Rustic Pastel Perfection.

Bryony and Jamie really got stuck in with the old D.I.Y. Bryony wanted their rustic pastel theme to compliment an overall hand finished look and I think that is exactly what she got. I love the random scrabble pieces a bit too much and the idea for favours is a stroke of pastel genius… but I won’t spoil that suprise just yet.

Navyblur are a photographic force to be reckoned with – They are turning out such beautiful work at the moment that we can’t get enough of them here at Rock My Wedding. You guys loved the nautical engagement shoot of Sam and Miriam that we brought you last week so Navyblur are back today with Bryony and Jamie’s D.I.Y riot of a rustic wedding…


Our wedding was at All Hallows Church in Tillington in September. We chose Duncton Mill for the reception as it had the real WOW factor, situated by the lake, completely secluded with the whole of the lake to walk around and explore. It was magical.

Total Perfection.

My dress was from a wedding dress shop in Brighton called Perfection. The dress was called ‘Ulrika’ by Charlotte Balbier, It was antique creamy gold lace – which I loved for the vintage style. It was tight form-fitting with a puddle train.

I really wanted straps and lace for my wedding dress which was simple but very feminine and made me feel special. Once I tried it on I felt excited and really lovely. I also added by sewing on my own pale pink velvet ribbon around the empire waist to add colour and make it a little more my own.

A Touch Of Home.

I got my veil from another shop in Brighton called Ozone – it had a beautiful scalloped edge, it was full length and floor sweeping. I loved the unique but simple scalloped edge detail. I wore beautiful drop, gold and pearl earrings from ‘Grains of Gold’ jewellers in Brighton.
I chose gold to match my engagement and wedding ring. I wore a beautiful Nottingham cream lace garter with a blue ribbon which I bought from the most amazing wedding shop in Nottingham by a designer Kula Tsurdiu. I loved this because it brought a little bit of traditional Nottingham (my home town) to the South. I also chose a vintage style crochet/ lace headband – which just finished off the vintage look.

A Pair Of Pearly Pointers.

My shoes were from rainbow club, from the shop Ozone. They had an asymmetric strap with refined pleated detail across the foot with a pointed toe. They were a pearly cream colour. I originally wanted something striking, contrasting red or pink, not in a wedding-style, but realised with my dress it needed to be simple and classic. And I loved these shoes because they made my feet look delicate and with the unusual cross over strap- had an added interest.

Give Me A Wave.

My friend Nat helped with my hair and my makeup. I don’t usually do much with my hair and mainly wear it down, so for my big day I wanted something a little different yet still myself. So Nat put my hair in rollers and gave it a lovely wave, then put the headband in and took two sections of my hair back from each side and pinned it at the back. My Sister Susie (who was our florist) put a few sprigs of Gypsophila in at the back to match my bouquet.

My makeup was Bobbi Brown, which was well worth the money. I wanted a dewy, fresh look with a little rouge and subtle eye shadow, eyeliner with Chanel mascara finished off with my Molton Brown red lipstick. It was understated chic and still very me. I wore nail varnish by nail inc – called ‘KATE’ – which was specially made for Will and Kate’s wedding. The colour was pale creamy, pink’y beige. I think Kate actually wore something very similar 🙂

A Blooming Good Sister.

I knew exactly what I wanted when it came to the flowers; which were a vintage, country garden feel, lots of pastel colours with bright yellows. My sister Susie who has just finished her training in floristry – was the obvious choice to do our wedding. She did an amazing job and worked so hard, but she did exactly what id dreamed of and Jamie and I were so pleased with the result.

My bouquet was full of the most beautiful selection of different garden roses, September flower, loads of Gypsophila, Lisyanthus and cryspidia – which I love. The whole thing was tied with pale pink velvet ribbon and vintage lace- which was cut to be long and trailing to add a bit of a statement.It was stunning!

My bridesmaids – who were my two sisters Susie and Lydia both had gorgeous bouquets of gypsophila which looked just beautiful and striking, wrapped in soft pink velvet ribbon and vintage lace – again to match my wedding dress.

The button holes were made by myself and my two sisters. They were really fun to make – but a lot of work goes into making one, which I never realised. We used two cryspidia, small sprigs of gypsophila and a eucalyptus leaf to back the flowers wrapped in raffia string – Jamie got daisies too and a pink velvet ribbon tied in a bow to make his different from the rest.

Matching Not Essential.

My bridesmaids wore 50’s style dresses from Jigsaw, they were the first things I bought when planning the wedding. I just loved them and because they were in two colour ways which made it perfect. Susie wore a gold marble-like patterned dress with contrasting electric blue netting underskirt
Lydia wore the burnt red colour with dark red underskirt to match. I didn’t try and make everything match – everything just work well as a whole – the bridesmaid’s dresses were chosen for the rustic autumn colours which fitted perfectly against the pale pastels.

The groomsmen all wore their own black suits with matching pale blue ties, which they were given as gifts also.

A Little Different.

Jamie got his suit from Charles Tyrwhitt on Jermyn Street in London. He really wanted a smart, grey, classic tailored suit. He loved the small dog tooth textured pattern which just made it a little different from the usual wedding attire.

