Rock Your Real Bride Style… Naomi, the Modern Glamour Bride: Part 2

Welcome back for more of Naomi’s style and our take on glamorous modern Bridal. Each of the girls wore two dresses so we could play with some different looks and with Naomi we made two very different choices….

Look One – Frill Fabulous

First up, we love a frill so we tried Naomi in this Essense of Australia figure hugging dress with a frill fabulous mermaid bottom. Not only did it LOVE her curves but it was feminine, sexy and romantic all rolled into one, whilst being undeniably modern.

With her soft waves and curls this look was all about feminine glamour, with the soft waves complimenting the flowing lines of the dress.

We used the main staircase in Hampton Manor for getting some shots of the dress full length and fabulous and enjoying those a.mazing frills, before we headed out into the garden to rock it up a bit.

The leather was a last minute addition (and who can blame us – she was freezing!) but just looked so totally rock’n’roll we had to make a feature of it… Just goes to show, in a bride this pretty with such a feminine look, a tough edge brings the look up to date and make a great prop for your portrait shots.

For accessories we kept this look super pretty with a side band from Liberty in Love’s own brand, the Cristalle Side Tiara band which is an absolute steal at £80.00. Here at RMW we don’t do Matchy-matchy so instead we looked for something co-ordinating and picked out the marquise shaped stones in the band and went for small drop earrings and a matching bracelet both called ‘Boucheron’ by Stephanie Brown.

Look 2 – Rocking The Big Dress

One of the things we see all the time is the dilemma of a modern bride wanting to Rock a big dress and that is totally do-able. Naomi was super keen to try on a big dress so we chose this simple style, by Essense with floral detail and a Grace Kelly natural waist which stays modern by keeping the silhouette clean and the details pared back.

And how do you keep what is essentially a classic look modern? Why you add a rock star hairstyle complete with quiff and a slick of a statement lip! We then added a Deco-style comb and earrings to complete the look with stand out but chic bling, both from the Nova collection by Stephanie Brown at Liberty in Love.

THE Shoot.

Of course, we couldn’t let the moment pass without hearing from Naomi about her day with us. So here she is, with her side of the shoot story…

I could not believe my luck when the email asking Real Brides to model dropped into my inbox. I was sooo buzzing about the idea that I immediately knew it would be more than worth the 600 mile round trip.

After batting away a few obstacles that tried to prevent me from making it to Birmingham (with the help from the girlies), I landed on the Friday night. The next morning I stepped out of my hotel to a particularly bouncy Charlotte, followed by Rebecca waving her hands mentally from behind her steering wheel. The excitement was palpable.

Pulling up to Hampton Manor was gob smacking. From the minute we walked in I was perving every detail. Lime green and purple furnishings teamed with rich natural wood and jaw dropping light fixtures. The bridal suite was no different, the room was gi-normous! After unloading the cupcakes, bubbly, gems and dresses, everyone started to arrive!

Everything after that is a blur of hairspray, fake eyelashes, bulldog clips and camera flashes. I L.O.V.E.D. every tiny minute of it. It evoked so many feelings. I felt gloriously pampered at the hands of Catherine, our superb make up artist. I closed my eyes and covered my Champagne glass as Sev doused me in hairspray and for a few seconds indulged in the “this is the morning of my wedding day” fakery. I giggled with Charlotte and Rebecca as I was pinched, squeezed, prodded and jiggled into delicious pieces of wedding pretty. I rocked a leather jacket with a wedding dress. I posed my little wannabe model heart out for Chris the photographer and delighted in the cupcake making skills of his hilarious wife Dani. I tried to convince everyone to let me slide down the banister in a big princess dress. I gazed in wonder and awe at the transformations of Mahj and Julie. I pulled dodgy faces and evil laughs for Aaron the videographer. I sported a platinum mohican. I learnt how to perfectly apply fake lashes. I convinced Adam that a curry is the best hangover cure. I laughed so much and above all… felt totally rock & roll.

Indeed, Rock and Roll Baby. Thank you so much Naomi – you were a complete STAR!

Gowns – Essense (Style D1170) and Essense of Australia (Style D1174) both at Mamfii Bridal

Accessories – Liberty in Love.

Make-up – Catherine Hughes at IvyClara

Hair – Severin Hubert at Hepburn Collection

Photography – Dani and Chris at CBMedia

Styling – Rebecca and Charlotte

Want to look this hot, fancy making waves or rocking a statement quiff? Well, tomorrow we have the most awesome DIY hair special for you plus some real wedding perfection.

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

41 thoughts on “Rock Your Real Bride Style… Naomi, the Modern Glamour Bride: Part 2

  1. Eeeeep! There’s more! And it’s all so beautiful!

    That leather jacket combo just so works!

    And as for the Essense dress… *swoon*

    Thanks for brightening up my Monday, ladies xxx

  2. I am totally perving over the leather jacket/wedding dress combo!

    Its absolutely freezing in my church – can I get away with this d’you think?!

    a ‘seriously considering a thermal one-sie under her dress’ x x x

  3. woohoo so exciting! My dress is from the two by rosa clara collection (not that one but still very exciting!) Naomi you have well and truly rocked it! 🙂 x

  4. Gorgeous – loving look #1. The dress, the hair and oh that headband is fab and looks worth far more than £80 – I am heading over there now to look at some more sparkley lovliness. The essense dress is grogeous but ladies (and I hate to tell you this) that is not a big dress… have you not been watching my big fat gypsy wedding?? ;o)

  5. hahaha Mrs J, I was discussing it just the other day. Quite frankly, I’m totally regretting not having any lights or moving parts on my dress. x x

  6. Naomi, you are knock your socks off gorge!
    That leather jacket came in mighty handy and you are most definitely rocking it! xoxo

  7. you really look like you had a ball the whole day, your confidence has really shone through in your pictures Naomixx

    well done everyone!

