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Soho Farmhouse Wedding In Oxfordshire with Rustic Decor


I’m not going to lie this Soho Farmhouse wedding has stolen a little piece of my heart today. The rustic buildings, picturesque setting and sense of tranquillity is a welcome feeling amongst all the uncertainty at the moment. Same-sex couple, Christopher and Nathen filled the venue with an abundance of botanical vines, bright blooms and rustic decor, then rode off into the sunset in style on vintage bicycles. What a duo.


“Our vibe was relaxed glamour. The Farmhouse has a very rustic, relaxed feel mixed with a glam dress code. One of our favourite moments was walking down the aisle in the barn with everyone sat on hay bales. We each walked down the aisle arm in arm with our parents, string quartet playing, and all our friends and family in tears as we walked past them. Goose bump moment we’ll never forget.” – Christopher & Nathan

Soho Farmhouse Wedding

Soho Farmhouse was where Christopher and Nathan had their first weekend away together. So immediately sprung to mind as the perfect venue for their nuptials. It’s an idyllic location set in the Oxfordshire countryside and along with the wildflower arrangements and rustic decor including, haybales and crates it looked heavenly. It also had multiple cabins, and a cottage so it could accommodate every one of their 120 guests!


“Plan well in advance. Try not to get involved in organising peoples accommodation, that was our greatest headache. Get both a videographer and photographer. Ideally use the two amazingly talented guys we had! Make your budget realistic and include a contingency.” – Christopher & Nathan

Christopher and Nathan are an amazing couple and had some fabulous tips to share on planning their Soho Farmhouse wedding. We’ve also put together an article with lots more same-sex wedding advice from RMW real couples. Or you can see each wedding in our archives.

Photography by Richard Skins Photography
Author: Lorna Shaw
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