He teamed it with a pale blue smart woven, cotton tie – also from Charles Tyrwhitt, a smart plain grey waistcoat which matched the ties perfectly as it had a pale blue, silk back. His black shoes were from New Look. His Dad Laurie had also given him vintage 1930’s gold, art deco cufflinks which were passed down in the family. Laurie had got them engraved with Jamie’s initials and the date of our wedding.

The whole ensemble made him look amazing, and suited him so well. I just wanted to get down the aisle as quick as I could to be with him.

Friends With A Lens.

Of course we couldn’t have had anyone other than our lovely friends Christine and Xander at Navyblur . We’d seen them do their magic at some of our other friend’s weddings and knew they would capture our day perfectly, and in the style we wanted. (fun and with an artistic flare)

We had a previous engagement shoot with them and we had such good fun and got so many wonderful photos, our wedding photos were in safe hands. Having the two of them with us all day was great because it meant we could have pictures taken through all the moments from getting ready to the final goodbyes in the evening.

Pale Candy Cake.

Our cake was a three tiered cake made up of chocolate, lemon and Victoria sponge. The icing was unusual butter cream, pale lemon coloured icing applied with a textured effect. We went for lemon instead of white icing to fit in with our pale candy coloured theme. The cake toppers were made by me. I bought two wooden doll shapes and painted little figures of Jamie and me (not 100% true to life). I also cut out a little card tie and collar for the groom. For the bride I made a tiny paper bouquet and used a piece of lace to fix the bouquet to the doll.

Our wonderful Cake maker was Louise Yates, from Brighton. She was wonderful and made our cake exactly how we wanted and delivered on the day and set it all up perfectly. She added a ring of gypsophila to the base of the cake to finish of the look. It looked beautiful and very effective.- It tasted great too!

Let The Music Play.

My older sister Lydia and my brother Phil both played and sang two songs at the church as we signed the register, Calico Skies by Paul McCartney – a real favourite of Jamie’s and mine when we first started going out and Adele’s cover of the Bob Dylan song –‘Make You Feel My Love’ which Lydia sang beautifully.

For the evening party we hired our close friends and former bandmates of Jamie’s – an amazing function band called Wolfpack. Again they had played at our friends’ weddings and have played many a time at our local pub in Brighton.

We knew they would be fantastic and really get the party started, and as they were close friends we were able to have a fairly big say in the setlist, which meant it was personalised to our tastes.
Wolfpack played a real variety of tunes, from 60’s motown and 80’s classics to modern dance floor numbers which had all our friends and family up and dancing away.

Two of our friends also surprisingly entertained us all by jumping into the lake at the end of the night- I heard it was a bet!

So This Is Love.

Our first dance right until the day was a choice of between two songs- ‘As the world falls down’ by David Bowie, from the film Labyrinth. – this one meant something to us as we both love Labyrinth and the song is such a sweet song – but also a bit cheesy and we weren’t sure everyone would know it was a bit tongue in cheek.

Our other choice was- ‘So this is love’ from Cinderella (Disney) I LOVE Disney. Again this was a really sweet waltz tune which was only about a min long which was great for us :).

In the end, on the night – we chose the Cinderella song. it ended up being the wrong version that was played- but no one noticed our confused faces!

Pastel Perfect.

I chose Ritter Sport chocolates – as they were in the perfect pastel colours. They were really tasty too! I designed and printed our little J&B stamp on brown paper and then cut them into strips. I then wrapped the strips with our stamp around three chocolates. They looked really cute. And cost me a fraction of the price of wedding favours you get in the shops.

Hand Made Touches.

My main aim was to make and decorate the wedding with loads of handmade touches and make it really personal to us. Our overall theme was rustic with pastel colours.

To decorate our traditional style marquee, I collected loads of vintage tins, jam jars, glass vases and pretty tea cups. My sister then spent a whole day filling the containers with beautiful, simple flower arrangements all around the venue and down the centre of each table. I made metres and metres of pastel coloured bunting to decorate the walls of the marquee. I also bought a few garlands of white paper doves which were beautiful. I made big pastel coloured paper pom poms to hang around the poles and walls – these were really effective and added big splashes of colour.

For the rustic theme we asked a gardener friend of ours to cut up loads of old logs of different sizes to use as decoration. We placed flower pots on them to create height and differing levels. We also used big logs to place the cake upon, and to display and lay out the puddings and food. I also bought lots of hessian fabric which I cut into long thin strips as table runners for the tables.

Love Letters.

We loved the idea of using our initials throughout the wedding – which was a lovely personal detail. We bought three wooden letters J&B to decorate the top table. My Dad also carved his own wooden letters too which was so sweet. They really added to the rustic and personal appeal. I bought large 3D card Numbers which I then painted in pastel colours and fixed onto sticks, then placed them into pots of lavender. These made the table numbers.

All the place names I made from found bits of wood and scrabble letters- all the guests have kept these after our wedding, which is just lovely. I also used scrabble letters and our J&B logo to decorate the guest book and table plan.

A Perfect Result.

