Scents And Sensibility.

Charlotte: Perfume. I am rarely without a spritz. In fact if I forget to shower myself in a delicate waft of scent before leaving the house I almost feel a bit naked. My first “proper” fragrance (after a brief flirtation with the sickly synthetic Exclamation! by Coty) was Escape by Calvin Klein. At the tender age of fifteen I had the grand idea that by poncing around smelling like a a fruity sea breeze I would somehow ascertain a similar air of mystery as per Kate Moss in the beautifully shot Mario Sorrenti commercial (yes I realise that advert was technically for Mr Klein’s “Obsession” but you get my drift.)

I continued to wear Escape right up until I turned twenty. It became my scent. And I liked having a scent that was mine. Since then I have been pretty faithful to my perfumes – I seem to enjoy them for a good number of years before I feel the need for change, it then often takes some considerable time before I take the leap and find the “one” (or at least the next long-term one as it were). As a rule I now tend to favour musky orientals, often with notes of edible vanilla and notice-me Patchouli. I’m not a huge fan of anything overtly sweet and I sometimes prefer mans aftershave to the air-freshner esque flounce of feminine florals.

Having decided to just be a bit more adventurous in life generally I am currently experimenting with having three or four bottles on the go at once. And I’ll admit I am finding this difficult. What is my scent if I constantly switch from one to the other?

My favourite go-to is J’aime la Nuit by La Perla, I am frequently asked what it is as I’d say it’s quite unusual, kind of woody but sexy at the same time. My response is often met with “Really? I didn’t realise La Perla did anything other than fancy underwear….”. Well they do and it’s delicious.

Shame the bottle is a bit um… naff.

On day dreamy easy breezy days I sometimes opt for L’Eau Serge Lutens, described as “Light as snow, clean as fresh laundry and as optimistic as an endless blue sky” it makes me feel well…. happy. And a bit like I can achieve anything.

And then there is Alberta Ferretti which positively exudes glamour and sophistication. On a regular daily basis I fail to exude either so I save it for those occasions I can don super high heels, a flirty frock, and actually have time to do something with my barnet.

For W-day I invested in the heady Bulgarian rose based Juliette Has A Gun “Lady Vengence” and although admittedly I don’t wear it that often, when I do it takes me right back to all of the amazing memories associated with saying “I Do”.

Jenny: I change my perfume like I change my hair colour. I don’t have a signature scent (apart from baby sick I suppose) I go through a bottle then replace it with something entirely different. I get bored easily!

My first ever eau de toilette was White Musk by Body Shop, I wore it for years at school and the natural progression was of course, Calvin Klein CK One, my friend Charlotte and I were just a haze of CK One and stale cigarette smoke. Why weren’t the boys interested in us I wonder?? Charlotte and I have drifted in and out of each others lives since our school days but the last few years we have become close again, and my parting gift to her before leaving the UK was a bottle of White Musk by Body Shop, I got myself a bottle too, and I wear it as my daily perfume now, I suppose it has that element of comfort about it too, it’s a familiar smell and reminds me of home and my good friend Charlotte Rose, who is beautiful and never fails to make me laugh. White Musk to me is laughter, love, and home in a bottle.

I’m a terrible one for associating smells with people, I have a bottle of Chanel No.5, and I wear it when I want to feel close to my Mum, because that was her posh perfume, for special occasions. If I smell Joop on a man I feel a little nauseated because it reminds me of an ex boyfriend, eek, sorry ex boyfriend if you are reading this, I am sure I didn’t feel nauseated by you at the time! If I smell Eden Eau de Parfum by Cacharel I am instantly reminded of my good friend Jo, who has been wearing it since my White Musk days began. It is her signature scent, and she wore it on her own Wedding day too which I liked, because Jo wouldn’t be Jo unless she wafted of Eden. It’s a gorgeous scent and the slightest whiff generates a movie montage in my mind of all the memories Jo and I have together, of white eyeshadow and heather shimmer lipstick by Rimmel, of being drunk in The Turkey Farm (a park we used to loiter in as teens), of breaking up with boyfriends, of falling in love with new ones, of laughing at our hideous behaviour when we should have known better, of heart to hearts and vowing to forever love each other no matter where we are in our lives or in the world. Then there is Aqua di Gio, which reminds me of my husband, he doesn’t wear it much anymore but when he does I am captivated by it. I could just slap him on a Sesame ryvita, spread on some pickle and eat him up! It’s a gorgeous smell, and he is a gorgeous man.

My wedding day perfume was Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, I didn’t intentionally buy wedding day perfume, it just so happened that Mr O bought it for me on his business trip to Hong Kong, and I loved it so much I decided to keep it as my wedding day scent. It’s a beautifully chic bottle too, very pleasing on the eye. Very pleasing on the nose too.

Did anyone else rock the heather shimmer lipstick and drown themselves in CK One in 1994/5, or was that just me and my clan?!

Naomi: I am an emotional sniffer. Seriously. A waft of something at a special time and I will remember it for all eternity, like a song. My life is pretty much documented by sounds and smells.

My first perfume was Elizabeth Arden, Sunflowers. Bought for me by my late grandfather. I was about 11 years old and complaining that everyone older than me seemed to get ‘smelly stuff’ for Christmas and I was jealous (even then I must have been a potion junkie!) Cue Christmas morning, among all the toys, I open up a a parcel from my Granda McShane with my first ever bottle of perfume. It came with a little white teddy bear which I still have.

Fast forward about 8 years and my little brother had gotten his first job. That Christmas I opened up that famous white and black Chanel bag to find a bottle of Chance (The boy has taste). It became my night-out perfume throughout university and my link to home whilst I was away studying.

Several years later Gavin and I were walking down St Stephen’s Street in Edinburgh (where we used to live), it was snowing outside and all the local galleries were hosting a Christmas market night. We sauntered into one place and were faced with an Aaron Aromatics stand. In a bid to take advantage of their heating system, we stood and tried out every product on the shelf. As Gavin spritzed my neck with a certain scent named After The Rain, his eyes practically rolled back in his head. For the rest of the walk home, his head was buried in my neck. Needless to say, that was my Christmas present from him. It was like man magnet perfume, every time any guy smelt it they would comment on it. This was my wedding perfume.

