Sometimes It’s The Small Things….

that make the biggest impact.

In terms of your wedding I mean the little personal often inexpensive details rather than the fancy schmancey grand gestures. And in terms of every day life I mean exactly the same, the what-might-initially-be-perceived-as-something-small event that has a significant emotional effect or promotes the desire for change.

I didn’t know what I wanted for Christmas, lots of frivolous items (obviously) but when Mr O’Shea asked what I really wanted I just didn’t have an answer. But what I had been moaning on about for a good few months was my increasingly allergic skin and subsequent redness and reactions resulting in a few broken thread veins across my cheeks. Now I know this is nothing particularly awful/unusual to suffer from (so please excuse potential perceived vain-ness) but it had been bothering me none the less, especially as it seemed to be getting increasingly worse.

I had mentioned some time in the Autumn how when I had the time or could justify the treat more than any posh pair of shoes or designer handbag I would love to go and see a specialist in all things face. All these skincare products and lovely make-up items are all very well but they are not going to work to their optimum potential if you have an underlying issue that simply won’t go away with merely a slathering of cream.

I had read about Dr Frances Prenna Jones after reading an article in Elle magazine, apparently she is one of THE people to go to if your mug is mis-behaving itself and I spent some time telling James how maybe one day I would love the opportunity to have a consultation with someone like that.

And that was all I said.

Then come the 25th December as well as some gorgeous stocking fillers I opened this card…..

Yup. Turns out Mr O’Shea had somehow found DR Fix on-line, read all about her and booked an appointment for me for February, I was consumed with gratitude.

In the grand scheme of things your husband essentially booking you an appointment with a dermatologist may not be seen as very romantic (!) but it was one of the nicest gifts I have ever received, as they say – it’s the small things that count. And although it’s not like I don’t already know, it’s things like that that highlight just how suited we are and how much I look forward to the rest of our future together.

In a similar vein and in light of a new year and new beginnings I was chatting to Roz from Hepburn Collection the other day (one half of an immense hair styling duo for anyone that doesn’t already know) and she was saying how she had just read a particularly thought-provoking piece on-line entitled A Letter On My Doorstep -Portraits Are More Than Just Paper that she literally couldn’t stop thinking about, and after reading it myself neither could I.

In the RMW Teams resolutions piece I somehow managed to leave out a really important goal I have for 2012 – and that’s to take more pictures. Lots and LOTS of pictures. Considering I am a girl with five cameras (yes five) I don’t do a whole lot of capturing moments. This piece reminded me to make sure I keep my promises – even the ones I make to myself.

Oh and for no particular reason at all (apart from that fact that I don’t know who could resist the line “Maybe you’re my snowflake” – someone NEEDS to use these lyrics in their Big Day)…here is a section of a track entitled “Wake Me Up” by Ed Sheeran that just makes me smile (you can download the whole thing from iTunes) – turn it up LOUD folks.

Wake Me Up (90 Sec) by Ed Sheeran

So it’s Friday… Hooray! it’s been a fantastic week on the blog (does a little dance and blows kisses to you all) and apart from saying a huge Thank-you for all of your support, comments and general great-ness I wondered if you would be keen to discuss any of the following…

What has been your most thoughtful gift ever?

Anything you have read/seen recently that has really made you take a step back and really really think?

And maybe there are even some of you that are considering giving back this year in a similar vein to RMW’s Vix is with her volunteering to help the elderly..?

Here’s to an amazing January lovelies.

Big Sometimes Small Things Are Pretty Ruddy Huge Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

29 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s The Small Things….

  1. Oh my goodness oh my goodness I have been obsessed with that song since I got the album and am trying to convince Mr P that it should be our first dance. Love love love it 🙂
    Most thoughtful gift I ever got…a necklace with my birthstone and my late mums birthstone together in a flower. Too thoughtful for words.

  2. My favourite gift this year was my stocking that my husband made for me. For the first time ever my mum announced she wasn’t doing stockings any more, I was GUTTED and pretty much forced husband into doing one for me. I am pretty sure that he got every single item from Poundland, but he actually bought enough to fill 2 stockings and while some of his gifts were definitely utterly useless and even ridiculous (Rail Hotspots DVD? Micheal Flatley autobiography? Colleen Nolan autobiography audiobook?) they still brought a lot of joy to my Christmas morning and I was able to come to terms with the fact that he has replaced my mum as Santa!