What made our wedding different was that everything we did was either by ourselves or friends and family, therefore it meant that our wedding was really personal and had all the touches and details we wanted. I tried not to buy things readymade and instead made them myself or enlisted my friends/family.

It was hard work having to organise and arrange all the elements of the day but it meant that the end result was just perfect for us. I would say that if you do end up doing a lot of the organising yourself; on the day let all the things you’ve planned and thought about go – and enjoy it. Do not worry whether things aren’t completely perfect otherwise you will not be able to enjoy everything you have worked towards. Try and enlist as much help as you can. Above all remember it’s about YOU and the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with! The rest is just material.

Venue Duncton Mill

Boutique Perfection and Ozone

Accessories Kula Tsurdiu

Dress Charlotte Balbier

Tailor Charles Tyrwhitt

Bridesmaids Jigsaw

Photographer Navyblur

Flowers Susie Cooke

Entertainment Wolfpack

The Scrabble, oh the scrabble… The time and thought that has gone into every hand finished detail of this wedding has blown my mind. It’s a brave decision to set yourself so many D.I.Y projects but to complete each one in such an original way and with such an eye for design…

Bryony and Jamie, I take my hat off to you both.

Oh, I also take my hat off to the pair of September Skinny-dippers… 😉


25 thoughts on “Rustic Pastel Perfection.

  1. @Claire I was going to ask the same question!

    Beautiful dress and although I am not usually a fan of veils I really like the way this one looks, especially in the church piccies.

  2. How nice to see a lovely personal wedding like this after yesterday’s piece. Flies right in the face of all those silly people saying vintage is over – I think this wedding proves them oh-so-very wrong!!

    And I’m also loving the veil in this wedding – any chance of a sneaky hint as to where its from?x

  3. I want to go to that wedding!!! It’s looks like so much fun! The photographers have done an amazing job of really capturing the atmosphere. xxx

  4. Nautical Miriam here… Ahh the lovely Jamie&Bryony! What a beautiful and special day! Everything about it was amazing! I felt so privileged to be a guest and then later on play in Wolfpack! Loved the day and Love you guys…so excited for your adventure! Love Miriam xxx

  5. I love the gyp bridesmaids bouquet, this is what I am going for for my flower girls! I love gyp genereally though and always try to have some in the house.
    Love that your sister did all the flowers, how handy!

    Your dress looked lovely and it’s so nice that you added so many personal touches to everything.

    Everybody looks so happy and relaxed, totally what you want! xx

  6. I’m a little bit in love with this wedding, it looks so fun to have been at! I’m not generally a pastel pink kinda girl but here it’s so right and so gorgeous – i may have been converted!

    oh and adam – I’m with you on the scrabble (but then, you already knew that!)

    mrs r x x x

  7. Yay for J&B! I could look at the handmade details of this wedding all day long.. Bryony is a super talented creative and together they are such a stylish pair, we love them and we feel so blessed to have been their photographers! Look out for them both in the future, Jamie will be selling his music to millions & Bryony will be one of the biggest names in the fashion illustration world.. woohoo!

    Once again big thanks to RMW for the kind words and for choosing to feature this amaaaaaazing wedding day!

    – Sophie/mrsrecyclenow oh it WAS so much fun!.. the evening particularly kicked off to the energetic sound of Wolfpack!

    – Belinda thank you! we finally mastered a B&W we like 🙂

    – Bryan thank you loads!

    – Abby Grace, ahh the wonders of the bride getting ready in a quirky little holiday home!

  8. What a beautiful wedding, it made me smile that there were so many elements here that were discussed yesterday – and well it shows how stunning the detail can look.

    I wonder if the very pretty Bryony could tell me where she got her wedding ring… and if there is any chance of a shot of it with her engagement ring…. I am after a similar shaped and designed ring! Thanks xx

  9. This is GORGEOUS! I’m completely in love with the scrabble letters everywhere 🙂

    Love the dress, and the bridesmaid dresses – fantastic!

    There are so many beautiful shots here! My fave is the B&W one in the middle, of Bryony & Jamie hugging, looking downwards-dreamy!!


  10. Hi there, what a beautiful wedding! I am very interested to know where you got craspedia from? I live in the Uk too however I’m struggling to find anywhere in the Uk that sells them. If you could give me a clue or if anyone else knows I would really appreciate a reply, thank you 🙂 x

  11. helloo to all! Bryony Mellor here. thank you for all the wonderful comments 🙂 so sweet!

    im so pleased with the photos- thanks again to Christine and Xander

    We had the most wonderful wedding. which was full of love and laughter.

    To One Jolly Girl-

    – My ring was made especially to fit my engagement ring- I went to my local Jewlers-‘Grains of gold’ in Brighton. They were fantasic..we told them our budget and they met it with all our requirements, and they are wonderfully friendly there too. But im sure you could get any jewlers to make your own wedding ring very easily.

    To Chloe-

    – My sister Susie sourced the flowers from ‘A touch of freash’ they are based in West Sussex. They can deliver nation wide.. they can buy in any flowers for you. But you should be able to get craspedia from any wholesale market that doesnt require you to be in contract with them- you’l have to order it with them. or ask your florist to order some craspedia for you.

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