Sitting Pretty.

So it’s Monday morning. I know, again, what happened to the ruddy weekend?!

Anyways, I have a rather personal question for you folks…


What did you wear to bed last night?

A split-to-the-thigh silky slip? Some cute gingham boy shorts and matching skimpy vest? A frilly baby doll number perhaps?

Shall I tell you what I wore?

Some age 12 to 13 Betty Boop Pyjama’s from Asda.

Glamorous? erm no. Cheap? well yes, the one benefit of being a short arse is that I can invest in the occasional piece of children’s throw away supermarket fashion.

I’m quite sure that there’s not many of you that makes an every-night effort to look red carpet ready between the sheets (and if you do then can you please leave me some tips and time allocation advice in the comments box?) but I’ll tell you one regret of mine. And that’s not bothering to don something sophisticated/pretty/elegant for those all important preparation-with-your-best-girls for W-day images.


I forgot. Completely. And as I was a good few hours away from home had nothing but a pair of ripped hipster denims and a grey hooded top that had frankly, seen better days. In fact, there is one rather amusing shot taken by one of my maids in which I am stood in front of the mirror, fancy designer Bridal Gown reflected in the glass…. with my knickers prominently poking over the top of my jeans.

Yes that’s right lovelies, on W-day this blog Queen resembled a slightly more feminine version of a cross between Mark Wahlberg circa 1990 and Dappy off of N-Dubz.

So it got me thinking. If I had my time again for those all important make-up/hair/champagne drinking pics what would I wear?

Sophisticated Comfort

I am usually a two piece kinda girl, and if I do ever venture for a slightly more daring silk negligee or indeed some pin flashing shorts then a chunky cardi or jumper keeps you covered and cosy..

Ever heard of Hush? they do lovely Pj’s in a fetching star print (so this season!) and feminine florals as well as a selection of slips, shorts, vest tops and (yep you guessed it….) gorgeous knitwear.

Play Time

For those who are uber confident and don’t mind showing some skin or just looking for something a little more summery/Honeymoon focused then how’s about a sexy playsuit?

From left, flowery, feathery or pale blue stripes all at La Senza, from £15 to £25.

I know. Bargain.

Luxury Loungewear

If you don’t fancy nightwear as such have you considered loungewear? there is a whole bunch of luxury items available for you to sit around looking positively lovely in….

Top left and bottom right, appropriately named Lounge Lover at Net-A-Porter do delicious jersey items such as sweat pants, swishy capes and this to-die-for jumpsuit. And if that’s a bit out of your price range John Lewis stock some flattering vintage-esque prints by Queen of kitsch Cath Kidston.

An RMW Favourite

We’ve mentioned them on more than one occasion and just recently RMW Bride Katy wore a Plum Pretty Sugar robe for her W-day preparations that was so delectable lots of you wanted to know where you could find one similar.

Plum Pretty Sugar have a range of camisoles, tanks, dresses and kimono’s in a range of the most beautiful silks and prints. I would like the entire range please Santa.

So let me ask you lovelies, have you decided what you will be wearing?

All you marrieds out there – did you purchase any pretty items specifically for the morning of the big day?

Any of you who in actual fact couldn’t give a monkey’s and would be quite happy in your Asda children’s department special? 😉

Oh, and if you have any recommendations for stockists of warm, long-sleeved but non frumpy PJ’s then I would LOVE to know please.

Big Betty Boop Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

37 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty.

  1. I wore nothing. As that isn’t an option for W-Day morning with my maids I’m going to rock some rather lovely Rigby and Peller.

    Have you seen JP’s new range? Pricey but DELISH. I want to rub them on my face.

  2. Hey… Lastnight I wore to bed… Abercrombie bottoms and t shirt with a cute deer jumper from topshop over and I even wore socks… I love being all cosy and slept so well… no romance for me lastnight!!
    Saying this I have just bought a Floral kimono from Topshop for the morning of my wedding!
    Was hard to find something pretty and not too expensive x

  3. I wore big pink pants. To bed, that is. On W-day morning I imagine I shall wear something I already own, since our wedding is uber-low budget, I won’t be buying something to wear before The Dress goes on, I’ll just pull on a vest top and some PJ bottoms from Sainsburys and have done. To be honest I’ve never looked all casually glam and attractively tousled in my life, it’d be a lie to look that way on my big day! So I’ll look like the jumbled erratic mess I always look like, but a really happy mess 🙂


  4. I also wore Asda PJs last night! They were actually a gift from my soon-to-be MIL and they have little scottie dogs on them.

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I am currently trying to decide what to wear on the morning of my wedding, which is 2 weeks from yesterday! Thinking of going down the loungewear route. Now just have to find affordable grey cashmere…

    Definitely getting that blue and white stripy playsuit for honeymoon bedtimes though! 🙂

  5. I wore a vest and pants.
    For my big W day (10 days ago!) I purchased some gorgeous, soft cream pj long bottoms with lace around the bottoms and tiny grey dots, and a cream strappy top with matching lace…. from primark! They looked fab, very comfy and for the princely sum of £7.50. I’d left it late and had no money left!