  3. This may be oversharing but it was absolutley the moment that I knew me and the Big C (husband to be) were going to make it…

    A few years back, we had a really bad time. Boys and dads that have not always been around have strange relationships. The Big C’s dad was terminally ill and living at the opposite end of the country to us. There was a lot of guilt, regret, upset and HUGE amounts of anger from the Big C. He was struggling and at the start I thought it was like anyone would struggle with the death of a parent…

    …But the months went on and things got worse. Much, much worse (details are not needed) I felt like I was watching the Big C throw himself off a cliff repeatedly…it was horrible. He was not my Big C anymore…and I was helpless.

    So, after months and months and months of wrestling with my own emotions I decided that the love story had to end. I couldn’t cope. So, I did the hardest thing I have ever ever had to do and returned myself to my mum and dad’s house at 4am one Thursday morning. In bits.

    Weeks went by, me and the Big C had had tentative contact…he wanted me to come home. I wanted to know that the future would be a secure one…not one where when the worst things in life happen, we would turn on each other…we had to be a team. So I stayed in the back bedroom at my mum and dads.

    Then the Big C sent me an email…he was going to counselling. Not something a boy like the Big C would normally ever consider.

    A few more weeks went by, the Big C wrote me a love email everyday…updating me on his progress, how our little house with the Biba wallpaper was doing without me, asking me where we kept the toilet cleaner…the little things…but the things that through them I could see MY Big C was coming back…

    And then one day his sister rang me. “Dad has died, Chris is going to need you.”

    And I knew he did and when I went back to the little house with the Biba wallpaper I would stay there. For good.

    When I arrived, the Big C was nowhere to be seen. He was not at work, he was not answering his phone. Nobody knew where he was. I was worried. Frantic.

    And then he came through the door. With the biggest bunch of yellow sunflowers. For me. Because even though the worst thing ever had just happened we were going to get through it as a team. And he was saying thank you in advance to me. Because he knew I was going to pull him through it, prop him up and that if I need it ever he is going to be there to return the favour.

    “Why so long though buying sunflowers? Where did you go for them?”

    “The worst florist ever, she put GLITTER on them! And you HATE glitter so I have been round the side of the house where the outside tap is trying to wash it off with one of your soft make up brushes (sorry)! It’s taken ages and there is still f-ing glitter on them.”

    I now quite like glitter.

  4. @Mrs P-to-be – Do it do it DO IT!!!!!!

    @Kathryn – Michel Flatley? that is a little bit genius, I would have killed myself laughing if that was in my stocking!!!

    @Pamela – You just made Adam and I (yes Adam) cry a little bit, what a lovely story. At Christmas I bought roses with glitter on – just because I could, I too didn’t think I would like them but I kind of did – especially for Xmas.

    Charlotte xxx

  5. Pamela – that story just made me cry at work! so lovely – wishing you all the best together.

    The best xmas present I have ever had was a stocking filler I received this year. I had on a couple of occasions moaned that I needed a new diary for 2012 as I had a pile of post it notes with dates and times on and no where to to keep them.

    In my little xmas stocking, along side cadbury’s buttons and socks, was a little red diary, and on every date, my fiance had written the number of days to our wedding so that I could count down.

    Hands down one of the most thoughtful gifts I have every had and I will treasure it forever xx

  6. @Charlotte, Lauren & Adam – I cried when I was writing it!

    I also cried when I realised said make up brush was a Laura Mercer one!

    I am still not 100% sold on glitter…it sets my teeth on edge…(and don’t get me started on sequin dresses!) but it does make me smile now…

  7. Oh my goodness Pamela, I have just been in tears at my desk at work… who knows what my boss thinks having just asked me a question that I responded to as if nothing was wrong but with tears streaming down my face!

    That’s such a lovely story and I’m so glad Big C came through it and you were such an amazing support to him. I guess sometimes counselling is what it takes to break some learned behaviours which run deep and it must have taken some real guts to walk out and give him the space to realise that.

    Sunflowers 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! xx

  8. I got an iron for my birthday this year. Now, not romantic or sweet, but I’ve been effing and blinding about ironing the Boy’s shirts with a crappy little travel iron for months. I swore I wouldn’t buy a new one, because, well… it’s an iron. I’ve got prettier things to spend my money on.

    Anyway, birthday came, and there was a huge box from the Boy. He said it was a joke present, to say thank you for ironing his shirts every week. But I was over the moon! He had obviously been listening and really appreciated the effort and sweat (yes, SWEAT) I put into doing his laundry and had got me a new fancy iron. It was thoughtful and something I really needed. Best present this year.

    oh dear, sounds rather sad doesn’t it??

    And Charlotte – please update us on Dr Wonder Skin… I am still in tears over mine and will do anything.

