Sky Blue Peach… Part 3

It’s the final Part of this Sky blue and Peach rustic DIY extravaganza of a wedding. I knew there was plenty to stretch out over 3 posts but this one truly is a marathon of inspiring style and design.

Without further ado I’ll hand you back over to the extraordinarily talented couple – Becky and Steve.

Decorating The Wedding Breakfast

The place names were created using luggage tags we bought from a stationer; we printed all our guests’ names in the same script font that we had used on the invites – they worked really well and resembled the ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ labels from Alice In Wonderland.

One of my favourite things about the wedding was the miss-matching crockery that we hired for the entire meal – from dinner and side plates to tea cups and sugar bowls, every piece was completely different and totally unique. This really did give our wedding the truly vintage theme that we wanted and was so easy to organise, we hired all the crockery from a selection at The Crockery Cupboard and Idyllic Days.

We found an idea online that we thought was a great way to bring a bit of personality to wedding – we designed and created ‘In Case You Were Wondering…’ cards that we popped into home-made cork holders and displayed on each table. These revealed to the guests some interesting facts about the day – such as where the wedding ale was sourced. Not only did they look cute but they were also a great conversation starter!

Inside the barn – Bonbon dishes, bursting with flowers and draped with strings of pearls, were placed in the middle of the tables. On the top table we wanted something slightly different – we used old jam jars, vases and jugs that we had at home, filled them with flowers and scattered them along the front of the table.

Not Just Any Cake…

We decided to keep the budget down on the cake and didn’t want to splash out £650 for a fancy fruit cake or grandiose gateau. Instead we found a delicious sponge cake from Marks & Spencer – it was covered with a double layer of white chocolate icing and decorated with beautiful chocolate sugar-paste roses, it honestly tasted like heaven.

We did think about cupcakes but felt that the simplistic design of the cake was in keeping with the 50’s vintage theme.

Sweet Tooth Favours!

We did so much research on wedding blogs and in magazines during the planning of the wedding – there are so many fantastic ideas to borrow, no matter what type of wedding you want. One of the ideas I loved every time I came across it, was the sweet table – we bought tons of our favourite sweets, and used them to fill old jars, cake stands and Bonbon dishes. We bought brown sweetie bags and used a rubber ‘LOVE’ stamp to decorate them.

We also made a ‘SWEET LOVE’ sign by buying die cut card on ebay and ribbon from a haberdashery – the font was downloaded for free from
Everyone also had their own fortune cookie waiting at their place on the table.

In and around the venue we also used a few other bits and bobs to personalise the day – we made signs, rented bunting from Idyllic Days and used objects and items from our home. We have a couple of retro Tea Chests that we use as bed side tables – they originate from Kenya (our honeymoon destination), so were perfect for us to use in the barn.

We decided against a formal guest book but instead had a message table where we provided tags and handmade origami hearts – we asked our friends and family to write us notes and peg them up. At the end of the big day we had tons of touching messages to treasure forever!

We also created a photo booth where we gave guests the opportunity to dress up and use props to take photos of themselves. It was a great way for us to see our guests having fun, as well as giving Steve and I a giggle after the wedding!

Dancing The Night Away

We hired a string duo to play before, during and after the ceremony. I walked down the aisle to Air by Bach, but due to the violinist being massively delayed we had to play it from my iPod and blast it into the garden. During the signing of the wedding certificate the strings played a piece called La Valse from one of our favourite films Amelie and walking back up the aisle we chose Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba. The strings created a lovely ambience during the ceremony and reception drinks, they played a mix of old and new while we served Corona and Pimms to all our guests.

During the wedding breakfast we played old-school Jazz from an iPod playlist – songs included Four Brothers by Woody Herman and Dizzy’s Business by Dizzy Gilespie. This was loved by both the older and younger guests – with the two littlest dancing throughout.

For the evening reception we hired a fantastic singer called Aydenne Simone – Steve and I went to see her play in a tiny venue in Wimbledon and were blown away by her incredible voice. She played alongside her band The Jazz Culture Band – made up of a pianist, sax, drummer and guitarist. They played some absolute classics – Fever, Hit The Road Jack, Five-Ten-Fifteen Hours are just a few examples.

Late into the evening we had a disco – we compiled an iPod playlist playing songs that were guaranteed to get everybody on the dance floor. We transformed one section of the barn by changing the lighting, using blue bulbs and setting up a hired disco ball. It turned out to be a fab way of creating a bar vibe without having to hire any entertainment or furnishing.

Steve and I played around with the idea of doing something gimmicky for our first dance – we both love Tarantino and thought about re-enacting the famous dance from Pulp Fiction, when Mia and Vincent do the twist at Jack Rabbit Slim’s. After thinking about it seriously we agreed we could never pull it off and that it may diminish the elegance of the day – plus it’s been done many times before.

A song that means a lot to both of us is Eric Clapton’s ‘You look wonderful tonight’. When we were 17 we went on holiday with a couple of friends to Torrevieja in Spain – one night we decided to go to an English pub where they were doing karaoke and Steve surprised me by jumping on the mic to sing it to me in front of, what felt like, 100 people. It made the perfect song choice for our first dance.

Advice From a Newly Wed

You don’t have to spend a fortune to do things well – there really are tons of Do It Yourself ideas and templates online for the taking, which only make your day all the more personal and unique. Don’t feel that you have to go designer, you can find things just as beautiful and quirky on the high street – it really is what you make it.

I included that last image, no doubt intended for thank you cards, because I wanted to say thank you – to Becky and Steve for allowing us to share their day in all it’s glorious detail, and also to Guy Collier for capturing the details so beautifully alongside the moving images, which tell the story of this unique day so perfectly.

