Seeing Is Believing……Part 1

I have been looking forward to this wedding ever since we featured Emily and Pete’s beautiful engagement shoot some months back.

Sometimes you can look at a set of images and you just believe , believe in the fairytale, believe in the magic, believe in the happy ever after. And when photographer Dominique Bader’s submission email landed in my inbox I sure as hell believed in it all.

This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most beautiful affairs to have ever graced these pages, but for me – as you know, it’s never been just about the aesthetics… it’s about capturing a real life love story.

Emily and Pete were married at Leeds Town Hall with a reception in the family garden…. And this folks is a real life love story.


Undone Pretty

Louise Lunn did my, my sister, Alex, and my mum’s make up. I met Louise when I was a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding in December 2011 where she did our make-up. I had a trial a few months before the wedding and she was brilliant – knew exactly what I wanted and what I would suit, and had the most amazing make up box I have ever seen! Louise also worked with a local hairdresser, Jenny, who did my sisters and mum’s hair. I don’t like my hair to be too ‘done’ so I decided to do it myself, but Jenny helped me with the hairpiece as it was a bit tricky to pin in! They were lovely friendly ladies and made us feel very pampered and beautiful.

California Dreamy

I definitely didn’t want a veil but wanted something for my hair. In the run-up to the wedding I looked around at lots of beautiful wedding blogs to get ideas. I came across an American blog which featured a bride wearing the most beautiful headpiece made from Doloris Petunia on Etsy. I love Etsy and had previously looked for accessorize on here as I love handmade stuff but had never come across anything like this. I contacted Courtney of Doloris Petunia, sending her pictures of the dress, and telling her about the style of the wedding, and she designed and made a custom piece, posting it all the way from California!

Pure Joy

My dress was Jenny Packham Joy from Poppy Bridal Shop in Darlington. I really didn’t enjoy wedding dress shopping, I knew I didn’t want anything too big and structured, or without straps (which I found quite limiting!). Just something pretty and relaxed, beautiful but understated. A lot of the shops I went to, the dresses were quite traditional, strapless bodice-type things with like a thousand buttons. These just looked ridiculous on me! Not only were they huge (the look not helped by the bulldog clips the dress ladies use to pin me into them) but they were just not me.

I had seen a few Jenny Packham dresses in other shops prior to visiting Poppy and they had stood out due to them being a totally different type of dress. It wasn’t until I saw Joy though that I thought wow – I need to try this on! I loved it! I loved the colour: platinum, not the usual white, I loved the fact that it was simple in style but massively detailed at the same time, and the vintage 1920s feel. It was the first time, after trying on, what feels like, a million other dresses, this felt right. Clearly being mine, as well as my mum’s favourite, and my friend Alexis saying ‘it is very you’ – the dress was sold!

The Perfect Nude

I rarely wear heels so was always planning on wearing flat sandals. However, because the dress design meant that it was not possible to cut the dress to make it short enough for flats. So I had to go for a little heel. I actually initially looked around for gold wedges as I thought these would be more comfortable. I bought so many different pairs, none of them quite right: either the wrong colour or they just looked too chunky for the dress. It was only about a week before the wedding that I found the nicest nude-colour shoes in Aldo. The worked perfectly and I managed to wear them all day (with the help of Scholl Party Feet!)

Hand Picked And Wild

We went to a vintage wedding fair in Harrogate back in October 2010, were we met Sarah from Leafy Couture. She was so lovely and again, knew exactly the style were thinking about. I don’t know much about flowers and didn’t have any specific types in mind, we just knew we didn’t want anything too structured and matching. Our brief, when we met up, was pretty much this: ‘we just would like it to look colourful and wild, as if they have just been picked out of a field’. I also showed Sarah and the girls my dress and told her what colour bridesmaid dress we had and left them to it.

The months before the wedding we saved our jars, scrubbing away at the labels, and borrowing my friend’s dishwasher until we had enough of various sizes for the table flowers, which we delivered to Otley where Leafy Couture are based.

I never worried about the flowers, I was truly confident the Leafy Couture team would do a great job, and the totally did. The marquee looked amazing and my bouquet was so beautiful.

A Unique Style

We had strictly no colour theme and no matching! Although, there were at some points in the planning/creating process I did start to panic about the randomness and if it was going to look too crazy! The colours of the wedding just ended up being the colours of the fabrics that I liked the best and used in the decorations.

