A Silver Sensation… Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of this eclectic wedding day, captured in the unique style of S6 Photography. I haven’t seen photography that makes me sit up and notice a fresh take on a wedding for some time and this one did exactly that – that and the seriously good time everyone seems to be having!

Last Minute Florals

Flowers were a last minute thing for me, I decided 2 months before the wedding that I’d quite like a bouquet after all. I still didn’t want the huge flower arrangements as I wanted something different.

After looking at different florist I began to wonder if anyone would do what I wanted. I wanted something vintage looking and when I eventually found a florist, Monica F Hewitt in Sheffield, the only way I could describe what I wanted was ‘fluffy’. I didn’t want perfection, flowers are beautiful without being arranged, I wanted something that looked like it had been put together haphazardly. I chose a variety of flowers in white/cream and wanted them holding together with vintage lace. Andrew had freesia as his button hole as this was my Nannan’s favourite and the bridesmaids had corsages.

Instead of the huge flowers on the tables I decided I wanted vintage quirkiness so went mad in charity shops and on eBay by buying every vintage tea cup and saucer I saw. Monica F Hewitt brought us various flower heads to put into the tea cups and these were set along the top table.

Super S6

After looking at hundreds of photographers ranging from awful to ok, Jon at S6 wasn’t just a breath of fresh air he was a dream come true. He was recommended to us and as soon as we looked at his website we just fell in love. Every picture was out of this world and even though I didn’t know any of the people in the photo’s I just had the biggest smile on my face.

Having never had any interaction with a professional photographer before we didn’t really know what to expect and as I have an annoying habit of pulling crazy faces on photo’s I did wonder if he’d get any shots where I hadn’t ruined the photo. How wrong I was.

Jon was really good at putting you at ease by just being himself and I mean this is the nicest possible sense but he just blended into the background. I never once thought ‘oh god, pose, the camera is here’, I just got swept along with the happiness of the day and his photo’s completely captured that.

When we got all the photos, Jon had said it would be a Kleenex moment but I hadn’t quite prepared myself for it. As I watched the slideshow that he had put together big, fat, happy tears just fell down my face. We were blown away and looked at them over and over again that night. No matter how many times I look at them I still fill up.

Now the happy memories I have in my mind are saved forever. Jon captured every single emotion of the day and we really can’t thank him enough.

Cute Cupcakes

Neither of us wanted nor like the normal wedding cake, when we chose them cupcakes weren’t in such high demand but we saw them and thought they were perfect. We shopped around and then one day I overheard someone talking at work about their girlfriend who had her own bakery business. I was just cheeky and asked if she would do ours and she did.

She gave us samples and we chose butter cream on the top to tie in with the ivory bridesmaids with silver edible hearts on the top to tie in with Andrew and me. We had lots of little cupcakes and then one huge one on the top for cutting. They were delicious although I didn’t get to try one until the next day as I forgot all about them.

DJ Difficulties

We initially wanted a band for the wedding but couldn’t find anyone we loved, plus every venue we visited seemed a little nervous about it and questioned whether they had the correct insurance.

Entertainment seemed to cause us the most problems throughout the wedding, we contacted various different people ranging from Dj’s to singers and all seemed reluctant to get back in touch. We eventually found a Dj about 2 months before the wedding. In hind sight we should have focused on this a little more as we had given him a play list of the songs we wanted but he didn’t stick to them. Despite this though pretty much everyone was on the dance floor until the end of the night, me included.

The first dance was a song we’ve both loved for a long time. We didn’t want current songs in favour of something that had some class. We chose Al Green, Let’s stay together and every time I hear it I smile from ear to ear.

One of my Mum’s friends who couldn’t be at the wedding gave us a gift, as we unwrapped it we thought it was a photo frame but as we opened it further inside the frame was a 7” record of Al Green, Let’s stay together. Touchingly it was the first record she had ever bought having saved up all her money.

Sowing a little Happiness

We wanted favours but I don’t think you need to spent hundreds of pounds on them, a lot of people have compact mirrors or lottery tickets but we wanted something more personal.

