Social Media Whores.


Rock My Wedding has been been using various social media tools since our inception.

I say using – how much should you be using these things? Obviously we want to keep you lovely lot updated and inspired as much as possible, we just don’t want to bore the pretty panties off you.

If you don’t know already we are on Twitter, at last peeky we had about 15,577 followers….that’s a lot of folk to keep entertained. Mostly we use it to tell tweeps about our latest posts or publish pictures of stuff we think is cool/hot/absolutely necessary for W-day.

Sometimes we just use it to talk about what we bought at the shops. Or to take the michael out of Adam.

We are also on Facebook. Oh yes. You can see all of our latest posts there too – and sometimes we’ll share sneaky shots of lovely things we are going to feature in the future.

Sometimes we also have discussions about things we think are relevant, and the RMW Facebook page is a great place for like-minded brides to ask for advice and recommendations.

More recently (like um…last week) we joined Pinterest.

Yes I know.

How freakin’ behind are we?

And it’s not like we were not aware it existed or anything, it was just one of those tasks we kept putting on the back burner – we are well aware we’re all over it anyway due to you gorgeous lot pinning our templates to your own boards (We LOVE this fact by the way – we’ve been having a good old nosey at who’s been pinching what.)

As well as your “big day bread and butter” as we like to call it – i.e. boards on decor, DIY, florals and fashion ideas, we’re also starting to create some colour palette specific versions and even some that are era related…yes you can get your 1980’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and 1950’s fix over at Rock My Wedding too lovelies.

We’ve also put together some boards that will work for W-day but also everyday life – we’ve been pinning immense make-up and hair images until our fingers bled.

We’ve also got interiors.

And style icons.

And individual team boards so you can get to know us all a little better…(or at least what it is we’re desiring right now.)

And maybe our most favourite board of all?


Which is exactly as you would suspect – H.O.T


Are you on Pinterest?

What is your first go-to social media tool?

Do you follow Rock My Wedding on any/all of the above?

Any tools you have maybe once used but no longer do? What were the main reasons for that?

As always your feedback is appreciated RMW’ers.

Big Keeping In Touch Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

27 thoughts on “Social Media Whores.

  1. YAY!!!! Finally! :-p
    Loving your pinterest boards – will be having a proper nosey this evening!
    LOVE IT!
    🙂 xxx

    ps. Thanks for the Tuesday afternoon Ryan fix!! 😉

  2. THANK GOD you’ve joined pinterest. I only found it myself a couple of weeks ago (dottt88) and it is the best thing since sliced bread. Ive had trouble pulling my mad creative brain together for the wedding and voicing my “vision”. Its helped me so much. The only problem is I have found swoon worthy images and I MUST know where these suits/dresses etc come from and



  3. Are you addicted yet?

    I am one of those folk who pinned RMW to death as i discovered you both at similar times. The ipad app for pinterest is good too! And i like the recent introduction of secret boards after my cake competition started stalking my work inspiration boards!

  4. I am guilty of pinning your pics/templates on my boards!

    Pinterest is a wedding planners/brides dream! No more scraps from magazines (fiddly and tedious much?) that end up getting lost or that you then need to spend ages Prit Sticking somewhere… I’ve made my wedding related boards really specific and some of our suppliers are also on there and so they get to see what I’m pinning and get an idea of what we like!

    Am heading over there right now to follow you guys!

    Social media wise, I basically spend all day on social media for my job and now you’ve added Pinterest you’ve got the best ones for what you’re doing covered. However, Facebook is a tricky one with recent rumours of them wanting to make Pages/companies pay for the same kind of reach that careful use and engaging content used to get. Facebook UK has also dropped over 600,000 users since December I think…

  5. I am an absolute Pinterest addict – I think I spend more time pinning nice things that I’m going to wear, eat and do than actually DOING them!

    My mother in law even asked me to sign her up for ‘Pinternet’ the other week! ha!

  6. I have been loving your pinning team RMW, I actually have to stop myself checking it out too much as you know I need to ya know, work and stuff (boring!)