  6. M&S are stocking some goegeous mushroom/dusky plum loungewear at the minute, complete with angora cardigans. I want the whole set for Xmas!
    Can always count on M&S for good sleepwear/undies eh!?
    (God I sound like my mother….)

  7. i wore a flowery nighty!! (a nice one though, not a weird granny type one) that mr chose from debenhams!

    i wore a soft grey ted baker slippy thing on the morning of the wedding, (plus my huge fluffy white slippers, v glamourous no?) I picked it out ages before and saved it for the day but now i wear it all the time because its made of lovely soft t-shirty type fabric, plus it reminds me of the chaos of getting ready with all my maids/sisters!

    i definitely need some new pyjamas for winter though so bring on the recommendations

    mrs x x

  8. I drool over Agent Provocateur’s ivory lace Kimono, but at somewhere close to £500, this will not be what I will be posing in the morning of my wedding. However, I had indulged in one of their baby dolls, and corsets, for later. They do a vest with a burlesque type lady sitting in a martini glass with her veil on and garter, its super soft and comfy, but also super sexy, good combo for wearing to bed. All of these things are still sitting in their beautiful pink box, wrapped in black tissue, and tied with a black ribbon, waiting for me to wear. Cant wait.
    Oh. And last night I wore jasper conran jammie bottoms, so soft, and a white vest top. Not so AP. But a girl cant be glam every second of the day. xx

  9. I actually wore one of the Plum Pretty Sugar numbers – the one which is top left!

    It was rather a last minute purchase, as I couldn’t find anything else that I liked. I also figured I couldn’t really wear my scruffy vest and pyjama bottoms… and I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear something that I had to pull over my head after having my hair done!


  10. Ladies, I knew I could count on you for super stylish nightwear tips 😉

    @Laura C – off to M & S I go….

    @Hazel – I think you may be my idol. I went on AP to find some items for this post and refrained due to the $$$$. I fell in love with the Juno robe though (£750…..!!!) I am uber jealous of your pink box full of pretty treats.

    Charlotte xxx

  11. My sleepwear pretty much resembles my daywear in that it’s usually either grey, navy, or striped! This badboy is a particular favourite! It’s sold out now but i’ve got a couple of sets from All Saints and I love them.

    For my sisters wedding I picked up some lovely silky pj’s for the 4 bridesmaids in Primarni of all places. She had been looking for matching sets for us for months and I stumbled across them one day. Snapped up for the grand sum of £16!

  12. Hahahah, thank you. My sister and I went to london, and I knew what I was going to spend my pennies on. Here is the link for the vest top, not quite as outrageous as the Kimono. hahahah

    But I will say this, if you buy Agent Provocateur, your groom will never ever complain about the price, due to how amazing you will look. Well. He might complain about £700. hahaha

  13. I remembered! I had a lovely floral kimono that I bought from House of Fraser. It was quite bright and has shown up really well in the photos. So glad I thought ahead with this.
    Normally though, it’s primark pjs and if he’s lucky they might match!

  14. I wore jammies from Primark last night – cute cropped jersey bottoms (cream with pink & blue heart print) and a pink vest top, all for the grand price of £7….comfy, cute and cheap – perfect!

    I’ll probably be in Primark again on W day too – I’m on a tight budget and their jammies are unbeatable value.

  15. I wore my “Christmas pyjamas” and a pair of socks! Glam!

    I’ve been thinking about what nightwear to have for the night before the wedding. I am leaning towards a playsuit and a nice chunky cardi. In my mind I have visions of having my hair done, then wrecking it by pulling a tshirt over my head. So a playsuit is both pretty and practical!

    I would like one of the Plum Pretty sets as well though, if I’m honest!

  16. Last night I wore fleecy pj bottoms and nowt else! Saucy…
    On w-day I wore a pair of cream shorts from a set of nightwear, with a brown vest top which had secret support in it. I planned to have my dressing gown on and cover my modesty a bit but it was too hot so in the end I didn’t bother. I could have had perkier boobs in some of the getting ready shots, but I really didn’t want to put a bra on first thing and risk red strap marks. So it was a trade off, slightly less well supported boobs in favour of blemish-free shoulders later in the day!

  17. I had snoppy pjs on last night! So glam.

    I’m with you Charlotte and completely forgot to sort some special getting ready jammies! I’d planned to but didn’t get it sorted in the rush that was the week before so just ended up wearing a summer dress I already owned. We had to go out to the hairdressers so I just had a shower in the morning and got dressed. Don’t think a lace kimono would have seemed appropriate at the hairdressers anyway!

    I’m off to Primark and M&S for some winter PJ shopping!


  18. Oooooh – the getting ready outfit is about the only thing I HAVE got for my wedding next May –

    As a rather large busted lady I was panicking about looking, frankly, rubbish as I tend to wear BIG hair, BIG makeup and don’t quite pull off the au naturale look.

