Spread The Love….Part 2

Details details details…. this W-day is full of ’em. And they are beautiful. Officially the prettiest “cheese” cake I have ever seen and the marquee interior is something else, think giant butterfly motifs, chandeliers and an abundance of blousy blooms.

And if you are a small-and-cute dog fan then Polly’s pooch will make your heart melt.

Oh and there is a second dress. And some you-will-want-to-steal favour ideas.

I know. We are so spoiling you today people.

Spread The Love

Rob and I made Raspberry Jam with labels that said ‘spread the love’. We also gave each female guest a mini birdcage which holds a tealight – which doubled as table decorations! We wanted everyone to have a memory of our day and also a token of appreciation for coming to Frome to share our day with us.

A Running Theme

I spent months planning the decoration. I found a company that lines marquees with linings with enormous butterflies on, as well as providing stunning chandeliers that you don’t normally find in a marquee. Butterflies, and birds then became a running them throughout the décor.

Setting The Table

Each table had a grey tablecloth (in keeping with the colour scheme) covered with yellow butterfly confetti which Rob and I punched out ourselves. The flowers were presented in white washed ceramic plant pots and alternating place settings had small grey birdcages on them, with yellow ribbon.

Each place setting had a card on it which gave a fun and random fact about the person to their left and to their right, to break the ice.

DIY Entertainment

We set up a DIY photobooth in the corner of the marquee with hats and moustaches on sticks. We provided a Polaroid camera as well as many disposable cameras for photos – and guests stuck their silly polaroids into our guestbook with a message – as we thought it was more fun. We also had a small newspaper tree that people hung luggage tag notes of advice and wishes for our marriage on.

Say Cheese

We went with a cake made of wheels of cheese! We have always found wedding cake to be fairly uninspiring (they look gorgeous, but cost a fortune and don’t taste that amazing), but we both adore cheese and so decided what better than to get great wheels of the stuff, pile it up and call it a cake! We selected a variety of local Somerset cheeses and arranged them in a wedding cake style, and covered it in butterflies. We then served the cake at around 10pm when people were getting rather hungry! It went down a storm.

A Smashing Success

We had a DJ for the eveing as we have found bands can be really hit and miss. For the drinks reception we had a string quartet who alternated between classical and modern music.

Rob and I decided to take the opportunity of an impending first dance to learn to Lindy hop. We went to several group lessons and then some private lessons to choreograph a dance. We didn’t really have a specific song in mind, as like so many couples we know, we don’t really have ‘a song’, so we started thinking about artists we like, and listening to the lyrics of various songs until we found one that we felt both fit a Lindy hop, and reflected our feelings for each other. We settled on Michael Buble’s ‘Love.’ The dance was a smashing success!

Personal Touches

The table plan was presented in an enormous empty antique gold picture frame – each table was stuck on to a separate piece of ribbon and suspended in the frame. We hung this from a tree in the garden. I made bunting signage out of burlap which was hung in various areas such as ‘guestbook’, ‘photobooth’, and ‘let them eat cheese’
We also made confetti cones our of old wallpaper samples, all the confetti was made from dried rose petals from my parents garden.

What Makes It Special

Our wedding was so special as that was the day we became Husband and Wife.

However, aside from that, what made is special is that we decided to do as much as possible in the way of preparation and decoration ourselves. Not only did it give our wedding a really personal touch, but it was also a great activity for us to do together in the run up to the wedding – it was something that we could share with our friends and family too, and so many loved ones got involved with cutting out birds, punching confetti, making place settings or stuffing confetti cones. You only get married once and I hated the idea of paying someone else to do the fun things that I could do myself. It was so much fun trawling various wedding websites to look for inspiration and trying out new crafts before deciding on what to do!

Equally, choosing to learn a new dance for our first dance was a great chance for us to spend some time together trying out something new that we really enjoyed – and we’ll have that dance routine for life.

Our biggest success, which I would recommend to anyone – was the fact cards. We made little cards for each place setting – which had a random and funny (but true!) fact about the person either side of them on, and we were told over and over again how brilliant it was to meet someone new and instantly have a hilarious conversation starter given to them. Many friends were made as a result.

