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The Secrets Behind the World’s Most Exclusive Wedding Band

If you ask any of the Rock My Wedding Team what makes a great wedding one of the main answers will be the party and with that comes the music. I cannot tell you enough about how important your entertainment is in terms of getting your guests up and dancing and setting the tone for your day. It’s one of the trickiest tasks as you need to really listen to understand if it’s right for you. If you are opting for a band it’s not just about the singing, you want the whole group to sound AMAZING. Every last one of those musicians need to be phenomenal players but also be able to read the crowd and really create that fantastic buzz and atmosphere.

Today I have the lovely Jason from one of our Love Lust List members, Sensation Band, here to give you a few insights in to the world of wedding bands. Well, if he’s good enough for Mark Ronson and Basement Jaxx…..

Started in 2012 by Jason Silver, renowned keyboardist, music producer and member of Mark Ronson’s Band, Sensation Band is no ordinary Wedding Band. Unlike any other Party Band, it’s roots are very obviously from the World’s biggest stages.

One of the advantages of being part of the global music elite and having played with some of the greats, is the ‘little black book’ that comes with it. Amongst Jason’s close friends are lead singers & musicians from Basement Jaxx, Sigma, Clean Bandit, Incognito, Cinematic Orchestra, Mark Ronson Band, Gorillaz and many more. Brides and Grooms and their guests can expect dazzling performances on their special day from some of the World’s brightest talents.

Sensation Band has caught the attention of Brides & Grooms across the World and regularly fly to destinations near and far playing at some of the most exclusive parties.

I caught up with Jason, a thoroughly lovely and down to earth guy, to find out what he puts their rapid success down to.

Lottie: First off, I’ve just been dancing along to your live videos – the band really do live up to the hype!

Jason: Thanks so much! – I’m delighted to get to work with such amazing and talented individuals it makes my job so easy!

Lottie: Haha. So, how did the idea for Sensation Band come about?

Jason: Well, a really close ‘music-mad’ friend of mine was getting married, and he was frustrated that there was an overwhelming choice of bands out there, some of them really good, but there was nothing that was just totally mind blowing. We were backstage after a Mark Ronson gig and he asked me why it wasn’t possible to put together that level of talent and reproduce the exhilarating experience of a gig at private events and make it affordable. I think it was a light bulb moment for us both, and we started Sensation Band pretty much straight after that!

Lottie: What was involved in putting it together?

Jason: A lot of hours in the studio, and a lot of phone-calls! But seriously, it was a ton of hard work, far more than we had first realised, but once we had played a few times we knew we were on to something, and we got busy really quickly. We all absolutely love what we do and are immensely proud of the band and I think that comes across. I love being part of creating the perfect day for our clients and all the incredible client feedback we get.

Lottie: So… what’s the biggest celebrity wedding you’ve done?

Jason: Ha – I was expecting a question like that! We never kiss & tell – discretion is key, especially when you’ve signed NDAs! My favourite gig of last year was on a Super-Yacht in beautiful Capri, that’s going to take some beating.

Lottie: What do you think sets you apart from other bands?

Jason: Um, well quite a few things I guess. Certainly the level of talent and our ‘cheese free’ approach! Some of the other bands out there have some great singers, but we are committed to only having the most outrageously talented singers & musicians around. What’s great is that we’ve all been close friends for a long time and all have a mutual love for each other’s talent and making music together. It seems to create a special energy on stage and that comes across in the way the band connects with the guests to create an incredible vibe every time.

Lottie: One of the things we often hear is that some bands can be difficult to contact, and musicians running them can be a bit disorganised, how do you manage to keep your clients so happy?

Jason: We treat the booking and planning process as part of the whole experience, and we want our clients to totally enjoy planning the big day without any stress. We have 4 full time members of the team in the office who are all lovely, ready to help with tips and advice and are super organised. We even had our own software developed to ensure we are totally pro-active and have all the information at our fingertips.

Lottie: So how does it work in terms of band sizes and line-ups?

Jason: The band can vary in size from as small as a 5 piece, and all the way up to a 20 piece with a stunning string section. We really take the time to get to know each bride & groom and find out their vision and how we can deliver the perfect day for them. From there we put together a bespoke line-up that is just right for them, their music tastes and the demographic of the guests. We have a massive 12 hours of music repertoire that is constantly growing, so we like to get to know our clients taste and make sure they are fully involved in the sort of music that they want played. We have a ton of options to provide full entertainment throughout the day and to deliver the perfect romantic wedding ceremony. Am I rambling on too much?

Lottie: Ha, no!

Jason: I guess that answers the question though?

Lottie: It certainly does. OK, last question for all the brides to be out there. What are your top 5 First Dances of all time?

Jason: Ooh, tough question! Off the top of my head I’d say, At Last, I Will Always Love You, Make You Feel My Love, Let’s Get It On, Thinking Out Loud . Is that 5? We actually have some recordings of our first dances on our site.

Lottie: Yes I counted 5! Thank you so much for taking the time to meet me. I actually spent a long time looking at all the photos on your facebook page since we set up this meeting so I’ll certainly be stalking you to see what you guys get up to next!

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