It’s a Peach, don’t you agree?

Yours Truly,


Guy Collier is a Rock My Wedding Sponsor, however all real wedding submissions are chosen on individual merit and no part of this wedding has been sponsored.

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

28 thoughts on “Sky Blue Peach… Part 3

  1. Wow, absolutely glorious! The photographs really bring it to life, and there are so many little touches that I love – not least the luggage tags-cum-place names, which was actually what we did for our wedding! – and I’m off to google tea chests now…. 🙂

  2. I visit all the time, not because I am getting married but because I love weddings and I love the creativity that so many of the couples capture on their big day. I have never left a message about any of the other weddings but I have thoroughly LOVED coming back online to see the next instalment of this wedding. It is by far my favourite. Beautiful and unique without looking too ‘try hard’ or gimicky. Absolutely stunning and I hope to return to this wedding for ideas and inspirations when I get engaged 🙂

  3. My favourite part of the trilogy by miles, you can really see the hard work thats been put in to this wedding. Very pretty.


  4. So many lovely touches. Does anyone know where the table number holders are from? Love them! And the bag holder/blackboard thing (!) on the sweetie table?

  5. Fabulous details in there! I think I spy a couple of downloads from – great to see them put in to practice (or if they’re not from there, seeing how they could be!). This is a fantastic example of how you can tie all of the wonderful internet and individual finds together. Super congratulations! I love it!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Can I ask how you printed on the luggage tags – did you send it through your home printer or get them professionally done? So, so lovely!

  7. All the DIY features are so inspiring!! You can see how much love and hard work has gone into creating such a peachy day. Becky I NEED those table number frames ; ) where did you find them? xx

  8. This whole wedding is absolutely stunning!!!
    Where can I find some more info on the ‘In Case You Were Wondering…’ cards? xx

  9. Oooh, just beautiful and plenty of ideas to take inspiration from. Also love the idea of the “in case you were wondering” cards.. endless possibilities there!

  10. Thanks Sarah B – the link is working and Guy has also published this afternoon his own blog post on the wedding, so anyone looking for a few extra shots can head over there to get another fix 🙂

    I loved doing this wedding. So nice to see you guys loved it too.


  11. Loving all the details in part 3. As a bride-to-be I can really see the time and effort that has gone into making this so special

  12. This is my benchmark. If I can pull off a wedding as gorgeous, inspiring, fun, detailed and interesting as this one… I will be one happy bride indeed.
    Thank you for sharing this. It’s been my favourite wedding so far.
    Also, Guy, the shot with the girls all sitting on the floor and the dress hanging up is absolutely amazing!!

  13. I love this wedding! It’s right up my street, beautiful and natural and all about the love! Congratulations to the bride and groom for a stunning and very well thought out and planned wedding. I also want to know where the shelf is from please!!! xxxx

  14. thank you for sharing – its just full of gorgeous-nessness!

    can i ask how you did your photobooth – i really (x one million) want one but don’t think we can afford the price tage of an actual real one

    thank you muchly,

    l x

  15. I love love love this wedding, it incorporates so many of my favourite DIY touches, so inspiring, natural and all over lovely! X x

  16. Hi girls, another MASSIVE thank you for all your amazing comments!!! Its so nice to hear everyone’s lovely feedback on our big day!!! Philippa, your comment made me smile the most, thank you so much!

    Sorry for the late reply – I was at a wedding all day yesterday and spent most of Thursday travelling up there. I have tried to answer everyone’s ques below (from all 3 posts), if I have missed anything just let me know. Thanks again!

    Anna K, I promised to check this for you and I have – the shade of the Benefit lipstick is My Treat.

    Fliss, the peach ties and hankies were sourced by our Tailor – if you call Ben from Stafford Tailoring ( he will be able to help you out.

    Marianne & Hearnea the OOTD template was downloaded from Martha Stuart – I designed both sides in Photoshop, printed onto card and used lolly sticks to glue in between.

    Robyn, the ale is from Crondall Brewery ( and cost about £140 for 72 pints – it was delivered and collected from the venue on the day.

    Pip, Shooey & Rachel, the table number frames were from TK MAX home – actually so were the white blackboards that we used on the Sweetie and Wishes tables. I don’t think you can buy them any more but you may be able to find them on somewhere like ebay.

    Sarah, yep we did use wedding chicks – it’s a great site for downloads and inspiration.

    Emma, the font used on the Table Plan and the place names is called Mutlu Ornamental – if you google free fonts and the name you should be able to download it for free.

    Henden, the luggage tags were from WH Smiths. To print the guests names / table lists we just ran it through our home printer. I made the Table plan using wallpaper and emulsion white wash so had to do the header on this free hand which was a little more tricky.

    Laura, we made the In Case You Were Wondering cards ourselves. We bought card from Rymans, designed both sides in Photoshop, printed and stuck back to back. For the holders – we used wine corks for all guest tables and champagne corks for the top table. We simply collected these over the months before the wedding and stuck them together with UHU.

    Lucy, the Photobooth was actually quite easy to do and so much fun. We collected bits and bobs from around the house (retro radio, LOVE letters and gold picture frame), we bought a chalk board from ebay (which we also planned to use for the Thank You cards), we have a big Fancy Dress chest at home so used loads of bits and bobs from here too. We also downloaded a moustache template from and bought 2 x giant chop sticks from ebay to make them. It worked really well and was pretty easy to pull together, we were lucky enough to borrow an SLR camera and tripod from work, if you don’t know anyone with one I think you can hire them. Hope this helps!

    Much love. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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