Saturday Sneak Peek (And some other bits you might like)

This is a bit of a different-from-the-norm kind of Saturday sneak peek image. But I liked it. A lot.

There is something so delicate and intimate about it, a genuine sneak peek into the beauty preparations of W-day.

And if you think the bride (she in the cute stripy shorts) looks gorgeous now, you ought to see her in full-on bridal garb. A goddess I tell you.

The Weekly Round-Up

I think it’s fair to say this week has seen some ridiculously awesome weddings. There was Ann and Phil’s grey and yellow hued day of merriment, Bryony and Jamie’s perfectly pastel romance, Leila and Tom’s Bright Blue Saturday and last but not least RMW fan Anna and Johnny’s Green Apple affair (and if you’ve only looked at the pictures so far go and read the how-we-met and proposal story, it will make you weep).

It was RMW community central with our Done To Death and Jenny’s Going Back To The Start posts but our absolute favourite has got to be First Crush, where all of you gorgeous lot shared exactly that. I swear, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

RMW bride Celine shared her ultimate W-day dress eye candy and I let you in on my Naughty Little Secret.

Finally a huge thanks to planner Kim Neville who worked well into the early hours of last night answering your W-day queries in our Ask The Experts column. Cheers Kim pet.

And as has become customary on a Saturday (not sure how but I quite like it anyways)… I’ll share a few favourite finds with you.

My sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said “This incredibly cool vase please”. Via Pocket Full Of Dreams.

I’ve coveted the Sam Edelman spiky nude pair for as long as I can remember and now they do them in YELLOW.

Possibly some of the rudest (and greatest) tote bags I have ever seen. Via Rocked by Life.

One day I will get my hands on this Ann Demeulemeester cuff. One day people.

Is it a spoon? is it a badge? does anyone care? no. But I kind of love it for its weirdness.

That’s all folks.

Have a fabulous day and come back next week (as well as tomorrow of course) for plenty more of the good stuff.

Big Santa probably thinks I am a right greedy Madam Love

Charlotte xxx

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  1. Oh no I now really really really want that vase!!! 🙁 cant wait for the beautiful wedding love natural wedding photography and looks like thats exactly what we will be getting 🙂

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