Smooth Operator.

Charlotte: You know how the majority of the population have some weird quirk or phobia or whatever? (every inch of me at this point is hoping and praying that a lot of you are waving your hands about saying yes! me! me!)….well mine is hair. As in hair on your body anywhere. On your bonce, your brows and your lash line absolutely fine (in most cases the more the better in those areas) but everywhere else? nope, nada, not-if-I-can-help-it-thank-you-very-much.

I couldn’t tell you what my under arm hair looks like because I’ve never seen it. As soon as I hit my mid-teens I was like the Boudicca of the Bic, a modern day warrior hosting a private daily war against my unyielding follicles – the razor being my ultimate weapon of choice.

Thank God I am naturally fair.

And it hasn’t ever changed. Every shower out comes the four-blade and the Waitrose vegetable soap (I’ve tried everything and this gives the best glide/silky results I’ve found), so practiced am I that I swear I can do a total body overhaul in under sixty seconds. I reckon I could even achieve 100% (and nick-free) smoothness blind-folded if the situation ever arose.

Now then, I missed out one teeny weeny detail (look away now as this may be frankly TMI*)…..

Apart from a small and very neat razored landing strip my entire bikini area gets waxed. All of it. Always have done, ever since I was seventeen and one of my best girls (she of dragon tattoo fame as it happens) told me about “Michelle”.

Michelle is known around the city of Birmingham as the Queen Bee of the Brazillian, the heroine of the full-on Hollywood. I am not about to tell you big fibs and say it doesn’t hurt (it ruddy does) but it’s over quickly and once you’ve had it done a few times, at least in my case, you just grit your teeth and bear it.

When I first met Michelle her first words to me were “I take no prisoners” (she wasn’t flippin’ lying) and after the initial embarrassment of having your legs akimbo in front of some stranger whilst sporting a pair of paper panties, I can vouch for the fact it is definitely worth it.

My only issue is the weeks in-between where it has to grow back….*shudders*….but at least the hair becomes gradually finer and lasts a hell of a lot longer than the stubble-inducing effects of anything by Gilette would have down there.

Jenny: I’m not much of a hair removal expert. I had two experiences of a bikini line wax, and vowed I would never put myself through it again. In fact, having given birth, I would go as far to say that I would take giving birth over a bikini wax any day!

When I lived with my best friend Emma, I was introduced one morning to a sound coming from the kitchen that only caused me to be curious, and find out what it was. What I found, was her standing at the sink, with her leg cocked up on the draining board, and she was epilating her legs. This didn’t seem at all odd to me, the kitchen is an obvious place to defuzz, right? What did seem odd is that she didn’t flinch an eyelid whilst doing said defuzzing. I let her try it on me, and I still remember the pain even now, 7 years down the line. Just something you need to get used to, she told me. Yeah ok, I think I will stick to my shaving routine ta very much.

My pre-wedding hair removal was not as planned. I had organised to have my friend Donna round – who runs a very successful beauty therapy business and always gives the most awesome mani/pedis, to give me the waxing of my life. Head to toe (literally, who likes hairy toes? not a good look!). What actually happened was I found out I was pregnant with William 7 weeks before the wedding, and ladies if you have been pregnant before you will be able to relate to this, my hair growth went crazy. I would shave my legs in the morning, and by that very evening I would be so stubbly I would cause friction burns if I accidentally rubbed my legs together.

So faced with the waxing/would rather give birth dilemma I couldn’t face the pain and wussed out. So I tried the hair removal creams, what a load of old cack they were, perhaps I didn’t leave them on long enough but I didn’t get the smooth defuzzed skin the instructions promised. I think with hair removal, the only way is pain. If it doesn’t hurt, you’re going to be a hairy mary. That’s just the way it is. So I stocked up on the best lady razors I could find, and kept on top of the fuzz daily. Epilation is torture, as is waxing, that’s my conclusion!

Naomi: I always used to think I was a bit hairy. But that was in comparison to the ‘boys’ I was dating. Then… I got me a man.

Gavin is all kinds of hairy. In fact we joke about his hairiness quite often. I call him things like ‘monkey’ and ‘Sancho’ (because he looks like a hairy Mexican). I love it. It’s very ggrrr arrgg.

But on me? Not so much.

In comparison to Gavin I am as bald as Matt Lucas. However, I expect Gavin to partake in a bit of manscaping to keep things neat so it’s only fair I do the same.

Truth be told… I hate having any hair anywhere but my head. Being in eternal sunshine for the last 10 months with the pins out everyday certainly does wonders for the ladyscaping routine. I shave my legs and underarms constantly. I pluck or wax my eyebrows… more often than not pluck as I hate having to ‘grow’. And as for the bikini issue… I used to get a Brazilian religiously because I had the best Wax Lady in Edinburgh.  But then she got up the duff and gave birth right before my wedding (how rude!) so I had to find someone else.

