Saturday Sneak Peek….

The weddings this week? you will LOVE THEM.

The Weekly Round Up

Ellie and Dave were rocking the Midlands – DIY style, Liz and Mark did all sorts of fancy in the city, Frauke and Joerg were movie-star cool in Hamburg, Katie and Chris were white-washed in Wiltshire and last but not least… Nat and Adrain were all kinds of colourful in this Irish and Sri Lankan fusion.

I told you about some super 30 minute blow drys, we discussed Maids in Ten Green Bottles and RMW Real Bride Jo told you all about her dress wobbles….

Which was fitting as the next day Sam from Mamfii Bridal gave lots of expert advice on how to fall completely in love with your gown. And Jenny (as always) gave some useful advice to reader Cara on wedding food timings – feel free to still join in.

And last but not least, I am so pleased with how lunch time light bites are going – loving the randomness of what we post (seriously we don’t have a game plan – that’s what makes it fun) and all of your comments and general banter.

Don’t forget to send me your recommendations to – can be make-up, hotels, fashion, recipes, books…. whatever you want to share.

Big March Is Going To Be Awesome Love

Charlotte xxx

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