But the perfume that is truly me… That I chose myself, that I have worn almost every day for the last 7 years is DKNY Be Delicious. It’s my everyday staple. It’s the perfume that when I moved away from home had my little sister on the phone to me in tears saying “Mummy washed your scarf and now it doesn’t smell like you… waahhh!”. It’s also the perfume that my best friend will breathe in when I go home for her wedding and it’s the perfume that my husband buys for me whenever he can. Just so I smell like me.

Vix: I have always been slightly obsessed with perfume, I collect perfume bottles and I have LOADS of them, I get through a 100ml bottle in about 3 months, I have a bottle on me at all times and I feel naked if I ever forget to have a generous spray before I leave the house. I love it when you meet someone new and they say, ‘what perfume are you wearing? …it’s lovely’ it makes me feel good and I always make a point of asking people what they are wearing too (if I like it of course!!)

I used to wear Joop – Ha! (Hope I’m not the only one??!!) If I ever smell it (which to be fair is hardly ever) it takes me right back to being 16 again and makes me smile. I am now a massive fan of deep, musty, rose based perfumes and my ULTIMATE favourite is Stella by Stella McCartney which I wear it pretty much every day and Malc loves it too. I also adore Dolce and Gabbana ‘The One’ and both of these are competitors for the wedding day spritz!!

Charlotte: So lovelies, what perfumes do you wear? Are you faithful to one fragrance? Investing in anything new for the big day or sticking to your usual scent?

As always please do leave us your feedback in the comments section below.

Big Scented Love

Charlotte, Jenny, Naomi and Vix xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

74 thoughts on “Scents And Sensibility.

  1. I love perfume! I wish I had “a scent” but I do chop and change. I did for a long long time wear CHLOE, and still love wearing it for a floral grown up feel.

    When I was a nipper and I used to nick my sisters perfume I can vividly remember piling on Cerrutti, did anyone wear it? And my mum used to wear Eden and then Samsara and both of those are “my mum” when I smell them.

    I have flirted with Diamonds, had a little love affair with Gucci Envy, and my going out perfume tends to be Calvin Klein Euphoria (the first perfume Mr M ever bought me), brings back memories of first weekends away.

    Mr M bought me Chanel Chance Eau Tendre for wedding day after I lathered myself in it in boots and went on about how much I loved it. I am wearing at the minute every day.

    And I also had Viktor and Rolf eau mega for a while and loved that too.

    I love floral scents and also fresh ones, I can’t wait to go and hit the shelves for a summer one, though Chanel is doing a pretty good job at the min.

    Mr M is not a huge aftershave fan (lots of allergies to it) but I love him wearing Tom Ford and for wedding day he wore YSL Homme Libre, which I love him wearing now.

    Cant’t wait to read everyones perfumes and perhaps pick up a couple of ideas for the nxt purchase!

    Jen, my sisters used to live by heather shimmer!


  2. Yesss, Heather Shimmer lipstick, loved it!!

    I don’t really “do” perfume that much. I have a few that I alternate between, but if I forget to put some on, it doesn’t worry me.

    The most recent ones I’ve had on the go are Princess by Vera Wang (very sweet, which I don’t usually like, but this one has something a bit different about it), Juicy Couture (in an awesome bottle, smells amazing, and I really don’t care that it’s a bit chavvy!) and Very Hollywood by Michael Kors (which is lovely and fresh and sexy).

    I also really associate scents with memories and people. If I ever smell Deep Red by Hugo, I’m instantly transported back to being 16, tarted up to the max and doused in that perfume. I still love it, I think it’s so dark and sensual.

    (Just to add, I’m so glad I proof read, my iPhone is on the blink, so I had somehow managed to describe Deep Red as “farmhand sensual”. Yum).

  3. Jenny, reading your post was like reading my own perfume history! I too started with white musk, went through a clone period and am now wearing coco mademoiselle! I blame by fickle-ness on LouLou, who discountinued the LouLou blue perfume I loved as a teen. Very happy to be wearing some chanel for the wedding!

  4. I change my perfume all the time – largely dependent on the budget I am willing to lavish (or not as the case may be) on it at the time. But the one that I keep going back to his Lancome Hypnose…it’s one of those magical scents that automatically gives me a touch more confidence! xx

  5. I stole Chloe Narcisse from my sister when I was 14 and that is still the scent that drives my husband wild and takes me back to my heady teenage years – I did toy with the idea of wearing it on my wedding day but alas I have moved on scent wise. On W day I wore Miss Cherie Dior and I adore it – the scent takes me back to the most wonderful day of my life and I love that a smell can trigger such powerful memories!!! This is my special occasion perfume.

    On regular days I switch between Coco Mademoiselle and Gucci Envy Me, but I suppse I will always be a 14 year old Chole girl at heart!!

    Hubby wore Armani Mania on W Day – yuuuuuummmmyyyy!

    Donna x

  6. I love the idea of having a ‘scent’ but I do change perfumes depending on seasons, occasions and moods. However there is one particular perfume which my fiancé buys for me every Christmas, which is Attraction by Lancome (it has been discontinued so it’s never easy for me to find it). So I’ve been thinking that perhaps I’ll wear this on our wedding day this Summer, as this scent reminds me of my man – so seems quite fitting!

  7. Finding a wedding day perfume for me was trickier than the hunt for the frock or my shoes. Whilst I adore scent and have a modest collection, I’ve never settled on one. Many perfumes give me a headache, once as a junior reporter I had to leave a court case I was covering to be sick in the loos because the journo next to me was wearing Poison by Dior. Not wanting that to happen on our big day I did I fair bit of research. My hubs wears Issey Miyake Pour Homme everyday, deodorant and aftershave (I know I’m a lucky girl, he smells ace) so I started out trying some of the female Issey equivalents, but they just didn’t sit right on me. Eventually I discovered the Jimmy Choo perfume and immediately fell in love. As perfume never seems to last on me, I was advised to get the body lotion too. I smothered myself in it on our wedding day and have popped a spritz on everyday since. How wonderful to have a daily reminder of THE best day of my life everyday since, even if it was only six months ago. Finally after 20 years of wearing smelly stuff I’ve found my scent, now I can’t imagine wearing anything else.