I went to this dodgy salon with the coolest girl who told me all the sordid tales of being a Wax Lady. People prepping for swingers parties, men who wanted to watch. etc. Then, when she was down there she said “Why not take the whole lot off?” So I thought, nice wedding night surprise, go on then! Now let me be clear, at first I thought having it all off was a bit prepubescent for my likings, but once I did it, I instantly felt sexy. And that’s exactly what I’ll do when I find a decent Wax Lady in Perth. Which I’ve yet to find… and I’m spending a clean fortune on razor blades.

And for anyone who’s yet to wax… It hurts. It’s true.  But the results are so worth the mere seconds of pain. (Says she who couldn’t pluck up the courage to get her underarms waxed before wedding day, even after this post). As for the pain stakes however… nothing beats you crazy lot who like to epilate! I mean Holy Batman that sh*t hurts. Fair play to anyone who can endure said torture. However, I once knew a girl who liked to epliate her van doot… the actual whole thing. *Shudders*. Why would you do that?!

Vix: I have to say I’m a shaver always have been and always will be, I’m not going to lie – I find it a complete pain and my pet hate is stubbly legs, but it’s the only thing I can do without coming out in a rash and even shaving does that to my skin sometimes! It’s so awkward having sensitive skin I have given up the search of finding a different method to save disappointment.

I have only once braved the dreaded wax, it was the worst bodily experience I have put myself through, I don’t know why but for this first experience I booked a bikini wax – what a duurrrr brain!!! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees I have never felt pain like it, then came the allergic reaction – (I will save you the detail don’t worry) let’s just say I will never do it again, my razor is my best shower friend and I would definitely take one to my desert island as my luxury item (oh and my Max Factor False Lash Effect obviously!!)

I have tried hair removing cream, not sure if its just me being impatient but it just doesn’t get rid of all the hair and I get bored far to easily so I can’t be bothered to wait around for it to work.

So I find that a mix of pinching Malc’s Mac 3 (men’s razors are sooo much better that women’s don’t you think?) works best for me (by the way I do buy my own blades but sometimes use his foam) – what he doesn’t know wont hurt him anyway! ha ha ha!

So for our wedding (35 weeks to go!) I will be having a mass hair removing session on the morning, probably be in the shower for an hour getting every last one… then I’ll buff then do it again so I’m a proper smoothie-legged gal. Then, its razors again all the way for the H-moon.

Charlotte: So lovelies, do share your removal tricks with us and as it’s Monday morning what better time to have a laugh – please feel free to share your hair horror stories too (!) and of course what methods you have planned for W-day/the Moon.

Big Silky Love

Charlotte, Jenny, Naomi and Vix xxx

*TMI – Too much information…

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

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  1. Hahaha what a great start to the week! And I totally agree, my allergic reaction to a wax job was horrendous…*shudders at memory* I am now a full on believer in Veet sensitive hair removal cream, silky smooth pins (and anywhere else) for at least 4 days (better than a razor job) and it smells pretty fine too!
    I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough for epilating…my old uni housemates would swear by it the pain is just blinding!

    Have a great week girlies and Adam!

  2. Hi All – like Vix I’m also sensitive skin-typed when it comes to de-fuzz & even shaving with regrowth would cause a rash, so I saved up & treated myself to a course of laser hair removal (legs/toes/lip/bikini/underarm) again, fairly painful but the resulting significant reduction in hair growth is great! Also, what little does now grow back is fine & downy not like my usual coarse dark brown! Absolute result. After the wedding (6 weeks!) I’ll save again probably for a few top up sessions to get the couple of stubborn patches – in the mean time I now only need to shave every 2 or 3 weeks. 🙂

  3. @Charlie – a friend of my Mum’s has always used an epilator and now has about 4 hairs on her legs, I tried it once and nearly died from the pain. Does the Veet cream smell funny? I remember years ago the smell being so awful I couldn’t bring myself to use it – I’m sure things have moved on since then!

    @Sarah Wood – Laser sounds amazing!! how many sessions have you had? and can you shave in-between sessions?

    Charlotte xxx

  4. @Charlotte – totally with you on the irrational fear of hair growth. I defuzz every single day in the shower…I also shave all the way from my ankle right up to the very top of my leg…I have heard that this is bad for your skin and you should stop mid-thigh but I cannot…

    Also, on a kinda unrelated subject but one that I thought would be good for a Monday morning giggle.

    I am not good with any kind of pain. To the point where I cannot be in the room if there is even a brief description of anything medical being made…it makes the middle finger on my left had feel all funny and I swear to God, I can always feel a drip in my hand from when I was in hospital at 16…it;s like I am back there! I am a right girl and have been known to cry when having my blood pressure taken. Yes, real, full on, I can’t cope with this feeling tears. The Big C once picked me up from a routine doctors appointment and literally thought I had been told I was going to die my eyes were so red from tears.

