Saturday Sneak (Wifey) Peek and Round Up

It’s been a whole two years now since both Charlotte and I tied the knot… 18 months of which we have been sharing with you lovely lot and although our anniversaries were at the end of last month, we couldn’t let the occasion go unmarked. The whole point of Rocking your Wedding is the end result, the marriage; We figured that a whole load of our lovely readers will be joining us pretty soon and a lot of you might be thinking, just like Mahj this week, how enormous this all is… what the difference will be, getting really excited, and contemplating actually becoming a wife. So this week, it’s all about The Other Side.

We’ve got words of wisdom from our readers to share, insights from our own marriages, and lots of looking forward to being-a-wife type fun for those of you who aren’t quite there yet.

It’s bl*@dy brilliant 🙂

That and some super inspiring weddings of course!

The Weekly Round Up

Charlotte started the week with a sweet as you like pink wedding day with lots of sweet tooth decor ideas.

And I ended the week with my new all-time favourite wedding… Contemporary scottish cool with loads of rock’n’roll style 🙂

Inbetween, Ann and Phil shared their urban cool e-shoot and we loved their style.

A whopping 64 of you (and counting) chatted holiday must-haves with Charlotte on Wednesday and Paperbird stopped by as we marvelled at their beautiful Origami wedding invitations.

Mahj hit the six week countdown and shared her Edinburgh Hen Do.

We welcomed I Do Films to the List… have you checked out our newest additions?

On Tuesday Charlotte and I went back to our roots and did the YAYW live webchat… you can read all our advice and tips here

I think we should start a regular advice column – Would you like that lovelies?

Saturday Shout Out…

It’s a bumper crop of RMW devotees getting married this weekend… say a big congratulations and cross your fingers for great weather for… April Steinour, Sheryl Blackwood, Amy Hearne, (OMG!) Julie Lowe, Claire Whiteside, Bethan Haines, Joanne Franklin, Catherine Waite, Jil Telfer, Gwendolyn Smith, Hannah Oddy and Sharon Batchelor!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

17 thoughts on “Saturday Sneak (Wifey) Peek and Round Up

  1. Perfect timing! (am celebrating one week anniversary today) Really looking forward to hearing what readers have to say about the other side. Nothing has been what I expected yet, even a week in its been a brain melter. Weddings and post-weddings = crazier than I could have dreamed. But being married to your best friend = more amazing than I thought possible!

    Big yes please to advice column!!

    And happy two year anniversary to R and C!


  2. YES. Advice all the way. I keep seeing dresses in French Connection (the cats cradel one) and thinking that would be GREAT for an engagement shoot.

    On the prospect of advice this is one for Rebecca (I’ve been meaning to email but keep forgetting). We’re looking for a nice brasserie/nice pub for the meeting the families, Didsbury/Manchester way (its only taken NINE years and one engagement) for Sunday lunch. Any suggestions?

    ALSO I keep wondering how things will possibly get better than they are – I don’t think we’ve ever been so independent from each other, happy to do our own thing but still be desperate to see each other at the end of the day and COMPLETELY loved up. I just don’t see how marriage will make it any better. Because it can’t BE any better? At the minute I’m thinking that our vows will be a declaration to friends and family that we have already made to each other so they’ve been made.

    Does that make sense?

    Philosophical ramblings aside, looking forward to hearing it from the other side.

    P.S. Penny. One week anniversary. Quel est tu blog post?

  3. Hi Rebecca…

    The Metropolitan in West Disbury is the obvious choice… With good food.

    Alternatively, my local is The Horse and Jockey on Chorlton Green, or you might like The Parlour which is very reclaimed/vintage. both are more casual.

    If you’re looking for something a little more slick, try Alberts. Very good food.

    Hope that helps (and it goes well!)


  4. Hear hear on the advice column!

    Am so looking forward to next week – we’re 2 months over The Other Side and it is incredible.

    Rebecca – I totally agree and felt the same way. To all intents and purposes, everything is the same, not better necessarily, but… it FEELS different, kind of like when you take a photo and enhance the colours – but with marriage, they enhance automatically… So maybe not better but deeper maybe.

    Declaring your love for each other in front of your friends and family is just the coolest thing and having everyone there that really matters and rooting for you is as good as it gets!

    P.S. Would love to see a husband’s view from The Other Side as part of Wife Week!