As for advice – as a bride, I would tell any other bride-to-be to treasure the time spent planning your big day, don’t wish it away, enjoy the planning, enjoy the anticipation and the debates on colour schemes, flowers and table decorations, but equally don’t forget that its just a party – and the real fun starts the day after, when you are married to the man of your dreams!

Oh – and another thing – many, many women will ask you how much weight you lost from ‘the stress of the wedding’ or how much you plan to lose before the big day – IGNORE THEM!

Decor – Homemade and DIY

Photography – Eliza Claire

Love that last piece of advice from Polly.

And in general I am just loving the love, you know?

Happy Friday you gorgeous lot.

Big Spreading The Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S Have I mentioned how there is a full on who-is-the-best-at-D.I.Y-posts competition going on at RMW HQ between Vix and Adam? No? Well there is. And it’s Adam’s turn this afternoon. And not wanting to make his head any bigger or anything but…. this one is more than a little bit genius.

35 thoughts on “Spread The Love….Part 2

  1. I *love* the fact cards – I may just steal this idea for my own wedding … thanks Polly! (oh and you looked gorgeous too by the way!)

  2. Oh! We had ‘Spread the Love’ jam jar favours at our wedding last year! We got the wee stickers from Miss Pickles Press – is that where these were from?

    All looks gorgeous – so many little personal touches.

  3. Second dress was by traffic people – the dress is called ‘Ice Fairy’ and by the looks of things is currently on sale!

  4. I want one of those doggies too!! what type is it? (breed?)

    Also wanted to ask, did Polly have film quotes throughout the wedding? just on the table maybe?

    sorry for all the questions!! XX

  5. Wow this is an amazing wedding! Polly seems to have managed to include all the little details that I ran out of time for – like the flip flops for guests and the ice breaking fact cards! I love that guests said they worked too.

    All the decor looks fantastic and you can certainly see Polly and Rob’s months of hard work. I think the butterflies on the cheese cake are my fav touch. They actually look like they are flying around it!


  6. What a wonderful wedding – so many great touches!! I love the fact cards (and am very impressed by the fact you came up with a story about every one there!).

    My favourite pics have got to be the one with all the bridesmaids and pink umbrellas and then the one with the ushers/ groom going for the cool look… 🙂

  7. I love to see marquee interiors that are a little bit different and this falls into that category. I love it.
    There is the ubiquitous lime wash Chiavari chair but the colour palette is unique with grey table linen coordinated brilliantly with the yellow in the flowers and table decorations.
    The butterfly print roof drapes add drama.

  8. Just lovely. Still massively in love with that colour scheme, and adore the butterflies on the cheese cake!
    We’re planning on having these fact cards at our wedding – they work BRILLIANTLY, and are such a good ice breaker. Oooh, this has got me all excited about our wedding!

  9. I have taken so many ideas from your wedding, love the fact cards and the marriage advice tree! The bridesmaids dresses are lovely and unique, I would love something similar for my wedding, can you tell me where you got them? xxxx

  10. I *MUST* know where you found the Spread the Love jam jar labels, I’ve been looking everywhere for this design and was convinced they were American but yours was an English wedding so I MUST KNOW!!!! 🙂

  11. Hi Polly, just saw your wedding in the Bristol & Somerset wedding mag and knew I recognised you, and it was from here! Love all your details, especially the cheese cake! Where did you get your cheeses from in Somerset as we want to do the same thing but not sure where to get them from…? Xx

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I would LOVE to know where you got the grey table cloths from. All the ones I have seen so far are much darker!

  13. Hi Polly, your decor is sublime!!! So many beautiful DIY touches. Where did you get your fab personalised napkins from? Love love love the cheese cake. What gorgeous butterflies!!! xxx

  14. Hi – a few bits on suppliers:
    Cheeses from the local cheese stand in the market in Frome.
    Napkins were from Etsy – just type in personalised napkins!
    Tableclothes were special ordered from Prestige Events

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