    I shop in Bravissimo to fit my ample bust and they do delightful nightwear with integral soft cup bras – I saw this one months and months ago and thought it would be perfect for getting ready shots – the cream silk with the back tie is very weddingy and special, a bit vintagy so a slick of red lipstick wouldn’t look amiss, but also super comfy AND perky boobs. Winner.

  19. I wore my I <3 Dragonflies T-shirt last night (That I had cleverly bought myself and all BMs to wear on W-day morning (dragonfly theme u see) before realising that T-shirts = messed up hair and make-up when you get changed! Doh!)

    On W-day I wore a long Kimono my Mum's friend made for me from some beige and green fabric I found in Malaysia – specifically for the wedding day! Underneath I wore my white and beige heart print shorts (never actually worn them as shorts – only bed-wear for me!) from Tesco and a white vest. And a little bride badge just to be clear 😉

  20. Ok, I’m blaming Charlotte for the loss of £50 this morning on the Hush website!!

    Had to have those vintage rose pjs, so cute! Great post though, I hadn’t even considered what I’d wear to get ready, knowing me I’d have done the classic ‘trying-to-get-pj-top-over- head-whilst-hair-in-rollers-dance’ whilst the photographer snapped away!!

    Em x

  21. Oh my god a PJ post! I love!
    I have an absolute fetish with nightwear! I literally have boxes full of it and love it all equally!
    If you after some long sleeved not too pricey PJ’s Charlotte Matalan have some lovely ones at the mo, I just purchased some nautical ones with a cute hoodie jama top!

    Also vouch for M&S being fab for bedwear, last year I got a sort of kaftan thing that was floor length nighty type but all thick and cosy and winnie the pooh (yes childish).

    Love love pretty plum sugar and constantly compiling lists of things I want from there, espesh for wedding day and honeymoon!

    Also, the jumpsuits from la senza are really comfy and they have some fab sets, as well as regular jamas too.

    Last night I was on call thus wore scrubs (very pyjama like none the less), but when I jumped into bed middle of the night I chose my snuggly chequed pj bottoms with a mismatched spongebob t.shirt.

    This may be my fave post ever haha! xx
    P.S. Love some Calvin Klein loungewear, very stretchy and lovely to wear all day long! I truly would live in my PJ’s if I could! xx

  22. My fiances tshirt and some pj trousers i think from m& s they are rather old. I hadn’t even thought about getting ready photos besides which I only really want them done after I have most of my make-up done and non haystack hair. I guess something which buttons so I don’t mess my hair up when it comes to getting into the dress?

  23. You see, I tend to hate M&S for nightwear – there’s something icky about a grown woman with a simpering cartoon character emblazoned on her bosom.

    Did you see the negligee that Lady Wotsit had on in Downton Abbey last night? Now, THAT is what I’d like to look like when I go to bed. Instead I tend to wear a big t-shirt. Not glam, not sexy.

  24. I went to the store in Knightsbridge. Its all plush deep black carpet, and pink silk drapery. The ladies are dressed in vintage pink button up dresses, seamed stockings, and high heels. Its an experience all in itself.

    Then i walked around london all day with a big pink AP carrier bag, and got all kinds of “what is in THAT bag?” looks. Brilliant. xxxx

  25. I read this post yesterday and had a minor panic – the mother-in-law-to-be is coming to stay with me for a week as of Friday (in the country for a month so she’ll spend some time with me and some time with the boy on the base) and I suddenly realised that my “kill em all, let god sort em out” t-shirt and shorts that I’ve had for so long I fear they may even have holes in were’nt really going to be suitable if she happened to see me in my pjs! :S So whilst in Sainsburys last night I noticed some uber-cute checked pj bottoms and vest top in my wedding colour so they had to be bought 🙂 Would love to buy everything on the Plum Pretty Sugar website but, with a month til the wedding, cash flow is kinda drying up!

    For the morning of the wedding though I have (as well as my new pjs) my gorgeously cosy Boden cashmere dressing gown. Getting married in October doesn’t really lend itself to floral wisps of silk so cosy and snug is what I’m going for 🙂

    Wish I could have spent today in my pjs

    PS I didn’t pay the full whack for my dressing gown, I got it ridiculously reduced! 🙂

  26. I wore nothing. And I really hadn’t thought about the morning of my wedding in this respect. But now it is going in the note book! It would be nice to get some new PJ’s for my bridesmaids and mum and mum in law. And me obviously. Ooo new pretties!

  27. I wore a dressing gown/kimono my mum bought in hong kong when she was pregnant with me. And it was the one she took to hospital when she had me its beautiful white silk and seemed appropriate, Was lovely.
    If anyone knows of a uk based kimono maker like the fabulLous plum pretty sugar I’d love to hear of them!!

  28. Oh so much lovliness!!! I do love lounge and bed wear! I bought a lovely floral silky dressing down from La Senza to get ready in and then I wore the floral Teddy from La Senza (first one on last set of pictures) on my wedding night/morning! Neither were very ‘bridal’ but couldn’t find anything else I liked! I want to go shopping now….

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