  8. oooh I love hearing about everyone’s perfume adventures!

    @Alex Mrs M – Before La Perla I wore Euphoria for years, it reminds me of when Mr O’Shea and I first met.

    @Lauren A – My sister wears Princess, she has a limited edition one I like actually, can’t remember the name though, I think they do a few versions don’t they?

    James wore Wang for men for W-day (love it) and currently wears Space NK man which is a really lovely clean fresh smell.

    Charlotte xxx

  9. Gucci Rush. All day long. It’s sexy and never ever fails to make me smile of a morning because it reminds me of the night I first met the Big C’s mates…when awakwardly his exgirlfriend was in the same club and made a bit of a t*t of herself! And don’t jump on me for hating on womenfolk, because I’m not, we have ALL made an idiot of ourselves in a club over some boy (Andrew Heap – what was I thinking?!) but she’s been more than horrid to me over the years so allow me to enjoy the moment. It involves me, the Big C, his friend, Gavin and the ex…

    GAVIN (after a few too many beers): I’m enjoying this girl, C, she reminds me of someone…but I can’t quite but my finger on it…do you mind if I touch her? It might help me remember?

    THE BIG C: No, Gav, no, that’s just weird. Don’t touch her. She has only just met you lot, she isn’t ready to be manhandled by you. Leave her alone.

    GAVIN: Go on, let me.

    THE BIG C: No, Gav.

    PAM: I am still here! You can stroke my arm Gav, if that helps.

    GAVIN (smelling my neck, NOT stroking my arm): And, she smells amazing, she smells like sex.

    PAM: What?!

    GAVIN: No, I don’t mean you smell like you’ve just had sex, I mean, you smell like sex, like what Angelina Jolie must smell like, you know what I mean…

    PAM: Kinda.

    GAVIN: I’ve got it, mate. She reminds me of Cheryl Cole…it’s the way she dresses. And she’s fiesty, like she’s going to boss you, like Chezza does Simon Cowell.

    PAM (instantly in LOVE with Gavin because he said I look like Chezza): Ahhh thank you, smell my neck anytime.



    We left.

    But that line is now immortal, it will live on and I know it has been used by the girls on some of my hen-do stationary! Whenever we’re getting ready to go out…”Does this look nice? Do I need a belt to jujj it?” “Yeah, you look lovely, but nothing like Cheryl Cole, you ginger”

  10. @Pamela – that made me laugh out loud!!! mwah ha ha! I too wore Gucci Rush for years, I wore it when I met James then after about a month he politely told me “You know that perfume you wear?” Me “Yes, don’t you like it?” James: “Yes well um… I do it’s just my best mate’s ex girlfriend used to wear it so it kind of reminds me of her a bit…”

    Oh great. I remind my new boyfriend of his best friends ex. I promptly changed it but was quite gutted I had to!

    I also had a love affair with Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb but James though it was too strong – he has recently also mentioned the man’s version though (he smelled it in John Lewis I think…) and said I should go take a whiff!

    Charlotte xxx

  11. Love the Body Shop memories- I had the White Musk showergel, bath bubbles, the whole shebang! Then I went through a horrible stickysweet phase which began with Gloria by Cacharel (I can’t bear it now) and ended with Euphoria by Calvin Klein- its much spicier and is perfect for a dramatic evening scent- still worn on occasion. That’s what I wore when I met Mr Bennett, but it’s too heavy for wedding day (in my head at least) so I went out and bought D&G L’Eau the One, as I wear the plain One a lot and wanted something similar but different, and gave it to Mum for safekeeping as I’d be getting dressed and tarted up at hers. Long story short, she lost it. I ended up wearing my day-to-day it’s cheap and fresh, smells lush in a horrible bottle with a tacky name CK In2U… oh well.

    The D&G was found in the bottom of my Mum’s wardrobe 2 months later… she said she’d put it somewhere safe!!!! xxxx

  12. @Charlotte – I am a fan of a strong scent. I think it’s the northern bird thing, don’t do anything by halves. If it’s a fringe, it’s got to me uber thick and blunt, if it’s a pair of heels, they’ve got to be uber high and if it’s a perfume, it needs to be smelt from Deansgate to the Northern Quarter!

    Hen-do weekend this weekend…so excited! I was secretly dreading it until it hit me this weekend that I have ladies coming from Glasgow to Brighton to celebrate with me…how lucky is that!


  13. I would love to have a ‘scent’ but I am so indecisive and love to many different smells.

    I have a standard day one (just because its easier!) but for special occasions and just because I love buying perfume I wear a lot of Chanel No. 5 or Mademoiselle, Prada also has a lovely one but then I also love ‘the one’ by Dolce and Gabbana which the boy bought me. I am on the hunt for a wedding day one as love the idea of having a special one for the day and having a scent that will always remind me of it, so far nothing has been ‘the one’.

    For my day to day perfume though I continue to wear one I have been wearing for about ten years plus which is red jeans by Versace every time I wear it I get a compliment and the boy says it reminds him of when we first met. It comes in a tacky tin and only costs about a tenner as it is nearly always on offer but I love it and makes for a great cheap everyday perfume!

  14. I am loving all the love for the classic Heather Shimmer. I believe it is still stocked too?

    @Lucy aka Mrs Bennett You smelled DIVINE on your wedding day, I can vouch for that because I sniffed you with my own schnos.

    I am making a list of the perfumes above and will not so subtly blog them, and email said blog post to Mr O.

    I need more perfumes in my life!

    @Pamela, have a cracking hen do!!!


  15. @Jenny – ah thanks, lovely! I had the dread but am now uber excited…although that may have something to do with the fact that I purchased a new Lucy in Disguise dress from Harvey Knickerbobs for the occassion…oops….xo

  16. Heather shimmer/coffee shimmer and a tiny bottle of ck1 and ckb in my bag WAS my ’94.

    I have bought 2 perfume for w-day as I love perfume and rarely buy it. I won’t wear both but I have chloe love and some men’s stuff which smells like vanilla and the lovely John Lewis lady assured me was unisex. Ha ha. Acqua di Palma blu Mediterranean something I think.

