Be A Spring Time Beauty Queen.

One of my favourite W-day colour palettes is a bright green with a colour pop pink, I just can’t get enough of that fresh, pretty “springtime is just around the corner” look.

And that also goes for make-up, if I’m not wearing my everyday “neutral” face you are far more likely to see me with a soft golden mossy hue swept across my lids and a dreamy dolly pout than you ever are as a sludgy, smoky red-lipped vamp.

Lucky me then that this colour combination is so hot-right-now that there are a whole host of products on offer to make you look picture perfect…. just in time to wave bye bye to the winter blues and Helloooo to sunnier climes.

Oh and I think this makes for a beautiful alternative to the more traditional Big Day “natural” bridal norm.

First things first, the essential kit folks:

Dark Circle Disguise – we used Givenchy “Mister Light” in 02

Gold/Green shadows – we used Mac “Juxt” as a base and a smudge of MAC “Lucky green” on top for depth

Colour Pop Pink – we used Bobbi Brown rich colour lipstick in “Bikini Pink” and MAC gloss in “Flusterose”

Lengthening Mascara – as opposed to volumising, this is all about the flutter folks! we used MAC’s new “false lash” formulation

A Glowing Natural Base – we mixed Estee Lauder “Primer Plus” ( illuminating) with Burberry “Sheer Foundation” in 04

Rosy Apples – we used MAC powder blush in “Pink Swoon”

A Fine Line – we love a liquid for perfect definition – we used MAC Superslick in “Marked for Glamour” which is a medium grey, however, a brown/bronze pencil is equally as pretty.

1. Apply your foundation and concealer, with all the bright ( albeit soft) colour you want a very natural base, a tinted moisturiser or sheer foundation mixed with an illuminator works well. Dot a highlighting concealer on any dark shadows and pat gently, extend to the inner corners of the eye and the lid area to neutralize any redness/create a base for shadow.

2. Sweep on your paler green/gold shadow ( Melissa favours a foam applicator to a brush as it picks up more pigment – I like to pat it on with my finger tip and gently rub in, seems to create more sheen and stays put for longer), if you fancy a bit more depth you can add a slightly darker shade to the outer corners/socket line.

3. Apply your liner, we used a gunmetal grey as it’s softer than black and works well with the whole green/pink thing. The MAC one doesn’t budge, is quite easy to apply and has attractive shiny bits in it that lend a lovely shimmer when you look down/across/get caught in the light etc

4. The flutter factor. Curl lashes and apply your mascara, sweep the wand “upwards” and use a “wiggling” motion to really coat every lash. Comb through with a lash comb and once dry apply a second coat…and a third if you fancy it. Don’t forget the bottom lashes too – one coat will do.

We also swept a whisper of the paler green shadow underneath the bottom lash line to make them extra lovely – literally a tiny whisper though. If you’re not brave enough to sweep the colour underneath then a champagne gold will work just as well.

5. Sweep a barley there rosy hued blush on the apples of your cheeks and towards the hairline, a gentle walk-in-the-park flush will be fine, this look is all about the peepers and the pout.

6. Apply your lipstick straight from the tube ( no liner required) and if you prefer the more matt finish ( as I do as it happens) then stop here – as per the middle image on the above template. If you fancy a little more sheen however then slick on some shimmery gloss.

Et Voila!

Do you like it lovelies?

And as with any “how to” – any questions just drop us a note in the comments box.

Big Wearing This Look Right Now Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

21 thoughts on “Be A Spring Time Beauty Queen.

  1. Oh Wow – Love this post! Melissa is a beaut! Check out those eyelashes!

    I have that MAC blush and lip gloss…Love them!


  2. J’adore the lip colour. Tis amazing.

    Both the lipstick and gloss have gone on my beauty product wish list… just need to get me down to the make up counters pronto!


  3. i am soooo wearing this look tomorrow

    big ‘sick of brown eyeshadow and wintry skin’ love x x x

  4. Yep I’m loving the lip colour too. Thank you ladies for bringing yet another inspirational post to us readers. Right I’m off to Mac & Bobbi Brown to get some cute lip candy.

    Teresa x

  5. Hello there spring beauty queens 😉

    Glad you are liking the bright green eye/pink pout, it is pretty much a “suits all” colour combo – just use slightly more intense shades if you have darker skin.

    Charlotte xxx

  6. I love this look, so fresh and natural. Melissa is so pretty!
    I adore your blog, am getting married in June and soaking up all the gorgeousness on here!
    Does anybody have any tips on good foundations for oily/acne prone skin? I need good coverage without it looking like i put it on with a spade and would love it to last all day although know this is probably too much to ask?!


    A x

  7. If I hadn’t seen these pictures and just read the text, I would have been all like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING CHARLOTTE, THE PAT BUTCHER LOOK IS NOT GOOD”

    However, with the pictures accompanying, it is divine. I would NEVER choose green eyeshadow. Ever. But it’s so fresh and perky and unusual.

    Also loving Melissa’s grey cardie!

    I’ll be honest, a nude lip usually makes my face go…”meh…” but not this time. No sir. I will be a green-eyed beauty.

  8. Hello all!

    Gorgeous Mellissa (and Charlotte!)

    I used to wear this colour combo all the time – I had (and still have) a Red Earth (Aussie brand now bust sadly) compact with lime green, forest green, orange (I know!) and cream eye shades in it and it was stunning – will have to root it out again!

    Sun’s out in Manchester today – so feels right for Spring!


  9. PS Anna K – if you can cope, try a pop of properly pink gloss instead of the nude or if you’re feeling really brave raspberry… juicy x

  10. Melissa looks so fresh, I may just give this a try. The green eyeshadow looks lovely! Loving the make up posts as always x

  11. Wonderful timing on a drab Tuesday. Also fitting reading this with my ‘only just arrived by the postie’ Brora pink fingerless gloves and green bed socks…. Feeling a pale pink lipstick purchase coming very soon too…..

  12. Ooohhh this is vey timely! My sister is going to do my make up for me (provided the practise on Saturday goes well!) and I often wear green eyeshadow and a dark green mac eyeliner. It seems to go with my hazel eyes, but i’d thought it wasn’t weddingy enough…Will be sending her the link tomorrow and stocking up at the weekend!

  13. The first thing I did after reading this was whip off my make up, get out my kit and try the greens and pinks! The joys of being on maternity leave affords me the time to faff around with things like this and I am glad I did – I love it.

    Thank you Melissa!

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