  8. Ha ha MrsJones2011, you are so right. But it was the biggest we had to hand that day!

    I need to watch this program, everyone’s talking about it! Damn the blogging getting in the way!

    I just love this look, esp the pretty band with the edgy jacket – (which was Naomi’s own, I’m sure she’ll share details later.)

    So much more to come this week and I can’t wait!

  9. O.M.F.G. I don’t think I have ever typed that in my life, but I couldn’t think of anything else that quite covers how I feel about this.

    Honestly, this is such a good idea and I love how you have covered it – am I the only one who has been feeling genuinely excited about today’s posts?

    Naomi, you look incredible. That b+w picture with the leather jacket? I hope you have it on your wall already. Plus the writing – fab! If I had to choose one look, it’d be the Essence dress, but only just.

    Well done to all involved! xxx

    P.S. Love the big fat gypsy wedding mention!

  10. This is such a great idea and so exciting!

    Naomi looks gorgeous in these pics and I’ve been looking for a bracelet exactly like the one Naomi’s wearing so thank you v much – off to take a look at more sparkly jewels!

  11. Sorry. I was shocked at this at the gorgeousness of it all. But then…Rebecca….letting the team down here. You need a television in your RMW office. I’m prepared to chip in for it if necessary. BFGW is brilliant and just what you need on dreary January and February Tuesdays.

    Back to the shoot – I can’t believe how different she looks. Its hard to believe its the same bride. It just goes to show its all about style.

    I’m much more of a fan of the Rosa Clara look. Infact, I have an appointment at Liberty soon….. hooray!

  12. Rebecca you are definately missing out – its honestly worth investing in sky+ for.. honestly! – I know.. I am having an *ahem* ‘larger’ dress and have 5 BMs and my OH said to me as we were watching the other night ‘is our wedding going to look like BFGW?’ With a deadpan face I said – of course darling, I even called up to ask about the twinkly butterflies we saw last week to see if they could put them on the BM dresses. His face was classic!!

    We are, of course, having a highly sophisticated affair ;o) He he.

  13. haha – Ladies we have def missed a trick, new trends for 2011 are clearly going to be dresses that require 25 battery packs and a fire extinguisher! 🙂

  14. Leona – and not forgetting the sign of a beautiful wedding dress… the kind that leave your hips bleeding and scarred… !
    Second degree burns and bandages are sooo S/S 2011.

  15. The leather jacket is a stroke of genius!

    Naomi, you look so happy and excitable and genuine! This is lovely! I am grinning at my laptop!


    I WISH I coud have been there! :p

  16. Hi Lovelies!

    Loving all the positive comments 😉

    It’s not difficult though – Naomi looks beaut.

    And I watched MBFGW the other evening with Mr O’Shea. I don’t think we spoke for the entire hour, just sat there with mouths wide open completely agog!

    Charlotte xxx

  17. Bee-yoo-tiful. Naomi – you look knock out, especially in the ruffled dress!

    Love your leather jacket too – I want.

    Will echo Laura’s comment..wish I could have been there too 😉

    Can’t wait to see the next ones!


  18. Wow so much amazing stuff, I have been eagerly awaiting the second part!
    I love the second dress, its so great with the really modern hair!
    You really look like you had a ball and can’t wait to see the rest of the brides!
    Totally gorgerooni!

    BFGW note, I watched one of them and couldnt believe my eyes/ears! Genius! x

  19. Charlotte, it was because you wished your fun filled lots of love day was like BFGW. Its OK. You can tell us.

    Does Amanda Wakeley do pink butterflies?

  20. Hello fellow brides!!


    Seriously! How much love do you have for Charlotte & Rebecca’s styling skills? And my make up… lush. I will be re-creating everything the gorgeous Catherine told us on this post.

    The shoot was soooo much fun! I wish I had that entourage of folks following me on a daily basis. Felt so glam.

    As for THE jacket. Yes, it was a spontaneous “brr, i’m cold” moment that turned out to be pretty rockin’. Yes, I will be donning a leather jacket on my actual wedding day (after these photos). But no… the aforementioned jacket is not real. In fact it’s a bargain basement cheap-y from Peacocks. Think it cost £30 or summat. However, it is soft and pretty convincing.

    Roll on the other brides!! You think my eyes an hair are cool… wait til you see Mahj & Julie! 😉

  21. Wow!! Naomi you look STUNNING. Looks like you girls had a fab time, like Laura and Katie- wish I could have been there too. Cant believe that jacket was £30-BARGAIN! You look very rock in roll in it with your dress and blonde locks.

    Really looking forward to seeing the other ladies. Damn my work computer that won’t let me on here in the day… the site comes up as pornography?! Grrr to the new IT people.


  22. I got married last October and wish I’d worn my leather jacket with my dress…the look is amazing! Just a thought….can I now wear my wedding dress again as an accessory to my jacket?!
    Really loving these posts and Naomi looks fantastic. xxx

  23. Naomi you look A.Mazing..who would have thought that a leather jacket and a wedding dress could look so darn good?

    Can I ask where the shoes are from..they are lush x

    Looking forward to more today.

    x x

  24. Can you please tell me what colour the essence dress is ? I cant tell if it is ivory ?

    If anyone can help me i am about to order any minute ! i have tried it on in ivory but im wondering about the white ? ladies any ideas ? x

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