    Laura x

  9. Aw Pamela that story made me cry.

    The best present Hubby bought me was for our first valentines day together. I’m not really a flower person at valentines day as they cost a fortune and don’t last long and i get a tiny bit upset when they die, so the last thing I expected was flowers. Hubby made me a pot of flowers out of straws and coloured paper. 4 years later they are still going strong and everytime I see them I smile 🙂

  10. @Pamela – Oh my dear God, that made me smile and cry all at the same time.

    Most thoughtful gift was actually one I received for my birthday last year. As I was giving up work to go back to uni, I was saving all spare monetary fundage for that. Then my best friend (who currently lives in Sudan) decided she wanted to go to her family cottage in the Lake District for a long weekend when she returned on R&R – I told the Boy and said I didn’t think I’d be able to go. Which sucked. Major. So when I opened my birthday presents 2 weeks later, inside my card, he had written “This card entitles you to 1 all-expenses paid trip to the Lakes with your girls” He paid for the whole thing – even my petrol!!! I think I squealed and hugged him so tight, he stopped breathing!


  11. A Letter On My Doorstep -Portraits Are More Than Just Paper made me cry (at my desk at work) so I thought I’d read the comments to cheer me up and Pamela now you’ve made me cry too! Scuse me while I just go mop up my mascara x

  12. Great post Charlotte!! Very happy for you and your mug! And what you say is very true about the little things. Some of the best things that Mr W has ever bought for me are not necessarily the most expensive things (as wonderful as they are), but the things in my kitchen. Being a keen cook, some of my favourite things are kitchen gadgets. So when I got a pan for Christmas last year I was absolutely delighted!! When I told some of my friends they looked slightly aghast. In fairness the boy had set himself tough acts to follow after some of my previous amazing presents, so this did take them by surprise!! I think they thought he was establishing his expectations of me as a wife! But I absolutely LOVE it and use it all the time, and in full fairness to him it is a very pretty pan! :o)

    From there it’s been amazing kitchen gadgets all the way!! When I got my electric whisk for my birthday I promptly burst into tears!! Well I had wanted one for a very long time! And don’t even get me started on my new sugar thermometer that I got for Christmas….BRING ON THE CARAMEL PEOPLE!!! Wahoooo! So here’s to knowing your partner and buying thoughtful gifts. Long may that continue! xxxx

  13. *Writing through wet eyes*

    my man doesn’t do flowers, and isn’t really about the material things and more about experiences, every birthday he has planned some sort of surprise trip, we’ve been in Scotland in a posh hotel, north Wales by the beach, and west coast island trip and this year he paid for me to fly to melb from brissae when I was to be in Oz visiting my sister…. The trip allowed me to see my best friend for the first time in 18 months who is away travelling and tell her we had got engaged, it was great to go out celebrating and ask her to be my bridesmaid face to face.

    Off to look up that track on iTunes now.

  14. Ps @Charlotte I have set up an album on FB called “a photo a day” that I upload a 1 photo each day that was something i saw or did, reminds me to take the SLR out now and then and use my camera phone, and I think it will be great to look back on.

  15. OK, now the panda eyes have gone 😉

    My hubby doesn’t do flowers on my birthday or valentines day as he doesn’t believe you should give flowers because it is expected. He also would never get me flowers to apologise for an argument (I think he secretly thinks I’ll argue with him more if he did!) but he can just tell when I’m having the crappiest at time at work etc and on the point of tears and he will come home that weekend (he lives on the base during the week) with flowers or he’ll take me out for tea. And that means more than any valentine’s day flowers could ever mean. The day he had muffins sent to me at work (cos we were having our bathroom done which turned our house into a bombsite and I had to live at my mum’s for a month) I nearly cried in front of everyone – there were a lot of jealous ladies in the office that day 😉

    So yeah, the little things can mean a lot more than the big things.


  16. I am so glad I’m not the only one in tears! That’s the second time today I blame wedding pressure making me over emotional!

  17. @Laura C – I also got a new iron!!! and some sexy towels!

    @Leeanne – Flowers that he made from straws? oh my – what an amazing gift. Loves.

    @Keika – also excellent gift age, talking of petrol as I was knackered on Wednesday and weather was particularly pants so my husband went out and filed my car up too – I didn’t ask or anything. Men and cars = cool (especially ones that pay for petrol) 😉

    @Sophie – What is this sugar thermometer you speak of?! Do I need me one of those?!

    @OJG – That is a very cool idea, I might copy and keep a folder on my desktop…

    @LadyFushia – Muffins, that’s cute, James once delivered me bright orange flowers at work, I was feeling over emotional and cried at my desk which I don’t think was the plan!

