. um, please can I move into your office? It’s amazing!

    I will be at the London show on the Saturday and can’t wait. I have engineered a whole weekend road trip from Manchester with my best girls around it so will definitely be stopping by for a chat! xx

  7. Charlotte, having seen a few snippets of how you’ve decorated your home on these here pages, I have come to an important conclusion…I’d like to move in please!

    Fancy a lodger? I can promise tea and cake on demand! xxx

  8. Ok, I am so envious of your picture perfect office.

    I don’t even have an office. If i did it would have THAT desk in it!!

    Fran and I will be coming down to Birmingham so see you there!

  9. This makes me uber jealous of your office, seeing as I don’t currently have one to call me own. I can’t wait to move into something bigger than a one-bedroom apartment so that I can finally move my workstation out of our dining room, which also doubles as our living room. I love how simple yet chic yours is!

  10. Oh and great, thanks for the Baileys heads up. I now have to move to a house which will suit everything that they sell and get divorced and remarried so I can have a Baileys wedding gift list.

    This post is going to cost me big time!

  11. Gorgeous Charlotte, very rustic and so cool. Got RMW written all over it!
    Hoping you won’t be too shattered and can make it to our wedding event with a difference on 16th Oct – feel free to bring along the desk although i can’t promise you’ll get it back 😉

  12. Hi Lovelies!

    I know isn’t Bailey’s the best?! If you go there you will want to stay for HOURS. And they have a lovely little cafe where you can have tea and cake…

    @LadyFushia – Adam now has an enormous head…

    @Kyles – Laura Ashley, they do some great stripes!

    @BrideandChic – look forward to seeing you there 😉

    @Lydia – of course wouldn’t miss it for the world!

    Charlotte xxx

  13. I’ll be attending the Birmingham show on the Sunday with my 2 Bridesmaids (haven’t actually asked them to be bridesmaids yet but hoping they say yes!!) and another friend who’s getting married next year. Will definitely drop by!
    P.S. Adam can also come and sit in my office any time he likes – pretty sure the 8 other girls I work with would be MOST appreciative!!

  14. I looove your office! It’s so picture perfect! Mine has such a masculine feel in comparison! I reckon I’d have to argue with the husband if I wanted to make it more feminine, so I think I’m going to have to leave it as it is… Hmm… I wonder if he’d notice if I introduced one or two pretty pink accessories…
    Anyway, I’ll be coming to the London show, so I’ll make sure I come around to see you and your stand! x

  15. I love being nosey and looking at other people’s houses and I especially love the laura ashley wallpaper and the desk! Am hoping to wangle a few tickets from my bf (fiance I mean, always forget to say that word) as he works for Ocean Media so hopefully I will see you there on the sunday! Will make an appointment now! xx

  16. charlotte – please please tell me you just put all the mess in another room and closed the door like normal people (me) or i will be forced to go home and spend my whole evening tidying out of PURE SHAME!!!

    that aside – what a lush office. I’m not even going to look at Baileys, not even a tiny peek, no siree

    oh who am i kidding, I’m heading over there right now!

    mrs x x x

  17. ooooh.. im in awe, i want to work there. And of course now like everyone else off over to look at Baileys. I’m supposed to be saving for my wedding you know 😉

  18. My study doesn’t look so tidy or clean! In fact, clearing it up is a job for bank holiday weekend (along with sorting the garage out – oh joy!)

  19. I can’t believe Dani and I were told to sit in the corner while Chris and Charlotte “worked” it’s a good job we had some booze to keep ourselves entertained… hence the giggling.

    Thanks to The Barbers for a great day and some ace photo’s of RMW HQ


  20. We are totally supposed to be doing our study tonight, we decided on honeymoon to make it the ‘Africa Room’ (basically my way for justifying all the souvenirs and pictures I wanted to buy and he said we had no where to put them so I promised to sort the study out if so could put them all there!) 😀 However, instead of sorting/tidying/decluttering we are tyre shopping as I just kerbed his front car tyre when I got home from work, ooops!!!

    Loving this inspiration (totally different style which I loves, but mainly the inspiration that I should just leave him to tyres and get on with prettying up the room!) Oh and we have the big light version of that lamp from Habitat in our living room!!! Basically that lamp times 12 hanging from the ceiling! 😀


  21. After seeing these images, I had to take an hour out of my day to tidy my desk and remove the pile of paperwork, CDS, staplers, ruler, mismatch pens and all other items of general office ugliness out of view. I’m going to visit Bailey’s for some office pretty instead. Not sure how functional a desk is with nothing but pretty accessories but I’m thinking it’ll help keep the creative juices flowing!

    Lovely post Charlotte and nice posing Adam! Have you considered a career as an interiors model?! 😉

  22. ha ha ha I did put in the P.S that it’s not always this tidy!!!

    If you have a peek at the blue fronted box to the left of the desk that’s where all of my stationery is kept (I love Muji – nice clean lines) …. also partial to a stripy pencil.

    The crate underneath my desk is where the bigger items get “stored”- ie out of view!!

    Charlotte xxx

  23. Oh Charlotte-am loving RMW hq! Are you available to come and style my office/home/wedding/life?!?!

    With just 2 weeks to go (OMG!) until the big day I am in desperate need of some last minute inspiration and pieces of pretty.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I would LOVE to see the rest of your beautiful home (following on from your previous post about your beautiful kitchen/dining room).

    You have such an eye for style-love it!


    P.S. Would live to come to the National Wedding Show but will be an old married by then 

  24. Gorgeous office and loving that lanvin note book. Tres stylish! Ps where did you get that stripy pencil? I searched for ages (I know – stationery geek!) and I couldn’t find any. That one is just like the ones that they have in the firmdale range of hotels in london- it’s almost worth going there just for the free pencil!!
    Rachie xo

  25. Ohh I am loving the box in the bottom crate (besides magazines etc) – can you tell me where it is from?

    The HQ / Office looks amazing – so serene and girly!!

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