    Love all these flashback stories!

  17. I’ve been wearing DKNY Be Delicious for years now – I love that its so light and fresh smelling as heavy sickly perfumes just give me headaches.

    My kids complain that I don’t smell like me any more if I don’t wear it and my youngest had to have a squirt of it on a tissue as part of his WW2 evacuee homework recently (they had to imagine they were going to be evacuated to the country and not see family for a while so they had to take something into school that reminded them of home and the perfume soaked tissue was what he chose *bless*)

  18. If I had to pick one (thank goodness I don’t!) it would be Chanel, Allure. But at the moment I am wearing Euphoria. I suspect it is a little young for me but I LOVE it.

    My other favourites are Opium and Femme because my Mum used to wear them. Am quite tempted to wear Opium on my wedding day to have a bit of Mum with me – but I fear it would be too much of a shock for my other half!!!!

  19. LucyS – OMG White Musk!!! Ha thats ace – that brings back so many memories.

    Has any tried the cheap rip off perfume that Aldi have bought out? its a replica of Chanel Mademoiselle its wicked! its called Suddenly Madame Glamour and its EXACTLY THE SAME.


  20. For me, it’s Daisy by Marc Jacobs in the day and Ultra Violet by Paco Rabanne in the evening. That’s definitely my signature scent – I had a tiny sample bottle out of a magazine when I was 15 and have loved it ever since. It always reminds me of uni – put me in the mood for a great night out! Plus, Mr B loves it.

    My absolute fav on a boy is Hugo Boss. Any Hugo Boss, doesn’t matter, it’s all divine. I may have been known to loiter around the boy perfume section in boots just for that particular aroma…!

  21. Oooh I’m loving this post and discussion! I love that a whiff of a perfume takes you right back to the person / moment that the smell reminds you of. That was one of the reasons that I picked a new perfume for W day.

    At the moment I am having a bit of a love affair with Lush’s Gorilla perfume, has anyone else tried it?? The range is amazing. So far I have bought 4 different ones for myself(!)and bought sets of them as gifts for two best mates and my mum!! They have wicked names, like 1000 Kisses or The Smell of Weather Turning, and my favourite are the solid perfumes which cost between £5 and £10. The smell lasts all day and make me smile everytime I catch a sniff.

    Before discovering the gorilla perfumes my favourites were the Marc Jacobs Splash range – Apple being my favourite favourite 😀 – and Jo Malone xx

  22. I’ve been pretty faithful to perfumes.
    Over the years I’ve had Coco Mademoielle. Armani Night. Calvin Klein Eternity Moment and Euphoria and finally I found my current fave. I am in love with most Jo Malone fragrances but Pomegranite Noir is my signature scent. It isn’t for the faint hearted but it is very sexy (can perfume be sexy?).
    For my wedding day I combined it with a limited edition Cherry Blossom perfume. It lifted it slightly, made it more romantic. It was perfect.

  23. @Shirley – that’s the cutest thing ever!!

    I can vouch for @Vix here – she does ask, and it definitely made me feel very cheery (I think afterwards my exact words were – “oh my god, Vix from ACTUAL Rock My Wedding liked my perfume!” – que lots of eye rolling from Marc…). It was lovely to meet you both 🙂

    My perfume history also started with White Musk from the Body Shop. They then did one called Moonflower which smelt amazing and I wore about half a bottle every morning and then reapplied the other half at lunch. Then I branched out to Burberry London and Hugo Boss Red followed, again, half a bottle twice a day…
    After leaving school I wore YSL Parisienne for a good few years before converting to Jo Malone. English Pear and Freesia for the day and then the same combined with Lime Basil & Mandarin for a night time.
    I’ll get another one for W-Day but it’ll be from there so I can use it afterwards combined with ones I’ve already got. I think I just like pretending I’m my very own perfumier!


  24. Oh I’m like @Naomi – my life is a series of songs and smells.

    The Boy smells of a mixture of Lynx and Hugo by Hugo Boss and has done for 6 years and I love it.

    All my perfumes have actually been bought for me. My everyday one is Chance by Chanel which the Boy replaced for me at Christmas as its was getting low after 3 years. I wear No 5 if I’m feeling festive – somehow it reminds me of Christmas. And if I want something light and fresh I wear Ralph Lauren Blue.

    For W Day I was thinking of Coco Mademoiselle or Ralph Lauren Romance – any other suggestions? xxx

  25. I love perfume too. For years as a teenager it was Charlie Red and in fact I didn’t move on from that until my early 20s when I discovered Premier Jour by Nina Ricci. It seemed expensive at the time and I didn’t know whether to buy it or not. The shop gave me some free samples which I used to go and meet my boyfriend at the time from the airport. He came off the plane, gave me a hug and totally unprovoked (and completely out of character for him) said OMG you smell amazing – that was it. sold. i went back to the shop the next day, splashed out the cash and it has been my scent ever since. Every boyfriend since, including my lovely fiance has loved it and said it reminded them of me. I may have even done some slightly psycho spraying of a ex’s stuff in it, when he left me for someone else, so he couldn’t forget me that easily!! It worked, he noticed, although he didn’t come back (with hindsight that was just as well). I have had the occasional dalliance with chanel coco mademoiselle and chance since, and I do like Jo Malone, but nothing quite compares. Sadly Premier Jour seems to be pretty hard to find these days. I have yet to decide on the fragrance for the day, but I think I might have an inkling!

  26. @ Roz – I love the Lush gorilla perfumes, especially the names. My sister and I must have spent a full hour in there just before christmas sniffing everything, and then sniffing it all again, then trying different combinations (my favourite is Lust + Ginger). They’re so affordable too!

    I’m currently lusting after a bottle of Illamasqua Freak, which a lot of reviewers reckon is not so freaky, and possibly a bit old-ladyish, but it seems to work on me. It reminds me a lot of something I’ve smelled before, but I can’t place who or when or what, but it’s somehow comforting. And the bottle is so cute.