    As such, you can imagine that I’m not all that great with a routine smear test. I’m not sure that any woman is but I imagine that I am in what a doctor might terms as the ‘particularly pathetic’ category.

    NURSE: “If you try and relax then it really will be less painful and it will be over a lot quicker. Feel how tense you are.”

    ME (out loud): Hhhhmmm, yes.

    ME (in head): Feel how tense you are! Let me stick that up you and see how relaxed you blinking well feel woman!

    NURSE: Next time you come, maybe you should bring a book with you to read. Take your mind of it.

    ME (out loud): Seriously, people bring books to this thing?! Honestly, whatever it is you are doing down there it had best not take long enough for me to get through two sentences, let alone a chapter! Bring a book?!

    NURSE: Ok, then, well what about a magazine? You could just look at the pictures…

  5. @charlotte they’ve added a new smell m’dear! The pink tube smells proper lush! I remember years ago my parents used to make me de-smell the house after Veeting because it stank so bad! Hahahaha x

  6. @Pamela – “Would you like to read a book?!” ummm no thanks I would like you to get it over with as soon as possible!. If it’s any consolation I often faint at needles, I’m not even that scared of them it just happens – even having my ears pierced.

    @Charlie – Lush?! really?! I may have to give that a go!

    Charlotte xxx

  7. Oh, this has tickled me – much like h2b’s chest hair!

    The first time I did my own DIY home bikini wax I pulled the strips in the wrong direction and nearly fainted from the combination of pain and all the blood 😮

    I hated the thought of “legs akimbo” with a stranger but when a best friend recommended a lady who waxed I decided to go for it. Said friend told me it didn’t really hurt when a professional did it so I went straight for the Hollywood… I could barely walk home! After the shock and the first few hours of looking like a plucked chicken had subsided I was so amazed with the results that I’ve been going back regularly for three years 🙂 @Charlotte – isn’t the in between growth a shame!

    Legs however are epilated as shaving doesn’t agree with them and waxing them all the time was too expensive. Does it hurt? Only at the start, now eight years later, three epilators later, I barely feel it, the hair grows back very fine and regrowth takes ages to appear.

    Trying to use the epilator on my armpits nearly killed me, I didn’t finish a whole one! Shaving there will always be a quick and easy solution.

    Roll on hairless (apart from my head!) wedding! Only 47 days to go and I could burst with excitement 🙂 xxx

  8. I’m a razor lady for the underarms, in the shower everyday! Legs though, for some reason they just don’t get hairy. They go from smooth to soft fuzz, and if I bother I make them back to smooth. I am definately blessed in that dept!

    Had my eyebrows waxed once and the girl took the top layer of skin off. No joke. I had scabby eyebrows for a week! I stick to tweezers or threading now.

    I gave myself a bikini wax once ala @Anj, but thankfully I did it right. First ever wax and it wasn’t so bad, and the results were fantastic (Veet fyi). I’m lazy though, and admit I just resort to the razor these days. I think i’ll have to man up and recruit the professionals for the big day though. I can’t be fussed working up the courage all over again to do another DIY hollywood….

    Not going back to that eyebrow girl though – hell to the no. So, if anyone could recommend a good wax lady in sheffield that would be grand! 🙂

  9. I’m with @Sarah Wood and have invested in laser hair removal on my legs. One word of caution though for those of you looking into this, I would defo shop around and look at the type of laser they use. I went for a patch test locally and it hurt like hell as they used an old laser machine. It pays to go for the newer ones as they are less painful and more effective on all skin types/hair colours.

    It is not cheap but for me has made a world of difference as I used to shave everyday and it would have grown back by midday!

    @Charlotte – you are encouraged to shave in between sessions but to be honest, I have not needed to very much!

  10. @Anj & @Laura C – you guys are seriously brave. Home bikini wax? I think the thought crossed my mind once, followed by nervous laughter and complete dismissal.

    @Charlie… I might give the new veet a go now if it doesn’t smell like burnt hair!

  11. Veet = the devil’s creation, I once had a few drinks for dutch courage before a date with my lovely husband to be (not the first date I may add, haha) and decided to get my veet on. Continuing with a few beverages while swathed in a towel, my flatmate suddenly looked at me and reminded me how long I had be swathed for… Cue jumping in the shower and realising I’d given myself blooming 3rd degree burns!!! I couldn’t even get my jeans on!!!