    @claire – I never cry (well very rarely) but these last few days I have been a mess too, blame RMW pet…

    And Pamela – what have you started?!

    Charlotte xxx

  18. Oh help, I’m in tears too. But in a GOOD way Pamela, promise!

    I actually love glitter, I have edible glitter I put on all my cakes and G always ends up with a bit stuck on his face when he’s at work. This is 90% of why I keep using it.

    The most thoughtful present I ever got from G was a book. I had read book one in a trilogy, and having finished it and loved it, I went looking for book two only to find it was out of print in this country and utterly impossible to track down. Anywhere. I was sort of resigned to skipping to book three (which, weirdly, was in print), but G (unbeknownst to me) contacted the author in America, explained the situation and she sent him a first edition, signed to me, which he gave me as a present for finishing my third year exams at Uni. That man knows the way to my heart…. books. 😀

    K x

  19. TBTMMO makes me origami animals. He sends me them in business card boxes with green paper and drawn on grass. Through the post too.

    We’re having 1000 paper cranes at our wedding because we already have some and it’s one of the things that makes me go ‘awwwww….love you’ (that and the fact TBTMMO is a dish).

    Pamela….did he buy you a new brush?!

  20. Oh dear I cried too!!! What a lovely story! (but why the eff would you put glitter on sunflowers in the first place?!) I also need to know more about Biba wallpaper now.

  21. Well, THAT was a rollercoaster…
    Good old chuckle at Mr O’s reference to… ‘The Face Lady’. He heeee! Such a boy thing to say 😉
    And then a good old blub at Pamela’s response.

    Lovely, just a lovely, lovely post all round – cracking end to the week!

  22. Mr O’Shea, I’m VERY impressed!

    My wedding gift from Mr K was undoubtedly the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. A beautiful box containing a letter, a big fake apple, a DVD of Sex and the City The Movie, an “I love New York” t-shirt, and an Empire State Building fridge magnet… I’m sure you work out what the gift was. He had spent months sourcing the items from various places and it was a complete surprise. I was overwhelmed and myself and my bridesmaids spent the night before e big day in tears…I think at that point they had serious husband envy!!

    In my stocking this year was a beautiful Smythson business card holder in the ‘Something Blue’ corporate colour with my initials inscribed on it. He’s quite the romantic…

  23. It doesn’t even need to be a small ‘thing’. I realised that Boyo was undeniably the one for me on the 01st Jauary 2012 when the Boyo told my dad he could never again put me through what he had put me through for the last 3 months of 2011.

    The thing he ‘put me through’ was his recovery from a serious injury. I never realised that he was more worried about how I was doing than he was about himself. That made my heart melt, and me and my mum shed a few tears into our wine glasses.

    Pamela – lovely story. Real true love 🙂

  24. Pamela

    I laughed my head off when I read the bit about the glitter. As soon as I read that bit I knew he was a keeper. Thank you for sharing your heartbreaking story with us.

    Teresa x

  25. @Rebecca – the brush was replaced, but by myself! I just managed to ‘fall’ upon a whole new set…

    @Sara – Google Barbara Hulanicki wallpaper and you will be treated to a feast of wallpaper by the Biba lady herself! It was a battle with the Big C to get the black skulls but they are now proudly adorning my hallway…cannot wait to have a photo in my wedding dress taken in front of that wall!

    @Teresa – I am glad it made you laugh because we laughed at the time…because come on, on the day your dad has passed, you really shouldn’t be brushing glitter off of flowers…it really was a laugh or cry situation and I know the Big C’s dad would have laughed…

    @Charlotte – I am sorry, I did not realise it would start this! It is nice though because it has made me realise that in our own way, mine and the Big C’s in an ‘epic’ love story of sorts and I am looking forward to telling my new nephew or niece about them all when he or she arrives this summer…!

  26. Pamela your story made tears come to my eyes, thank you for sharing.

    I think the most thoughtful present have ever got was from my friends. We moved to Australia at the start of 2011 and whilst it is undoubtably the best thing I have ever done it is also really hard to leave family and friends behind. For my birthday (6 months after arriving) they sent me a book of photos and messages from everyone. It meant so much as I was missing them all greatly on the day…

    From Big the most thoughtful presents are just the small things like coming home to flowers because he though they were colourful and when he gets food which I love but we really can’t afford…


  27. Haha! Gavin just called me in the middle of reading that and said “Why’s your voice all shaky… Are you ok?”

    I was doing the whole cry and laugh at the same time thing, Pamela. What a fantastic story. Thank you for telling it. I needed a wee happy/sad cry today.

    And can I just say…. Skull wallpaper. I die.

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