Saturday Sneak Peek And Round Up.

Possibly one of the coolest images of groomsmen…… ever. And just you wait until you see the bride. She’s a beaut.

The Weekly Round Up

We started Sunday with Nightmares from W-day hell. We laughed, we cried and we completely sympathised with some of your experiences.

It was 100% variety this week on the real W-day front with Lucy and Owen’s super pretty country garden affair and Kate and Tim’s alternative purple haze. And we had a RMW first as gorgeous groom Dan wrote all about his beautiful big day in Spain where he said “I do” to Rommalee. If you haven’t read it yet then go back and do so. It’s completely brilliant.

I thought it was high time I shared my recent beauty shopping spree (and now I’m going to HAVE TO buy the Topshop bronzer…) and the new uber fashion-forward David Fielden 2012 collection.

It was all about honesty and acceptance when RMW reader Ariel shared her delicious anniversary shoot with us… I officially want to move to Greenwich.

Kirsty from A Safe Mooring showed us how to make lovely floral fancy bits for hair and maids and last but certainly not least… Mahj. Amazing and special Mahj. Who is, as we speak married to her perfect Martin. Mahj pet – you rock my world. And I was humbled that you shared such a personal story with us.

Lots and lots more fabulousness coming up next week lovelies.

Big Weekend Love

Charlotte xxx

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Sneak Peek And Round Up.

  1. i must confess since Naomi got married each time i click into the polka dot pages im secretly hoping her wedding will be featured and now Julie and Mahj are married the anticipation has just increased ten-fold 🙂

    Mahj’s post this week was truly moving and how beautiful that her and Martin’s story had such a happy ending.

  2. Hi another great week to look forward to I am sure… Will Rebecca be joining us? Really miss her (geek/stalker alert!) x

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