    I have a lot of smell associations – as one of three sisters I think we all try and go for something a bit different. I could never wear a really rosy scent because that’s my little sister’s signature, whilst really strong earthy spicy smells are my older sister’s… They both strongly associate jasmine with me (from my use of Lush products – Flying Fox and the Lust perfume, which are the same scent). My mother always used to smell of J’adore, and now wears a lot of Jo Malone – several different ones depending on her mood.

  27. I love Hermes Eau des Merveilles, wear it everyday. Bought in duty free on my way to Ibiza in 2005 and still wearing it.

    Have been trying to find a new perfume for my wedding day but so far no luck, mainly due to me having an allergy to most perfumes. Me: “this is really nice”, cut to 2mins later “pass me the benadryl” not fun. I even have to carry antihistamine’s with me when I go out if I know I’m gonna be surrounded by people because other peoples perfume sets me of. So for me it may be a case if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I’m so jealous of you girls that can be as adventurous as you like, lucky bisims.

    I feel quite bad for my hubby to be because he had to retire his aftershave to the shelf because if he wears it i can’t go near him without wheezing and breaking out in red blotches, not pretty. Oh the sacrifices people make! Lol.

  28. I love this discussion! I have tried a lot of perfumes, from White Musk, Aromatics Elixir, Coco, Daisy, Coco Mademoiselle, Allure Sensuelle & Prada to name a few. I am not sure if I have a scent because of this. With less than three weeks until our W-Day, I am thankfully all sorted for the big day scent. My first choice was actually Chanel Allure Sensuelle, however Chanel decided to discontinue the body products and I really wanted to “layer my fragrance!”. Had to do some rethinking but came home one day to a gift wrapped Chanel box that was full of Chanel Allure goodies…..all picked by my h2b…..a very lucky girl. So, I am even looking forward to the shower part of getting ready…getting married really is fun!

  29. I have to say I do buy new perfume all the time, more often than I would admit to my husband anyway! Working with flowers all day we get some wonderful scents and I just love trying out new perfumes and oooh Chanel is one of my faves, you just feel so much better especially with a new outfit to go with it!!! another great read, thanx Ann x

  30. I’ve just got home and jumped on to see what everyone had to say about perfumes. Love it!

    @Pamela – Your story cracked me up. Have an absolute mental hen do! And soak every minute of it up. I wish I could do mine all over again!

    @Shirley – That is the cutest story ever! And I adore that perfume!

    @Mimi – My Mum used to wear Opium whenever she wore red lipstick. I love smelling it. It reminds me of her. Also, Este Lauder ‘Beautiful’. I used to love it when I was younger and people would ask her what her perfume was. She’d say ‘Thank you, it’s Beautiful’ to which folks usually replied ‘I know, but what is it?!’ Made me giggle every time.

    @Roz – I feckin love a bit of Lush. I NEED to try this perfume!

  31. haha – I also admit to being a huge fan of the white musk in my early teens! We also went through a faze of wearing Jean Paul Gaultier for men!!

    Moving on, I am now a massive fan of hugo boss orange for a light daytime citrus note, I quite often where different perfumes for evening outs – chanel – chance, Banna Republic – Woman, Miss Dior Cherie.

    But for W-Day – I have been treated to some very elegant Chanel Coco Mademoiselle eau de parfum!! 🙂

  32. Im on a convert operation to post quickly so haven’t had a chance to read the above hilarity, i will later i PROMISE!!

    I was a Rimmel heather Shimmer or Black Cherry, and then moved onto No.17 Blondie!!

    My life in perfume:

    CK ONE > Aqua Di Gio > Eternity > Contradiction > Elle (the Armani one) > D&G Light Blue > Cool Water Wave > Gucci Rush 2 > Chanel Chance > Stella Mcartney > Chanel chance > D&G Light Blue > Clarins the blue one! > Chanel chance….

    Anyway you get the drift. Chanel chance is my ‘special’ perfume, my everyday at the minute is either Cool Water Wave or D&G Light Blue.

    Some people have a soundtrack to their life – i have a smell track!

    Opium or Miss Dior is my mummy, Chanel no.5 is grandma, my sister changes so often who knows half the time!!

    Mr. J – currently wearing Boss Orange or D&G The One, both amazingly manly smells!!

    Happy Monday folks – glad for one reason only that Monday is here as its when the RMW community are out in force!!

  33. @Ruthie I have just been treated to Jo Malone English Pear and Fresia by my Husband to be for the day of our wedding. Its beautiful and i love the fact he chose it himself as i was totally a pomegrante Noir girl beforehand.

  34. I’m another Body Shop girl – my first scent was when they came to my Guide unit when I was 10 and I had that small amount of money allowed to buy ONE THING by the parents.

    And I still have it today. It’s discontinued so I buy it from ebay because it makes the fiancé do the neck nuzzle and go all soppy and I have to spray it on my clothing when we’re apart for any length of time.

    The only thing that has ever tempted me away is Jo Malone… I combine Black Vetyver Cafe with Lime Basil and Mandarin for a dark spicy/ light and fruity mix. Surprised there aren’t too many Jo Malone lovers out there!

  35. I find it really hard to find a scent I like so buying a new perfume is always a bit of a trauma.

    I started off with Rose Musk (a variant of White Musk) until the bloke I fancied told me I smelt of his granny’s dressing table! Not what I was going for…

    Then Chloe. Then CK One. Then Chanel No5 until I realised the entire world was wearing it (only very slight exaggeration), then Be Delicious but I fell out of love with it and felt it was too young for me. Now I wear Stella but I’d like to find a wedding perfume – I just find most things too sweet.

    And my fiance is hopeless: every time I proffer a wrist and say ‘smell that’, he does this exaggerated choking so I never find anything he likes! The last one was Vera Wang’s Princess which I risked lifelong mortification in even handling the bottle (which is WAY beyond naff, shudder) and he claimed I’d gassed him! I didn’t buy it…

  36. @Ruthie_Ruth – your pear and freesia was lush! so nice to meet you too!

    I think i need to investigate the Jo Malone combining scents malarky – doesn’t it all work out rather expensive though?!

    I am also going to have to have a butchers at Lush, I also associate them with bath bombs and didn’t realise they also did actual perfumes too….

