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Funny isn’t though… Even though the rules were written at the bottom of Every single one of our fifteen RMW Real Bride finalists posts stating that voting would begin today at 4:30pm loads of you still jumped the gun and cast your votes early… in some instances up to 3 days early!!

I understand though – you lot probably just got too excited by all the pretty on display and started going RMW Bride voting crazy.

Any votes cast before 4:30pm today will not count… so if you voted you need to go back and vote again in order for it to count. If you know someone who voted please pass the message on to them. Voting could not start before all the finalists were revealed so that everyone has the same amount of time in which to accumulate votes.

Anyway, now you can vote… But WAIT! Before you rush off again like a mad beaming bride-to-be loon just recap on the main rules below so you don’t go and muck it all up again.

  • To vote simply write the word “Vote” in the comments section of the bride-to-be of your choice.
  • If you want to leave a comment of support, do it in a separate comment.
  • Any deviation from the word vote may result in the vote not counting.
  • Voting runs till midnight on Tuesday next week.
  • One vote per person please, we have clever ways of spotting if someone is double voting under different names and we will be making checks.

Any questions about the rules or anything to do with the competition please ask in the comments box on this post and we will do our best to answer you.

Good luck everyone… below are links to all 15 finalists and these links are on the bottom of every finalists posts to make it easy for you to move amongst the finalists and decide who’s story you want to see on Rock My Wedding.

RealBride#1 Carly & Mikey
RealBride#2 Christine & Ryan
RealBride#3 Sam & Ben
RealBride#4 Jackie & Paul
RealBride#5 Jenna & Remi
RealBride#6 Abi & Ross
RealBride#7 Hazel & Grant
RealBride#8 Kat & Ryan
RealBride#9 Natalie & Jade
RealBride#10 Sophie & Simon
RealBride#11 Andrea & Caroline
RealBride#12 Nicola & Jack
RealBride#13 Nina & Ryan
RealBride#14 Sarah & Callum
RealBride#15 Stef & Ciaran

The 5 most popular finalists will become the RMW Real Brides of 2014.

Team RMW

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

19 thoughts on “Start Voting Now!

  1. We will do our best to count all the votes of people who are writing more than just vote…. But the clearer the better….. We don’t want to miss any votes because they were hidden inside a long comment!!!

    Good luck everyone!


  2. would it be a million times easier to just do it in one post with voting buttons to select your top pick??? a drop down would do it quite easily, otherwise convoluted and unnecessarily complicated

  3. Heads up peeps… Any votes left on this post (Apart from ones for me) will have to be discounted… read the rules in the post.

    Stroppy face,


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