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Rock Your Wedding Ceremony Music

Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your wedding day, both a serious and joyous occasion leading up to that awesome moment when, finally, you are officially married.

Whether you’re getting married in a country church, a registry office, a stunning hotel or special licensed venue, plan that journey from single to spouse with a wedding ceremony soundtrack that suits your style*.

And to help you get started, here’s a little help from the wedding music experts at Alive Network.

1. Prelude Music

This is the music played as your guests assemble. Considering that your guests have battled through the Great British Traffic to be with you, make sure you greet them with welcoming music before the ceremony begins. Do you want:
A. Soothing music to smooth away those motorway blues
B. Acoustic classic rock to build the anticipation
C. Some of your fave tracks but with a twist to suit your style
D. Toe-tapping music that makes everyone happy just to be there

2. Wedding Processional Music

This is the music played as the main wedding party and important guests are seated. Make grandma and grandpa and those hard-to-please relatives feel really welcome with their own unique intro music, just like they do at the film awards! Would you opt for:
A. Elegant classical music that adds an air of grace and dignity
B. A snatch of their fave rock track
C. A piece that captures our feelings for them (careful with the mother in law…)
D. Music that’s from their era to celebrate their history as well as ours

3. Entrance Music

OK, it’s your big entrance, so make it count! When you want to parade, sweep or shimmy down the aisle, you’ll want the right soundtrack. Do you want:
A. A regal arrival that’s pure princess (or prince)
B. An arrival that’s more Robbie than regal, more Nirvana than nice!
C. Something that encapsulates our wedding theme and sooo not the organ
D. Music that moves us from single past toward married future – and surprises our guests into the bargain

4. Ceremony Songs

Let your ceremony ring with music, including sing-along hymns or special solos. Pop music between readings, poems and prayers for a joyous celebration in sound. Would you opt for:
A. Hymns we all love to sing – Jerusalem, Guide me o Thou Great Redeemer, Lord of the Dance
B. A romantic rock classic from the soundtrack of our lives together
C. Something unexpected, delightful, quirky, which our guests can join in with
D. Classic ballads, great songs that reach across lifetimes

5. Signing the Register

This is the legal bit of your wedding ceremony, where you sign your marriage certificate in front of witnesses and often pose for the first of many photos. (You’ll need at least two musical numbers to cover the signing and photos, btw.) Would you opt for:
A. Classical, reflective, beautiful, vocal maybe, but definitely lovely
B. Music that says; “Woah woah, we’ve done it – awesome!”
C. Gorgeous, delightful, happy, uptempo music – just like us!
D. Let’s surprise our guests at this point… shhh, can you keep a secret?

6. Recessional Music

Hey, you’ve done it, you’re wed, the deed’s done. This is your first walk as a married couple, so make it count! What sort of music do you want to walk out to?
A. Something choral, magnificent, epic, grand, amazing…
B. We’re gonna rock this marriage, so let’s start as we mean to go on!
C. We want to float out on a cloud of musical smiles (as my Mum is bound to be crying her eyes out by now)
D. We want to dance out into our future together – here we go….

7. Postlude Music

Once you’ve swept out in all your glory, the rest of your guests will follow on after you both. Given the inevitable log-jam at the exit door, and the fact that Uncle Albert doesn’t move as fast as he used to, this mass exit usually takes some time. So, don’t leave those at the back in a cold silence, give them their own exit music that says, “We’re thinking of you even now”. Would you choose:
A. Gentle music that keeps the mood of the ceremony
B. Timeless hits that (gently) encourage people to get up and go
C. Something evocative, romantic, atmospheric – let’s hold on to that moment
D. Let’s get them a movin’ and a groovin’ on to the drinks reception!

Mostly A’s – Traditional and Proud of It

Yes, you love everything about traditional weddings, from the fairytale dress to the four-tier wedding cake! And your music will be just as elegant, so think
· String quartets, harpists or classical guitarists
· Trumpeters for your grand entrance
· Choir or soloists for the hymns
· A really good organist for a blast of classic wedding heaven

Mostly B’s – Rock Chick and Rock God

Yes, you really will Rock Your Wedding to the max! You love the energy, the passion, the exhilaration that rock brings to your world, and how it shapes your love for each other. Check out:
· Acoustic rock duo or trio, for rock vibes without the volume
· Solo singer and reworked rock classics (very trendy this year)
· Your most awesome tracks mixed by a pro DJ for your exit

Mostly C’s – Indie & Imaginative

Not for you the obvious choices – you want your wedding soundtrack to be more Bestival than dutiful. Your guests will be surprised and delighted by your wedding all day long, and this is just the start…
· Gospel a cappella choir to get everyone clapping and singing
· Unusual instrument combos for ear-tickling soundscapes in the venue
· A touch of fantasy and drama for the exit – Japanese drummers, bagpipes, historical musicians, strolling mariachi band…

Mostly D’s – Retro, Vintage and Timeless

You love the occasion in family history that is your wedding, a moment out of time yet rooted in a particular era. In other words, you’re Retro Couple! You’ll love:
· WWII vocal trios to greet your very own “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”
· Do-whop groups to serenade “My Girl”
· Sax quartets that definitely put everyone “In the Mood”
· 1920s bands that make sure everyone will Charleston out of the church!

Not sure quite what you want?

You’re so not alone! Call the team at Alive Network and they’ll guide you through bringing the very best live music to your wedding ceremony, whatever your wedding theme or budget. In fact, you can book all your wedding entertainment through the agency, and the services of a dedicated account manager for your wedding who knows exactly what you want – and makes sure it happens. Add in the reassurance of proper legal contracts and a single payment (the agency pays the artists), and it makes for a very relaxed way of booking your wedding ceremony music.

* Do bear in mind that while a religious wedding ceremony can include both religious and non-religious music (subject to the approval of your minister), a civil wedding must not include any religious music or music with religious references. If in doubt, ask your registrar for advice.

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