    Charlotte xxx

  37. @Charlotte…
    It does work out a bit pricey but it all smells too good. I buy the big bottles of the english pear one but then just the smaller bottles of the lime basil & mandarin one because I don’t wear it as much. It’s a bit of a false economy as the big ones are twice the price but 3 x’s the size but it makes me feel better at the time… Also, you can layer the body washes/lotions with the perfume instead of two perfumes and they work out a bit cheaper (not much, but a little bit!) xx

  38. My first ever perfume was from Topshop! When I was about 13 my parents bought me my first ever bottle of perfume for Christmas, I felt so grown up! I think to this day it’s still one of my favourites (even though they stopped selling it a looong time ago, but their make up range is now back so I’m hopeful).
    My other favourite was Paul Smith ‘floral’, I adoooored it, so much so that on one birthday I ended up with three bottles, I obviously went on about it A LOT! However, they have now stopped making that too 🙁 the perfume gods are obviously not being kind to me!
    My current loves though are Calvin Klein ‘Euphoria’ and Cacharel ‘Amor Amor’, tis lush!

  39. I have my personal scent, that I have chosen over 5 years now and I try to stick to it. It is Chanel Chance. I love it and haven’t found anything better than this perfume so far. I try to wear something lighter during summer, but most of the time it is Chance all the way.

  40. I have a few on the go at the moment actually, but am leaning towards on in particular.

    I have Boss Femme which is alsmot gone which I spritz on in the day and a half full bottle of Armani Code which I feel I can only wear in the evenings – it just has a going out smell about it.

    My favourite though is Vera Wang Princess – I love it and wear it most often, day and night!

    It was my birthday last week and my fiance bought me a bigger bottle of Princess to keep me in stock and a smaller bottle of Princess Night – which is also divine!

    I have been wondering to myself about wedding day perfume. I want to smell like me and have something that I love and is familiar, but I also think that if I wear the same fragrance as usual it won’t be as special, and I won’t get that nostalgic feeling when smelling it again?

    I just don’t know – I’m funny with perfumes, I can like them but not enough to want to wear them myself. :-/

  41. I am a perfume fusspot and am faithful to one scent largely because I can’t find any others I like! I wear Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood and I love it. It’s MY scent. I’d happily wear ‘wedding perfume’ if only I could find something else I like. I’m surprised Debenhams haven’t banned me, I spend so much time spritzing perfumes onto those little papers.

  42. I wear l’occitane lemon spray on working days as it’s nice and fresh and anything else can make my poor patients feel a little funny (i work in chemotherapy). Plus I am officially allergic to most perfumes myself.. however generally put up with the snottyness or take antihistimines, because wearing perfume is all a part of the ‘no uniform- nice clothes- make up- nail varnish- engagement ring on finger’ thing! I always used to wear valentino’s rock and rose (don’t quite know how I ended up with that one, very much drawn to the name I suspect!). THEN I was looking around for a wedding day scent and found Naughty Alice. Again, couldn’t resist the name so kept sneaking into selfridges and trying the free testers and then getting the boy to ‘smell me’ (how dodge does that sound?) thought I would treat myself when the wedding got a bit closer as it is a little pricey, but the dear boy got me some for christmas and wouldn’t let me save it so now I smell all naughty when I’m off duty 🙂

    1. Tip for Naughty Alice wearers – if you put the charm bracelet on eBay when you’re done with the bottle, it WILL sell.

  43. Oh my days! I too used to wear Heather Shimmer lipstick and white eyeshadow! I cringe when I look back at photos now, but then everyone wore it so it was ok…. oh and the mis-matched lip liner too!
    My fragrance journey started with Tommy Girl and CK One, then onto Boss Femme and Ralph Lauren Romance in my early twenties. The Bloke has bought me lots of perfumes over time Euphoria, Lady Million, Gucci Guilty but favorite has become Versace Versense and I know that’ll be ‘me’ on our wedding day. For daytime, I actually like Beckham Signature and for the weekend I have got into the habit of wearing Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce which is actually a mans fragrance but it’s so different and I think I’m addicted to the scent!
    I love The Bloke when he wears Terre D’Hermes, it just smells so incredibly sexy and also Narciso Rodriguez For Him… yummy!

  44. Love this post! My first perfume was Cerrutti too Alex! I used to lather it on! Especially after having a sneeky cigarette on lunch breaks!! It defiantly reminds me of my teenage years – Everyone who was anyone had a bottle!! My next pefume was Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue & even though I haven’t worn it for years I still can’t resit a quick sniff of the bottle whenever I go to buy new perfume!!

    I always have a few bottles of perfume on the go as it depends what mood I’m in! At the moment I’m loving Ellie Saab (which I was going to keep for W-day but loved it too much to wait!) & Docle & Gabbana The One. I’m with you though Charlotte sometimes mens aftershave smells so much nicer! & I have been known to squirt Dan’s aftershave on from time to time! Dan wears Hugo Boss (original) & the mens version of Dolce & Gabbana The One & they smell gorgeous as well as reminding me of him 🙂

    So I now need a new wedding day scent I’m liking Jo Malone Cherry Blossom perfect for a summer wedding. It smells divine.

  45. I am really mad at myself at the moment because I have no less than 6 bottles of perfume on the go.

    When I was a teenager I decided to pick one perfume and have a signature scent, and I chose Cool Water by Davidoff. I still have a bottle which is about 1/4 full because everyone used to buy it for me.

    I loved loved loved having a scent that was mine, and even now, if I wear it, my mum or my high school friends always say that I smell like “me” again.

    But now I’ve totally lost the plot. I converted to Vera Wang Rock Princess, which is gorgeous but almost impossible to find nowadays, and I like life to be easy.

    I chose J’Adore by Dior for my wedding day, and have almost a full bottle of that left, as my wedding day bottle got stolen along with my handbag.

    I also have a perfume from Hollister called Malaia. It’s just delicious, its not like perfume, just like a gorgeous sexy skin smell which I inhale all day when I’m wearing it. It is also mucho cheap!

    I have others that other people bought me, and I’m working through those.

    I think I’m going to make the Hollister one my signature scent and save the others for special occasions. I want a me scent again.


  46. Another naughty Alice fan here 🙂

    @Anne – did you really sell the bracelet on ebay?! I would never have thought of that!