    My flatmates were obviously mighty helpful after they’d picked themselves back off the floor, and sorted an outfit for me – but the peels of laughter when Mr Lynsey turned up and the fact I was walking like John Wayne may have alerted him to the fact not all was well… So the moral of that story is (at least to me!) – avoid hair removal creams at all cost, even if you are a skint student! x

  12. My other half didn’t believe me when I told him how much epilating hurts, he’s quite a ‘blokey bloke’ and told me I was obviously just being a wimp…until I persuaded him to let me do a teeeeny tiny patch on his chest… I have never heard such a girlie scream, he literally ran away from me.

    I go through phases, I epilate my legs, until I suddenly need super smooth legs in a hurry and quickly shave them in the shower – then I shave for a few weeks before going back to it. I did my armpits with the epilator once and the thought still brings tears to my eyes – I’m pretty good with blood, but bleeding armpits are just wrong! Definitely stick to the razor there now!

    I’m tempted to get a bikini wax but I think it’s the legs akimbo in front of a stranger that puts me off. Bloody hate the post-razor stubble stage though so maybe I should just bite the bullet, especially for w-day/honeymoon smoothness! How long does it last for and how much does everyone pay please??!!


  13. For all those ladies here (and men!) who live in London, I have the most amazing lady who we call “Wendy the Midnight Waxer” – she only ever turns up at wine o’clock and will happily wax anything and everything – as I live in a great community we often hold evenings with said wine and nibbles and Wendy will join in happily. She uses lavender wax, which whilst it doesn’t take the pain away (the wine does this) then it does smell nice and soothing. Would recommend having a large pot of aloe vera gel nearby to soothe the baldy areas especially if you’re a newbie to waxing.

    I would also recommend Veet for sensitive skin is amazing (and Superdrug’s own brand isn’t too bad either, although you need to leave it on for about twenty minutes). My fiance has an (ew) hairy back which I manscape for him once a month so it’s nicely smooth and bare :o)

  14. Thank you for this! Hair removal isn’t something women often talk about publically but it’s definitely something most of us worry about!

    My big tip for brazilian bikini waxing, if you are of the hairier persuasion, is to find a waxer who uses a combo of hot and strip wax. Hot wax is less painful for the most sensitive areas (though it’s all relative!) but takes longer and is a massive faff for the rest. This is where strip wax comes in to speed things up!

    I tried Veet but the amount of mess, waiting around in my bathroom with my phone timer on countdown standing like a cowboy, for just a day or two longer without hair… I’ll stick to shaving my legs, thanks!

    The other thing I might invest in in the run up to the big day is an at-home IPL (intese pulsed light, bit like laser) system. It’s a handset you zap hair with, it’s supposed to really work and you don’t need expensive courses of salon treatment! Phillips (I think) and Boots do them.

    A x

  15. Shaving all the way. I have waxed and really don’t mind it but I can’t do it myself and I can’t afford to go to a salon regularly.

    The smoothest time of my life was when I lived with a beauty therapist. I was waxed, mani’d and pedi’d the whole time! Bliss.

    I think I’ll stick to shaving for the wedding but the honeymoon cruise a few months later may warrant a trip to the wax lady.

  16. Had my first bikini wax the year before last – how amazing. Wayy less embarrassing than I thought, and I seriously must have a high pain threshold (though I also really believe it’s all about a good waxer when it comes to the pain). Now have my armpits waxed regularly as shaving leaves them red and bobbly, but have to shave the legs as really hate waiting for re-growth, just feel manky mank. Charlotte- who is this wonder-woman-waxer in Brum?!

    Question – chest hair on a man or no?

  17. IPL laser all the way – would not go back to anything else. You can shave in between treatments and the hair that grows back is soft and fine. After about 6-8 treatments initially you are pretty much hair free and then you can have a top up treatment every year – or two a year! Simple and very effective. x

  18. @Lynsey..oh my lord. Did the burns heal?!

    @Maddy – Mr O’Shea doesn’t have much chest hair (which is weird – he has very thick curly dark hair on his head…) so he just shaves the few straggly bits off. He is considering a different method though so I think I may have to recommend this cream!

    @Ruthie_Ruth – hmmm, if you have everything off I think it is usually about £20 -£30, my salon often has offers though so if I have a few treatments you get a discount etc.

    @Alice – Michelle at Lerage, they used to be above the hairdressers on Corporation street but the lease ran out so they are now in temporary beauty rooms at Oasis market (a bit weird but clean and seems fine!) – she is very thorough!

    Charlotte xxx

  19. I’m a shaving fan, use the one were the soap is attached so it’s pretty quick and almost knocked myself out in the shower sliding on shaving foam once so have a bit of fear.

    Got an epilator for Christmas when I was 18 the pain was so bad that it got pushed to the back of the wardrobe and never used again. Still there 7 years later. They make it look so pain free in the adverts had no idea the pain would be that bad.

    Waxing is not my friend, had my eyebrows done one took an allergic reaction and had major “dry-brow” for about 2 months.

