Show me the Way to Cinnamon… Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of this very individual and contemporary wedding (I just love it when a Bride and Groom do exactly what they want for their Big Day). You can read all about Part 1 here, but I’m going to get straight to the good stuff with the Brides words and the super-cool images by Elton Mogg.

Keeping it Unique

We didn’t have favours, but we gave all of our guests a lunch bag on the bus from the ceremony venue to the reception venue with plenty of pink champagne to wash it down!

We hired a classic red routemaster bus, with wedding ribbon on the front, which transported us and our guests from the ceremony venue to the reception venue, whilst having a tour of the London sites along the way. We provided lunch and drink on the bus and all the guests, including us, had so much fun!

It was actually one of the highlights of the day and everyone still talks about it now as it was so good and quite an unusual thing to do.

The Girls

Dresses were from Dessy and we chose aubergine for the dress colour and cream for the sash & bow. When they arrived, they came down to mid-calf which wasn’t flattering as both bridesmaid’s are fairly short. Luckily one of the bridesmaid’s mum’s is a seamstress and took up the length so that it fell just below the knee. The dresses were also rather A-line so she took them in at the sides so that they were more fitted.

The Boys

Elliot had two bestmen. Their suits were dark/navy blue and were from Moss Bros. We were going to rent them but the suits were in the sale and so decided to buy them instead, so that they could keep them afterwards.

They also had aubergine ties and handkerchiefs from Dessy, which were an exact match of the bridesmaids dresses. Alterations can be quite expensive so I was lucky I knew someone that could do it for free. (I gave her some flowers as a thank you though!)

The Flowers

Whilst flowers look lovely, they are a huge expense and we preferred to spend money on what we deemed as more important for our day. We kept flowers to a minimum and I don’t think any of the guests even noticed.

I don’t like to conform and I opted for a corsage rather than a bouquet. I feel that a lot of brides look uncomfortable holding a big bouquet and don’t even end up carrying it around for long. Whereas I was able to wear the corsage on my wrist all day and night. It was a single cream rose, with an aubergine ribbon tied round my wrist in a bow.

The Bridesmaids had small/medium sized bouquets with cream roses and a few aubergine coloured lily’s dotted around to match their dresses. They had a cream ribbon bowed at the stems to match the cream sash on their dresses. We didn’t have any button holes and for the ceremony we had an artificial orchid table decoration, which went on the mantle piece which we got married in front of. It looked 100% real!

The venue put small decorative pots on each table, filled with water, floating real red rose petals and candles.

The Photographer

I found out about Elton Mogg whilst searching the internet for our wedding ceremony venue. Someone wrote a review about Elton on a blog and they couldn’t have spoke highly enough about him. He was the photographer at their wedding held at the same venue we had booked; The Old Library, Dulwich.

I looked on his website, his web presence is very impressive and I loved the photos on his website, he shoots documentary style photos so they are all very natural. Elliot and I liked his natural style and so decided to contact Elton and booked him in from there.

After meeting Elton Mogg, he came across as very experienced, confident and very relaxed. Definitely the type of person you’d want to be your wedding photographer, I couldn’t think of anything worse than having an uptight and stressed photographer at your wedding.

The Cake

As our reception was a rather informal set-up (not x3 course sit down meal) we loved the idea of having cupcakes, for ease of passing out to everyone and they look really good on a tiered cake stand. Often people don’t end up eating the cake but the cupcakes were very popular.

After shopping around we found the tastiest and most reasonably priced cupcakes from Waitrose. We literally saved hundreds of pounds. They were chocolate sponge with x6 different chocolate iced toppings. We also had a chocolate Victoria sponge cake, so that we could ‘cut the cake.’

We ordered the cakes x3 months in advance from Waitrose Entertaining and they also delivered them to the reception venue on the day, so we didn’t have the worry of organising for someone to collect it.

We bought a clear acrylic x3 tier cake stand from Amazon, which our mums set up on the day and arranged the cakes on it. It looked really good.

The Reception

We made our own playlist on our ipod and fed it through the speakers at the reception venue. That way we could play all the songs we like and had a mix of Motown, modern pop and some Rolling stones etc. so that it appealed to the range of ages of our guests. We didn’t need to touch the music all night, as we arranged it in the order we wanted.

The venue was a perfect size for us and our guests. A band or DJ would have taken up too much room and we didn’t want it to be cramped. Plus we saved some money making our own playlist! We had quite a few of our special songs on the playlist, such as “Don’t Stop believing by Journey”. We decided that we didn’t want a first dance, we don’t particularly like to be centre of attention. However, our guests thought otherwise and made us dance together to an Amy Winehouse song whilst the guests surrounded us dancing too. It was really funny.

We customised our Guest Book by having photos of each of the guests inside, so they could write their message next to their photo. That made it more personal and fun to look through. It was also easy to tell who hadn’t written in the book, so that we could ensure they did! Often Guests Books are left half empty…

The venue is very contemporary and also had a couple of big screens along the back wall which played movies whilst the music was playing. It was a good visual effect.

One Bride to Another…

My advice to future brides is that I would say to really think about what you want as a couple rather than automatically conforming to traditions. That way you can make your day tailored to you and make the day more individual. Sometimes the simpler the better and that way you and your guests will enjoy the day more.

All the way through your wedding planning remember what the day is really about. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the small detail but what really matters is you marrying your partner and your future together.


Thank you to Victoria and Elliot for sharing their Big and very Cool Day with us here at Rock My Wedding and huge thanks to Elton Mogg for providing us with the fabulous images.

Yours Truly,


PS! Shhhhh! This afternoon we have something very special on RMW, not to be missed and long awaited, come back later to see what it is! 😉

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

11 thoughts on “Show me the Way to Cinnamon… Part 2

  1. Lovely, totally personal. The routemaster is a fab idea for those wih London links.
    May I ask where you bought the V & E. I love the fact they’re square.

    P.S. Totally excited about this afternoon. If its the veil tutorial I am going to scream at work (bad)

  2. Oh, I’ve also done the same thing with the guest book! It’s been really difficult to find photos of everyone but we’re just waiting on one more and then it’s off to the printers!

  3. Oh what a perfect wedding. I loved my day but seeing these great wedding London weddings makes me have that elusive ‘second wedding same man’ daydream….

  4. I love the fact the bride decided not to have a bouquet because she didn’t feel comfortable – why have something that doesn’t feel right just because it’s tradition?

    I also love that laughing in the ceremony shot and the two groomsmen hugging. There is nothing quite as brilliant as an image that totally and utterly captures the moment.

    Charlotte xxx

  5. I think this is one of my favourite weddings so far! You can tell the bride has done everything exactly as she wanted and hasn’t just thrown money at everything. I am loving the brides look – very hot! The dress and her hair especially. Hmpf….wishing I had gone for the fishtail look now! 🙂

  6. I too have dress envy but I just have to keep reminding myself that no WAY would I have looked like Victoria in a fishtail dress – I did try one on and I looked like a pitbull terrier!

  7. I too love the fact Victoria had a corsage instead of a bouquet.

    When oh when do you ever walk around carrying flowers? If you actually think about it, it’s kind of weird! But what else does one do?? I don’t think (ok I know) my hands won’t suit a corsage. Hmm, any ideas would be greatfully recieved! Although most likely I’ll just go down the tradition route and use my flowers after the photos as some form of table / mantlepiece decoration.

    Super excited about this afternoon’s post!


  8. I appreciate all the lovely comments! Thanks guys.
    The V&E were a present from my mum actually and are often a talking point when people come round our house. She got them in a small shop in the shopping centre in Epsom, Surrey.

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