    1. Louise – yup, I just sold one for £7.99 plus postage, and I will do the same with the next one when I finish the bottle!

      I love Naughty Alice so much, whereas Cheeky Alice is… meh. Does anyone else put perfume on before they get into bed, just a little spritz to make you smell alluring? Or is that just me?!

  47. OMG the Heather Shimmer/CkOne combo – that defined my late teens, along with many many boxes of Garnier red hair dye and a Polly Pocket charm bracelet! Fortunately I’ve grown up (a little bit) and currently have a triumvirate of Emporio Armani She (the original gold one, it smells all warm and lovely), Miss Dior and D&G #3 L’Imperatrice (‘The Empress’ – delusions of grandeur, moi?). I have been wondering about treating myself to something new for the wedding day so I’m really enjoying everyone’s comments x

  48. When I was a teenager, it all started with The Body Shop’s Peach Fuzz. I then progressed to Tommy Girl and CK One. I wore Stella McCartney’s original fragrance for years in my early twenties, before moving on to Chloe, both of which I still love. Nowadays, I have so much perfume that I chop and change all the time, but I ADORE Jo Malone. Her fragrance really stays put all day. I’ve just finished her Roses perfume, and am planning on getting the English Pear & Freesia for the big day. Maybe it’ll become my signature scent!

  49. I have had a multiple daily obsession with RMW for months now – and on first discovery spent weeks going through the back catalogue to make sure I hadn’t missed anything – so I’m not sure why it’s perfume that has got me to post my first comment! I think my thoughts have generally been covered in the past but here I can’t believe no-one has mentionned JPG….Jean Paul Gautier’s original is my signature fragrance – I love it, and it smells like me – I’m working away at the moment and the boy got upset when the scent wore off the seatbelt in the car! I also had a white musk phase and in my late teens liked Acqua di Gio. I enjoy a bit of Issey Miyake – L’eau Dissey in the summer and am currently enjoying Hannah Mori – Butterfly when I feel like a change.

    For the boy either Be Delicious DKNY or Vera Wang for Men.

    Staple aftershaves I think I’ll always enjoy are Boss by Hugo Boss, Issey Miyake and JPG and perfumes – Estee Lauder Beautiful, Hugo Boss Deep Red and DKNY Be Delicious. I’m also an emotional sniffer and they remind me of family and friends! xx

  50. Wow, Heather Shimmer and Black Cherry – me too! Still can’t live without Body Shop lip liner in Beech….

    I was also a White Musk girl, then graduated onto Tea Rose

    Now I am a Creed lover – wear Virgin Island Water in the summer to remind me of the first holiday with the boy (it has a very grown-up hint of coconut), but have chosen the delicious Jardin d’Amalfi slightly heady lemony scent for the big day, but normally wear a combo of many Jo Malone scents include pom noir and blue agave and cacao which has a wonderful spicy hint of bitter chocolate to it.

    The boy wear Creed Vetiver and it’s just delicious.

  51. @Rachel – *Waves* – welcome – keep those comments coming pet 😉

    @Katie – Oh my goodness – I used to wear the body shop lipliner in beech and fill it in with a pale lipstick (No .7, can’t recall the name…) Yes I was one of those who had a darker lipliner and a paler lipstick in the middle “shoot me now”

    Luckily that beauty blunder only lasted a few months.

  52. White Musk & exclamation …i think we have all been there! that and United Colours of Benetton’s Hot & Cold with the bottle tops shaped like taps…we thought we were so cool my sister & i!

    @jenny tommy girl was also on our youth list of perfume oh the memories!

    I LOVE Stella by Stella McCartney along with Chanel Chance. These are my going out/special occasion perfumes. Avon Little Black Dress is my everyday spritz, not expensive so go through quite alot quite quickly. I received a juicy Couture in a goodie bag from London fashion weekend & although it is not one i would have bough,t it has grown on me.

    I am swaying towards Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. i borrowed my sisters for a night out & loved it.

    I really want to smell Valentina by Valentino…has anyone got it/smelled it?

  53. I totally did the White Musk / CK One progression as I was discovering perfume! Aah…Body shop and it’s suction wrap takes me back to some happy Saturdays in town with friends (not much to do round these parts, eh?!).

    My first boyfriend also had great taste in perfume, so Davidoff Cool Water and Armani She both remind me of him, but it does sort of put me off wearing them.

    Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique is most def my fav, but pretty pricey to be sparyig willy nilly. So I’ve been experimenting with those little mini packs you get in Boots at Christmas – Thierry Mugler doing quite well, I must say.

    My beau has a little of Paul Smith London left in the bottle, which we both adore, but can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore!

  54. Through school years it was White Musk courtesy of The Body Shop, then I progressed onto various other perfumes but none of which I loved until I found Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana. This is my always go-to scent and I wear it most days.

    However, I am quite partial to Diesel’s Fuel for Life Limited Edition (brown bottle one) which I wear when I feel I need some fuel for the day (sad I know!)

    I wear Balenciaga or Juliette Has A Gun at all other times. I like a selection of perfumes and will wear whatever I need for the day ahead.

    And for my husband I love it when he wears Wonderwood by Comme Des Garcons

  55. Oops forgot I sometimes wear Agent Provocateur which my husband bought me. I’m not overly keen on it but I squib a bit on now and again so as to not offend him.

  56. Katie Puckrik ( has an amazing site, funny and educational for wannabe fume heads. Hunting for niche samples and part used bottles is my new not so guilty (only a few pounds a hit) ebay pleasure. Worth checking out if you are looking for someone else to as she has some great suggestions.

  57. Ahh, another timely post 🙂

    Have been trying to decide whether to stick with what I love or go for something new for W-day for quite a while. ’tis a tough choice!