    Got my eyebrows threaded for the first time a couple of weeks ago I had left it too long between plucking and had no idea how to give them a shape again. I wish I hadn’t the results were that one eyebrow looked great but the other, the lady took off just a bit too much so ended up with what can only be described as a “half brow” :-S still hasn’t grown back. It has four months till wedding day so fingers crossed.

  20. Oh dear oh dear you all make me feel like a crap excuse for a woman!! My legs are often that hairy they would but a orangutan to shame!! And I very often tell myself that I’m growing everything out just to go get it waxed before deciding “stuff it” a week after I should have gotten everything waxed!
    The only thing I am religious about it my arm puts, I don’t think that there could be anything more grotty than a waitress serving you having a forest underarm when she puts down your plate!
    In fact this 10 week run-up to the wedding is the girliest I’ve ever been. The eyebrows have been grown out and put back into shape, my body is being buffed to within an inch of its life and then moisturised to within another inch of its life every showertime! All nails are being treated daily with strengthening varnish and my pearly whites are being subjected to whitening strips daily too!!
    Hopefully come W-day it’ll be Elle McPherson eat your heart out*!!

    I’m making a big effort not to be such a rubbish monkey female!!

    *Who am I kidding, I wish I even had 10cm of her height and legs!

  21. Charlotte – yes the burns healed – thank the lord. The most ironic thing about the whole thing is that I was studying for a degree in Chemistry at the time… Should have probably realised leaving burny things on skin for ages = burnt skin. Ah well…! x

  22. Afraid I’m with Anna and am useless with all this stuff! I religiously do my underarms but my legs are another matter. Luckily am blessed to have fine and fair leg hair and am unblessed with co-ordination so the boy only really noticed I’ve shaved my legs due to the subsequent injuries! My one experience of waxing featured too hot wax and resulted in a rather sorry lady garden. Maybe I’ll have to man up and try again – I have 18 months to the wedding, plenty of time to summon the courage!

  23. Morning ladies!

    Ech the whole subject of hair removal does not sit well with me. I remember my first PE class of high school and the horror of realising all the city girls (I was a wee country lass) shaved not only their legs, but their arms too! Cue me rushing home to grab my dads razer and lots of blood flowing from ankles and knees! I then shaved religiously all through out high school and university. I felt disgusting if I was hairy at all, and had a string of boyfriends who confirmed that it was gross for girls to be hairy. Even to the point that I was once told he would prefer my crotch spotty and bleeding (super sensitive skin + super skint student = razer use in private areas) than with a healthy fluffy down.

    Isn’t that crazy? What is it about this aversion to hair? What an unrealistic expectation, a grown woman to be fuzz free at all times. I always thought it was mad how my mum would leave her legs hairy, I used to think my dad would hate it, but he told me he couldn’t care less about the hair on her legs, or anywhere else. It wasn’t an issue. And I am lucky to have a fiance who feels the same. I no longer feel embarrassed or unsexy if I have stubbly legs, it just isn’t an issue for him. Yes I still shave my legs from time to time if I am getting them out, as I love the feel of silky smooth skin.

    ALSO – apologies for the long comment, my 14 year old neice has started hacking away at her legs, arms and bikini line. She is embarrased by her body hair in her intimate parts before considering showing them to anyone! She thinks it is disgusting to be hairy. I hate that kids feel like that.

    Here’s to fluffy bums and major oversharing!!!


  24. After years of shaving (I can’t wax as I come out in a horrendous rash) I finally treated myself to a course of 8 laser hair removal treatments (underarms, legs, bikini and toes) and have had great results. It wasn’t cheap but I am now virtually hair free with the exception of a few hairs on each leg which I mercilessly pluck out with my tweezers. May go back for a top up to catch these strays but may not bother.

    This was a god send for me as I have very sensitive skin which even reacted badly to shaving.

    I wouldn’t bother with IPL (either at a salon or at home) as it is far less effective.

    And be careful with the Groupon “laser” deals – my friend bought one and the place turned out to be very dodgy with cheap equipment. She struggled to get her money back from Groupon. I would say shop around for deals with reputable clinics and wait until they have package deals – with something as important as your skin, I wouldn’t take any chances.

  25. When I can be bothered, I’ll epilate my legs and underarms. Yes, it flipping hurts but you do get used to it. Unless I haven’t for a long time then I’m just squealing with the pain…Bizarrely I don’t find epilating my underarms as painful as my legs.

    Otherwise (ie most of the time) I just use a very old Venus razor (quite often forget to buy new blades, oops!)

    But to be honest, my other half is so not bothered about hairiness that I can go for weeks without shaving/epilating and he doesn’t bat an eyelid bless him. In the winter, my hairiness keeps me warm! I will however epilate for my wedding in 26 days time.

    Oh we did try epilating the hair on his shoulder once…he cried!!

