Simplicity For The Senses.

The images of Aline and Philipp taken by Troistudios are some of the most evocotive I’ve seen so far in my blogging career.

Their wedding was a simple and intimate affair in the village of Nebel on the island of Amrum and I can feel and sense everything. I can smell the sea. I can feel the heat of the sun on my skin. And there is such a great big tidal wave of love going on between the bride and groom and their baby girl that you may actually need a life-jacket.

Detail wise we’re somewhat limited. But I’ll be honest – I couldn’t care less. When you’ve got sand dunes, a scattering of sweetpeas and limitless sunshine you don’t necessarily need the worlds most unique table plan.

Happy Monday you gorgeous lot you.

From Afar

We married on May 26th in the village Nebel on Amrum Island (North Sea) / Germany. We live in the South of Germany roughly 900 km away from Amrum Island. This means that we and all our wedding party went for a holiday in order to attend our wedding. Therefore, the weddding party was small and organizing everything from a distance was quite a challenge.


I wore a small hair accessory, a hair slide by Oakland. The jewellery I wore are keepsakes (earrings I bought in Bali and a necklace from my childhood.)

The wedding ceremony took place in the living room of a historic captain’s home that usually serves as a museum.

We celebrated our wedding with a small champagne reception by the sea organized by a wine bar called “Weinfriese”, a lunch at the Hotel Huettmann in Norddorf on Amrum Island and an evening of tappas and wine in the wine bar Weinfriese in Nebel on Amrum Island.

Walking Tall

I picked shoes with high heels in a colour that matched the dress. Since we had to walk a bit to get to our ceremony I picked shoes made of soft leather that I was able to walk in quite well. The brand is Singh S. Madan.

Comfortable Elegance

I bought the dress from Peek & Cloppenburg a German fashion store chain. The brand of the dress is Mariposa which exclusively sold in Peek & Cloppenburg stores. Although we had such a easy going wedding I wanted a dress that let no doubt who the bride was. That dress was perfect: comfortable but elegant.

Natural Whites

I chose a very natural look for my hair and makeup, since the wedding was not too formal. I did the hair and make-up myself.

The flowers in the bouquet and the table centers were white peonies. The florist was Anika Mai of Bluetenschmiede in Nebel on Amrum Island.


Our wedding party was very small so we didn’t have formal bridesmaids or groomsmen. Philipp’s suit was by Masterhand, the shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt and shoes by J. Briggs.

Sense The Atmosphere

Hanni Wurm and Marcus Gründel from Troistudio Photography in Berlin. Hanni and Marcus have the ability to not just capture memories or moments in their pictures but the entire atmosphere and feeling of that special day.

Break First

Because all our wedding guest stayed the next day we decided to make a “cake breakfirst”. We ordered a wonderful traditional cake called “Friesentorte”. The local bakery “Cafe Schult” is very famous for that cake.

Good Food and Fine Wine

We did not have formal entertainment. In the evening we all went to a local wine bar where we had tappas and wine. The owners let our favorite music play, we had good wine, food and talks…

Spreading The Love

We will have a second wedding in September 2012, where the church wedding will take place with approx. 100 guests and a big wedding party. The wedding on Amrum island was “just” the civil marriage. We decided to seperate both weddings because we wanted to have our own intimate feast with just a handful of guests, a special location and no stress.

A lot of friends told us, that they can not really remember their own wedding because they had so much stress on their special day. On the other hand we also wanted to celebrate our wedding with all of our friends and families. So celebrating two weddings was our solution for that “problem”. We are looking forward to our big party in September but are very lucky that we had our very special moment on Amrum island with nearly just the two of us.

Brides Gown – Mariposa at Peek and Cloppenberg
Groom’s Suit – Masterhand
Photography – Troistudios

Ever fancy throwing caution to the wind and just running away just the two of you…eloping as it were?

Oh, and I love that delicate hair chain/clip Aline is wearing A LOT.

Big Tidal Wave Of Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

8 thoughts on “Simplicity For The Senses.

  1. Such a beautiful wedding to brighten up this very dreary and wet Monday morning (seriously I just spent 15 minutes under the blow dryers at work trying to dry myself off)

    I love the simplicity of it all, a lovely reminder of what it’s all about really! I also love the dress, absolutely goregous, and I LOVE the sweetpeas. They are going to play a big part in our wedding flowers, so these pics are going straight in my scrapbook!


  2. What beautiful pictures for rainy Monday morning!
    Especially love the one in the rattan beach shelter, so cute 🙂
    And agree with Tabitha – the sweetpeas look gorgeous

  3. This wedding is lovely, i love seeing more intimate weddings as this is just what we are attempting to do on for our wedding….THIS FRIDAY!!!
    Small and simple with close family and friends, not everyones idea of the perfect day but it suits us and has really taken the stress out of the day and allowed us time to concentrate on us!!!

    I love the relaxed feel of the wedding pictured.


  4. @Vicky – Hope you have a fabulous day 🙂 x
    @Charlotte – I can never grow anything, when I finally get a garden I think I’ll have to get a gardener or just have a jungle! heehee

  5. @Charlotte and @Rebecca – I really wanted to grow some for our wedding and then realised that was a stupid idea and I would end up with no sweet peas at our wedding. Every plant I touch tends to die immeditately! But what a romantic thought 🙂

    Someone get me on that beach now please, so I can wear a beautiful white dress like this one and frolick with my soon to be husband xxx

  6. Stunning and “stimmungsvolle” pictures of a wonderful couple… and yes their daughter really is just as adorable as she appears!

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