    Jenny – you and I are the same breed methinks! School days were a haze of Impulse, then Dewberry/White Musk, then Lynx Africa(!), then CK One, then Tommy Girl 🙂

    Had TOTALLY forgotten about the Heather Shimmer lippy! Jeepers, we all thought we were so cool! There was another, lighter, No.7 one called Blondie as well, which we all went nuts for (Helen – just read your comment on this – so funny how this post has brought back all those school memories!) 😉

    I am a bit like Alex and Vix now – perfume obsessed. I have cut down from 20 bottles a year ago (all different – have never had a signature scent, am too indecisive!) I know have a selection of about 7:
    Jimmy Choo
    Chloe by Chloe
    Chanel Allure
    Chanel No.5
    Ralph Lauren Romance
    Ralph Lauren Style
    Clarin Eau Dynamisante
    DKNY Be Delicious
    Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy
    and an Avon one by Reese Witherspoon called ‘In Bloom’.

    OK, so I realise that’s 11 perfumes. See what I mean?? Kenzo Flower, Penhaligons Bluebell, Stella McCartney Sheer, Armani Code, Gucci 2, Armani She, Hugo Boss Woman, Very Valentino and Lacoste Pink have only recently been used up too. Perfume fiend, I tell you!

    For W-day, I’d wear any of the top 3, and am erring towards the Choo. However, I really want to wear something that will always be available to buy, even when I’m ancient, so a Chanel might be more reliable…

    To add further confusion, Jo Malone have just released a new fragrence called Peony, so I am tempted by that too. An Valentino’s Valentina/Vera Wang Lovestruck, Elie Saab and Mark Jacobs Daisy Eau Fraiche are my go-to bottles when I’m in Boots randomly sniffing at fragrances.

    I could, of course, go right back to my roots with a pre-ceremony spritz of Dewberry. It just wouldn’t feel right without my school tie and Buffalo boots (yes, I was a massive Spice Girl fan) though 😉

    MrA rocks Davidoff Silver Shadow Altitude, which they’ve helpfully stopped making 🙁

  58. I have recently smelled a Lancome tresor variation and loved it, and Miss Dior eau de parfum one that is a summery one I think…love it!

  59. Haha this is so funny, have loved reading this. I was a dewberry girl then graduated to Tommy Girl. After that I had Hugo Boss Red, Kenzo Flowers, Ici Mayakee, Stella McCartney Peony and am now on Hugo Orange. There was also a Ted Baker Flowers thrown somewhere in the mix too oh and Armani White. Will def invest in a W Day perfume, am not sure which one yet though. I smelled the new valentino one the other day and it was lush.

    Also, did anyone else used to have little glass bottles of …so? and exclamation! and Excess (or something like that?!) Too cool for school indeed!!

  60. Brilliant!

    I was a big white musk and Heather Shimmer girl in the 90s. There was also Dewberry (anyone else?) and then the progression to CKOne (sadly CKBe reduced me to a fit of sneezes). I remember buying Exclamation because Blossom had one on the TV show – I even bought the Blossom-style velvet floppy hat

    I used to buy a new perfume from Duty Free every time I went on holiday. I’d then wear it on holiday, so that when I got home and wore it would take me back to my holiday destination. For ages this was Coco Mademoiselle which reminds me of a very chilled holiday to Gran Canaria. But then my old boss wore it and it just reminds me of her now :-(. Now I wear Miss Dior in the week and my wedding/honeymoon scent, Daisy Eau Fraiche when I’m not working.

  61. @Mrs-A-to-be I was a lynx-africa girl at one point too! for some reason thought it was sexy :s

    @Anne – thanks for the heads up! will definitely cash in on that one! (help pay for the next bottle now i’m addicted …!) 🙂

  62. Yes Alice – me too! Someone told me that boys are attracted to boys’ perfumes and girls to girls’ perfume. For some reason, I believed it (clearly ridiculous, I know!)

    I smelt it in the corrior at school the other day, but couldn’t ascertain whether it was sprayed by a guy or a gal. Whatever, it’s obviously still a favourite amongst the youth – made me smile! 😉

  63. @babeonabudget DEWBERRY! OMG you’ve just taken me back a few years, how funny! I loved a bit of Dewberry, I did. I always remember feeling like I was ‘splashing out’ whenever I bought a scent from The Body Shop, however after having a browse in there the other day (as my ahem – 32 year old self), I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable it is! I loved and wore Polo Sport for Women for ages, until they discontinued it in the UK. Luckily though, after the invention of the Interweb (in 1990 whatever ?! I know crazy, right?) I was able to buy it online – bonus! I’ll always have a soft spot for the Original Jean Paul Gaultier in the sexy bottle. However my ultimate fave ‘grown up’ perfume is Vera Wang, by Vera Wang. I always get compliments when I wear it and after a mild flirtation with Ellie Saab (the perfume, not the designer) this year, it will be the scent I wear for Our Big Day, this May. Of course though, Stella has come along with her new one, Lily which I can’t get enough of at the moment. So I may yet change my mind!

  64. Ha ha love this, I wore gold from Avon circa 1994! Good times!!

    I am currently having a wedding day scent mare as I have gone off my current perfume and can’t find any I like. Evertime I go looking I get a headache, tis stressful. 🙁 xx

  65. first perfume was ysl Paris- took me the majority of the bottle to realise it smelt too “old” for me…mmmn I was 13. Then, Ananya, by the Body Shop, until they discontinued it. I recall discovering Issy Miyake – men’s version – on a random handsome stranger (who my friend chatted up at the bar… he seemd not to mind two young women sniffing his neck. repeatedly.) It was the mid nineties on a girlie weekend to Dublin- cue the girls hitting the duty free & the two of us falling for the women’s Eau ‘ Issy(almost missed our plane home, so strong was our persuit)… I still love it,10+ years on & h2b does too, & he too has happily worn the aftershave since introduced to it a few years later. Then i walked past Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb, & that’s where i am at almost 2 years on…just replaced a bottle for my birthday yesterday in fact . I am debating if I should go browse for a specific new scent for W day in October – I too like the idea of something just connected to that special day…not a bad dilemma to have is it?!

  66. Right, the old time difference means that I have now just sat down and went through all of these comments, making a list the length of my arm of perfumes to try.

    I shall be skipping out on my lunch break me thinks!

  67. I have sold another Naughty Alice charm since I posted… but that’s not why I returned to this entry. I wanted to say I finally found my wedding perfume: Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone. I love the idea of a wildflower perfume and absolutely adore it, though the price means it’s definitely just for special occasions.

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