  26. Epilator user here!! About 2 years ago I got fed up with having to shave my legs all the time, but couldn’t justify the cost of waxing, so decided to buy an epilator… Not gonna lie, first time I used it brought tears to my eyes – took a good half hour just to do one leg. (plus another 10 minutes with the icepack after!)

    However, the first time is the worst, and if you keep on top of it, it gets better! It’s when you get lazy and decide to shave for a while and end up having to re-start that it becomes a problem again!!

    I do epilate under my arms too!! Massively painful but so so SO much better than shaving – although I have a mole under my right arm so have to pluck around it!

    I do not however go any near the ladygarden with the epilator *shudder*. I have a lovely wax lady who I get to do hi-bikinis and will start having brazilians in the year leading up to the wedding… It does hurt a bit, but it’s over in under 5 minutes and is so worth it!


  27. @Jeanie – It’s funny, I don’t have an aversion to hair for any other reason than I just don’t like it, no pressure from peers/media/what others think you should look like…I just don’t like it. It is a shame that anyone (young girls especially) would feel the need to do something they don’t want to do/don’t feel comfortable with.

    I don’t bat an eyelid at others that choose not to de-fuzz, each to their own!

    @Z – you are one brave lady. I just couldn’t spend half an hour of torture with what is essentially a giant pair of tweezers!

    Charlotte xxx

  28. All hail the hairy Mary, a mixture of marriage, pregnancy, exhaustion from running around after William the toddler, and morning sickness that won’t ‘do one’ means I am the hairiest Mary in hong kong.

    That is all x

  29. Hi ladies, I have the Gillette venus razor but use the Gillette man (whatever the name is) razor blades. They fit on perfectly, are cheaper and give a really close shave on your legs.
    I have been doing it since uni when lady razor blades were too expensive but hairy legs was not an option!

  30. Am loving this post! ‘van doot’ made me snort tea!! I have waxed previously in the bikini area, and it is true…the more you do it the better it gets (both pain and embarassment), however I ran out of cash as was poor student and haven’t worked up the courage since :s Also had a slight reaction which was unslightly and on the itchy side :s the only other waxing experience was trying to wax my legs with veet strips…oh my giddy goodness the pain was unreal…I only managed half of one leg! Liking the sound of this sensitive veet stuff…could be a purchase x

  31. @Jeanie – I totally agree with you. The social and media pressure to look a certain way sucks.


    I love the idea of being ungroomed and fancy free (it’d be a lot less pain and time in the bathroom!), but a week or two without razor and tweezers would leave me looking like Helena Bonham Carter in Planet of the Apes (almost).

    Please don’t judge people who aren’t lucky enough just to have stubbly legs to deal with!

  32. I prefer waxing however this has to be done by someone else as I am a complete wuss when it comes to any sort of pain. I once had a wax strip on for 8hours until my flatmate came home and ripped it off for me! So since then I always go and see someone for my bikini but for my legs and underarms its shaving all the way.

    I would love to do laser but too expensive although friends who have had i done rave about the long terms effects. Might have to save up for it after the wedding!


  33. I hate waxing. It’s painful and embarrassing – life is too short! I do shave religiously though and have a double-ended shaver. One end is for legs and the like, and one end is designed for more, ahem, intimate areas.

    I do like to keep my legs and underarms hair-free, and keep things neat ‘down there’. Along with straightening my hair and wearing perfume, these are the things I always, always do, because otherwise I feel I’ve let myself go. I just don’t feel very nice otherwise. And – no matter what any radical feminists may have to say about this! – I actually think this sort of basic grooming is kind of important when you’re in a relationship because, while your partner loves you whatever, it’s nice to BOTHER.

  34. Charlotte, Alice – No judging from me! And believe me, it’s not just my legs that I grow hairs on. My point wasn’t to say that I don’t think people should shave, or are in any way vain because they do. I would never pass judgement on what anyone else does with their body, and I was just sharing my story. It was not meant as a critique.

  35. Pah ha ha! This is actually making my day! Very funny and honest ladies.
    I am cr*p. I am just sooo lazy. Being a shift worker doesn’t help because getting into a routine is very difficult but I am just a bad girlie girl! Although sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than ridding myself of every inch of unnecessary hair!
    H2b doesn’t notice till i am SUPER hairy and then I know I am a bad fiance and must epilate!
    I cannot wax, it hurts like hell, is too embarrassing and expensive. I have also been scarred by the memory of holding down one sister as the other ‘practiced’ a bikini wax on her (she was training to be a beautician but it was barbaric). Epilating on legs I can cope with but the bikini region is tricky. I shave or use the creams at the moment but with W-day only 33 days away, I may put some proper thought into how to be smoothy smooth…. I am proper scared though!