    Anyway, my main social media tools are Facebook and twitter. I only use Pinterest for wedding stuff really but interiors as well as I’m now thinking about decorating our new house. I recently remembered that I still have a Myspace account, apparently this is where the cool kids hang out nowadays cause they’re ‘old school’.

    Oh and does anyone remember Faceparty???


  7. @Tabitha – Myspace! completely forgot about that, must go & cringe at my old self!! haha
    @Leah – I’m exactly the same – tons and tons of pictures of cupcakes but not yet made any of them! ha!

  8. Yeap I’m on them ALL; Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. I also follow you guys on them ALL. I’m even signed up to the email of each post, so I never miss a post. I’m just rubbish at commenting mainly because I’m meant to be working. Someone’s got to teach these kids.

    Pinterest is definitely where I spend most of my time and I have SO many pages. The app for the iphone is great too, especially for filling time. I tend to use it instead of Google images now too, easier to find images of things. I also love discovering a new blog and checking out there page, it’s a great way to get a feel for someone’s sense of style.

    In short Amanda = Social Media Whore

  9. Oh hell, I really cannot be mithered with Pinterest. I KNOW i should, but my Social Media addiction is pretty all-consuming as it is, I cannot POSSIBLY allow myself to become embroiled in another one.

    If I do, then my marriage just will not happen. end of.

    Saying that, after recent chats with my lovely friends who are helping with the decor, I have dipped my toe into the Pinterest pool and set up one teeny tiny secret board, just so we can share things easily.

    @Tab @Becca – My Myspace profile still exists!! I Have NO IDEA what my password is so I cant delete it! oops! It’s like a 2006 virtual time capsule.

    and yes, GOSLING… thank you!! I did actually have a little tantrum that he wasnt included in yesterdays man-post, so actually went off and googled “Ryan Gosling in tweed” just for my own enjoyment.

    it was good.


  10. Facebook and pinterest – BIG TIME. Twitter, nope it’s a complete blind spot for me…
    Really glad you’re on pinterest, makes it easier to pin your stuff! I have been pinning it from the blog but it’s quicker to repin from the boards.
    IKWYM about dreading the idea of starting the boards, it’s such a daunting task to start from scratch but I started and now it’s got a life of it’s own (in a good way) and I have over 1,200 pins – now I’m amazed I found the time to do that many pins!
    Happy pinning!

  11. @Lolly – You didnt let me down, you gave us ‘hot older man’ …the Gosling googling was just for a little extra tweed-based titilation! I’ll take rugged older man in tweed all day every day!

    So thank you for bringing him into our world.

    /sets up pinterest board for men in tweed/


  12. Pinterest you say? I am all over it! That site was a total revelation to me and definitely a lifesaver when it came to taking stock off all the gorgeousness on the interweb! Although I still love tearing things out of magazines – and then remembering months later that I still haven’t stuck them in the wedding scrapbook. I swear even after I get married, I’ll discover wedding magazine scraps in the most unlikely of places.

    For me, Facebook is losing it’s appeal. I don’t know what it is, but it just grates on me. So once the wedding’s over, I’m 90% sure I’ll close my account…. Twitter on the other hand – I ADORE! I mainly just like the challenge of expressing myself in 140 characters (how many vowels can you miss out before the entire tweet no longer makes sense?!). I also like how it’s a bit more instant and no-one cares how often you update it.

    Finally… that photo of Mr Gosling just made my day! *sigh*

  13. Ohhhhhh I am obsessed with Pinterest! As a designer I find myself wondering what I did before it existed *mentally blocks the hundreds of pieces of scrap paper that used to fill my walls* Very glad we can now follow RMW on their too.

    @Karen send apologies to Lee on my behalf… once you start pinning there is no turning back!

  14. I read the blog religiously, and have been following you on Facebook. I’m SO pleased that you’re now on Pinterest! It’s my favourite time waster. Love Fran x

  15. For me my fav is Twitter every time. I can’t really describe why but I just love the way I get those snippets of news just when I have time for them. I just started following the BBC and similar recently and actually find that I now know what’s going on in the world as a whole rather than just the wedding world!!!!! I must do more on Pinterest too – one for the to do list like for you guys!!!!!

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