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Sleeveless Wedding Dress for Home Marquee Wedding with DIY Decor

BUDGET £25 – 27.5K

Rachel and Wayne added lots of personal touches to this Boho Marquee Wedding by County Marquees, with an Adrianna Papell sleeveless wedding dress, dream catchers and a rustic vegan wedding cake by Earth Cake Bristol. This dream garden wedding was captured by Francesca Hill Photography and styled by the bride and the groom, they both worked together and got creative with DIY decor including hanging paper lanterns and a mirror table plan, this couple definitely put their own stamp on a beautiful day!


“It was in my parents garden- which had always been my dream! This gave us the freedom to really create our dream wedding and put our stamp on things. We gave Rachael from Sweet Peony pretty much free rein over the flowers- she knew where we wanted them but she did everything else and we couldn’t have been happier! Our best friend taking the ceremony and us saying our own vows topped it off. Wayne and I did a joint speech- it meant a lot to me as I wanted to be part of thanking everyone for helping us and being there to celebrate with us.” – Rachel & Wayne

Sleeveless Wedding Dress

Bridal Lane Usk supplied this high neck sleeveless wedding dress by Adrianna Papell, which teamed beautifully with the bride’s boho up-do and flower hair decorations. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous grey dresses from Watters and had hoop bouquets by Sweet Peony, all these touches come together to complete this dreamy summer wedding.


“Our vibe was ‘us’ – everything we chose or made was something we loved and knew our guests would too. We had free reign to create this dream wedding where there were no compromises. We wanted something relaxed and personal- I love the boho vibe so made lots of dreamcatchers and had wooden details everywhere. Wayne made structures like a large light-up triangle- we’d seen it on a tv show and I mentioned how good it would look at our wedding- next thing I know, wood, copper piping and light bulbs arrived and he got to work! “ – Rachel & Wayne

One of this couples top tips is to get a huge whiteboard and sit down together to plan, they created lots of personal DIY touches which have since been added around their new home as memories for their incredible day. If you fancy getting creative have a look at our tutorial to make your very own DIY Hoop Bouquets.

Photography by Francesca Hill Photography
Author: Olivia Smith

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