  36. @Jeanie – no meant as critique taken pet, I was merely commenting from the perspective of the the fact you are right – I am sure that some girls feel the need to do all sorts of things to themselves due to media/social pressures. And I agree with what you said whole-heartedly, everyone is entitled to do whatever they fancy to their own body.

    @Gem – barbaric?! oh my lord!

    Charlotte xxx

  37. @Jeannie – You are spot on! It’s not nice for young girls to feel that kind of pressure. At least when your an adult you can make your own mind up away from what others expect of you and just go with what makes you feel right.

    I remember being so upset when my little sister started shaving. But really, I was hacking away at aged 13. Sad but true.

    Ah what a weird world of infinite choices we ladies live in!

  38. I’m a real mixture when it comes to my hair removal.. My legs seem to be the most sensitive area, and I can’t bear to wax or epilate them, so its definitely shaving for me on my legs. But I go for a (professional) Hollywood wax ‘down there’ and use an epilator on my underarms. I totally screamed the first few times doing them, but now, after every 2 days for the last 3 months or so, I barely notice, and there’s definitely a lot less hair there now!!
    Also, I’ll admit, with hideously dark, thick hair, I also have the lovely job of waxing my moustache!! I used to clench it, but after coming back from oil day with a fab tan, then leaching my moustache for far too long, and yes, you guessed it, also bleaching my skin, I decided there had to be a better way!! I find the sensitive Veet wax strips really good (they’re pink and even smell freat

  39. I’ve been shaving since I was about 11 or 12 – which I realise now is pretty fecking early! I didn’t even have hair under my arms at that time, I just didn’t like the longish blond hair on my legs! I’ve tried waxing, but my skin is so sensitive that it always results in a break out, plus my hair is just wavy enough that waxing leads to oh so many ingrown hairs – bane of my life! So now I just wax my upper lip, pluck my eyebrows (they’re on the thin-side anyway, but I can occasionally get a bit tweezer-happy – has anyone else noticed how addictive plucking can be?!), shave my legs and underarms and use a combo of shaving and super-sensitive depilatory cream on my bikini line. And trimming, as I like a significant landing strip! I’m not massively obsessed with being hair-free – months spent in a mountainous (i.e. cold) part of Africa where the only option was to shave outside in a bucket taught me to live with the re-growth. But I definitely feel sexier when I’m groomed.
    As for men, I love their body hair! Especially chests/back/anywhere else. It’s surely a sign of manliness, no?! And I love how it makes me feel even more hairless 😀 But I suppose that’s a matter of personal taste. And that having been said, male facial hair after it gets to a certain length starts to freak me out. It’s that crazed-beardy-scientist look! Also, I did once meet an Austrian gentleman so hairy that he would spend the whole spring and summer just in shorts, as the hair all over his chest and back acted as a jumper! So I suppose I have to concede and say there’s a limit to my love of male body hair! xx

  40. The only region of my body I wax is my brows (and I only trust the ladies at benefit in the Trafford centre £19 for wax and tint – though it makes my fiancé complain about “scary eyebrows” for about the first week, to the point where he’s made me promise to get them done at least two weeks before the wedding, to let the dye wear off a bit)

    Below the face, it’s razor all the way. Has been since I was 15. Keepsme smooooth, if occasionally a bit red. X

  41. Laser hair removal is the greatest invention known to humanity. It’s expensive but it’s worth it. I had 6-9 sessions on my bikini line and underarms and then ran out of money (apparently 12 is optimum) but now I only get waxed very occasionally and it doesn’t hurt at all because the hair is so fine and there’s hardly any of it left. It’s worth the investment!

  42. Love this and had to reply – having read many many of the beauty posts on here I’ve been waiting for this debate to come up!

    After reading Caitlin Moran’s ‘how to be a woman’ (which includes a pretty convincing feminist argument for leaving the hair be…) I decided to have a break from my usual at-home (or professional if I’m feeling lazy) brazilians. (I have to say the legs were still shaved daily, couldn’t take it that far!)

    I wish I could say I’ve never felt more womanly and sexy, I really do. Alas, in all honesty (apologies for TMI to come…) although my fiance insisted he liked it, I honestly didn’t feel as sexy, and since returning to the ‘smooth-with-strip’ look we’ve been, ahem, reaping the rewards much more frequently… 🙂

    So there we go!

  43. This conversation has made my evening!
    I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only lady who is a little lax in this department, especially in the winter when no-one sees! I shave my legs, but prefer to do them in the bath rather than the shower so my skin doesn’t go all itchy and bobbly. I have waxed, but can’t afford it all the time, besides the regrowth period sucks. Going to have to think about getting a hollywood wax for W day though… (was that tmi? Sorry if it was!)
    Also, I have a bit of an obsession about my eyebrows, would you ladies recommend threading? Or shall i just stick to plucking at home?
    @ Jeanie, I started shaving after some girls mentioned my ‘hairy legs’ in PE soon after I went to secondary school, but thankfully I have a sensible mother who taught me how and let me know I should be me, not who they want me to be.
    @ Alana, what a genius idea! H2B has some spare Gilette blades, I’m so going to see if they fit my Venus razor.

