Rock My Wedding – The Magazine.


My very own wedding appeared in a magazine many moons ago – the now (sadly) dissolved Cosmopolitan Bride. As a brand we haven’t had any desire to create our own print glossy as such but we always discussed perhaps putting something together digitally. We create our own styled editorial as you probably know so it made sense for us to make a worthy place for it to be viewed in all of it’s glory. And let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like a huge double page spread of wedding pretty is there?

Well lovelies, you can see HUNDREDS of double spreads of wedding pretty because today we launched our very own digital magazine!!!


Not only are we providing you with a wealth of inspirational styling ideas, we are also including completely exclusive never-seen-before real weddings that are as beautiful as they are attainable in terms of decor, fashion and frolics.

We’ve made sure the way we present imagery is clean, modern and ever so lovely, we want you to really really see every single gorgeous detail.


Our first issue is our beauty edition, as well as all of the above you will also find an easy smoky eye tutorial and various ways to “recreate” the looks our gorgeous models are sporting, not to mention all sorts of make-up recommendations…

We take absolutely no responsibility for any plastic that may be bashed.


Oh, and did we tell you this digital magazine is absolutely 100% ruddy FREE?!!!!

Yep, you heard us right folks. You see we love you, our loyal and super stylish community so we’ve created this especially for you.

What are you waiting for? go take a peek right here.

Big Page Turning Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

29 thoughts on “Rock My Wedding – The Magazine.

    1. Yes Charlie absolutely free! And thank you for your lovely compliments – we’re all blushing right now but absolutely thrilled you like it! xxx

      1. It’s brilliant! I really love the Belle and Bunty feature. Will there be a ‘pin’ option? The images are so deliciously colourful!

      2. It’s wonderful, really like the Belle and Bunty feature! Will there be a ‘pin’ option? The feature is so deliciously colourful!

  1. Argh this totally amazing!! Too much hotness for my eyes to take! I’m gonna run out and buy those nude nail varnish recommendations pronto.

    Congratulations you lovely lot, your hard work has certainly paid off!

    P.S. I’m also enjoying the digital element as I won’t be getting any funny looks from my husband as to why I’m still obsessed with weddings xxx

    1. Hehehehe Tabitha – you are perfectly entitled to still be obsessed with weddings 🙂

      We’re really pleased you like it!

      Fern x

    2. Tabs, imagine Dave’s joy at me working with Vix & Jen on Show me the Pretty!! haha!
      Not sure that’s what he had planned when he proposed! Oops!

      Anyway, you’ve got a gorgeous little girl now, you need to keep up to date with all the wedding trends so you can help her become a little bit wedding obsessed when she grows up! 😉
      (Although obviously she’s never getting married as no boy will ever be good enough!! ;-))

  2. Love this. And perfectly timed for a day off work. I love the real weddings in there, still so much inspiration.

    Congratulations, Team. x

    1. Kate think of it more like stocking up the creativity bank for future use. And there’s always time in the day for a cuppa and a quick read of a magazine 😉

  3. The best thing about this is being able to sit at my desk and nobody at work knows that I am looking at a wedding magazine! Loved it 🙂

    Also now cannot wait to see Emily Wisher’s flowers for my wedding!


  4. ohh it’s beautiful! I’ve been waiting so impatiently for this but it’s well-worth the wait. it’s brilliantly done and you must be so pleased with yourselves! I especially love how ENORMOUS it is, in the best of I-can-never-get-enough-pretty sort of way. absolutely love it. xx

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