  5. Wow happy 2 years to you both!
    It is super exciting all consuming giddyness thinking about the best day of your life coming up…but I am reee-heeally
    looking forward to being married!
    To have a ring I don’t have to keep blimming taking off for work etc and to actually be a wife and have a husband! That is what I am looking forward to! So I can’t wait to read what all the already marrieds have to say about wedded life!

    Also…the advice column…are you fricking kidding me? YES a million times YES!!!

    A great week last week, can’t wait for another fab one!! Have a great weekend (it’s off to our second wedding fair event thing tomorrow so looking forward to seeing how it can compare to Save the Date and also trying tons of cake!!)xx

  6. Advice…..yes please! Today would be ideal in fact!

    Not only should today have been out wedding day (original venue went bust just before Christmas…meaning wedding date had to change to 8th of July to find a new venue we actually liked!!), but with just 4weeks to go I got an email last night to say the wedding coordinator at our new venue has resigned. The ONLY PERSON we’ve discussed any aspect of the wedding with has bloomin’ resigned!!! To quote a well-known RMW bride….Holy crapballs!!!! Is someone trying to tell me something?!!


  7. P.S. Rebecca RMW, just seen your post with the recommendations and OH MY GOD I wish I had as many lovely food places nearby because I have just drooled all over myself reading the menus!! The nicest places near us are all a pretty decent drive away for lovely pub food. I am planning our next house around the food places near it haha. xx

  8. This is so great…. I don’t get married for just over a year but in recent weeks I have been thinking so much about how I an going to be a wife, that i will have a husband and us being a married couple. I am so excited and happy about being married but what does it feel like?!? Does it make everything harder/easier and what is the transition like from boyfriend/fiancé to husband who you have pledged to spent your life with? So many questions but exciting questions none the less! Advice column would be amazing, I am so interested to read wives tales of marriage 🙂

  9. Brilliant idea, can’t wait for next week and lurve the idea of an advice column!
    Two months to go for me and as friends around us are getting engaged too, I sometimes feel like I want our engagement to just start again – it’s been brilliant but I loved the initial excitement! So the timing of a view from the other side is perfection for me. Absolutely can’t wait to get and be married though… Eeeek, not long now! Kxx

  10. Freakin’ hells yeah to an advice column and a mahoosive WHOOP WHOOP to Wife Week on RMW! I feel like I’m kind of in limbo, soooo close to being married but not quite there yet, so it would be awesome to hear about stuff from the other side!


  11. So ridiculously excited about Married Week! Hurrah for the wives! And that’s a big fat Yes to an advice column. You two would look like very fashionable Dear Deidres, severe-rimmed specs and all.

  12. That’s a hell yea on the advice column from me too! I’ve been so busy this week I completely missed the live web chat 🙁 but am looking forward to catching up on it this weekend.

    I’m so looking forward to being married too. I too can’t imagine how things will change but I believe you all when you say it will. I’m completely blind sighted by organising the wedding that I don’t get to spend much time thinking about The Other Side but at the moment I’m looking forward to relaxing in it! And being able to say ‘my husband’ he he!


  13. I’m 2 weeks into being married and LOVE IT! I tried on a maxi dress in the Gap sale today and said to the assistant “Can I just show my HUSBAND?!” and then laughed like a goon! My only question is- how do you make this feeling last? I always want to remember how lucky I am, but I don’t know if that’s possible?

  14. Happy weekend everyone 🙂 great idea on life on the other side…I love reading this after over a year married as love drooling over all the boootiful weddings, but a married view would go down a treat, I think there are quite a few of us old marrieds who keep logging on here for our daily fix of wedding beauty.

    Rebecca – ditto Rebecca’s RMW suggestions, Horse and Jockey is local to me too, nice and cosy in there and good food, if you wanted to go a little bit further out of Manchester though I would really recommend The Wizard in Alderley Edge, we took my parents there for their Ruby Wedding Anniversary and we all really enjoyed it.

    or The Rope & Anchor if you fancy a walk round Dunham Massey first to work up an appetite

    both do very good good yummmy!!

    Good luck with the get together 🙂

    Looking forward to next week’s daily dose of RMW xx

  15. Happy Anniversary lovelies!

    I missed this post as I went on the first part of my hen (we went to see Flare Path with Sienna Miller and Sheridan Smith- it was AMAZING) before the debauchery next weekend with L-plate glory!

    Anywho, this post could not have come at a better time. Mr B and I were talking about this the other day- what changes? Will we change? Will our relationship change? Our conclusion was yes, but in a wonderfully positive way… I hope this weeks posts will show thats right! xxxx

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