  44. question – how long does your ‘lady lawn’ have to grow before they can wax it? I’m a shaver and it does my head in, talk about a 5o’clock shadow!

    but then when I think i’ll leave it and go for a wax, i end up getting really irritated and itchy so end up shaving it off again… catch 22?

  45. Amy – Im with you on the bath situation, its sooo much better for shaving however, we moved house recently and the people put in a big lovely bath but with the most teeny tiny taps (they look nice) but it takes at least an hour to fill it so they are pointless!! I just stick to showers unless im feeling poorly so my quick whizz over with my razor is never as good as the old bath shaving.

    My friend has her brows threaded and they always look so nice. I just pluck mine pretty much every day. I have never had it done but it looks really good on her.

    My mum wouldnt let me shave until like year 8 at school I had hairy legs for years. I dont know why she wouldnt let me – thats proper old scholl thinking about it!

    Christina – how much is the old laser treatment if you dont mind me asking? I might look into it. Is it worth buying one to do it at home?


  46. haha… am clearly just obsessed with food. Although i’m sure it’s full of vitamins. Soap makes much more sense though 😉 x

  47. What a hilarious post! Isn’t it glorious being a woman?!
    Am I the only one who religiously relies upon my epilator? I use it on my legs and under arms. Yes it hurts but it takes yonks to grow back and the hair becomes really fine whereas I found shaving lasts about 10 seconds. However, I draw the line at epilating the lady garden

  48. Christie – Hmmmmmmmmm I may have to try one of these contraptions!! and yes I think I will stay away from the lady garden lol.

    Karen – right there with you on the food front love


  49. I started IPL at a salon in Manchester couple of months ago when I got a groupon for 6 sessions for £99.

    I started with having my underarms and bikinI line done, and after just 3 sessions I’m almost completely bald in these areas ALREADY! Honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. After another three sessions I’ll only need to go to the salon once or twice A YEAR and other than that I’ll be fuzz-free…..

    I’m starting next week on having my full legs done, and a brazilian in the run up to my wedding which will give me so much confidence whilst I’m on my month long Hawaiin honeymoon – I wont be worried about red, bumpy shaving rashes or having to shave constantly.

    Love it!!

  50. Had my armpits waxed for the first time 5 days before our wedding and it left me with horrible burns and then scabs. Had healed over by the wedding day but still left red marks – not the look I was going for but wasn’t too bad so long as I remebered to keep my arms down like the impulse advert for important photos (hair freedom lasted well after the honeymoon though but please please brides to be don’t try something like waxing for the first time the week before your wedding!!)

  51. This post is brilliant! I have ummed and ahhhed over getting a bikini wax for the big day and following mini-moon but just cannot decide!

    @Laura C…if you get any recommendations for Sheffield waxers will you let me know?!

  52. Haha, I love this, and it’s come just at the right time ot inspire me to get to the beauticians with 9 weeks to go!

    In summer I epilate my underarms, mainly because my hair grows back too thickly if I shave and I end up having to do it every day. If I’ve left it for a while I used to go and get a wax, then keep it up with epilating. The beautician evidently doesn’t do underarm waxing too often as she once put me down for a neck wax as it was the only thing that was the right price! Now I just grit my teeth and whizz through the middle to get the worst over with fast!

    Legs I shave with hair conditioner – quick, cheap and leaves my legs moisturised. Always used men’s disposable razors too, I never did see the point in paying extra for something pink.

    Bikini ahem ‘area’ I tend to neglect horribly as I have to wax or suffer from severe shaving rash, but then get awful ingrowing hairs (anyone recommend a solution?). Need to get waxing soon though to get on top of stuff! Might ask the MIL for her recommendation – is that weird?!

  53. @ Charlotte: asking the MIL is not weird… well depends on how you do it! Saying “I notice you have very neat and hairless areas, who sorts that out for you?” would perhaps be a bit OTT, but if you can get her into a general conversation about beauty treatments and salons she probably won’t bat an eyelid!
    @ Vix… that is sooo lame! Treat yourself to new taps. 😛
    Going to have to look into the whole threading thing a bit more I think… Is it just me that looks at other women and thinks about their eyebrows? Especially models and the like in photo shoots…

  54. Made by day realising we are all worrying about the same hairy issues! I was on verge of giving up on everything and going native as my sensitive legs couldn’t cope with razors/waxing/epilatimg when I went and got myself the at home laser gizmo and it’s amazing! No more in growing hairs. Really slow regrowrh. It’s brilliant!

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