As far as the bridal party goes, the only thing we matched were the men’s M&S ties – and this was just to highlight them as the wedding party really. The best men, Dave and Si, both have such unique styles and look great as they are so we just said for them to wear what they wanted; I especially loved Simon’s elbow patches! Our dad’s just wore their own grey suits to tie in with Pete.

My sister’s bridesmaid dress – well, this is another story all together! I randomly popped into Coast when I was in town one lunch break and saw this dress. I thought it was lovely, the colour was beautiful and the sparkly bits would go nice with my dress. There was a size 8 and size 16 left in the sale. With my sister, being very petite, I decided to buy the size 8 thinking we could take it in if needed and if she liked it. I emailed her a picture of the dress and she really liked it. However, little to my knowledge then, she was pregnant and waiting for a few weeks to give us the good news, worrying now about the dress I had just bought not fitting! Long story short, after finding a larger size in a different store, Alex’s baby still grew bigger than we though and the even bigger dress got too tight! But, all was fine as we managed to find material that matched and a seamstress added an extra panel in the back. I think there was more worry over the bridesmaid dress than there was my own, but she looked gorgeous.

The Cool Cowboy

Pete bought his suit from H&M, and only got his shirt about a week before the wedding after buying and ruling our various other floral shirts. I love the way Pete dresses; his style is a bit different to the norm and, as a lover of country music sees himself as a bit of a cowboy. His wardrobe consists of hundreds of checked shirts, which is why, even though we were after a floral shirt (as it’s a bit more wedding-ey than checked) they all looked a bit weird until he found this one from Paul Smith which looks great especially with his braces.

Pete, although he likes the clothes he wears, never really puts a lot of effort into how he looks, but manages to pull it off every time! He looked so brilliant on the wedding day, really cool and smart in his suit and, best of all, he still looked like him.

Brides Gown – Jenny Packham at Poppy Bridal Shop

Brides Shoes – Aldo

Brides Headpiece – Doloris Petunia

Make-Up – Louise Lunn

Grooms Suit – H&M

Blooms – Leafy Couture

Maids Dress – Coast

Photographer – Dominique Bader

*Charlotte does a little dance*…. Are we all in love with the fashion right now?


Well just you wait until you see the reception.

It’s ruddy A.mazing I tell you.

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Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

24 thoughts on “Seeing Is Believing……Part 1

  1. Eek! So. Much. Style. I ADORE the bride’s look, that headpiece really makes the whole thing rock.

    Another Leeds town hall wedding!! Nice to get a peek at what the big room looks like 😉

    Can’t wait to see part two!!


  2. Yaaaay!! That’s my dress!! So lovely seeing it on other people – confirms that it was totally right for me to go for something ‘unusual’ – it’s a complete knock-out on Emily! Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the wedding 😀

  3. At first glance I thought this was my dress as well! It’s not though – mine is a quite similar JP style, but I went for the ivory.

    I can’t wait for part 2 of this wedding, I just know the marquee is going to be tremendous! And that headpiece is an inspired choice. I’m off to check out Doloris Petunia now!

  4. So unique! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    Love the style of the bride and groom, that dress, that hairpiece, that floral shirt!!!! What more could you want???

    Well I want part two! Bring it on!!!!!!

  5. Love, love, LOVE the dress… and the grooms look…and the ‘just picked’ look flowers- very excited to see the reception in part 2!

  6. Ouh I wanna know where reception is too!!!
    That dress is stunning and the bride is beautiful, love the make up!
    The flowers could just have been picked from a field and the suits are fab!
    Love it all and can’t wait for part 2!!! x

  7. I have nothing against the trad wedding dress but I do love it when a bride decides to do it heerrrrrrr waaaay. Totally the right decision – she looks amazing. As does her bridesmaid – super-stylish.

  8. Good lord that dress is divine! This is why I love this blog: there’s no way in a million years I could pull off that style *sniff* so its lovely to see it worn on the kind of figure Ms Packham intended! Ruddy lovely, that is! x

  9. Mother Hubbard- that hair piece is to DIE for! I am expecting lots of pretty in part 2- can’t wait!
    P.S- PLEASE can my hair go like that when I curl it?! She is so beautiful!

  10. Wowsers. That dress is sensational and the bride looks stunning in it. She looks like a model in those four pictures taken in the field!
    Can’t wait for part two…

  11. Thank you Dominique for our beautiful wedding photos and Charlotte so much for featuring our wedding – it is so lovely to see it on here and wow – thank you for all the amazing comments, I am speechless x

  12. Also can’t wait to see where the reception is as I have Leeds town hall booked for next year! Beautiful hair and dress, so refreshing to see something different x

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