I had been thinking of something like flower seeds and had been looking around for different ideas. On eBay I found someone who had made little seed favours. They were made from handmade paper shaped into a heart and filled with seeds. On each heart was a label that read ‘Sew these seeds to remind you of our special day’. I loved the sentiment and the fact that it was environmentally friendly so snapped them up.

For the children we bought endless supplies of colouring books, pens, and stickers etc to keep them entertained. It worked; I didn’t hear a peep from them.

Vintage Unique

The Old House where we held our ceremony and reception is, as the name suggests, old. It has been tastefully updated and still has many original features. We wanted to compliment this so chose vintage items to dress the room with.

On the front steps of the venue we had candle bags lining the entrance. Sadly I never saw then at night time but fortunately Jon (S6 photography) took a photo of it and it looked so lovely.

Making it Ours

Every aspect of our wedding was exactly what we wanted. We didn’t have anything because it was the norm or tradition. We made our day perfect and everyone agreed.

People have commented on the little touches that we added. Everything was made by us from the invites which people have saved to the wine charms on each glass. Everyone seemed to really appreciate the effort that we had gone to. We had rolled the napkins and tied them with stings of pearls and for the rest of the night everyone seemed to be wearing the pearls around their wrists. Other people have even taken ideas from our wedding, one friend mentioned that she now has vintage tea cups as decoration in her house that remind her of our day.

The budget wasn’t huge for our wedding yet every single part of it was perfect. For weeks afterwards people have been saying it was the best wedding they have ever been too, even the makeup artist said she had such a good time doing our make up as we were all chatting and laughing.

We put in so much effort with this wedding and it completely paid off. For weeks before I worried that people wouldn’t enjoy it or like what we had done but couldn’t have been more wrong.

We very much wanted a party atmosphere for the evening and that is exactly what we got, people laughed, danced and chatted the night away, we even had to ask the Dj to stay on for a further hour as people just weren’t ready to leave.

We loved every single minute of our wedding day and have the most amazing memories. I had always dreamed of getting married one day but never did I think it would be that amazing and that I could possibly feel so much love and happiness.

Thank so much to Jon from S6 for sending this in and to Victoria and Andrew for allowing us to share it! Have you spied some inspiration tucked away in this one?

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

17 thoughts on “A Silver Sensation… Part 2

  1. I want to be a guest at this wedding! HOW much fun did it look like they were having?! If you judge the success of a wedding on the smile wattage, these guys totally win!

    They also have some of my favourite couple shots of all time. Ever. Romance and elegance and fun all wrapped up in a pretty parcel and tied with a little bit of sexy ribbon. LOVE. LY.

  2. love the dress very unquie and the colour is so pretty and elegant. Best bridesmaid dresses I have seen in a long time. Looks like a lot of fun which is what its all about xxx

  3. These photos are magnificent, no wonder they are so happy with them! The Al Green Record present bought a lump to my throat, what a sweet thought. They are obviously very well loved as a couple. Oh what a lovely wedding x

  4. OMG! I think these are my favourite photos ever! Absolutely every one is a diamond. What lucky lucky folks to have their day frozen in time in these pictures!!

    The bride comes across soo lovely. Not a bit of wonder everyone had a total blast, I wish I was there! xo

  5. Good grief. Hearty heart heart heart.

    This wedding looks so much fun, and I love that they’re all having a ball.


    P.S I need those Scrabble letters in a frame.

  6. Love it! We have scrabble elements in ours so am biased!

    P.S. Royal wedding date announced, 29th April. Friday off work, woo hoo!

  7. Sarah B! We get the Tuesday off too because of the Queens Jubilee.

    A two day week! I’m taking them off to camp out and get my spot!

    RMW report from just outside the Abbey.

    I am freakishly excited!

  8. Really? I didn’t know that! I thought is was a 4 day week, a 3 day week then a 4 day week. Not that I’m sniffing at an extra day off of course! Will come in handy right before our wedding!

  9. This wedding looks like it had such a lovely atmosphere! Pictures are gorgeous! I love those scrabble letters in the frame too and I soooo badly want to see a picture of the giant cupcake on the top of the cake stand! I want to share a giant cupcake with my man then all the guests can have normal sized cupcakes, hhmmmmm yum! Sorry, got carried away.


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